Fatullah Khan Saheb Osmani Stadium, Fatullah - Highest Team Totals in List A matches

370-7England XI v Bangladesh Cricket Board XI2009/10a20464
350-5Gazi Group Cricketers v Sheikh Jamal Dhanmondi Club2017a25616
335-5Zimbabweans v Bangladesh Cricket Board XI2009/10a20087
333-5Prime Doleshwar Sporting Club v Victoria Sporting Club2016a24799
333-6Chittagong Division v Rajshahi Division2006/07a18161
329-6Rajshahi Division v Chittagong Division2006/07a18161
328North Zone v East Zone2014/15a24115
327-6Abahani Limited v Brothers Union2017a25452
324-8Mohammedan Sporting Club v Gazi Group Cricketers2017a25609
321-7North Zone v South Zone2014/15a24117
317-8Gazi Group Cricketers v Mohammedan Sporting Club2017a25609
316-7Kala Bagan Krira Chakra v Sheikh Jamal Dhanmondi Club2016a24710
309-6Bangladesh v New Zealand2013/14a22965
309-7Sheikh Jamal Dhanmondi Club v Brothers Union2017a25516
307-5New Zealand v Bangladesh2013/14a22965
301-4Victoria Sporting Club v Prime Bank Cricket Club2014/15a23659
297-5Abahani Limited v Old DOHS Sports Club2014/15a23746
297-5Abahani Limited v Khelaghar Samaj Kallyan Samity2017a25436
296-6Sri Lanka v Pakistan2013/14a23256
295-8Brothers Union v Abahani Limited2017a25452
295Sheikh Jamal Dhanmondi Club v Kala Bagan Krira Chakra2016a24710
293-6Khelaghar Samaj Kallyan Samity v Abahani Limited2017a25436
291-4Kala Bagan Krira Chakra v Mohammedan Sporting Club2016a24736
290-6Mohammedan Sporting Club v Kala Bagan Krira Chakra2016a24736
288-3Kala Bagan Cricket Academy v Legends of Rupganj2014/15a23864
288-6Rajshahi Division v Sylhet Division2006/07a18156
287-6Prime Doleshwar Sporting Club v Kala Bagan Cricket Academy2016a24718
287-7Prime Doleshwar Sporting Club v Kala Bagan Cricket Academy2013/14a23054
287-8Prime Doleshwar Sporting Club v Kala Bagan Krira Chakra2016a24679
286-7Kala Bagan Cricket Academy v Abahani Limited2016a24711
285-6Rajshahi Division v Khulna Division2006/07a18141
284Pakistan v Sri Lanka2013/14a23256
283-9Kala Bagan Krira Chakra v Prime Doleshwar Sporting Club2016a24679
282-7Abahani Limited v Kala Bagan Cricket Academy2016a24711
280-4India v Bangladesh2013/14a23257
280-6Prime Bank Cricket Club v Mohammedan Sporting Club2013/14a23060
279-7Bangladesh v India2013/14a23257
278-5Partex Sporting Club v Kala Bagan Krira Chakra2017a25538
277-5Legends of Rupganj v Partex Sporting Club2017a25602
273-5Sylhet Division v Dhaka Division2006/07a18151
272-6Victoria Sporting Club v Prime Bank Cricket Club2016a24767
272-8Kala Bagan Cricket Academy v Prime Doleshwar Sporting Club2013/14a23054
272-9Prime Bank Cricket Club v Abahani Limited2013/14a22870
272-9Partex Sporting Club v Legends of Rupganj2017a25602
270-3Victoria Sporting Club v Prime Doleshwar Sporting Club2016a24701
270-4Sheikh Jamal Dhanmondi Club v Abahani Limited2017a25468
270-9Kala Bagan Krira Chakra v Cricket Coaching School2016a24696
269-9Dhaka Division v Sylhet Division2006/07a18151
269Abahani Limited v Sheikh Jamal Dhanmondi Club2017a25468
266Mohammedan Sporting Club v Prime Bank Cricket Club2013/14a23060
266Abahani Limited v Brothers Union2017/18a26110
265-8Sri Lanka v India2013/14a23271
264-6Prime Doleshwar Sporting Club v Mohammedan Sporting Club2017a25637
264-9India v Sri Lanka2013/14a23271
260-4Gazi Tank Cricketers v Sheikh Jamal Dhanmondi Club2013/14a23044
259-9Khulna Division v Sylhet Division2007/08a18469
259-9Sheikh Jamal Dhanmondi Club v Gazi Tank Cricketers2013/14a23044
259Cricket Coaching School v Victoria Sporting Club2016a24715
258-9Bangladesh Cricket Board XI v England XI2009/10a20464
256-7Legends of Rupganj v Gazi Group Cricketers2016a24682
255-8Gazi Group Cricketers v Legends of Rupganj2016a24682
254-6Afghanistan v Bangladesh2013/14a23279
253-6Zimbabwe A v Bangladesh A2014/15a23535
252-6Barisal Division v Chittagong Division2006/07a18166
250-5Australia v Bangladesh2005/06a17394
250-6Legends of Rupganj v Kala Bagan Cricket Academy2014/15a23864





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