Fatullah Khan Saheb Osmani Stadium, Fatullah - Centuries in first-class cricket

313*Raqibul HasanBarisal Division v Sylhet Division2006/07f49998
253*Abdul MazidDhaka Division v Dhaka Metropolis2014/15f56148
211*Alok KapaliSylhet Division v Chittagong Division2014/15f56256
193  Anamul HaqueKhulna Division v Dhaka Metropolis2011/12f54010
182*Nurul HasanKhulna Division v Dhaka Division2015/16f56602
181  Rajin SalehSylhet Division v Dhaka Division2014/15f56207
176  Rony TalukdarBarisal Division v Chittagong Division2008/09f51029
175  Alok KapaliSylhet Division v Dhaka Division2014/15f56207
173  Javed OmarBangladesh A v Zimbabwe A2006/07f49719
173  S DhawanIndia v Bangladesh2015f56428
168  Alok KapaliSylhet Division v Barisal Division2007/08f50336
163  Rony TalukdarDhaka Division v Dhaka Metropolis2014/15f56148
163  Imrul KayesKhulna Division v Dhaka Metropolis2015/16f56629
161  Shahriar NafeesSouth Zone v Central Zone2014/15f56380
158  Tushar ImranKhulna Division v Dhaka Division2014/15f56234
153  Mosaddek HossainSouth Zone v Central Zone2014/15f56380
152  Asif AhmedDhaka Metropolis v Rangpur Division2011/12f53606
150  Liton DasRangpur Division v Chittagong Division2014/15f56118
150  M VijayIndia v Bangladesh2015f56428
148  Imtiaz HossainSylhet Division v Dhaka Division2007/08f50458
147*Mohammad SharifDhaka Division v Rajshahi Division2010/11f53113
144  AC GilchristAustralia v Bangladesh2005/06f49324
144  Shamsur RahmanDhaka Metropolis v Khulna Division2015/16f56629
141  Alok KapaliSylhet Division v Barisal Division2006/07f49998
141  Dhiman GhoshRajshahi Division v Barisal Division2010/11f53161
141  Tushar ImranKhulna Division v Dhaka Division2016/17f57636
140  Shadman IslamDhaka Metropolis v Barisal Division2014/15f56179
139  Jahurul IslamRajshahi Division v Sylhet Division2009/10f52204
138  Shahriar NafeesBangladesh v Australia2005/06f49324
138  Shamsur RahmanDhaka Metropolis v Dhaka Division2015/16f56577
138  Tushar ImranKhulna Division v Dhaka Metropolis2016/17f57654
137  Alok KapaliSylhet Division v Chittagong Division2016/17f57314
135  Shuvagata HomDhaka Division v Khulna Division2014/15f56234
132  Rajin SalehSylhet Division v Rangpur Division2011/12f53467
132  MahmudullahDhaka Metropolis v Khulna Division2015/16f56629
130*Azam IqbalChittagong Division v Rajshahi Division2002/03f46995
130  Sajjad KadirDhaka Division v Rajshahi Division2006/07f49971
130  Imtiaz HossainSylhet Division v Chittagong Division2007/08f50548
127  Imrul KayesKhulna Division v Sylhet Division2007/08f50299
127  Faisal HossainChittagong Division v Barisal Division2008/09f51029
126  Mithun AliKhulna Division v Dhaka Division2014/15f56234
126*Iftekhar SajjadChittagong Division v Sylhet Division2014/15f56256
123*Naeem IslamRajshahi Division v Sylhet Division2009/10f52204
122  Anamul HaqueKhulna Division v Dhaka Metropolis2016/17f57654
118*RT PontingAustralia v Bangladesh2005/06f49324
117  Imrul KayesKhulna Division v Dhaka Metropolis2011/12f54010
116*MahmudullahDhaka Division v Barisal Division2008/09f51231
115  Ariful HaqueBarisal Division v Sylhet Division2006/07f49998
114  Mohammad AshrafulDhaka Division v Rajshahi Division2004/05f48586
114  Anisur RahmanRajshahi Division v Sylhet Division2007/08f50422
112  Rajin SalehSylhet Division v Rajshahi Division2009/10f52204
111*Taposh GhoshKhulna Division v Dhaka Metropolis2011/12f54010
111  Rajin SalehSylhet Division v Chittagong Division2014/15f56256
111  Shuvagata HomDhaka Division v Rajshahi Division2014/15f56281
111  Anamul HaqueSouth Zone v North Zone2014/15f56359
111  Raqibul HasanDhaka Division v Khulna Division2016/17f57636
110*Naeem IslamRajshahi Division v Dhaka Division2004/05f48586
110  Ziaur RahmanKhulna Division v Dhaka Division2014/15f56234
109  Saif HasanDhaka Division v Khulna Division2016/17f57636
108  Anwar HossainDhaka Division v Chittagong Division2006/07f49954
108  Sohag GaziSouth Zone v North Zone2014/15f56359
107  Mehrab HossainDhaka Division v Khulna Division2004/05f48511
107  Naeem IslamRangpur Division v Chittagong Division2014/15f56118
106  Farhad HossainRajshahi Division v Sylhet Division2007/08f50422
106  Sohag GaziSouth Zone v Central Zone2014/15f56380
106  Rony TalukdarCentral Zone v South Zone2014/15f56380
105  Anwar HossainDhaka Division v Rajshahi Division2006/07f49971
104  Alok KapaliSylhet Division v Dhaka Division2006/07f49988
104  Mosharraf HossainDhaka Division v Rajshahi Division2010/11f53113
104  Abdul MazidDhaka Division v Khulna Division2014/15f56234
104  Mehedi HasanKhulna Division v Dhaka Division2015/16f56602
103*Mehrab HossainDhaka Division v Barisal Division2004/05f48485
103  NazimuddinChittagong Division v Dhaka Division2004/05f48617
103  Shamsur RahmanDhaka Division v Chittagong Division2006/07f49954
102  Shahanur RahmanSylhet Division v Chittagong Division2016/17f57314
101*Shamsur RahmanDhaka Metropolis v Khulna Division2011/12f54010
100*Nasiruddin FaruqueBarisal Division v Chittagong Division2008/09f51029
100  Tasamul HaqueDhaka Metropolis v Khulna Division2011/12f54010
100*Fazle MahmudBarisal Division v Dhaka Metropolis2014/15f56179
100*Nadif ChowdhuryDhaka Division v Rajshahi Division2014/15f56281
100  Anamul HaqueKhulna Division v Dhaka Division2015/16f56602
100  Shuvagata HomCentral Zone v South Zone2016/17f57753





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