Shere Bangla National Stadium, Mirpur - Highest Team Totals in List A matches

370-4India v Bangladesh2010/11a21202
368-9South Africa A v Bangladesh A2010a20559
361-8Australia v Bangladesh2010/11a21310
357-6Legends of Rupganj v Old DOHS Sports Club2014/15a23646
337-4Gazi Tank Cricketers v Kala Bagan Cricket Academy2013/14a23026
335-7Mohammedan Sporting Club v Agrani Bank2017/18a26169
330-4India v Pakistan2011/12a21927
330-8India v Pakistan2008a19030
329-6Pakistan v India2011/12a21927
329-6Bangladesh v Pakistan2014/15a24119
329-7Pakistan v Bangladesh2013/14a23309
328-7South Africa A v West Indies A2010a20573
326-3Bangladesh v Pakistan2013/14a23309
323-6West Indies A v South Africa A2010a20573
320-7Bangladesh v Sri Lanka2017/18a25919
318-9Prime Bank Cricket Club v Sheikh Jamal Dhanmondi Club2016a24695
317-6India v Bangladesh2015a24140
316-7Abahani Limited v Prime Bank Cricket Club2016a24802
315-3Pakistan v India2008a19033
311-9Bangladesh v Bangladesh A2011/12a21512
309-8England v Bangladesh2016/17a24924
307Bangladesh v India2015a24136
306-7Sheikh Jamal Dhanmondi Club v Mohammedan Sporting Club2013/14a22850
305Mohammedan Sporting Club v Kala Bagan Krira Chakra2013/14a22993
304-3India v Sri Lanka2011/12a21909
303-4Gazi Group Cricketers v Prime Bank Cricket Club2016a24669
302-9Victoria Sporting Club v Brothers Union2016a24735
298-4West Indies v Bangladesh2011/12a21533
297-4India v Bangladesh2009/10a20240
297-6Bangladesh v Zimbabwe2014/15a23727
296-6Bangladesh v India2009/10a20240
295-5West Indies A v South Africa A2010a20571
295-6Bangladesh v Australia2010/11a21310
295-7Gazi Tank Cricketers v Prime Doleshwar Sporting Club2013/14a23058
293-5Bangladesh v India2011/12a21917
293-7Bangladesh v Ireland2007/08a18872
291-9North Zone v East Zone2014/15a24118
290-6Zimbabwe v Sri Lanka2017/18a25913
290India v Pakistan2008a19033
289-5India v Bangladesh2011/12a21917
289-6Sri Lanka v Bangladesh2013/14a23251
289-6Sheikh Jamal Dhanmondi Club v Abahani Limited2016a24677
288Bangladesh v England2016/17a24924
287-4Abahani Limited v Sheikh Jamal Dhanmondi Club2016a24677
285-6Mohammedan Sporting Club v Brothers Union2016a24672
284-8India v Bangladesh2007a18222
284-8South Africa v Bangladesh2010/11a21272
283-5Sri Lanka v India2009/10a20237
283-7Mohammedan Sporting Club v Abahani Limited2013/14a22842
283-9Bangladesh v India2010/11a21202
282-5Mohammedan Sporting Club v Victoria Sporting Club2014/15a23682
282-7Sheikh Jamal Dhanmondi Club v Brothers Union2013/14a23025
282-9Sheikh Jamal Dhanmondi Club v Abahani Limited2013/14a22865
282Abahani Limited v Mohammedan Sporting Club2013/14a22842
281-6Rajshahi Division v Chittagong Division2010/11a20845
281-7East Zone v North Zone2014/15a24118
280Prime Bank Cricket Club v Kala Bagan Krira Chakra2016a24687
279-8Bangladesh v Afghanistan2016/17a24911
279-9India v Sri Lanka2009/10a20237
278-6Bangladesh v Scotland2006/07a17799
278-6Abahani Limited v Gazi Group Cricketers2017/18a26345
278Sri Lanka v Zimbabwe2017/18a25913
276-8Rajshahi Division v Dhaka Division2010/11a20886
276-9Bangladesh v Zimbabwe2015/16a24333
274Prime Bank Cricket Club v Kala Bagan Cricket Academy2014/15a23692
273-6Khulna Division v Dhaka Division2010/11a20882
273-9Bangladesh v Zimbabwe2015/16a24328
272-6Dhaka Division v Khulna Division2010/11a20882
272-7Legends of Rupganj v Prime Doleshwar Sporting Club2017/18a26179
272-9Bangladesh v India2014a23394
272-9Shinepukur Cricket Club v Legends of Rupganj2017/18a26209
271-8Bangladesh v Zimbabwe2018/19a26840
270-7Australia v Bangladesh2010/11a21299
268-3Legends of Rupganj v Shinepukur Cricket Club2017/18a26209
265-8Sheikh Jamal Dhanmondi Club v Gazi Group Cricketers2017/18a26204
265Bangladesh v New Zealand2013/14a22946
265Kala Bagan Krira Chakra v Mohammedan Sporting Club2013/14a22993
265Bangladesh v Afghanistan2016/17a24901
264-1Prime Doleshwar Sporting Club v Kala Bagan Cricket Academy2014/15a23838
264-8Legends of Rupganj v Victoria Sporting Club2016a24783
263-2Shinepukur Cricket Club v Sheikh Jamal Dhanmondi Club2017/18a26230
262-7Pakistan v Bangladesh2011/12a21623
262-8Pakistan v Bangladesh2011/12a21897
262-9Kala Bagan Cricket Academy v Prime Doleshwar Sporting Club2014/15a23838
262Sheikh Jamal Dhanmondi Club v Shinepukur Cricket Club2017/18a26230
261-3Sri Lanka v Bangladesh2009/10a20236
261-5Sri Lanka v Pakistan2013/14a23332
261-8England v Bangladesh2009/10a20486
260-5Pakistan v Sri Lanka2013/14a23332
260-5Legends of Rupganj v Prime Doleshwar Sporting Club2017/18a26355
260-6Bangladesh v England2009/10a20486
260-7Bangladesh v Sri Lanka2009/10a20236
260-8Sheikh Jamal Dhanmondi Club v Prime Bank Cricket Club2013/14a23055
259-5Gazi Tank Cricketers v Cricket Coaching School2013/14a22845
259-7West Indies A v Bangladesh A2010a20562
259Abahani Limited v Mohammedan Sporting Club2017/18a26195
258-7Bangladesh v West Indies2011/12a21533
258Victoria Sporting Club v Legends of Rupganj2016a24783
258Afghanistan v Bangladesh2016/17a24901
257-5Prime Doleshwar Sporting Club v Legends of Rupganj2017/18a26355
256-6Prime Bank Cricket Club v Sheikh Jamal Dhanmondi Club2013/14a23055
256-8Bangladesh v Zimbabwe2014/15a23733
255-6Abahani Limited v Legends of Rupganj2016a24699
255-7Cricket Coaching School v Gazi Tank Cricketers2013/14a22845
254-7Chittagong Division v Dhaka Division2007/08a18479
254-8Dhaka Division v Rajshahi Division2007/08a18654
254Sri Lanka v India2011/12a21909
254Abahani Limited v Sheikh Jamal Dhanmondi Club2013/14a22865
253-6Sri Lanka v Afghanistan2013/14a23297
253-6Brothers Union v Cricket Coaching School2016a24708
253-9Dhaka Division v Chittagong Division2007/08a18479
252-1Sri Lanka v Bangladesh2009/10a20241
252-5Prime Bank Cricket Club v Shinepukur Cricket Club2017/18a26279
252-9Prime Doleshwar Sporting Club v Kala Bagan Cricket Academy2013/14a23020
251-2Bangladesh v Pakistan2014/15a24121
251-5India v Bangladesh2007a18219
251-8Gazi Tank Cricketers v Victoria Sporting Club2013/14a23000
251-8Prime Bank Cricket Club v Partex Sporting Club2014/15a23768
251Shinepukur Cricket Club v Prime Bank Cricket Club2017/18a26279
250-7Bangladesh v India2007a18219
250Pakistan v Bangladesh2014/15a24119
250Pakistan v Bangladesh2014/15a24121





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