Sophia Gardens, Cardiff - Highest Team Totals in List A matches

373-7Glamorgan v Bedfordshire1998a11252
332-2Kent v Glamorgan2006a17475
331-7India v South Africa2013a22666
330-4Somerset v Glamorgan1978a2237
324-7England v Sri Lanka2016a24810
321-7Glamorgan v Kent2015a24164
318-3Glamorgan v Combined Universities1995a9181
318-4Glamorgan v Staffordshire1989a6108
317-7Kent v Glamorgan2015a24164
316-8Glamorgan v Essex1994a8707
309-3Sri Lanka A v Glamorgan2004a15979
305-6Glamorgan v Worcestershire2001a13550
305South Africa v India2013a22666
304-6India v England2011a21513
304-6India v England2014a23515
304-6Pakistan v England2016a24895
302-6Glamorgan v Combined Universities1988a5646
302-6Glamorgan v Sussex2016a24757
302-9England v Pakistan2016a24895
301-5Durham v Wales Minor Counties2002a14315
294-7Middlesex v Glamorgan2016a24777
291-9Glamorgan v Kent2006a17475
289-6Glamorgan v Essex2001a13652
289Glamorgan v Gloucestershire2016a24748
288-5Gloucestershire v Glamorgan2013a22627
288-6Glamorgan v Essex2015a24177
287-8Glamorgan v Middlesex1993a8112
285-5Kent v Glamorgan1987a5242
284-9Middlesex v Glamorgan2005a16754
283-5Glamorgan v Sussex1990a6637
282-7Northamptonshire v Glamorgan2005a16828
281-6Glamorgan v Gloucestershire2013a22627
280-8Glamorgan v Worcestershire2002a14524
277-5Glamorgan v Combined Universities1992a7541
275-9Warwickshire v Glamorgan2002a14575
274-6Gloucestershire v Glamorgan1999a12053
272-4Glamorgan v Middlesex2001a13721
271Glamorgan v Kent1987a5242
269-2Glamorgan v Essex2003a15205
267-6Essex v Glamorgan2003a15205
266Glamorgan v Middlesex2016a24777
263-7Sussex v Glamorgan1993a8030
261-8Warwickshire v Glamorgan2002a14276
260Glamorgan v Somerset1978a2237
259-5Glamorgan v Worcestershire2010a20566
258-3Australia v Pakistan2001a13519
257-8Sussex v Glamorgan2006a17429
257Pakistan v Australia2001a13519
256-6Worcestershire v Glamorgan2010a20566
254-3Middlesex v Glamorgan2009a19893
254-5Glamorgan v Essex1998a11125
254-5Glamorgan v Warwickshire1999a12023
253-6Middlesex v Glamorgan1998a11168
253-9Worcestershire v Glamorgan1996a9915
252-7Glamorgan v Middlesex1997a10466
251-3Derbyshire v Glamorgan2003a15133
251Glamorgan v Surrey2000a12745
250-5Bangladesh v Australia2005a16673
250-9Glamorgan v Durham2001a13664
250-9Glamorgan v Ireland2006a17407





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