Teams James While played for

Kent Premier LeagueThe Mote (2001)
Middlesex Premier LeagueRichmond (2002-2004)
 Shepherds Bush (2009)
Kent Cricket LeagueThe Mote (2001)
Southern Cricket LeagueBournemouth (1997)
MiscellaneousLavinia, Duchess of Norfolk's XI (1987-1988)
 Wolverhampton (1989-1996)
 Earl of Arundel's XI (2000)
 The Mote Second XI (2001)
 Nomads (2001/02-2015)
 Marylebone Cricket Club (2004-2015)
 Richmond (2004-2005)
 Nomads and Virgin (2004-2011)
 The Stoics (2005-2011)
 Marylebone Cricket Club West Midlands (2006-2015)
 Hampshire Hogs (2007)
 CDE Bazalgette's XI (2007-2008)
 Shepherds Bush (2009)
 Duke of Norfolk's XI (2009-2015)
 Cross Arrows (2009)





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