Teams Brad Kruger played for

ODINetherlands (2010-2010/11)
World CupNetherlands (2010/11)
Main ListANetherlands (2010-2011)
Second Eleven ChampionshipNorthamptonshire Second XI (2006-2008)
 Marylebone Cricket Club Universities (2009-2010)
 Kent Second XI (2010)
Second Eleven TrophyNorthamptonshire Second XI (2007-2008)
 Kent Second XI (2010)
Northamptonshire Premier LeagueOld Northamptonians (2004)
 Northamptonshire Cricket Academy (2005-2008)
 Finedon Dolben (2007-2011)
MiscellaneousNorthamptonshire Under-15s (2003-2004)
 Old Northamptonians Second XI (2004)
 English Schools Cricket Association Midlands Under-15s (2004)
 Northamptonshire Under-17s (2005-2006)
 Northamptonshire Second XI (2006)
 Northamptonshire (2008)
 Marylebone Cricket Club (2008)
 Northamptonshire Under-19s (2008)
 Bradford/Leeds University Centre of Cricketing Excellence (2009)
 DA Woods' XI (2009)
 Finedon Dolben (2009-2011)
 Leeds/Bradford Marylebone Cricket Club University (2010-2011)
 Farsley (2010)
 Netherlands (2010-2010/11)
 DM Hodgson's XI (2011)





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