Teams John Inchmore played for

Main FCWorcestershire (1973-1986)
 Northern Transvaal (1976/77)
Main ListAWorcestershire (1973-1986)
 Wiltshire (1987)
Minor Counties ChampionshipNorthumberland (1970)
 Wiltshire (1987)
Minor Counties TrophyWiltshire (1987)
Second Eleven ChampionshipWarwickshire Second XI (1972)
 Worcestershire Second XI (1972-1986)
Second Eleven TrophyWorcestershire Second XI (1986)
Warwick Pool Under 25Worcestershire Under-25s (1973)
County ChampionshipWorcestershire (1973-1986)
MiscellaneousAshington (1966-1975)
 Worcestershire (1974-1982)
 Worcestershire Club and Ground (1978-1981)
 Lavinia, Duchess of Norfolk's XI (1987)
 Marylebone Cricket Club (1989)
 Worcestershire Legends (2009)





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