Teams Gavin Baker played for

Main FCLoughborough University Centre of Cricketing Excellence (2009)
 Loughborough Marylebone Cricket Club University (2010-2014)
 Northamptonshire (2010)
Main ListANorthamptonshire (2010)
Minor Counties ChampionshipHertfordshire (2009)
Minor Counties TrophyHertfordshire (2012)
Second Eleven ChampionshipMiddlesex Second XI (2008)
 Marylebone Cricket Club Universities (2009)
 Northamptonshire Second XI (2010-2013)
 Derbyshire Second XI (2012)
Second Eleven TrophyMiddlesex Second XI (2008)
 Northamptonshire Second XI (2010-2013)
 Kent Second XI (2012)
Second Eleven Twenty20Northamptonshire Second XI (2011-2012)
Home Counties Premier LeagueWelwyn Garden City (2008-2013)
Leicestershire Premier LeagueMarket Harborough (2010)
Northamptonshire Premier LeagueNorthamptonshire Cricket Academy (2010)
 Burton Latimer (2011)
County ChampionshipNorthamptonshire (2010)
MiscellaneousLoughborough University Centre of Cricketing Excellence (2006-2009)
 Middlesex Second XI (2006-2008)
 Middlesex Under-17s (2006)
 Potters Bar (2006-2007)
 Middlesex Development XI (2007)
 Loughborough University (2008)
 Marylebone Cricket Club Universities (2008)
 Welwyn Garden City (2009-2013)
 Loughborough Marylebone Cricket Club University (2010-2014)
 Market Harborough (2010)
 Northamptonshire XI (2010)
 Northamptonshire Second XI (2010-2013)
 Kent and Northamptonshire Second XIs (2011)
 Unicorns (2012)
 Derbyshire Second XI (2012)





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