First-class Bowling in Each Season by Walter Clark

Season BallsMdnsRunsWktsBBAve5wI10wM
1880(United States of America)8471933-196.3300
1882(United States of America)201110    
1883(United States of America)365711-57.0000
1884(United States of America)304366697-327.3310
1885(United States of America)4044715043-2837.5000
1886(United States of America)219208863-1414.6600
1890(United States of America)15049553-5519.0000
1892(United States of America)6022511-2525.0000
1893(United States of America)5022911-1829.0000
1894(United States of America)3771716373-2023.2800
1895(United States of America)37619213134-3716.3800
1896(United States of America)2507155116-2414.0910
1897(United States of America)3601415821-3679.0000





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