Teams Anish Patel played for

Main FCLoughborough Marylebone Cricket Club University (2013-2015)
Minor Counties ChampionshipLincolnshire (2013-2016)
Minor Counties TrophyLincolnshire (2014-2015)
Minor Counties Twenty20Lincolnshire (2015)
Second Eleven ChampionshipMarylebone Cricket Club Universities (2013-2014)
 Leicestershire Second XI (2014-2015)
Second Eleven TrophyLeicestershire Second XI (2014-2015)
Leicestershire Premier LeagueLoughborough Town (2007-2018)
Under-14 County CupLeicestershire and Rutland Under-14s (2015)
Under-15 County CupLeicestershire and Rutland Under-15s (2005-2006)
Under-17 County ChampionshipLeicestershire and Rutland Under-17s (2005-2007)
MiscellaneousLeicestershire and Rutland Under-13s (2003-2005)
 Leicestershire and Rutland Under-15s (2005-2006)
 Loughborough Town (2008-2018)
 Loughborough University Third XI (2010)
 Loughborough University (2012)
 Loughborough Marylebone Cricket Club University (2012-2015/16)
 Marylebone Cricket Club Universities (2013/14)
 Leicestershire Second XI (2014)





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