Teams Ian King played for

Main FCWarwickshire (1952-1955)
 Essex (1957)
Minor Counties ChampionshipWarwickshire Second XI (1949-1956)
County ChampionshipWarwickshire (1952-1955)
 Essex (1957)
MiscellaneousWarwickshire Club and Ground (1949-1963)
 Warwickshire Second XI (1952-1956)
 Warwickshire (1952-1955)
 HE Dollery's XI (1952-1953)
 Warwickshire XI (1952)
 JS Ord's XI (1954)
 Birmingham and District Cricket League (1956-1962)
 Old Warwickshire XI (1958)
 Warwickshire Old County Cricketers Association (1960)
 Warwickshire Pilgrims (1960-1961)





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