Teams Hesketh Hesketh-Prichard played for

Main FCHampshire (1900-1913)
 London County (1902-1904)
 Marylebone Cricket Club (1904-1913)
Other FCGentlemen (1903-1905)
 Gentlemen of England (1904-1905)
 South of England (1904)
 Lord Brackley's XI (1904/05)
County ChampionshipHampshire (1900-1913)
MiscellaneousFettes College (1892-1894)
 Sussex Second XI (1897)
 Allahakbarries (1899-1902)
 Authors (1899-1910)
 London County (1902)
 Gentlemen of Marylebone Cricket Club (1904)
 Lord Brackley's XI (1904/05-1906)
 I Zingari (1906-1913/14)
 Marylebone Cricket Club (1907-1909)





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