Teams Zeeshan Jamil played for

Main FCKarachi Blues (2010/11-2013/14)
 Karachi Whites (2011/12-2012/13)
 Karachi Zebras (2014/15)
Main ListAKarachi Zebras (2011/12-2014/15)
Quaid-e-Azam TrophyKarachi Blues (2010/11-2013/14)
 Karachi Whites (2011/12-2012/13)
 Karachi Zebras (2014/15)
MiscellaneousKarachi Zone III Under-19s (2003-2005)
 Karachi Harbour Under-19s (2005/06)
 Karachi Electric Supply Corporation Limited (2005/06)
 Karachi Zone VI Under-19s (2006)
 Karachi Urban Under-19s (2006/07)
 Karachi Zone II (2007/08)
 Karachi Zone I (2008)
 Karachi Zone VII (2010)
 Karachi Zone III (2010/11-2015)
 Medicam Group (2010/11)
 Sind Police (2011/12)
 Kollam Kernals (2012/13)
 Pakistan Steel (2012/13)





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