Australia Players (A)


BT Anderton (Australian Capital Territory, Geelong, South Barwon, Victoria Country Colts, Victoria Under-19s)
D Anderton (Riverina)
GJ Anderton (Corangamite, Footscray, Geelong, Victoria Country)
J Anderton (umpire)
Andison (Townsville Association)
RC Andison (Queensland Country)
A Andjelkovic (Geelong)
A Andjelkovic (Footscray)
D Andonovski (Illawarra)
P Andonovski (Illawarra)
R Andonovski (New South Wales Under-17s)
L Andre (Western Australia Women)
M Andreadis (Airport West St Christophers)
JT Andree (Tasmania Under-17s, Tasmania Under-19s)
JT Andree (Lindisfarne)
LA Andree (Essendon, Tasmania Under-17s, Tasmania Under-19s)
LA Andree (Lindisfarne)
LG Andrenacci (South Australia Country)
B Andrew (Richmond)
CB Andrew (Royal Australian Air Force)
D Andrew (Queensland Women)
E Andrew (Geelong College)
G Andrew (Melbourne)
JJ Andrew (Newcastle)
L Andrew (Hoppers Crossing)
M Andrew (Traralgon Cricket Association)
M Andrew (Coomera Hope Island)
P Andrew (Western Australia Under-16s)
R Andrew (Eastern Suburbs Third XI)
S Andrew (Manly)
T Andrew (Northcote)
J Andrewartha (Watervale)
Andrews (Yass)
Andrews (Fremantle)
A Andrews (Northern Territory)
A Andrews (Hunter Valley)
A Andrews (Rockingham-Mandurah)
B Andrews (New South Wales Second XI)
B Andrews (Australia Youth Women)
B Andrews (Victoria White Deaf)
BC Andrews (Royal Australian Air Force)
BG Andrews (University of New South Wales)
BJ Andrews (Australian Capital Territory)
BP Andrews (Queensland Country Colts, South Coast-West Moreton, South Queensland Colts)
C Andrews (Chester-le-Street)
C Andrews (Singleton)
C Andrews (Western Suburbs)
CL Andrews (Victorian Bar)
CW Andrews (Fremantle)
D Andrews (Strathmore)
DJ Andrews (Northern Territory)
DK Andrews (Australian Capital Territory)
E Andrews (Yorke's Peninsula)
E Andrews (Fancy Dans)
E Andrews (Geelong College)
F Andrews (Riverina and Murrumbidgee)
G Andrews (Yorke's Peninsula)
G Andrews (umpire)
GW Andrews
H Andrews (Western Australia Women)
HF Andrews (St Peter's College, Adelaide)
J Andrews (North Sydney)
J Andrews (Sunshine Druids)
J Andrews (Williamstown)
J Andrews (Essendon)
J Andrews (Quinns Rocks)
L Andrews (Sydney West)
L Andrews (Bankstown)
L Andrews (Penrith)
LR Andrews (Sunraysia Poms)
M Andrews (Victoria Under-17s)
M Andrews (scorer)
M Andrews (Raiders)
MG Andrews (Morwell Tigers)
P Andrews (Gosford and District)
R Andrews (Singleton)
S Andrews (umpire)
SJ Andrews (Australia Under-23s Women, Australia Women, New South Wales Women)
T Andrews (Gosford and District)
T Andrews (Melbourne University, University)
T Andrews (Broadbeach Robina)
T Andrews (Prince Alfred College, Adelaide)
T Andrews (Victoria Schools)
TD Andrews (Adelaide Strikers, South Australia)
TJ Andrews (South Australia Under-23s)
TJE Andrews (Australia, New South Wales)
TL Andrews (Western Australia Under-15s Women)
W Andrews (Australian Capital Territory Schools)
WC Andrews (New South Wales, Queensland)
WS Andrews (Western Australia)
WS Andrews (Australian Capital Territory)
AG Andrew-Street (Victoria)
AS Andrich (Fremantle, Western Australia Under-19s)
BD Andrijich (Midland-Guildford)
F Andronaco (umpire)
B Ang (Strathmore)
T Ang (umpire)
Angel (Midland-Guildford)
DN Angel (Prince Alfred College, Adelaide)
J Angel (Australia, Gloucestershire, Western Australia)
L Angel (South Perth)
L Angel (South Perth Second XI)
R Angel (Cooma)
RJ Angel (Prince Alfred College, Adelaide)
T Angel (South Australia Under-17s)
S Angeles (Northern Territory)
C Angelev (Sorrento-Duncraig)
S Angelo (Illawarra Suburbs)
Angevin (Ballarat)
F Angles (New South Wales Catholic Colleges)
B Angley (Canterbury)
PM Angley (umpire)
RJ Angove (South Australia Colts)
S Angove (South Australia Under-16s, South Australia Under-19s)
H Angrish (Balcatta)
Angus (Shore)
Angus (St Peter's College, Adelaide)
Angus (Northcote)
BK Angus (Dandenong)
C Angus (Old Carey)
H Angus (Gordon)
L Angus (umpire)
MN Angus (Prahran)
Angwin (Western Districts of Victoria)
HTM Angwin (Prince Alfred College, Adelaide)
M Angwin (Canterbury)
M Angwin (Druids)
R Angwin (Western Australia Under-17s Women, Western Australia Under-19s Women)
R Anjum (Auburn, Lindfield)
R Anjum (Sydney Shires XI)
T Ankers (Wurruk)
T Ankers (Sale City)
T Ankers (Longford)
C Anlezark (Boisdale-Briagolong)
E Anlezark (Moss Vale)
JW Annear (Boisdale-Briagolong)
J Annettes (New South Wales Southern Zone)
DA Annetts (Australia Women, New South Wales Women)
CA Anneveld (Australian Capital Territory Women, Diamonds, Hampshire Women, Kent Women, Lancashire Women, New South Wales Women, Sydney Thunder Women)
J Anning (University)
J Anning (Dynnyrne)
JJ Anning (Queensland Country, South Queensland)
JJ Anning (South Brisbane)
SD Anning (Hawthorn-Monash University)
M Annis-Brown (Roseville)
P Annis Brown (Northern New South Wales Under-19s)
H Anscombe (Sorrento-Duncraig)
EV Ansell (Northcote)
N Anson (Gordon)
N Anson (New South Wales Under-19s)
S Ansoul (Northern New South Wales Under-19s)
SD Anstee (Sale-Maffra Cricket Association, Stratford)
B Anstey (Williamstown CYMS)
J Anstey (Northern Territory Under-17s)
J Anstey (St Peter's College, Adelaide)
W Anstey (Northern Territory Under-17s, Northern Territory Under-19s)
Anstiss (Ballarat)
SR Antcliff (Australian Capital Territory Women)
Antcliffe (Ballarat)
D Antcliffe (Newcastle)
G Antcliffe (Ballarat)
R Antcliffe (Ballarat)
T Antcliffe (Ballarat)
N Anthes (Hadleigh and Thundersley, Hadleigh and Thundersley, New South Wales Schools)
J Anthoney (Australian Capital Territory, Federal Capital Territory Cricket Association)
Anthony (umpire)
J Anthony (Goulburn)
G Antil (Camden)
HC Antil (Armidale)
JA Antil (Armidale)
Antill (Lithgow)
TW Antill (Victoria)
PR Antman (Gordon, Sydney Metropolitan, Sydney North)
J Anton (Toongabbie)
JJ Anton (South Melbourne)
T Anton (Gippsland, Victoria Country)
T Anton (Toongabbie)
F Antonio (Victoria Country)
P Antonio (Australia Women)
R Antoskew (New Town)
AD Antrobus (Gepps Cross)
Anurag Singh (Gordon)
B Anwar (Crusaders)
Anyon (Stawell)
GL Anyon (North-West Tasmania Cricket Association, South Melbourne, Victoria Country, Victoria Country Colts, Victoria XI, Waverley)
R Anyon (Coburg, Kew, Victoria Country Colts)
C Anzelark
A Aparo (Victoria Women)
W Aplin (Pennant Hills)
S Apokoroniotakis (Northcote)
E Aponso (Wurruk)
A Appacharul (Cumberland)
S Appalasamy (Innisfail Invitation XI)
A Appathurai (Central Cumberland, Sydney West)
A Appathurai (Northern District)
T Appathurai (Northern District)
C Applause (New South Wales Combined Second Grade)
K Applebee (Tasmania Under-17s)
KM Applebee (Australia Under-23s Women, Melbourne Stars Women, Victoria Women)
B Appleby (Mildura District)
C Appleby (Shoalwater Bay)
D Appleby (umpire)
P Appleford (Melbourne University)
S Appleford (Geelong College)
DV Applegarth (Queensland Colts, South Brisbane)
G Applegarth (Surfers Paradise Benowa)
J Appleton (Singleton)
J Appleton (Campbelltown-Camden Third XI)
LJF Appleton (Tasmania)
MS Appleton (University of New South Wales)
MS Appleton (University of New South Wales President's XI)
MS Appleton (University of New South Wales Third XI)
TW Appleton (Boisdale-Briagolong)
B Appo (Australian Capital Territory)
S Appo (Australian Aboriginals)
SC Appoo (Australian Aboriginals)
B Apps (Hoppers Crossing)
DP Apps (Mosman)
E Apps (umpire)
M Apps (umpire)
E Aprea (Victoria White Under-17s Women)
J Aquino (Kelmscott)
I Arafas (New South Wales Academy Women)
D Arahu (New South Wales Under-17s, St George)
MW Aram (Innis Mowbray Eagles)
C Arambewela (Ryde Hunters Hill Over-40s)
PT Arandt (Carlton, Essendon, Victoria Country)
M Arblaster (Southern)
M Arblaster (New South Wales Country)
R Arbon (Northern Territory)
T Arbon (Crusaders)
R Arc (umpire)
TG Arcadiou (Druids)
M Archdale (Australia Under-19s, Western Australia Colts)
Archer (Maryborough)
Archer (Ararat)
Archer (Dunolly)
B Archer (New South Wales Western Zone)
C Archer (New South Wales Central Coast)
D Archer (Tasmania Under-17s)
D Archer (North)
D Archer (North Hobart)
DJL Archer (Tasmania)
F Archer (umpire)
F Archer (Ballarat)
FHJ Archer (St Kilda)
J Archer (Randwick)
JK Archer (Westbury)
JT Archer (North)
KA Archer (Australia, Queensland)
L Archer (Parkes)
RG Archer (Australia, Queensland)
T Archer (Launceston, Western Club)
TC Archer (North, Northern Tasmania Cricket Association)
W Archer (Melbourne)
Archibald (Bairnsdale)
J Archibald (Central Cumberland)
J Archibald (Cumberland)
R Archibald (Sutherland)
J Archibold (Cumberland)
R Archibold (Australian Old Collegians)
F Archman (Wangaratta)
SR Arcus (South Melbourne)
M Ardagh (Western Australia Under-17s)
J Ardill (South Australia Colts)
M Arena (Old Irwinians)
S Arena (Old Irwinians)
A Arendarcikas (Albury)
TD Arendarcikas (Camberwell Magpies)
P Argall (umpire)
PS Argall (umpire)
PA Argent (Queensland Colts, Queensland Under-19s)
J Argus (umpire)
C Arjun (Keilor)
A Arkell (Morley)
AJ Arkinstall (Carlton, Hawthorn, University, Victoria Institute of Sport, Victoria Under-17s, Victoria Under-19s)
J Arkinstall (New South Wales Far North Coast)
O Arkinstall (Western Australia Under-17s)
A Armistead (North Geelong)
G Armistead (North Geelong)
J Armistead (Yarraville)
K Armistead (Maffra)
N Armistead (Collegians)
J Armit (Melbourne Grammar School Development XI)
D Armitage (North)
E Armitage (umpire)
P Armitage (Sydney University)
AR Armour (Australian Army, Port Adelaide)
AR Armour (Australian Defence Force)
B Armour (umpire)
IS Armour (Australian Capital Territory)
W Armour (Preston)
FG Arms (Randwick)
G Arms (Randwick)
GJ Arms (Australia Under-19s, Australian Schoolboys, New South Wales Country, Newcastle, Newcastle Cavaliers, Northern New South Wales)
Armstrong (Cootamundra)
Armstrong (Wagga Wagga)
Armstrong (Cootamundra)
Armstrong (Narrabri)
Armstrong (Goulburn)
A Armstrong (North Melbourne)
B Armstrong (Geelong West)
B Armstrong (Taringa Rovers)
C Armstrong (Stratford)
C Armstrong
CF Armstrong (North Melbourne)
CI Armstrong (Tynemouth)
CR Armstrong (Footscray)
CS Armstrong (Geelong)
CS Armstrong (St Kilda)
D Armstrong (Leopold)
D Armstrong (Bairnsdale Cricket Association)
D Armstrong (New South Wales Under-15s Women)
D Armstrong (Fremantle-Mosman Park)
E Armstrong (South Australia Country Women)
E Armstrong (North Melbourne)
EK Armstrong (Queensland)
GG Armstrong (Queensland)
GH Armstrong (South Australia)
GJ Armstrong (Brisbane, Queensland I Zingari)
H Armstrong (South Australia Country Women, South Australia Under-15s Women)
H Armstrong (Richmond)
HJ Armstrong (umpire)
HL Armstrong (Southern Districts of New South Wales)
J Armstrong (New South Wales Cricket Association, New South Wales Second XI)
J Armstrong (New South Wales Country)
J Armstrong (Psychosocials)
J Armstrong (Gosnells)
JAG Armstrong (Richmond)
JJ Armstrong (Warnambool)
K Armstrong (South Australia Under-15s Women, South Australia Under-18s Women)
KL Armstrong (Strathfield)
L Armstrong (St George Third XI)
LC Armstrong (Bairnsdale Cricket Association, Sale, Sale City, Sale-Maffra Cricket Association)
M Armstrong (Tasmania Under-16s, Tasmania Under-19s)
M Armstrong (Kookaburras)
MA Armstrong (Australian Capital Territory Under-19s)
N Armstrong (Footscray)
P Armstrong (Victoria North East Zone)
R Armstrong (Victoria Under-16s)
R Armstrong (Palm Beach Currumbin)
R Armstrong (Gold Coast, Gold Coast Dolphins)
RA Armstrong (umpire)
S Armstrong (Richmond River Districts)
S Armstrong (Western Australia Under-19s)
S Armstrong (Old Geelong Schools Association)
S Armstrong (South Perth, South Perth Second XI)
S Armstrong (Mount Lawley)
T Armstrong (Australian Capital Territory Under-17s)
T Armstrong (Xavier College, Melbourne)
TG Armstrong (Victoria)
TJ Armstrong (New South Wales, Perth Scorchers, Sydney Thunder, Western Australia)
TJ Armstrong (Western Australia Under-23s)
TJ Armstrong (Midland-Guildford)
W Armstrong (Queensland)
W Armstrong (Australian Universities)
W Armstrong (umpire)
W Armstrong (Port Melbourne)
W Armstrong (East Melbourne)
W Armstrong (Sydney University)
WA Armstrong (AE Sims' XI)
WD Armstrong (Gympie)
WW Armstrong (Australia, Victoria, Victoria XI)
Y Armstrong (Kookaburras)
G Armytage (Geelong)
BP Arnall (Lane Cove)
DHL Arnall (Coburg, Fitzroy)
R Arnall (South Australia Second XI)
JL Arnberger (New South Wales, Victoria)
BL Arnfield (South Melbourne)
B Arnhold (South Melbourne)
Arnold (Clare Invitation XI)
Arnold (17th Regiment)
Arnold (Malvern)
Arnold (Broken Hill)
A Arnold (Tasmania Country)
B Arnold (Tasmania Under-17s)
BEH Arnold (Western Australia Country)
C Arnold (Swan Athletic)
CD Arnold (North Queensland)
CR Arnold (Tasmania)
DC Arnold (Melbourne University, Prahran, University)
EMC Arnold (South Australia)
J Arnold (Western Australia Women)
J Arnold (Gold Coast Dolphins)
J Arnold (umpire)
J Arnold (New South Wales Metropolitan Under-17s, New South Wales Metropolitan Under-19s)
M Arnold (New South Wales Women, Queensland Women)
N Arnold (Sydney University Third XI)
N Arnold (Northern Territory Under-17s)
PN Arnold (Essendon)
RS Arnold (Sydney)
S Arnold (New South Wales Under-15s Women)
T Arnold (Queensland Under-17s)
W Arnold (Tasmania)
M Arnot (Hawthorn-Monash University, Hawthorn-Waverley)
Arnott (Bowral)
Arnott (Newcastle)
E Arnott (Sydney University, Sydney University Third XI)
PS Arnott (New South Wales)
S Arnott (Alexander Thomson)
S Arnott (Lara)
S Arnott-Dungey (Bentley)
R Arnst (Australians)
S Arnup (Leongatha Cricket Association)
S Arok (umpire)
S Arora (umpire)
M Arrowsmith (Kenwick)
M Arrowsmith (Illawarra)
N Arrowsmith (umpire)
Arthur (United Services)
Arthur (Broken Hill)
Arthur (HMS Wolverine Officers)
Arthur (Richmond)
Arthur (Malvern)
C Arthur (Tasmania)
CR Arthur (Entally, Gentlemen of Cornwall and Devon, Gentlemen of Devon, North, Tasmania, Trinity College, Oxford)
G Arthur (North)
G Arthur (Geelong College)
GC Arthur (Western Australia)
GF Arthur (Fitzroy, Hawthorn-East Melbourne)
GH Arthur (Tasmania)
GW Arthur (Melbourne, Victoria Country)
H Arthur (South Australia, Yorke's Peninsula)
J Arthur (Yass)
JLA Arthur (Tasmania)
N Arthur (umpire)
N Arthur (Victoria Country)
RAC Arthur (North)
S Arthur (Geelong West)
SA Arthur (North Melbourne, South Melbourne)
T Arthur (South)
T Arthur (Canberra Grammar School)
Z Arthur (Lake View)
ZA Arthur (Norden, Western Australia Country)
ZA Arthur (Fremantle)
B Arthurson (umpire)
CWC Arthy (umpire)
LK Arthy (Queensland Colts)
E Artingstoll (Williamstown CYMS)
G Artis (umpire)
RD Artis (Riverside)
RH Artis (scorer)
RM Artis (scorer)
T Arundel (umpire)
N Arundell (Bell Post Hill)
G Arvidsson (Melbourne University)
J Asani (umpire)
AN Ascott (Whitfords)
AN Ascott (Whitfords)
G Asgill
Ash (HMS Wolverine Officers)
B Ash (Grange)
MJ Ash (Melbourne, Victoria Under-19s)
RJ Ash (Northcote)
RG Ashar (Cricket Club of India)
C Ashburner (Carrick)
GB Ashburner (North Queensland Under-17s)
AK Ashby (Prince Alfred College, Adelaide)
EJ Ashby (Prince Alfred College, Adelaide)
F Ashby (Northcote)
GJ Ashby (South Australia Country)
H Ashby (Kelmscott)
IE Ashby (Prince Alfred College, Adelaide)
J Ashby (Brisbane, Queensland)
JE Ashby (Prince Alfred College, Adelaide)
KJ Ashby (South Australia Country)
KJ Ashby (Northern Suburbs)
R Ashby (Kelmscott)
TM Ashby (Prince Alfred College, Adelaide)
M Ashcroft (Campbelltown-Camden Third XI)
MR Ashe (Bassendean)
KM Asher (Australian Defence Force Women, Royal Australian Air Force Women)
OP Asher (New South Wales)
CR Ashford (Northern New South Wales)
HD Ashhurst-Smith (Wallsend)
BM Ashkenazi (Cricket Australia XI)
NJ Ashley (Cricket Contacts Australian XI)
NW Ashley (Oxford University)
S Ashley (umpire)
SC Ashley (Dandenong-Waverley)
G Ashmead (Sturt)
GD Ashmead (Pulteney Old Scholars)
GB Ashmore (University of New South Wales)
GB Ashmore (Western Suburbs)
M Ashraf (East Torrens)
Ashton (umpire)
EM Ashton (umpire)
J Ashton (South Perth Third XI)
JK Ashton (umpire)
KJ Ashton (Sale)
M Ashton (Murdoch University Melville)
M Ashton (Sunshine United)
P Ashton (Monaro Cricket Association)
PM Ashton (Hawthorn-East Melbourne, University)
PR Ashton (University)
PW Ashton (Fleetwood, Ringwood, Victoria Under-19s)
R Ashton (Melbourne)
RK Ashton (Essendon, Victoria Country Colts)
V Ashton (umpire)
W Ashton (Albury and Border Associations)
WJ Ashton (South Melbourne)
K Ashwin (umpire)
A Ashworth (Richmond)
C Ashworth (Yass)
D Ashworth (Wembley Districts)
D Ashworth (Fitzroy)
GJ Ashworth (Queensland Country Colts, Queensland Country Under-19s, Queensland Under-19s, South East Queensland, South Queensland, South Queensland Colts)
M Ashworth (Wembley Districts)
M Asif (Armadale)
A Askew (Warwick Greenwood)
AV Askew (Carlton)
JP Asmussen (Trafalgar)
J Aspden (Unley)
W Aspeling (Redlands)
WG Aspeling
LJ Aspin (Northern Suburbs)
A Aspinall (Metropolitan XI Women)
T Aspinall (Sandhurst)
GR Asquith (Cardiff-Boolaroo)
H Asquith (Western Australia Women)
G Assauw (Collingwood, St Kilda)
G Astell (Tasmania Second XI)
J Astill (Northern Territory)
J Astill (Fairfield-Liverpool Third XI)
GP Astley (Tasmania)
JF Astley (St Peter's College, Adelaide)
JK Astley (New South Wales Under-15s Women, New South Wales Women)
I Astley-Boden (Western Australia Women)
C Aston (Leopold)
DJ Aston (Camberwell Magpies)
J Aston (Northcote)
L Aston (Kardinya Lakes)
M Aston (Leopold)
R Astoszken (Waverley)
N Astridge (Knox Grammar School, Sydney)
J Atallah (University of New South Wales President's XI)
MA Atallah (University of New South Wales)
TG Atallah (University of New South Wales)
TG Atallah (University of New South Wales President's XI)
TG Atallah (University of New South Wales Third XI)
DA Atchia (Pembroke Old Scholars)
J Atherton (Combined Services)
LW Atherton (Collingwood)
N Atherton (Elsternwick)
S Athurugiri (Chelsea)
G Atkin (New South Wales Under-19s, Southern Districts)
K Atkin (Lara)
P Atkin (scorer)
Atkins (Army and Navy Officers)
Atkins (Crusaders)
Atkins (Malvern)
A Atkins (New South Wales, Queensland)
A Atkins (Fitzroy, St Kilda)
CB Atkins (Prince Alfred College, Adelaide)
CJ Atkins (Frankston Peninsula)
E Atkins (Sydney University)
E Atkins (Sutherland)
H Atkins (Prince Alfred College, Adelaide)
JM Atkins (Carlton)
L Atkins (Northcote)
M Atkins (scorer)
P Atkins (scorer)
P Atkins (Sutherland)
P Atkins (Cumberland)
S Atkins (Waverley)
T Atkins (Tasmania Women)
T Atkins (Crusaders)
Atkinson (Mount Lawley)
A Atkinson (umpire)
A Atkinson (umpire)
ANL Atkinson (University)
AW Atkinson (Toombul)
AWL Atkinson (Marylebone Cricket Club Young Cricketers, Queensland Under-17s, Queensland Under-19s, Weybridge)
C Atkinson (Kookaburras)
D Atkinson (Victoria)
F Atkinson (Victoria)
G Atkinson (Kookaburras)
GA Atkinson (Collingwood)
GS Atkinson (Bracebridge Heath, Western Australia Under-17s)
GS Atkinson (Wanneroo)
GT Atkinson (Bracebridge Heath, Lincolnshire Development Squad, Sleaford, Western Australia Under-17s, Western Australia Under-19s)
GT Atkinson (Whitfords)
GT Atkinson (Wanneroo, Wanneroo Second XI)
H Atkinson (University)
J Atkinson (Central Gippsland Cricket Association)
J Atkinson (Launceston)
J Atkinson (Victoria)
J Atkinson (Fremantle)
J Atkinson (Murrumbeena)
J Atkinson (Northern Territory Under-17s)
J Atkinson (Eastern Suburbs Third XI)
JA Atkinson (Tasmania, Victoria)
JR Atkinson (referee)
JWL Atkinson (University)
L Atkinson (North West Coast)
M Atkinson (New South Wales Southern Zone)
M Atkinson (Manly-Warringah)
M Atkinson (Lindfield)
M Atkinson (Australian Capital Territory)
M Atkinson (Petersham)
MN Atkinson (Tasmania)
MP Atkinson (Western Australia)
N Atkinson (Petersham)
RK Atkinson (North Queensland, Queensland Country)
S Atkinson (umpire)
S Atkinson (New South Wales Western Zone)
S Atkinson (Mosman)
ST Atkinson (Camberwell Magpies, New South Wales Country)
TR Atkinson (North, Northern Tasmania Cricket Association)
W Atkinson (Australian Capital Territory, Northumberland Club)
T Atkinson-Collins (Australian Capital Territory)
B Attard (Sunshine United)
DC Attard (Fairfield-Liverpool)
PA Attard (South Australia Country)
GR Attenborough (South Australia)
F Attiwell (Prince Alfred College, Adelaide)
Attwater (Broken Hill)
EC Attwater (Bendigo)
S Attwell (West Tamworth)
Attwood (Cootamundra)
GT Attwood (Cootamundra)
O Attwood (Queensland Women)
E Attwool (Illawarra Suburbs)
EW Attwooll (St George Invitation XI, Sydney Metropolitan Colts)
J Atwater (Newcastle)
Z Atwell (Western Australia)
C Aubrey (umpire)
G Auchnuty (Australian National University)
M Auciello (Altona North)
J Audet (Northern Districts of New South Wales)
SG Aufderheide (South Australia Country, South Australia Under-19s)
SG Aufderheide (Kensington)
AE Aughtie (South Melbourne, Williamstown)
W August (Western Australia Country)
W August (Eastern Goldfields Cricket Association)
W August (Hannans)
JM Augustin (Fitzroy-Doncaster)
A Augustine (New South Wales Under-17s, New South Wales Under-19s)
D Augustus (Wollongong)
N Aujla (Burscough, South Brisbane)
K Auld (Australian Capital Territory and New South Wales Country Under-17s)
PH Auld (St Peter's College, Adelaide)
WD Auld (St Peter's College, Adelaide)
W Auldist (Hay)
AB Aumont (scorer)
AP Auret (Melbourne University, University)
C Aurisch (Sale, Stratford)
C Aurisch (Sale-Maffra Cricket Association)
RJ Aurisch (Bundalaguah)
TD Aust (Casey-South Melbourne)
B Austen (South Launceston)
C Austen (Australian Capital Territory)
ET Austen (Victoria)
SK Austen (Coomoora)
VC Austen (South Australia)
Austin (Sydney Metropolitan)
A Austin (New South Wales XI)
AEJ Austin (Queensland)
B Austin (Sale City)
C Austin (Victoria Youth)
C Austin (South Caulfield)
CJ Austin (Camberwell Magpies)
E Austin (Victoria Under-19s Women)
EW Austin (Manly)
G Austin (Gunnedah)
H Austin (New South Wales Western Districts, Riverina)
H Austin (North Eastern District of Victoria)
HM Austin (Cambridge University, Victoria)
J Austin (scorer)
J Austin (Sydney Juniors)
J Austin (North, North-West Tasmania Cricket Association)
J Austin (Northern Districts of New South Wales)
J Austin (Northern Districts Cricket Club)
K Austin (Perth)
K Austin (Wembley Districts)
KL Austin (Australian Capital Territory Under-18s Women)
M Austin (South Australia)
MH Austin (Queensland)
MJ Austin (New South Wales Country)
MN Austin (Oxford University)
N Austin (Western Suburbs)
N Austin (Crusaders)
NE Austin (University)
NJ Austin (Carlton, Victoria Emerging Players, Victoria Second XI, Victoria Under-19s)
NW Austin (Manly-Warringah Third XI)
S Austin (Victoria Country)
SN Austin (Australia Under-19s, North Queensland, North Queensland Under-17s, North Queensland Under-19s, Queensland Academy of Sport, Queensland Country Under-19s, Queensland Schoolboys 15s, Queensland Under-19s)
SN Austin (Redlands)
SW Austin (New South Wales)
T Austin (Ararat)
TG Austin (Australian Old Collegians)
J Auston (scorer)
G Autcliffe (Ballarat)
C Auty (Western Australia)
C Auty (Victoria Women)
RG Avenell (Gympie)
A Avery (Frankston Peninsula)
JB Avery (Swanbourne)
L Aveyard (Nepean)
D Aviet (Fairfield-Liverpool Third XI)
Avis (4th Regiment)
C Avis (South Australia Under-17s)
A Avramides (Old Cranbrookians)
A Awal (Swan Hill RSL)
MB Aworth (umpire)
J Axcell (Whitfords)
HR Axelby (Australian Capital Territory, Australian Capital Territory Under-19s)
T Axten (Fremantle-Mosman Park)
AJ Axtill (Australian Capital Territory, Australian Capital Territory Academy of Sport)
P Axton (umpire)
GJ Axup (South Melbourne)
AE Ayers (South Australia)
AE Ayers (umpire)
FG Ayers (St Peter's College, Adelaide)
J Ayers (St Peter's College, Adelaide)
F Ayles (Otago)
F Ayles (Port Melbourne)
AJ Aylett (Victoria)
D Ayling (South Australia Women)
R Aylmer (North Geelong)
A Ayre (Melbourne Renegades, Victoria)
A Ayre (Premier All-Stars)
M Ayre (Warehouse Reps)
N Ayre (Tasmania Under-17s)
RR Ayre (Cricket Australia XI)
W Ayre (Goulburn)
AE Ayres (South Australia)
B Ayres (Victoria Country)
C Ayres (East Belmont)
M Ayres (Victoria Under-15s Women, Victoria Under-18s Women)
N Ayres (Western Australia Under-17s Women, Western Australia Under-19s Women, Western Australia Women Second XI)
RS Ayres (Queensland)
RS Ayres (I Zingari Australia)
S Ayres (umpire)
SR Ayres (Collingwood)
SW Ayres (Queensland)
T Ayres (Toombul)
WG Ayres (Victoria)
J Ayton (Footscray)
K Ayton (Central Gippsland Cricket Association)
G Aytoun (Sale)
S Azam (scorer)
N Aziz (Future Stars Academy, Australia)
R Aziz Ur (Swan Hill)
M Azzimi (Pennant Hills)
N Azzimi (Pennant Hills)
B Azzopardi (scorer)
G Azzopardi (umpire)





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