Australia Players (C)


DL Chipp (Australia Prime Minister's XI)
Chippendale (Goulburn Revellers Women)
C Chippendale (Australian Capital Territory Under-19s Women)
J Chippendale (umpire)
K Chippendale (umpire)
AG Chipperfield (Australia, New South Wales)
H Chipperfield (Caulfield)
G Chippett (South Australian Shell Cup XI)
R Chirnside (Bohemians)
Chisholm (Armidale)
AR Chisholm (Elsternwick)
I Chisholm (Leeton Women)
JV Chisholm (North Queensland, Queensland Country)
S Chisholm (Geelong School)
Chislett (New South Wales)
HC Chittleborough (South Australia)
J Chittleborough (Yorke's Peninsula)
DJ Chitty (Western Australia Country)
R Chiu (Melbourne Grammar School)
AP Chivers (Victoria)
Chizlett (Stanmore)
A Chizlett (umpire)
R Chizzotti (scorer)
SJ Chojnowski (Western Australia Under-17s)
N Chopra (Australian Capital Territory Under-15s Women, Australian Capital Territory Under-18s Women)
M Choudhury (University of New South Wales President's XI)
CP Christ (Queensland)
J Christ (Australia Women)
J Christ (Queensland Country Colts)
Christensen (Gippsland)
CL Christensen (scorer)
EF Christensen (Australian Capital Territory)
PN Christensen (Grange, North Queensland Country Colts, North Queensland Country Under-19s, North Queensland Country Under-21s, Queensland Country Colts)
RT Christensen (South Australia)
T Christensen (Warringah)
R Christenson (umpire)
A Christian (Australian Capital Territory Under-19s)
AH Christian (Victoria, Western Australia)
C Christian (Essendon)
DT Christian (Australia, Brisbane Heat, Deccan Chargers, Gloucestershire, Hampshire, Middlesex, New South Wales, Royal Challengers Bangalore, South Australia, Victoria)
H Christian (Essendon)
L Christian (Australian Capital Territory Under-17s, Australian Capital Territory Under-19s)
CK Christiansen (Elsternwick)
Christie (Ballarat)
A Christie (New South Wales Country)
AL Christie (umpire)
AL Christie (Queensland Women)
BR Christie (Applecross)
C Christie (Victoria Youth)
D Christie (Crusaders)
DRW Christie (North Queensland, North Queensland Colts, Queensland Country Colts)
E Christie (North)
J Christie (Sydney University)
L Christie (Northern Territory Under-16s, Northern Territory Under-19s)
M Christie (Queensland Country Women)
MC Christie (Australian Capital Territory Under-19s, New South Wales Country, Newcastle)
SJ Christie (New South Wales Country, Newcastle)
T Christie (Doutta Stars)
T Christiner (Western Australia Under-17s)
KA Christison (scorer)
WH Christoph (Prince Alfred College, Adelaide)
MG Christophers (PAOC)
J Christopherson (South Queensland Colts)
CA Christrison (scorer)
A Christy (Ballarat)
MA Christy (Ballarat)
W Christy (Ballarat)
H Chrystal (Western Australia Country, Western Australia Under-19s)
H Chrystal (Melbourne Juniors)
H Chrystal (Western Australia Incogniti)
S Chu (New South Wales Under-23s, St George)
G Chudieigh (umpire)
C Chudleigh (umpire)
G Chudleigh (umpire)
D Chugg (North)
N Chugg (Dynnyrne)
P Chugg (Tasmania Under-16s)
JJ Chung (Rostrevor Old Collegians)
C Church (Bowral)
E Church (New South Wales South Coast and Highlands)
R Church (South Australia Under-15s Women)
B Churcher (Georges River)
D Churchill (New South Wales Southern Zone)
JL Churchill (Helensvale Pacific Pines)
JM Churchill (Sale)
R Churchill (Wurruk)
ZJ Churchill (New South Wales Under-17s)
K Churchland (Australian Capital Territory Women)
W Churchman (Northern South Australia)
WB Churchward (South)
R Churchyard (Victoria Blue Deaf)
DS Chyer (South Australia)
A Ciach (Sunshine Heights)
R Ciccarella (Bentleigh)
H Ciercan (umpire)
N Ciezolka (Toowoomba)
R Cirson (Australian Capital Territory, Yass)
J Ciuro (Old Carey)
H Clair (scorer)
J Clampett (Airport West St Christophers)
Clancey (Melville)
R Clancy (Queensland)
G Clapham (New South Wales Under-19s)
H Clapham (Riverina)
K Clapham (Victoria Country)
Clapson (Federal Capital Territory Cricket Association)
B Clapson (New South Wales South Coast and Highlands)
TL Clapton (South Australia Women)
M Clare (Junee and District Women)
GW Clarence (Eastern Suburbs, Merrion, New South Wales Under-17s, New South Wales Under-19s)
GW Clarence (University of New South Wales)
R Clarence (Sydney Shires XI)
S Clarence (New South Wales City Under-17s)
S Clarence (Hawkesbury)
V Clarenden (umpire)
VJ Clarendon (umpire)
GR Claridge (Newcastle, Northern New South Wales)
HG Claridge (Prince Alfred College, Adelaide)
M Claridge (Australian Capital Territory Under-15s Women)
SJ Claringbould (Old Scotch)
Clark (Subiaco-Floreat)
A Clark (Australian Capital Territory)
A Clark (Campbelltown, Campbelltown-Camden)
A Clark (North Geelong)
AC Clark (Sutherland)
AM Clark (New South Wales)
AM Clark (Fairfield-Liverpool)
AM Clark (Fairfield)
AR Clark (Sutherland)
BF Clark (Western Australia Country)
BJ Clark (Australia Women, New South Wales Women, Victoria Women)
D Clark (Victoria)
D Clark (Leongatha Cricket Association)
D Clark (South Australia Under-15s Women, South Australia Under-18s Women)
D Clark (Queensland Cricket Club President's XI)
DA Clark (Victoria Colts)
DJ Clark (Tasmania)
DJ Clark (Wurruk)
DR Clark (North Queensland Under-17s, North Queensland Under-19s, Queensland Under-16s, Queensland Under-17s, Queensland Under-19s)
E Clark (scorer)
G Clark (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission Chairman's XI)
HJ Clark (Western Australia)
J Clark (Northern South Australia)
JL Clark (New South Wales, Queensland)
JP Clark (Queensland)
K Clark (Northern Territory)
K Clark (Kookaburras)
KG Clark (Victoria Under-17s)
KG Clark (Kookaburras, Victoria Colts)
LE Clark (St George's Club of Brooklyn)
M Clark (Tasmania Under-19s Women)
M Clark (Boisdale-Briagolong)
M Clark (Tasmania Under-17s, Tasmania Under-19s)
M Clark (Southern Tablelands)
M Clark (Leongatha Cricket Association)
MJ Clark (Australian Capital Territory Under-17s)
MW Clark (Warwickshire, Western Australia)
P Clark (umpire)
PA Clark (New South Wales Second XI, South Australia Second XI, Sydney Metropolitan)
PT Clark (umpire, referee)
R Clark (Richmond River Colts)
R Clark (North West Coast)
R Clark (Imlay)
R Clark (North Suburban Community Cricket Association)
R Clark (Alberton)
S Clark (Tasmania Under-17s)
S Clark (Upper Goulburn, Victoria Country)
S Clark (New South Wales Women)
SH Clark (Tasmania Colts, Tasmania Second XI)
SR Clark (Australia, Hampshire, Middlesex, New South Wales)
SW Clark (Victoria Second XI)
T Clark (Warracknabeal)
T Clark (Tasmania Country)
T Clark (New South Wales Under-16s)
T Clark (South Gippsland)
T Clark (Newtown and Chilwell)
T Clark (Blacktown)
T Clark (The King's School, Parramatta Junior XI)
W Clark (umpire)
W Clark (North-West Tasmania Cricket Association)
W Clark (Junee)
WM Clark (Australia, Western Australia)
Clarke (Southern New South Wales Women)
Clarke (Northern Tasmania Cricket Association)
Clarke (Bendigo)
Clarke (umpire)
Clarke (Launceston)
Clarke (New South Wales Colts)
Clarke (Hamilton)
A Clarke (South Australia Women)
A Clarke
A Clarke (Western Australia Eastern Districts)
A Clarke (Fairfield)
AE Clarke (New South Wales, Otago, Wellington)
AR Clarke (Malvern)
B Clarke (Brisbane Under-19s)
B Clarke (North)
B Clarke (Riverina and Southern Tablelands)
B Clarke (Victoria White Deaf)
B Clarke (Southport Labrador)
C Clarke (Prince Alfred College, Adelaide)
D Clarke (Victoria Universities)
D Clarke (Melbourne Cricket Club)
D Clarke (Innis Mowbray Eagles)
D Clarke (Parramatta)
D Clarke (Western Suburbs)
D Clarke (Bentleigh)
D Clarke (Wallsend)
D Clarke (Australian Capital Territory)
D Clarke (Northern Territory Under-19s)
DA Clarke (South Australia)
DC Clarke (Queensland Country)
E Clarke (New South Wales XI Women)
EC Clarke (Limestone Cricket Club)
EJ Clarke (Newcastle, Northern Districts of New South Wales)
G Clarke (New South Wales Under-16s)
G Clarke (Australian Universities)
G Clarke (North)
GC Clarke (South Australia)
GJ Clarke (Victoria)
GM Clarke (North, South, Tasmania Cricket Association)
GRC Clarke (New South Wales)
HJ Clarke (Queensland Under-17s Women)
J Clarke (Victoria Country Cricket League Colts)
J Clarke (Rockingham-Mandurah Invitation XI)
J Clarke (Wangaratta)
J Clarke (Gympie)
J Clarke (North Queensland Country Under-21s)
J Clarke (New South Wales Under-16s)
J Clarke (Wallsend)
J Clarke (New South Wales Under-17s, New South Wales Under-19s, New South Wales Under-23s, Ockbrook and Borrowash)
JA Clarke (Penrith)
JR Clarke (Benalla)
JT Clarke (New South Wales)
K Clarke (Southern New South Wales)
M Clarke (scorer)
M Clarke (umpire)
M Clarke (umpire)
M Clarke (Tasmania Under-19s Women, Tasmania Women)
M Clarke (South)
M Clarke (Tasmania Under-15s Women)
M Clarke (Latrobe)
M Clarke (Moe)
MJ Clarke (Australia, Hampshire, New South Wales, Pune Warriors)
MR Clarke (Western Suburbs)
N Clarke (South Australia Under-16s)
N Clarke (Northern Territory Under-16s)
N Clarke (Newcomb and District)
O Clarke (Prince Alfred College, Adelaide)
P Clarke (Lord's Taverners Newcastle)
PA Clarke (South Australia Second XI)
PM Clarke (University)
R Clarke (New Town)
R Clarke (Imlay District Cricket Association)
R Clarke (Gunnedah)
R Clarke (Margaret River)
S Clarke (Darwin)
S Clarke (umpire)
S Clarke (Southern Monaro)
SH Clarke (Tasmania Second XI)
T Clarke (New South Wales Under-17s Women, New South Wales Under-19s Women)
T Clarke (North Queensland Country)
TJ Clarke (Benalla)
W Clarke (Bathurst)
W Clarke (Orange)
W Clarke (Riverina, Wagga Wagga)
AC Clarke-Bruce (Denby, New South Wales Institute of Sport, New South Wales Under-19s, North Sydney, Penn, South Caulfield, UTS-Balmain, Western Suburbs)
A Clarkson (Cairns Invitation XI)
AJ Clarkson (South Australia Colts)
JA Clarkson (Victoria Under-16s)
L Clarkson (Western Australia Eastern Districts)
LS Clarkson (Prince Alfred College, Adelaide)
M Clarkson (Queensland Colts)
MJ Clarkson (Amateur Club, Australian Club)
S Clarkson (Newcastle)
B Clarus (South)
A Clary (umpire)
Clauson (Illawarra)
C Claverley (Western Australia Under-19s)
JM Claxon (Swan Athletic)
M Claxton (Northern Tasmania Cricket Association, Tasmania)
M Claxton (Victoria Blue Under-17s Women)
N Claxton (South Australia)
PJ Claxton (Westbury Shamrocks)
T Claxton (Westbury Shamrocks)
WDH Claxton (South Australia)
IT Clay (Tasmania)
J Clay (Doubleview-Carine)
AC Claydon (umpire)
DR Clayfield (PAOC)
NJ Clayfield (South Australia Under-19s)
BJ Claypole (Brondesbury, Club Cricket Conference, Finchley, Marylebone Cricket Club, Middlesex County Cricket League, Middlesex Second XI, Victoria Country, Wokingham)
Clayton (Wagga Wagga)
Clayton (Geelong)
Clayton (Brisbane Grammar School)
A Clayton (Newcastle)
B Clayton (Burnie and Yeoman)
I Clayton (Bairnsdale Cricket Association)
J Clayton (West Maitland)
JW Clayton (South Australia Country)
M Clayton (Victoria Under-17s)
M Clayton (Victoria Under-15s Women)
NG Clayton (Tasmania)
RK Clayton (Launceston)
T Clayton (scorer)
WH Clayton (North)
D Clear (Scarborough)
EA Clear (North)
A Cleary (Balmain, New South Wales Second XI)
B Cleary (Victoria Country Colts)
C Cleary (Victoria Country)
D Cleary (Australian Capital Territory)
EJ Cleary (Victoria)
G Cleary (Combined Services)
J Cleary (Australian Capital Territory)
J Cleary (Victoria Country, Victoria Country Cricket League North East)
M Cleary (New South Wales Under-19s)
MF Cleary (Leicestershire, Netherlands, South Australia, Victoria, Wellington, Yorkshire)
MP Cleary (Strathfield)
P Cleary (Western Australia Women)
S Cleary (New South Wales Under-19s, Stirlands)
V Cleary (Hunter River)
BJ Cleaver (South Australia Country)
M Cleeland (Riverina)
R Cleeland (South Gippsland, Victoria Country)
Cleeve (New South Wales)
Cleeve (Stanmore)
JO Cleeve (New South Wales)
M Cleeve (Nepean)
Clegg (Ararat)
LA Cleggett (South Australia Country)
A Cleland (Prince Alfred College, Adelaide)
GR Clem (Queensland)
S Clemen (umpire)
W Clemenger (Goldfields)
AE Clements (Northern Districts of New South Wales)
B Clements (Sale-Maffra Cricket Association)
BD Clements (Victoria Under-17s, Victoria Under-19s)
E Clements (Newcastle, Northern Districts of New South Wales)
NC Clements (Victoria Women)
PJ Clements (South Australia)
R Clements (Keilor)
R Clements (Gippsland)
S Clements (Queensland Under-15s Women)
SC Clements (Western Australia)
TC Clements (Northern Territory, Northern Territory Under-17s, Northern Territory Under-19s)
Cleminson (Brighton)
D Clemm (Guild-St Marys)
T Clemments (Queensland, Queensland Under-17s)
CD Clemons (Tasmania Under-17s, Tasmania Under-19s)
JS Clemons (North, Northern Tasmania Cricket Association)
BA Clemow (Australia Under-19s, Finchampstead, Lymington, Manly, Mosman, New South Wales Second XI)
DG Clemson (Victoria Invitation XI)
G Clerke (North)
R Clerke (North)
Cleverley (Ballarat)
A Cleverly (Ballarat)
G Cleverly (umpire)
B Clews (Toowoomba)
G Clews (Australian Capital Territory, Australian Capital Territory Schools)
ML Clews (New South Wales)
W Cliff (Goldfields)
Clifford (Junior Cricket Association)
A Clifford (Australian Capital Territory Under-19s, New South Wales Schools)
G Clifford (South Australia Country)
J Clifford (Old Scotch)
K Clifford (referee)
MJE Clifford (South Australia Country, South Australia Second XI)
PS Clifford (New South Wales, Queensland)
T Clifford (Roseville)
T Clift (scorer)
Clifton (Goulburn)
A Clifton (Newcastle, Northern Districts of New South Wales)
A Clifton (Riverina and Murrumbidgee)
B Clifton (Australian XI Women)
GR Clifton (umpire)
J Clifton (Western Australia Under-17s)
M Clifton (South Australia Second XI, South Australia Under-16s)
P Clifton (Australian Junior Women, New Lambton XI)
V Clifton (Hunter Valley)
W Clifton (Riverina and Murrumbidgee, Southern New South Wales B)
W Clifton (Gosford)
B Climas (umpire)
MJ Clingeleffer (Tasmania Second XI)
SG Clingeleffer (Tasmania)
J Clinghan (Hawkesbury)
MT Clingly (South Australia)
M Clisby (Australian Capital Territory Under-19s Women, South Australia Under-17s Women, South Australia Under-19s Women)
A Clisdell (Penrith Under-19s)
A Clissold (Sale)
FA Clodd (umpire)
DR Close (umpire)
O Close (Tasmania Under-19s)
RC Close (University of New South Wales)
A Clothier (Doubleview-Carine)
AD Clothier (Adelaide University)
S Clothier (Bedford Morley)
PM Clough (Tasmania, Western Australia)
R Clough (Victoria Country)
R Clough (umpire)
J Clow (Ballarat)
RS Clowes (Ipswich and West Moreton)
JC Clucas (St Peter's College, Adelaide)
D Cluff (New South Wales Country, Southern New South Wales)
D Cluff (New South Wales Great Public Schools, Newcastle)
EM Clugston (Mosman)
L Clulow (New South Wales Schools Women, New South Wales Under-17s Women, New South Wales Under-19s Women)
Clune (UTS-Balmain)
BJ Clune (umpire)
D Clune (Australian Capital Territory)
MT Clune (Australian Capital Territory Under-17s)
B Clutterbuck (Victoria Country Colts)
SH Clutterbuck (South Australia)
A Clutterham (South Australia Women)
M Clyde (New South Wales Women)
B Coad (South Launceston)
M Coad (Illawarra)
NJ Coad (Illawarra, New South Wales Country)
SJ Coad (Victoria Colts)
J Coady (Australians)
M Coady (scorer)
P Coady (umpire)
JE Coate (Australian Capital Territory Under-19s)
J Coates (New South Wales)
J Coates (South Esk)
J Coates (Sydney University)
S Coates (Australian Capital Territory)
J Coats (Queensland)
B Cobb (South Queensland Under-17s)
M Cobb (Western Australia Women)
R Cobb (Darling Downs)
W Cobb (Prince Alfred College, Adelaide)
MR Cobbett (IFW Bligh's XI)
Cobcroft (Parramatta)
Cobcroft (Hawkesbury)
C Cobcroft (Hawkesbury)
J Cobcroft (Western Suburbs)
LT Cobcroft (Canterbury, New South Wales, Wellington)
GG Cobern (Northern Tasmania Cricket Association, Tasmania Cricket Association)
KG Cobern (Glenorchy, South, Tasmania, Tasmania Cricket Association)
BT Cobley (Western Australia Country)
H Cobley (Guildford Grammar School)
CB Cochrane
G Cochrane (Australian Old Collegians)
J Cochrane (Bairnsdale)
M Cochrane (New South Wales Under-19s)
R Cochrane (Bairnsdale)
R Cochrane (Australian Old Collegians)





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