Australia Players (C)


Cock (umpire)
A Cock (Subiaco Marist)
B Cock (Victoria Country)
C Cock (Kalgoorlie (Goldfields Premiers))
EF Cock (Collingwood)
G Cock (Parkes)
G Cock (Norfolk Island)
L Cock (Mildura District)
T Cock (Mildura District)
R Cockayne (North Melbourne)
IA Cockbain (East Torrens)
Cockburn (Ballarat)
A Cockburn (Surfers Paradise Benowa)
JSD Cockburn (Queensland)
WC Cockburn (Northcote)
WF Cockburn (Victoria)
JJ Cockcroft (Queensland)
BT Cockley (New South Wales, Perth Scorchers, Western Australia)
BT Cockley (Sydney South-East)
BT Cockley (Midland-Guildford)
BT Cockley (Scarborough)
Cockman (Northern Districts of Victoria)
A Cockman (Guildford Grammar School)
CE Cockram (Prince Alfred College, Adelaide)
AF Cocks (umpire)
J Cocks (Goulburn)
R Cockshott (Guildford Grammar School)
PA Cockshutt (St Annes, Tasmania)
AE Code (Brown Hill)
D Codling (Swan Hill)
Cody (East Melbourne)
A Cody (Northcote)
J Cody (Yarra Bend)
J Cody (Royal Australian Air Force)
LA Cody (New South Wales, Victoria)
S Cody (Southern)
T Cody (Victoria Under-17s)
EJ Coe (umpire)
GM Coe (South)
JJ Coe (South Australia Country)
J Coetzee (University)
JP Coetzee (Western Australia)
Coffey (umpire)
Coffey (Xavier College, Melbourne)
BA Coffey (Youlden Parkville)
F Coffey (Hunter River, New South Wales Country)
P Coffey (Melbourne Country Districts)
P Coffey (umpire)
R Coffey (Queanbeyan)
Coffin (umpire)
LG Coffin (Richmond)
G Coggan (Southern Tablelands)
R Coggan (Southern Tablelands)
TM Coggan (Australian Capital Territory, Australian Capital Territory Academy, Australian Capital Territory Under-17s, Australian Capital Territory Under-19s, Menai Bridge)
D Coggans (Monaro Cricket Association)
E Cogger (Victoria White Under-17s Women)
DJ Coghlan (Ringwood, Victoria Under-19s)
KH Coghlan (Richmond, University)
H Cogin (Murdoch University Melville)
H Cogin (Melville Second XI)
K Coglan (Scotch College, Perth)
L Cogle (Coburg, Fitzroy, Melbourne Juniors)
BL Cohen jun (Victoria Cricket Association Colts)
BL Cohen sen (Victoria)
D Cohen (Tamworth)
G Cohen (Balmoral and Wynnum)
H Cohen (Fitzroy)
J Cohen (umpire)
J Cohen (Tamworth)
K Cohen (Sydney Grammar School)
M Cohen (Manly Waratahs)
MB Cohen (New South Wales)
N Cohen (New South Wales Combined Second Grade)
O Cohen (Sydney Grammar School)
P Cohen (Melbourne)
R Cohen (Tamworth)
S Cohen (Northern New South Wales Under-19s)
S Cohen (Swan and Helena Districts Cricket Association)
T Cohen (Old Cranbrookians)
V Cohen (Australians)
Coker (Joondalup)
D Colaco (Carlton, Victoria Under-17s)
G Colbert (Clare)
H Colbert (Merewether)
J Colborne (Queensland Under-17s)
JD Colbourne (Manifold Heights)
P Colbourne (East Ballarat)
R Colbran (UTS-Balmain)
R Colbran (Balmain)
EH Colburn (umpire)
S Colby (Manly-Warringah)
PA Coldham (University)
H Coldrey (Castlemaine)
LB Coldrey (South Melbourne)
SS Coldrey (Victoria Women)
Cole (Darling Downs)
Cole (Bairnsdale)
Cole (South Melbourne)
Cole (Benalla)
Cole (Western Club)
Cole (Prince Alfred College, Adelaide)
AEA Cole (Melbourne)
AT Cole (scorer)
B Cole (Australian Old Collegians)
B Cole (scorer)
C Cole (Returned Soldiers)
CR Cole (Prince Alfred College, Adelaide)
D Cole (umpire)
E Cole (Leeton Women)
E Cole (Fitzroy)
F Cole (Bendigo)
G Cole (umpire)
G Cole (Bendigo)
G Cole (Goulburn)
HM Cole (Parramatta Third XI)
J Cole (umpire)
J Cole (Goulburn)
J Cole (Albury)
K Cole (Prahran, University)
M Cole (Queensland Women)
N Cole (umpire)
R Cole (Australian Capital Territory)
R Cole (Bathurst)
R Cole (Sevenhill)
S Cole (Port Melbourne)
TN Cole (South Australia)
AI Coleborn (South Queensland)
DP Coleborn (Queensland)
FJ Coleborn (Ipswich and Darling Downs, South Queensland)
PW Coleborne (Australian Capital Territory, Australian Capital Territory Under-17s, Australian Capital Territory Under-19s)
F Colechin (Fitzroy, Richmond)
WO Colechin (South Melbourne)
M Colegrave (Clarence)
MD Colegrave (Tasmania)
Coleman (Narrabri)
AJ Coleman (University of New South Wales Third XI)
B Coleman (Stratford)
E Coleman (Tamworth)
G Coleman (Australian Old Collegians)
I Coleman (Tamworth)
J Coleman (Australian Old Collegians)
JC Coleman (Queensland Women)
JR Coleman (Australia Under-19s, Melbourne, Victoria Under-17s, Victoria Under-19s, Victoria Under-23s, Victoria XI)
L Coleman (umpire)
L Coleman (Northern Districts Cricket Club)
LA Coleman (Australia Women, Australian Capital Territory Women, New South Wales Women)
LJ Coleman (Belmont)
LR Coleman (Adelaide University)
M Coleman (Northern New South Wales)
M Coleman (Lane Cove White)
N Coleman (umpire)
P Coleman (umpire)
P Coleman (I Zingari Australia)
PA Coleman (Cardiff-Boolaroo, Wallsend)
R Coleman (I Zingari Australia)
R Coleman (Imlay)
T Coleman (Keira)
Coles (Australian Capital Territory Under-19s)
AL Coles (Woodville)
C Coles (Geelong)
C Coles (Returned Soldiers)
D Coles (umpire)
GB Coles (Rockingham-Mandurah)
GB Coles (Shoalwater Bay)
GS Coles (Collingwood, Essendon)
M Coles (Eastern Suburbs Third XI)
S Coles (South Australia Under-23s)
SM Coles (Woodville)
W Coles (Victoria Country)
G Colgan (Western Australia)
W Colgan (Western Australia Country)
A Collard (Kelmscott)
C Collard (Western Australia)
D Collard (Kelmscott)
H Collard (Western Australia)
H Collard (Australian Indigenous Under-23s)
J Collard (Western Australia, Western Australia Under-17s)
T Collard (Perth, Western Australia)
T Collard (Western Australia Women)
T Collard (Gosnells, Gosnells Second XI)
GM Colledge (AE Sims' XI)
C Coller (Hawthorn-Waverley)
GR Coller (Hawthorn-East Melbourne)
Colles (Melbourne University)
Colless (Bourke)
B Colless (New South Wales Central Western Districts)
E Collett (Warringah)
T Collett (Victoria)
TM Collett (Hawthorn-Monash University)
C Colley (New South Wales Country)
D Colley (Eastern Suburbs, Gordon)
D Colley (Australian Old Collegians)
DJ Colley (Australia, New South Wales)
DJ Colley (North Sydney)
G Colley (New South Wales Western Districts)
J Colley (Gordon)
J Colley (Gordon Third XI)
K Colley (Gordon Third XI)
OE Colley (St Peter's College, Adelaide)
R Colley (Mudgee)
S Colley (New South Wales Under-19s, New South Wales Under-23s)
S Colley (Gordon)
TP Colley (New South Wales Country)
TP Colley (Western)
TPM Colley (South Australia)
WK Collicoat (Essendon)
AD Collie (Hawksburn, Melbourne Juniors, Prahran)
DL Collie (University)
G Collie (Essendon)
GM Collie (Melbourne, University)
A Collier (South)
A Collier (Collingwood)
B Collier (Australian Capital Territory Women, New South Wales Women)
HR Collier (Geelong College, Officers' School of Instruction, Stirling)
J Collier (Victoria Country Colts)
J Collier (Australian Capital Territory Women, New South Wales Women)
K Collier (Australian Capital Territory-Southern Districts)
M Collier (Melville)
MJ Collier (Newcastle City)
H Collinge (Western Australia Under-16s)
BL Collings (Essendon, Royal Australian Air Force)
R Collings (New South Wales Country, New South Wales Far North Coast)
S Collings (Melville)
R Collingwood (Western Australia Incogniti)
Collins (United Services)
Collins (Deniliquin Women)
Collins (Candelo)
Collins (Narrabri)
Collins (Goulburn)
Collins (Dunkeld)
Collins (North Sunshine)
A Collins (South)
A Collins (Yass)
A Collins (Australian Capital Territory)
A Collins (Australian Capital Territory Under-17s Women, Australian Capital Territory Under-18s Women)
A Collins (Yarraville)
AR Collins (umpire)
B Collins (New South Wales Western Zone)
B Collins (Australian Capital Territory)
B Collins (Collegians)
BE Collins (Prince Alfred College, Adelaide)
BW Collins (I Zingari Australia)
C Collins (Southern Tasmania Cricket Association)
C Collins (North)
C Collins (Queensland Under-18s Women)
C Collins (Queensland Under-18s Women)
D Collins (South Australia Country)
D Collins (North Hobart)
DE Collins (South Australia Country)
E Collins (South, Southern Tasmania Cricket Association)
E Collins (Sydney Metropolitan Colts)
F Collins (Victoria Country)
F Collins (Claremont-Cottesloe)
F Collins (Western Suburbs)
F Collins (Northcote)
FB Collins (Victoria, Victoria XI)
FHK Collins (South Australia)
G Collins (North Queensland Under-19s)
G Collins (Mildura District)
G Collins (Parramatta)
G Collins (Elsternwick)
GA Collins (Hawthorn-East Melbourne, Melbourne)
GR Collins (Carlton)
GS Collins (South Queensland Under-19s)
H Collins (Ballarat)
H Collins (Melbourne Grammar School)
HJE Collins (Carlton)
HL Collins (Australia, New South Wales)
I Collins (scorer)
I Collins (Prahran)
J Collins (Victoria Country)
J Collins (Alberton Cricket Association)
J Collins (Australian Capital Territory)
J Collins (Collegians)
J Collins (Geelong City)
J Collins (Sorrento-Duncraig)
J Collins (umpire)
JA Collins (St Kilda)
JC Collins (Footscray)
JE Collins (South Melbourne, University)
JJ Collins (Richmond)
JL Collins (Northcote)
JN Collins (Footscray, North Melbourne, Victoria Colts)
JR Collins (umpire)
JT Collins (East Melbourne)
K Collins (umpire)
K Collins (Australian Capital Territory)
L Collins (Melbourne Cricket Club)
L Collins (Australian Capital Territory)
M Collins (Australia Young Cricketers, Midland-Guildford, Western Australia Under-19s)
M Collins (Bayswater)
M Collins (Darwin Fourth XI)
MJ Collins (Penrith)
N Collins (Redlands)
O Collins (Tasmania Colts)
P Collins (Warehouse Reps)
P Collins (umpire)
P Collins (Carlton)
P Collins (Australian Services Cricket Association President's XI)
PD Collins (Western Suburbs)
PJ Collins (North Melbourne)
R Collins (Australia Under-23s Women)
R Collins (Gordon)
R Collins (Crusaders)
R Collins (Gordon)
R Collins (Balmain)
R Collins (Essendon, Greenvale Kangaroos)
RP Collins (New South Wales)
S Collins (New South Wales Women)
S Collins (New South Wales Under-17s)
S Collins (New South Wales XI Women)
S Collins (Victoria)
S Collins (Subiaco-Floreat)
SM Collins (Prospect)
ST Collins (Northcote)
T Collins (umpire)
T Collins (Central Cumberland)
T Collins (Gosford)
T Collins (Carlton)
T Collins (Footscray-Victoria University)
T Collins (Melbourne Grammar School)
T Collins (Western Suburbs)
TJ Collins (Richmond)
VA Collins (New South Wales)
W Collins (New South Wales Country)
W Collins (Geelong City)
WA Collins (Tasmania)
WH Collins (University)
GM Collinson (Footscray)
AP Collis (umpire)
B Collis (Western New South Wales)
FJ Collis (Kensington)
G Collis (North Hobart, South, Tasmania Cricket Association)
B Collison (Auburn, Blacktown, Campbelltown, Campbelltown-Camden)
MA Collison (Auburn, Hawkesbury, Macquarie University, Parramatta)
O Collison (Prince Alfred College, Adelaide)
Colliss (scorer)
JJ Colliss (Illawarra)
Colliver (Carlton)
G Colliver (North Queensland Colts)
L Colliver (Kensington)
PL Colliver (scorer)
WJ Colliver (North Melbourne)
F Collocott (Geelong College)
J Collopy (umpire)
SL Collopy (Western Australia Women)
WA Collopy (University)
A Collova (Western Australia Under-17s)
CA Collyer (Hawthorn-East Melbourne)
CD Collymore (Sydney Cricket Ground Trust XI)
GR Colman (University)
J Colman (Australian Old Collegians Vets XI)
JC Colman (Prahran)
R Colman (Broken Hill)
RF Colman (Glenorchy)
WRG Colman (St Peter's College, Adelaide)
J Colmer (Northern Districts Cricket Club)
B Coloe (UTOFCC)
PB Coloe (Richmond)
P Colomb (Pennant Hills)
D Colombage (Caulfield Grammar School)
BW Colquhoun (Illawarra, New South Wales Country)
JD Colquhoun (Federal Capital Territory Cricket Association)
SA Colquhoun (South Australia Under-17s)
BX Colreavy (New South Wales)
J Coltman (Latrobe, Victoria)
FS Colton (Prince Alfred College, Adelaide)
RJ Colville (North Queensland, North Queensland Under-19s, Queensland Country, Queensland Country Development Squad, Queensland Under-19s)
J Colwell (New South Wales Western Zone)
RB Colwell (Australian Old Collegians)
GI Colyer (umpire)
K Comb (Australian Capital Territory Under-15s Women)
C Comben (Collegians)
CM Comben (Fitzroy)
RB Comben (North Melbourne)
RR Comben (Camberwell, North Melbourne)
WL Comben (Fitzroy)
H Comber (New South Wales Second XI)
H Comber (Malvern)
GA Combes (Tasmania)
MJ Combes (Tasmania)
V Combie (Orange)
CL Comeagain (Western Australia Women)
DA Comer
J Comer (Geelong School)
W Comerford (Western New South Wales Under-19s)
G Comeskey (Upper Hutt)
D Comino (Australian Capital Territory Women)
K Commins (New South Wales North Metropolitan Women)
S Commons (Epping)
S Compain (Northern Territory Under-17s)
M Compston (Victoria Women)
N Conacher (New South Wales Country Women)
T Conboy (North Melbourne)
LF Conde (Queensland Colts)
M Condell (Royal Australian Air Force)
MG Condell (Royal Australian Air Force)
T Condely (Queensland Under-17s)
A Condon (New South Wales Junior Union)
B Condon (Queensland Under-16s)
G Condon (Sydney)
GW Condon (Mosman Third XI)
J Condon (umpire)
J Condon (North Melbourne)
M Condon (Eastern Suburbs)
MJ Condon (Australian Capital Territory, Australian Capital Territory Under-17s, Australian Capital Territory Under-19s, New South Wales Schools, Wivenhoe Town, Wivenhoe Town)
M Condy (Manifold Heights)
ML Condy (Geelong, Victoria Under-17s)
RJ Condy (Manifold Heights)
M Congdon (Wandearah)
M Congleton (Feed It)
MJ Congleton (Feed It)
J Coniglio (Western Australia Under-17s)
SJ Coniglio (Western Australia Under-17s)
A Coningham (Australia, New South Wales, Queensland)
R Conley (Newcastle City and Suburban Cricket Association)
W Conley (Goulburn, New South Wales Country)
R Conlin (umpire)
G Conlon (Sydney Metropolitan Colts)
J Conlon (South Australia Under-15s Women, South Australia Under-18s Women)
D Conn (17th Regiment, The Garrison)
J Conn (17th Regiment, The Garrison)
MW Conn (North Queensland Colts, Townsville)
Connant (Bendigo)
A Connaughton (Victoria Under-17s, Victoria Under-19s)
Connell (Sydney Juniors)
Connell (Immigrants)
A Connell (Australian Sports Gateway XI)
A Connell (Singleton)
B Connell (New South Wales Under-16s)
B Connell (Sutherland)
D Connell (Bayswater)
D Connell (Gordon)
DA Connell (scorer)
G Connell (St George's Club of Brooklyn)
IM Connell (Tasmania)
J Connell (Whorouly)
M Connell (Whorouly)
N Connell (Western Australia Women)
SE Connell (North Melbourne, Victoria Institute of Sport)
T Connell (Newtown and Chilwell)
TWC Connell (New South Wales, Wellington)
Connelly (Bendigo)
Connelly (Midland-Guildford)
A Connelly (Central Gippsland Cricket Association)
B Connelly (New Town)
B Connelly (Australian Capital Territory Blind)
GF Connelly (Australian Capital Territory)
L Connelly (Malvern)
P Connelly (Albert's Cricket Club)
PJ Connelly (Kensington, South Australia Second XI, South Australia Under-17s, South Australia Under-19s)
R Connelly (Canberra Women, Cooma)
T Connelly (Queensland Blind)
G Conner (Fairfield-Liverpool Third XI)
J Connery (North Melbourne)
J Connett (Queanbeyan)
GN Connew (Queensland Under-17s, Queensland Under-19s)
D Connolley (Victoria Country Cricket League Colts)
AN Connolly (Australia, Middlesex, Victoria)
AP Connolly (Sale-Maffra Cricket Association)
B Connolly (New South Wales Country)
B Connolly (Newcomb and District)
CP Connolly (Prahran)
H Connolly (Gunnedah District)
J Connolly (Wimmera Combined Zone)
J Connolly (Gunnedah)
JJ Connolly (Australian Capital Territory, Sandgate-Redcliffe, University of New South Wales)
L Connolly (Sandhurst)
M Connolly (Willetton)
MA Connolly (umpire)
ME Connolly (New South Wales Country)
N Connolly (Campbelltown, Campbelltown-Camden)
SL Connolly (Doubleview-Carine)
B Connor (Western Australia Eastern Districts)
CA Connor (Northcote, University)
G Connor (Combined States Deaf)
G Connor (Collingwood, University)
GO Connor (Tasmania, Western Australia)
K Connor (umpire)
K Connor (New South Wales Institute of Sport)
K Connor (Dapto)
P Connor (South Australia Country)
SB Connor (North Queensland, Queensland Country, Queensland Under-17s, Queensland Under-19s)
C Connors (Charlestown)
C Connors (Northern Territory)
C Connors (Newcastle)
GT Connors (Australia Young Cricketers, Darwin, Fitzroy, Fitzroy-Doncaster, Melbourne, Murray-Goulburn, Northern Territory, Victoria Country, Victoria North East Zone, Victoria Under-19s)
M Connors (Whorouly)
MJ Connors (Footscray)
P Connors (Whorouly)
S Connors (Alberton)
T Connors (Australian Army Women)
C Conole (Trinity Grammar School, Melbourne)
JF Conole (South Melbourne, Victoria Colts)
L Conolly (Eastern Suburbs Third XI)
RD Conolly (New South Wales Country, Southern New South Wales)
Conquest (Southern New South Wales Women)
AJ Conquest (St Kilda)
WJ Conquest (Hawksburn)
W Conrad (North Queensland Colts, North Queensland Under-19s)
A Conradie (umpire)
Conran (Army and Navy Officers)
J Conran (Australian Capital Territory)
S Conran (Victoria Colts, Victoria Second XI)
AT Conron (Federal Capital Territory Cricket Association)
C Conron (Australian Capital Territory)
H Conron (Returned Soldiers)
HE Conron (Essendon)
CE Conroy (Melbourne)
CM Conroy (Carlton)
DJ Conroy (Northern Territory, Northern Territory Under-17s, Northern Territory Under-19s)
J Conroy (Richmond)
M Conroy (Australian Capital Territory)
B Conry (Melbourne, University)
BT Considine (Tasmania, Victoria)
D Considine (Western New South Wales)
J Considine
R Considine (Innis Mowbray Eagles)
RF Considine (Fitzroy, Victoria Under-19s)
TV Considine (Fitzroy, Fitzroy-Doncaster, Victoria Under-19s)
D Constable (Keira)
J Constable (Western Australia Under-19s)
P Constable (Collingwood)
W Constable (Warracknabeal)
B Constance (Australian Capital Territory Under-19s)
A Contessa (Royal Park and Brunswick)
G Contessa (Royal Park and Brunswick)
R Contessa (Royal Park and Brunswick)
B Convery (Charlestown)
Conway (Coburg)
F Conway (Alan Kippax XI)
H Conway (South Melbourne)
H Conway (Sydney University)
HNA Conway (New South Wales)
IW Conway (Durham Second XI)
J Conway (Otago, Victoria)
KM Conway (scorer)
MD Conway (Newcastle City)
MHB Conway (umpire)
PK Conway (Glengarry)
R Conway (scorer)
S Conway (South Queensland Country Under-19s)
H Conway-Jones (Royal Australian Air Force)
TD Conwell (Redlands)
RC Coogan (Gordon and Northern District, New South Wales Colts)
TP Coogan (Westbury Shamrocks)
Cook (Candelo)
Cook (Castlemaine)
Cook (Shoalhaven)
Cook (Rockingham-Mandurah)
A Cook (Illawarra)
A Cook (Griffith)
A Cook (Hawkesbury)
A Cook (Sherwood State School)
AE Cook (Prince Alfred College, Adelaide)
B Cook (New South Wales)
B Cook (Sunraysia Cricket Association)
B Cook (Northcote)
BD Cook (umpire)
BJ Cook (New South Wales Second XI, Norfolk Island, Wroxeter and Uppington, Wroxeter and Uppington Second XI)
BW Cook (Queensland)
C Cook (umpire)
C Cook (Western Australia Under-17s)
C Cook (Brighton)
C Cook (Hawkesbury)
C Cook (Scarborough Third XI)
CDW Cook (Carlton)
D Cook (Australian Capital Territory Women)
D Cook (New South Wales Colts)
D Cook (Warnbro Swans)
F Cook (Western New South Wales Women)
GD Cook (Hawthorn-East Melbourne, Ringwood)
GG Cook (Queensland)
GP Cook (Goulburn)
H Cook (Yass)
J Cook (Goulburn, Northern Districts of New South Wales)
J Cook (St George)
J Cook (South Australia XI)
J Cook (New South Wales)
J Cook (Illawarra)
J Cook (Keira)
J Cook (Western Suburbs)
J Cook (Whitfords)
JA Cook (Geelong West)
JD Cook (New South Wales Country)
JR Cook (Greenvale Kangaroos, North Melbourne)
L Cook (Northern Districts of New South Wales)
LG Cook (Australia Women, Australian Capital Territory Women)
M Cook (New South Wales Under-17s, Sydney University)
M Cook (Melbourne University)
M Cook (Matthew Flinders Anglican College)
M Cook (Waratah-Mayfield)
M Cook (Sunshine Coast)
N Cook (Fairfield)
N Cook (St Peter's College, Adelaide)
P Cook (Australia Women, Western Australia Women)
P Cook (South Queensland Under-19s)
P Cook (Caloundra)
P Cook (Australian Capital Territory, Southern New South Wales)
P Cook (Clare, North Clare)
P Cook (Grange)
P Cook (Port Adelaide)
PAW Cook (Northern Territory Under-17s, Northern Territory Under-19s)
R Cook (LC Docker's XI)
R Cook (Victoria Country)
R Cook (New South Wales Colts)
R Cook (Keilor)
R Cook (Sale City)
RF Cook (Victoria)
RJ Cook (Prahran)
S Cook (Auburn, Macquarie University, New South Wales Under-19s)
S Cook (New South Wales Combined High Schools)
SH Cook (Australia, New South Wales, Victoria, Worcestershire Cricket Board)
SJ Cook (Fitzroy, Fitzroy-Doncaster)
T Cook (New South Wales Country Colts)
TJ Cook (Fitzroy)
TLJ Cook (New South Wales)
TM Cook (Grange)
TW Cook (umpire)
W Cook (umpire)
W Cook (Bendigo)
W Cook (Lindfield)
Cooke (Richmond)
Cooke (Prince Alfred College, Adelaide)
Cooke (Dunkeld)
A Cooke (Goulburn)
AD Cooke (University)
AD Cooke (Collingwood)
CJ Cooke (Queensland)
GJ Cooke (New South Wales Country, Newcastle)
H Cooke (Prince Alfred College, Adelaide)
H Cooke (Williamstown)
I Cooke (scorer)
J Cooke (Australian Capital Territory, Australian Capital Territory Under-19s)
J Cooke (South Australia Women)
JN Cooke (Hawthorn-East Melbourne, Victoria Colts)
M Cooke (Wollongong)
O Cooke (Old Cranbrookians)
SW Cooke (Cheltenham College Next XXII, Cheltenham College Prefects)
T Cooke (Southern Districts of New South Wales)
V Cooke (Lord's Taverners Newcastle)
Z Cooke (Australian Capital Territory Women)
M Cooke-Collis (MA Noble's XI)
B Cooke-Harrison (Victoria)
J Cooke-Harrison (Victoria)
BJ Cookson (Hawthorn-Monash University, Ringwood)
TW Cookson (Essendon)
T Cooles (Waroona)
H Cooley (umpire)
OTC Cooley (umpire)
P Cooley (New South Wales)
S Cooley (North Melbourne)
SE Cooley (North Melbourne)
TJ Cooley (Tasmania)
W Cooley (Goulburn)
JH Coolwell (Queensland)
Coombe (Victoria)
C Coombe (Prince Alfred College, Adelaide)
EH Coombe (South Australia)
K Coombe (umpire)
P Coombe (Illawarra)
PH Coombe (South Australia)
TM Coombe (Western Australia)
GH Coomber (Fitzroy)
M Coomber (Victoria Women Second XI)
Coombes (Cumberland)
D Coombes (Australian Capital Territory)
E Coombes (Illawarra, Southern New South Wales)
P Coombes (Gosford, St George)
RC Coombes (Tasmania Under-17s)
RG Coombes (St Kilda)
SB Coombes (Northern District)
SP Coombes (New South Wales Institute of Sport, New South Wales Second XI, New South Wales Under-19s, Northern Districts of New South Wales)
B Coombs (Tasmania Under-17s, Tasmania Under-19s)
B Coombs (Broadbeach Robina)
B Coombs (Tasmania Cricket Association Invitation XI)
C Coombs (Leeming Spartan)
D Coombs (Leeming Spartan)
LG Coombs (Rockingham-Mandurah)
M Coombs (Manly-Warringah)
M Coombs (New South Wales Central Coast)
P Coombs (Leeming Spartan)
R Coombs (Queensland Schoolboys 15s)
GL Coonan (umpire)
JE Cooney (North Melbourne)
TL Cooney (New South Wales Colts)





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