Australia Players (C)


Cooper (Moss Vale)
Cooper (Macquarie University)
Cooper (Melbourne)
A Cooper (Australian Capital Territory Under-19s)
A Cooper (Western Australia Women)
A Cooper (Nepean, Stawell)
A Cooper (Balmain)
A Cooper (scorer)
A Cooper (Old Cranbrookians)
A Cooper (Hillman)
A Cooper (umpire)
AF Cooper (New South Wales)
B Cooper (New Town)
B Cooper (Adelaide University)
BA Cooper (New South Wales)
BB Cooper (Australia, Gentlemen of the South, Kent, Marylebone Cricket Club, Middlesex, Middlesex, Victoria)
BN Cooper (Netherlands)
C Cooper (Queensland Country Women, Queensland Under-15s Women, Queensland Under-18s Women)
CG Cooper (Armidale)
CL Cooper (Prince Alfred College, Adelaide)
CS Cooper (Applecross)
D Cooper (umpire)
D Cooper (SJ Blues)
D Cooper (Hawkesbury)
DE Cooper (Victoria)
E Cooper (Ararat)
EH Cooper (Malvern)
G Cooper (Victoria Country)
G Cooper (Queensland Women)
G Cooper (Sydney University)
G Cooper (Waverley)
G Cooper (umpire)
G Cooper (Toongabbie)
G Cooper (Raiders)
GH Cooper (Queensland)
GJ Cooper (umpire)
GS Cooper (umpire)
H Cooper (Ballarat)
H Cooper (Southern Tasmania Cricket Association)
H Cooper (Lindfield)
H Cooper (Fitzroy, St Kilda)
I Cooper (umpire)
I Cooper
J Cooper (Lara)
J Cooper (Carlton, East Melbourne)
J Cooper (Australian Capital Territory and New South Wales Country Under-17s, Queensland Under-17s)
JB Cooper (Australian Capital Territory, Australian Capital Territory Under-17s, Australian Capital Territory Under-19s)
JE Cooper (Brighton, Melbourne)
JR Cooper (Queensland)
JT Cooper (St Kilda)
L Cooper (Northern Districts Cricket Club)
L Cooper (Kew)
LD Cooper (Queensland)
M Cooper (Northern Territory Under-19s)
M Cooper (Australian Old Collegians, Hunter Valley, New South Wales Country, Newcastle, Newcastle Australian Old Collegians)
MR Cooper (Prince Alfred College, Adelaide)
O Cooper (Queensland Colts)
OJ Cooper (Royal New Zealand Navy)
P Cooper (Western Australia)
R Cooper (Queensland Women)
R Cooper (umpire)
R Cooper (New England)
R Cooper (Merewether)
R Cooper (Cardiff-Boolaroo)
R Cooper (Newcastle)
R Cooper (Preston)
RA Cooper (McDonald's)
RJ Cooper (Darwin)
RJ Cooper (Melbourne, Melbourne Cricket Club)
S Cooper (Central Gippsland Cricket Association)
S Cooper (umpire)
S Cooper (Western Australia Under-15s Women, Western Australia Under-18s Women)
S Cooper (West Wyalong)
SA Cooper (Australia Women, Queensland Women)
T Cooper (Western Australia Country)
T Cooper (Eastern Suburbs)
T Cooper (Northern District Third XI)
T Cooper (umpire)
TL Cooper (Adelaide University)
TL Cooper (Adelaide University)
TLW Cooper (Adelaide Strikers, Melbourne Renegades, Netherlands, Somerset, South Australia)
TM Cooper (Brisbane Heat Women, Queensland Women)
W Cooper (Northcote)
WH Cooper (Australia, Victoria)
WH Cooper (Queensland)
WO Cooper (South Australia)
WW Cooper (Prince Alfred College, Adelaide)
CS Cooray (Dandenong)
LC Cooray (North Melbourne)
N Cooray (Brighton Grammar School, Melbourne)
D Coorey (Fairfield-Liverpool Third XI)
G Coorey (Hawkesbury)
C Coote (Hawkesbury Third XI)
J Coote (scorer)
J Coote (Orange)
M Coote (Northern Districts Cricket Club)
MJ Coote (Australian Cricket Society, Northern District)
MJ Coote (Northern District)
S Coote (New South Wales Under-17s Women, New South Wales Under-19s Women)
J Copas (Illawarra)
Cope (Moss Vale)
E Cope (Albert Cricket Club)
F Cope (Bowral)
H Cope (Fremantle)
JA Cope (Australian Capital Territory, Southern New South Wales, Sydney Metropolitan)
S Cope (South Australia)
Copeland (Parramatta)
B Copeland (Northern New South Wales)
TA Copeland (Australia, New South Wales, Northamptonshire, Sydney Sixers, Sydney Thunder)
W Copeland (Fremantle)
WJ Copeland (umpire)
BW Copelin (Redlands)
B Copeman (New South Wales Country Second XI)
B Copeman (New South Wales North West Zone)
P Copeman (New South Wales North West Zone)
Copland (Parramatta)
R Copley (University)
A Copp (South Melbourne)
J Coppersmith (Sunshine Coast Under-14s)
AJ Copping (Tasmania Country)
C Copplestone (Williamstown)
E Copplestone (South, Southern Tasmania Cricket Association)
D Coppock (Sutherland)
D Coppock (St George)
GA Coppock (Collingwood, Victoria Second XI)
D Coque (Newington College)
G Corben (Gordon)
AJS Corbet (Prince Alfred College, Adelaide)
ME Corbet (Prince Alfred College, Adelaide)
RH Corbet (Prince Alfred College, Adelaide)
A Corbett (Western Australia Under-17s)
J Corbett (Central Cumberland)
J Corbett (Australian Capital Territory Under-17s)
J Corbett (Bankstown and Canterbury)
J Corbett (Cumberland)
JR Corbett (South Australia Under-17s)
TF Corbett (Victoria)
W Corbett (scorer)
A Corby (umpire)
G Corby (New South Wales Western Districts)
KW Corby (North Melbourne)
M Corby (Bathurst Women)
R Corby (North Melbourne, Williamstown)
W Corby (New South Wales Western Districts)
A Corcoran (New South Wales Country, Northern New South Wales)
AF Corcoran (Victoria)
DC Corcoran (High Wycombe)
DC Corcoran (Midland-Guildford)
K Corcoran (North Melbourne)
M Corcoran (Loganholme)
S Corcoran (Clarence River Association)
Cordeaux (Moss Vale)
Cordner (Benalla)
EP Cordner (University)
ER Cordner (Fitzroy, University)
GDP Cordner (University)
H Cordner (University)
JP Cordner (Victoria, Warwickshire)
LO Cordner (Victoria)
J Cordtz (Caulfield Grammar School)
A Core (Queensland Under-15s Women)
A Corey (Braidwood)
E Corey (Federal Capital Territory Cricket Association)
BS Coridas (Maffra)
M Corish (New South Wales Under-17s)
M Corish (Sydney Grade XI)
G Cork (Caloundra Invitation XI)
H Cork (umpire)
J Cork (Goulburn)
NH Corke (Hawthorn-East Melbourne)
T Corker (Brighton)
B Corkery (North, Tasmania Colts)
M Corkhill (Australian Capital Territory)
M Corkhill (Australian Capital Territory President's XI)
GE Corling (Australia, New South Wales)
L Corlis (Australian Capital Territory Under-17s)
D Cormack (Carlton)
GF Cormack (Victoria)
ID Cormack (umpire)
J Cormack (umpire)
J Cormack (Victoria)
J Cormack (New South Wales Under-19s)
J Cormack (Bankstown)
J Cormack (Westfield School, Sydney)
MJA Cormack (South Australia)
B Cornelius (scorer)
GV Cornelius (Lane Cove)
WJ Cornelius (Victoria)
L Corneliussen (New South Wales Women)
H Cornell (Albury)
Corner (Bowral)
Corney (Glen Innes)
BM Cornford (Northern Territory, Northern Territory Under-17s, Northern Territory Under-19s)
NF Cornford (scorer)
P Cornford (umpire)
R Cornford (Australian Cricket Board Under-19s Women)
R Cornforth (Mosman)
RGW Cornforth (Mosman, New South Wales Combined High Schools)
A Cornish (Tasmania Country)
A Cornish (Bohemians)
C Cornish (Australian Capital Territory and New South Wales Country Under-17s)
CL Cornish (umpire)
D Cornish (umpire)
E Cornish (Dubbo)
IE Cornish (Carlton)
J Cornish (Tasmania Country)
JH Cornish (Victoria Country, Victoria Country Cricket League, Western Australia Country)
K Cornish (Australian Capital Territory Under-15s Women, Australian Capital Territory Under-18s Women)
MJ Cornish (Australia Women, New South Wales Women)
R Cornish (Bohemians)
R Cornish (EW Wallington's XI)
R Corns (Sydney)
G Cornwall (umpire)
KB Cornwell (Prahran, University)
R Corps (New South Wales Combined Second Grade)
B Correy (University)
G Correy (Hawkesbury)
JL Corrick (umpire)
L Corrie (South Australia Country)
T Corrie (Tasmania Under-19s Women)
GE Corrigan (umpire)
M Corrigan (Royal Park and Brunswick)
CJ Corstorphin (Victoria)
M Corstorphin (Warragul Cricket Association)
P Corstorphin (Collingwood)
TR Cory (Queensland Colts)
M Cosentino (Halstead, New South Wales Under-19s)
B Cosgrave (Victoria)
J Cosgrave (Victoria)
M Cosgrave (Australian Capital Territory Under-16s, Australian Capital Territory Under-19s)
D Cosgrove (South Australia Junior Women)
EW Cosgrove (scorer)
J Cosgrove (Goulburn)
J Cosgrove (Gordon)
M Cosgrove (Leader United)
MJ Cosgrove (Australia, Glamorgan, Hobart Hurricanes, Leicestershire, South Australia, Sydney Sixers, Sydney Thunder, Tasmania)
MJ Cosgrove (Adelaide Northern Districts)
MJ Cosgrove (Adelaide Northern Districts)
P Cosgrove (Queensland Schools)
GJ Cosier (Australia, Queensland, South Australia, Victoria)
S Coso (Corrimal)
L Coss (Western Australia Women)
AL Cossart (umpire)
CE Cossart (Queensland)
JE Cossart (Queensland Country Colts, South Coast-West Moreton)
Cosstick (Maryborough)
CH Cosstick (Prahran, Richmond)
G Cosstick (Victoria)
S Cosstick (New South Wales, Victoria)
SD Cosstick (Prahran)
P Cossum (University)
P Cossum (Tasmania Schools)
D Costa (Victoria Women's Cricket Association President's XI)
S Costa (Matthew Flinders Anglican College)
F Costanzo (South Australian Shell Cup XI)
Costello (Goulburn)
Costello (Newcastle)
A Costello (Goulburn)
A Costello (North Geelong)
AJ Costello (Adelaide Northern Districts)
H Costello (Maryborough, Victoria Country Colts)
J Costello (Crusaders)
J Costello (Swan Richards XI)
JM Costello (Collingwood, Waverley)
M Costello (Castlemaine, Northern Districts of New South Wales)
P Costello (East Melbourne)
RE Costello (New South Wales Combined First Grade)
SD Costello (Australian Capital Territory Under-17s)
SJ Costello (Australian Capital Territory, Australian Capital Territory Under-19s)
T Costello (Carlton)
V Costello (Western Australia Country)
W Costello (Hawthorn-East Melbourne)
AJ Costelloe (Tasmania Under-17s, Tasmania Under-19s)
B Costelloe (Lindisfarne)
G Costelloe (Clarence)
RC Coster (Malvern)
D Costigan (Bairnsdale Cricket Association)
F Costigan (Northcote, University)
J Costigan (Boisdale-Briagolong, Maffra)
W Costigan (Mudgee)
DM Costin (Southern Districts)
TA Costin (Moreton Bay Club, Queensland)
Cotchett (Oxley College)
J Cotgrove (N Bergin's Tasmanian XI)
L Cotgrove (South Australia Women)
NA Cotgrove (Combined Services)
RDM Cotgrove (South, Tasmania Cricket Association, University)
MP Coton (Mosman Third XI)
Cottam (Junior Cricket Association)
Cottam (Sydney Juniors)
JT Cottam (Australia, New South Wales)
DW Cottee (Queensland Under-19s)
W Cottee (North Sydney)
Cotter (Castlemaine)
A Cotter (Australia, New South Wales)
AT Cotter (Trinity College Old Scholars)
C Cotter (Bankstown Third XI)
D Cotter (St Kilda)
DF Cotter (Victoria)
JR Cotterell
TJ Cotter-Gilles (Adelaide Southern Districts)
R Cotterill (scorer)
SJ Cotterill (Essendon)
WC Cottingham (Australian Capital Territory)
WL Cottingham (Federal Capital Territory Cricket Association)
AG Cotton (Hawthorn-Waverley)
AT Cotton (St Peter's College, Adelaide)
E Cotton (Sutherland)
EK Cotton (New South Wales)
FW Cotton (St Peter's College, Adelaide)
H Cotton (Southern Tasmania Women's Cricket Association)
HNJ Cotton (South Australia)
JC Cotton (St Peter's College, Adelaide)
M Cotton (Tasmania Under-19s)
R Cotton (Hunter Valley)
SG Cottrell (Australia Young Cricketers, Fitzroy-Doncaster, Frankston Peninsula, Prahran, Victoria Institute of Sport, Victoria Second XI, Victoria Under-17s, Victoria Under-19s, Victoria Youth)
WJ Cottrell (St Kilda)
RG Couacaud (Curtin Victoria Park)
BL Couch (Victoria Country Under-17s, Victoria Country Under-19s)
SD Couch (Warringah)
Couderoy (Narrabri)
J Cougar (Victoria)
Coughlan (Cootamundra)
Coughlan (Goulburn)
B Coughlan (umpire)
J Coughlan (North-West Tasmania Cricket Association)
K Coughlan (Western Australia Under-19s)
EK Coughlan-Ryan (Australian Capital Territory Under-18s Women)
L Coughlin (New South Wales Colts)
N Coulch (Combined Services)
D Coull (South Australia Under-16s)
C Coulsell (Ballarat)
R Coulsell (Ballarat)
G Coulsen (umpire)
CE Coulson (Western Australia)
CJ Coulson (Prahran)
CR Coulson (Australian Aboriginal Women, Queensland Under-15s Women)
G Coulson (Gippsland)
J Coulson (Gippsland)
JM Coulson (Sale)
TJ Coulson (Rockingham-Mandurah)
R Coulstock (Otago, Victoria)
R Coulston (Upper Hutt)
Coulter (Bendigo)
J Coulter (New South Wales, Sydney)
K Coulter (South Australia Country)
M Coulter (New South Wales, New South Wales Country)
RB Coulter (St Peter's College, Adelaide)
S Coulter (scorer)
T Coulter (Ivanhoe Grammar School)
V Coulter (Essendon)
NM Coulter-Nile (Australia, Delhi Daredevils, Kolkata Knight Riders, Mumbai Indians, Perth Scorchers, Western Australia)
A Coulthard (umpire)
DJ Coulthard (Queensland Under-17s)
DJMT Coulthard (South Australia)
F Coulthard (Australia Women)
G Coulthard (Australia, Victoria)
J Coulthard (Australian XI Women)
R Coulthard (Alberton Cricket Association)
R Coulthard (South Australia)
T Coulthard (South Australia)
V Coulthard (South Australia)
B Coulthart (Belmont)
D Coulthart (Belmont)
CP Coulton (Old Boys)
G Coulton (New South Wales Great Public Schools)
G Coulton (Southern Districts of New South Wales)
K Coulton (scorer)
MJ Counsel (Sydney University)
Couper (Australian Defence Force Academy)
BJ Couper
C Couper-Johnston (Essendon)
Course (Eltham College, Melbourne)
Court (Stawell)
JA Court (Australian Old Collegians, University)
JP Court (Fitzroy-Doncaster, Hawthorn-Monash University)
A Courtice (Queensland University)
BA Courtice (Queensland)
GR Courtis (Collingwood, University)
A Courtney (Lara)
A Courtney (umpire)
BH Courtney (Queensland Country Colts)
C Courtney (North Melbourne)
G Courtney (North Brisbane Under-19s)
I Courtney (St Josephs)
L Courtney (New South Wales Combined High Schools, Northern Territory Under-19s)
NCP Courtney (Tasmania)
RA Courtney (Richmond)
G Courts (Greenvale)
GL Courts (Essendon)
C Cousar (Bracken Ridge)
T Cousell (Ballarat)
Cousens (Maryborough)
Cousens (Stawell)
D Cousins (Western Australia Under-19s)
D Cousins (Western Australia Public Schools)
J Cousins (Victoria Under-19s)
K Cousins (North East Victoria Country)
K Cousins (umpire)
KJ Cousins (Western Australia Public Schools)
R Cousins (umpire)
R Cousins (umpire)
T Cousins (scorer)
H Cousland (umpire)
C Coutis (Hawkesbury Cricket Association)
Coutts (Northcote)
D Coutts (Queensland Academy of Sport)
J Coutts (Eastern Suburbs)
J Coutts (Eastern Suburbs Third XI)
M Coutts (Yallourn North)
M Coutts (Brighton District)
MJ Coutts (Frankston Peninsula)
N Couzens (Elsternwick)
BJ Couzins (Blacktown Third XI)
NJ Couzner (St Peter's College, Adelaide)
SM Couzner (St Peter's College, Adelaide)
LJ Cover (Claremont-Nedlands Second XI)
MC Coverdale (Tasmania)
N Covill (Queensland Under-17s)
A Cowan (Queensland Under-17s)
A Cowan (Western Suburbs)
A Cowan (Sydney University, Sydney University Third XI)
DI Cowan (Warnbro Swans)
DRW Cowan (Prince Alfred College, Adelaide)
EJM Cowan (Australia, British Universities, Gloucestershire, New South Wales, Nottinghamshire, Oxford University Centre of Cricketing Excellence, Scotland, Sydney Sixers, Tasmania)
FG Cowan (Prince Alfred College, Adelaide)
G Cowan (Wollongong Women)
G Cowan (Auburn)
I Cowan (Sydney Shires XI)
ID Cowan (Auburn, Macquarie University)
J Cowan (East Melbourne, Queensland)
J Cowan (Coomera Hope Island)
J Cowan (Lower North)
LT Cowan (Prince Alfred College, Adelaide)
M Cowan (Western Australia Colts)
M Cowan (Victoria Junior Women)
RA Cowan (Mackay, North Queensland Colts)
RF Cowan (South Australia)
RWT Cowan (St Peter's College, Adelaide)
M Cowdery (Guild-St Marys)
M Cowdery (Alexander Thomson)
A Cowell (New South Wales Country, Southern New South Wales, Western New South Wales)
B Cowell (Hawkesbury)
DB Cowell (St Peter's College, Adelaide)
JR Cowell (St Kilda)
JS Cowell (Eastern Goldfields Cricket Association)
M Cowell (Central Gippsland Cricket Association)
NJ Cowell (New South Wales Under-23s, Sydney University)
AR Cowen (Frankston Peninsula, Nottinghamshire Second XI)
J Cowen (Newcastle, Northern Districts of New South Wales)
J Cowen (Fremantle)
J Cowen (East Melbourne)
S Cowen (Newcastle Colts)
TC Cowen (Tasmania Under-17s)
H Cowie (umpire)
M Cowie (umpire)
RC Cowled (Collingwood)
BW Cowley
D Cowley (Gordon)
GR Cowley (scorer)
IA Cowley (Tasmania)
OW Cowley (New South Wales, Queensland)
TJ Cowley (Tasmania)
W Cowley (Goulburn)
HR Cowling
J Cowling (Prince Alfred College, Adelaide)
MJ Cowling (Traralgon and District)
N Cowling (Northern Territory Under-17s)
G Cowlishaw (Queensland)
J Cowlishaw (Queensland)
MC Cowlishaw (New South Wales)
GJ Cowmeadow (Tasmania)
Cowper (Sydney Juniors)
AD Cowper (Carlton, Richmond, South Melbourne, Victoria Institute of Sport, Victoria Under-16s, Victoria Youth)
DL Cowper (Hawthorn-East Melbourne)
DR Cowper (Victoria)
GL Cowper (New South Wales)
R Cowper (Australian Old Collegians)
RM Cowper (Australia, Marylebone Cricket Club, Victoria, Western Australia)
Cox (Bendigo)
Cox (Geelong)
Cox (Wellington)
A Cox (New South Wales Combined First Grade)
A Cox (Tasmania Under-19s Women)
A Cox (New South Wales Combined Second Grade)
A Cox (Druids)
AG Cox (Midland-Guildford)
AG Cox (Swan Valley)
AP Cox (St Peter's College, Adelaide)
AR Cox (umpire)
AT Cox (North, Northern Tasmania Cricket Association, South, Southern Tasmania Cricket Association)
B Cox (Australia Under-15s, New South Wales Country Colts)
BS Cox (Dubbo)
CCD Cox (Carlton)
CG Cox (Royal Australian Navy)
D Cox (North-West Tasmania Cricket Association, Tasmania Colts)
D Cox (New South Wales Country, Northern New South Wales)
D Cox (South Australia Under-17s Women)
D Cox (referee)
D Cox (Burwood Briars)
DE Cox (Queensland)
DSK Cox (umpire)
E Cox (South Esk)
E Cox (Sunraysia Cricket Association, Victoria Country)
E Cox (Camberwell)
FJ Cox (Richmond)
FL Cox (Federal Capital Territory Cricket Association)
GJ Cox (New South Wales Country)
GV Cox (South)
H Cox (Casino and Kyogle)
J Cox (Somerset, Tasmania)
J Cox (Tasmania)
J Cox (South Esk)
J Cox (Australian Capital Territory Second XI)
J Cox (New South Wales Schools Women)
J Cox (Hunter Valley, New South Wales Country, Newcastle)
J Cox (umpire)
J Cox (Melbourne Grammar School)
J Cox (Manly-Warringah)
J Cox (Northern Territory Under-17s, Victoria Country Under-17s)
JE Cox (Tasmania, Victoria)
JG Cox (Heyfield)
JR Cox (umpire)
L Cox (Port Melbourne)
LW Cox (umpire)
M Cox (Newcastle City and Suburban Cricket Association)
M Cox (Australian Universities)
MJ Cox (Western Australia)
MJ Cox (Camberwell Magpies, South Melbourne)
MJ Cox (Hawthorn-Monash University)
MP Cox (Hamilton-Wickham)
MP Cox (University)
N Cox (Epping)
NJ Cox (Richmond)
NJ Cox (Hallam Kalora Park)
O Cox (Manly)
OH Cox (Australian Imperial Forces)
P Cox (Geelong)
P Cox (Bradman Foundation)
P Cox (Australia Deaf)
PJ Cox (Victoria)
R Cox (Tasmania)
R Cox (umpire)
R Cox (Western Australia)
RL Cox (Sale)
S Cox (Tasmania Under-19s)
S Cox (Tasmania Under-19s)
S Cox (Ballarat)
S Cox (New South Wales South Coast and Highlands, New South Wales Southern Zone)
S Cox (Southern)
SA Cox (High Wycombe)
T Cox (Warragul Cricket Association)
T Cox (University of New South Wales)
T Cox (Western)
T Cox (Caulfield)
T Cox (Warwick Greenwood)
TA Cox (Richmond)
TB Cox (St Peter's College, Adelaide)
TD Cox (New South Wales Country)
TR Cox (North Melbourne-Geelong)
W Cox (Queensland)
W Cox (Collingwood)
A Coxon (Collingwood)
AE Coxon (Collingwood)
WW Coxon (Ballarat)
J Coy (Port Melbourne)
C Coyle (Northcote)
D Coyle (Australian Capital Territory Under-19s, Western Suburbs)
E Coyle (umpire)
F Coyle (Balmain)
J Coyle (Petersham, Sydney Central, Sydney Metropolitan Colts, Western Suburbs)
KP Coyle (St Kilda)
T Coyle (Tasmania Under-17s)
T Coyle (Sandy Bay)
TC Coyle (Tasmania)
Coyne (Stawell)
D Coyne (Australia Cricket Board Indigenous)
D Coyne (Western Australia)
NT Coyne (Moggill)
TH Coyne (Western Australia)
AL Coyte (Australia Under-19s, Campbelltown-Camden, Durham Academy, New South Wales Under-17s, New South Wales Under-19s, New South Wales Under-23s, Northern Universities, Randwick-Petersham, South Shields)
S Coyte (scorer)
SJ Coyte (New South Wales, Sydney Thunder)
SJ Coyte (Adelaide Strikers Women, Australia Women, New South Wales Women, South Australia Women, Sydney Sixers Women)
E Cozens (Manly)
J Cozens (Maryborough, Victoria)
L Crabb (South Australia Under-19s Women)
A Crabbe (Sandhurst)
T Crabtree (Royal Park and Brunswick)
G Cracknell (Richmond)
Craddock (Hawkesbury)
MM Craddock (Australia Women)
R Craddock (Queensland University)
WJ Craddock (umpire)
WK Craft (University of New South Wales Third XI)
AR Crafter (Leicestershire Second XI)
TE Cragen (Prince Alfred College, Adelaide)
WJ Craib (North)
A Craig (South Brisbane)
AB Craig (Royal Australian Air Force)
AC Craig (Footscray)
AR Craig (umpire)
C Craig (North)
C Craig (East Melbourne, University)
CJ Craig (New South Wales Cricket Association, New South Wales Second XI)
HS Craig (Dominions)
ID Craig (Australia, Free Foresters, New South Wales)
J Craig (scorer)
J Craig (Melbourne)
J Craig (Prince Alfred College, Adelaide)
M Craig (Hoppers Crossing)
MG Craig (Western Australia Country)
R Craig (Albury and Border Associations Invitation XI, North East Victoria Country)
RJ Craig (South Australia)
RJ Craig (St Kilda, University)
SAJ Craig (Victoria)
T Craig (Brisbane)
V Craig (Georges River)
V Craig (Australian Imperial Forces)
W Craig (New South Wales Southern Zone)
W Craig (Fairfield)
W Craig (Sydney)
J Craig Dobson (Sydney University Third XI)
JE Craigie (South Australia)
MK Cram (Wests Illawarra)
T Cramen (Bankstown)
S Cramp (Queensland Women)
J Crampton (New South Wales)
PG Cramsie (Burwood Briars Over-40s)
Crane (New South Wales)
Crane (Manly)
Crane (Oxley College)
B Crane (Bathurst)
C Crane (New South Wales Country)
C Crane (Scots College, Sydney Old Boys)
D Crane (Riverina)
D Crane (Keira)
DA Crane (South Australia Country, Victoria Country)
E Crane (Australian Old Collegians)
FR Crane (Queensland)
J Crane (University)
JR Crane (Queensland)
L Crane (Victoria Under-17s Women, Victoria Under-19s Women)
QW Crane (Sydney North)
R Crane (George Town)
R Crane (Australian Old Collegians)
R Crane (New South Wales Far North East Colts)
RA Crane (South Australia Under-17s)
W Crane (New South Wales Country, North Sydney, Northern New South Wales, Sydney Metropolitan, Sydney North)
W Crane (Northern District)
H Cranedonk (Darren Lehmann Cricket Academy)
D Cranitch (Queensland Under-17s, Queensland Under-19s)
APJ Cranmer (St Peter's College, Adelaide)
MRC Cranmer (South Australia)
EJ Cranney (umpire)
H Cranney (New South Wales)
MS Cranney (Manly)
MS Cranney (Manly-Warringah Third XI)
S Cranny (Geelong City)
Cranston (Stawell)
D Cranston (New South Wales South Coast and Highlands)
D Cranston (Brunswick, South Melbourne)
J Cranston (Western Suburbs)
J Cranston (Western Suburbs)
WA Cranstoun (Toombul)
Cranswick (Fancy Dans)
JM Cranswick (umpire)
G Cranwell (Footscray)
K Cranwell (South Australia Blind)
T Cranwell (Central Gippsland Cricket Association, Newborough Bulldogs)
AE Crapp (umpire)
D Crapp (Western New South Wales Under-19s)
S Crapp (Riverina Under-19s)
N Crarer (Alexander Thomson)
CR Craven
J Craven (Matthew Flinders Anglican College)
J Craven (Bell Post Hill)
Crawford (Royal Australian Artillery)
A Crawford (Waverley)
A Crawford (Northern District Present)
AW Crawford (Western Australia)
AW Crawford (Midland-Guildford)
B Crawford (Northern District)
B Crawford (New South Wales Country)
B Crawford (Northern District)
B Crawford (Northern Districts Cricket Club)
C Crawford (New South Wales Far North East Colts)
CF Crawford (Fitzroy)
D Crawford (Westbury Shamrocks)
DA Crawford (Australian Cricket Society)
GD Crawford (North-West Tasmania Cricket Association, Tasmania Country)
GF Crawford (St Kilda)
H Crawford (Hawksburn)
ID Crawford (Scotch College, Perth)
J Crawford (umpire)
J Crawford (Tamworth)
J Crawford (Melbourne, St Kilda, Victoria City Colts)
K Crawford (Victoria Country)
L Crawford (Geelong School)
LF Crawford (umpire)
LJ Crawford (Victoria Under-17s)
M Crawford (Western Australia Under-17s)
PR Crawford (Lindfield)
S Crawford (Sheffield)
T Crawford (Alberton Cricket Association)
T Crawford (Formby, Lindfield)
T Crawford (Gordon)
T Crawford (Penrith Under-17s)
WPA Crawford (Australia, New South Wales)





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