Australia Players (G)


Grainger (Goulburn)
N Grainger (Sale)
N Grainger (Collegians)
M Gramenz (Queensland Under-17s Women)
J Grande (Central Gippsland Cricket Association, Mirboo North)
DC Grandell (Northcote, Victoria Under-17s)
ER Grandison (Prahran)
TW Graney (Edmonton, New South Wales)
JI Grange (Melbourne, Melbourne Twenty-Niners, Victoria Combined Public and High Schools)
T Grange (Spotswood)
Grangel (New South Wales Junior Union)
HHE Grangel (Victoria)
C Granger (scorer)
C Granger (Lane Cove)
M Granger (Tasmania Cricket Association)
ML Granger (Australia Schools Under-16s, Metropolitan Team, Queensland Under-17s, Queensland Under-19s)
Grano (Ararat)
A Granquist (New Town)
Grant (Castlemaine)
Grant (Scotch College, Melbourne)
A Grant (umpire)
A Grant (RJ Bright's XI)
AJ Grant (Prahran, St Kilda, Victoria Second XI, Victoria Under-19s)
AJ Grant (Sydney University)
AJ Grant (Sydney University Third XI)
B Grant (Victoria)
B Grant (McKinnon)
B Grant (Carlton)
C Grant (Sunshine Coast)
C Grant (Australian Universities)
CA Grant (Melbourne University, Richmond)
CP Grant (Hawthorn-Monash University)
CS Grant (South Australia)
D Grant (Bushy Park)
D Grant (I Zingari Australia)
D Grant (St Peter's College, Adelaide)
D Grant (Australia Under-19s)
DM Grant (South Australia Under-17s, South Australia Under-19s)
J Grant (Dandenong, Western Australia)
J Grant (Victoria XI)
J Grant (Northcote)
JS Grant (Victoria Country)
JW Grant (Victoria)
KH Grant (Victoria Country)
L Grant (Manly-Warringah Third XI)
M Grant (umpire)
M Grant (Bankstown)
M Grant (Bankstown Third XI)
MD Grant (Mount Lawley)
MR Grant (Essendon, North Melbourne)
N Grant (Goulburn, Southern Districts of New South Wales)
N Grant (Bushy Park)
N Grant (Highton)
NF Grant (Queensland)
NJ Grant (umpire)
O Grant (Goulburn)
P Grant (Alberton Cricket Association)
PB Grant (North Melbourne, University)
PJ Grant (Prahran, Victoria Colts)
PT Grant (Australian Capital Territory, Australian Capital Territory Under-19s)
R Grant (Wangaratta)
R Grant (Buffalo River)
RAI Grant (Hawthorn-East Melbourne)
S Grant (New South Wales Under-16s)
S Grant (Bankstown and Canterbury)
T Grant (Crusaders)
TC Grant (Victoria)
TJ Grant (Melbourne University, University)
W Grant (Wangaratta)
W Grant (Whorouly)
W Granter (Caulfield Grammar School)
J Grantham (Footscray)
JP Grantham (Lake View)
BP Grapsas (Geelong)
C Grapsas (Geelong)
DC Grass (Australian Universities)
C Grassick (Queensland Under-16s)
K Grattan (Collegians)
D Grattan-Smith (Australian Old Collegians, Sydney University)
P Grattan-Smith (Australian Old Collegians, University of New South Wales)
D Gratton-Smith (Balmain)
NG Gravell (Prahran, South Melbourne)
SB Gravenall (North, University)
K Graves (New South Wales Colts)
KG Graves (Richmond)
WR Graves (Prince Alfred College, Adelaide)
Gray (Melbourne Cricket Club)
Gray (Junior Cricket Association)
Gray (Singleton)
Gray (Willeton)
Gray (North Melbourne)
A Gray (Western Australia Women)
A Gray (Western Australia Second XI)
A Gray (Willeton)
A Gray (South Perth)
A Gray (Hawksburn, Prahran)
A Gray (South Melbourne)
AB Gray (Melbourne University, University)
AJ Gray (Macquarie University)
AJ Gray (Toronto Workers Kookaburras)
AL Gray (Prahran, South Melbourne, Victoria Colts)
AT Gray (New South Wales)
AW Gray (Sunshine Coast)
B Gray (Victoria Country)
B Gray (New South Wales Southern Zone)
BG Gray (Newcastle City)
BP Gray (Dandenong)
C Gray (Northern Territory Women)
C Gray (New South Wales Under-15s Women)
C Gray (Gordon)
CD Gray (South Australia)
D Gray (umpire)
D Gray (Sydney Metropolitan Colts)
D Gray (Gordon)
DJ Gray (South Australia Country)
DS Gray (scorer)
DW Gray (Western Australia Country)
E Gray (South Australia Colts)
EB Gray (Footscray)
G Gray (Australians)
GN Gray (Footscray)
GT Gray (Queensland)
GW Gray (Queensland)
H Gray (Carlton)
IL Gray (Sydney University)
J Gray (umpire)
J Gray (Goulburn)
J Gray (Balmain)
J Gray (Fremantle-Mosman Park)
J Gray (North Sydney)
J Gray (University)
JP Gray (Hawthorn-Monash University)
JW Gray (umpire)
K Gray (South Australia Country)
K Gray (Western Australia Country)
K Gray (New South Wales Invitation Under-17s Women, New South Wales Schools Women, New South Wales Under-17s Women)
K Gray (Leongatha Cricket Association)
K Gray (Aberfeldie)
K Gray (Australian Capital Territory Under-19s)
K Gray (Southern)
K Gray (Bankstown Third XI)
KB Gray (Carlton)
L Gray (Pulteney Old Scholars)
MA Gray
MH Gray (Newcastle City)
MH Gray (St Kilda)
P Gray (umpire)
P Gray (Sydney University)
PC Gray (Glenorchy, North, South, Tasmania Cricket Association)
PG Gray (Bundaberg, Wide Bay)
PJ Gray (Queensland Country, Wide Bay)
R Gray (Australian Imperial Forces)
R Gray (New England)
R Gray (Australian Services)
R Gray (South Melbourne)
S Gray (Sydney University)
S Gray (South Queensland Country Colts)
S Gray (Westbury Shamrocks)
S Gray (Centrals)
S Gray (Wandearah)
S Gray (East Ballarat)
TA Gray (Sacred Heart Old Collegians)
V Gray (umpire)
V Gray (Clarence River Association)
V Gray (Northern District)
W Gray (Newcastle, Northern Districts of New South Wales)
W Gray (Maryborough, Victoria Country)
W Gray (Carlton)
W Gray (Hawthorn-East Melbourne)
W Gray (Fitzroy)
W Gray (umpire)
WE Gray (Prince Alfred College, Adelaide)
JJ Graydon (Elsternwick, St Kilda, University)
A Grayland (Crusaders)
A Graylands (Riverina Under-19s)
T Grayling (Mordialloc)
A Grayson (Illawarra, New South Wales Far North Coast)
N Grayson (New South Wales North Coast)
R Grayson (Illawarra)
S Grazotis (Alberton Cricket Association)
W Grbic (Greenvale)
WP Grbic (North Melbourne)
L Greagan (Geelong)
M Grealy (Georges River)
D Greanan (South Queensland Country Under-21s)
Greaves (Ararat)
Greaves (Ballarat)
Greaves (Brighton)
S Greaves (Mudgeeraba Nerang)
TE Greaves (Bedford Morley)
WH Greaves (Victoria)
N Greelish (umpire)
Green (Sydney)
Green (Narrandera)
Green (Leeton)
Green (Sydney Cricket Ground Trust XI)
A Green (South Australia)
A Green (Australian Juniors)
A Green (umpire)
A Green (Christ Church Grammar School, Perth)
A Green (Wollongong)
A Green (Melbourne, Richmond)
AV Green (Prahran)
B Green (Australia Under-15s, Tasmania Under-17s, Tasmania Under-19s)
B Green (North Melbourne)
BC Green (Devon, Victoria)
BD Green (Footscray Edgewater, Victoria Under-17s, Victoria Under-19s)
C Green (Western Australia Under-19s Women)
C Green (Tasmania Under-16s)
C Green (New South Wales Western Districts)
CH Green (Darling Downs, Queensland I Zingari)
CJ Green (New South Wales, Sydney Thunder)
D Green (umpire)
DC Green (Tasmania)
DTE Green (Bendigo)
DW Green (Victoria)
F Green (University)
FG Green (Bendigo)
G Green (North)
G Green (South Australia)
G Green (Southern Tasmania Junior Cricket Association)
GH Green (Carlton, Essendon)
H Green (St Peter's College, Adelaide)
HF Green (Amateur Club)
J Green (Launceston)
J Green (South Queensland Under-17s)
J Green (Newcastle)
J Green (Tasmania Under-17s, Tasmania Under-19s)
J Green (The Hutchins School, Hobart)
J Green (Victoria)
J Green (Tasmania)
J Green (Hampton)
J Green (Richmond)
JG Green (Victoria)
JL Green (Carlton, Victoria Institute of Sport, Victoria Under-17s)
K Green (Australian Transplant A, Australian Transplant B)
L Green (South West)
LA Green (Hawthorn-East Melbourne, Victoria Second XI)
LT Green (North)
M Green (North)
M Green (scorer)
M Green (South Australia Under-15s Women, South Australia Under-18s Women)
M Green (Western Australia Country)
M Green (Old Cranbrookians)
M Green (Coburg, Fitzroy)
M Green (Waverley-Dandenong)
M Green (North Suburban Community Cricket Association)
M Green (Halls Head)
N Green (Moss Vale)
N Green (Australian Universities)
NR Green (Melbourne University, Warrington)
R Green (Northern Districts of New South Wales)
R Green (North)
R Green (South Caulfield)
R Green (Cardiff-Boolaroo)
RJ Green (New South Wales)
S Green (St George)
S Green (Campbelltown, Campbelltown-Camden)
S Green (Hampton)
SK Green (Cricket Contacts Australian XI)
SW Green (North Queensland, North Queensland Colts, North Queensland Country, Queensland Country, Queensland Country Colts)
T Green (Australian Capital Territory)
TE Green (Bendigo, Limestone Cricket Club, University)
W Green (Carlton)
WB Green (umpire)
WG Green (Prince Alfred College, Adelaide)
P Greenaway (New South Wales Country North-Western)
K Greenbank (Fairfield)
DD Greene (Runaway Bay)
LJ Greene (Essendon)
M Greene (Carnegie)
R Greene (Essendon, Melbourne, Melbourne Cricket Club, University)
D Greenfield (Australian Capital Territory-Southern Districts)
C Greenhaigh (Ballarat)
R Greenhaigh (Ballarat)
S Greenhaigh (umpire)
RF Greenhill (Brisbane Colts, Queensland Colts)
JL Greenland (Northcote, Prahran, St Kilda)
AJ Greenly (Queensland)
FJ Greenough (Queensland Country, Rockhampton)
G Greenslade (Prince Alfred College, Adelaide)
SE Greenslade (Warnbro Swans)
C Greentree (Dubbo)
RJ Greentree (Western Suburbs)
TJ Greentree (Queensland Under-17s)
Greenup (Queensland I Zingari)
K Greenway (Western Suburbs)
Greenwell (Gippsland)
Greenwood (Western Districts of Victoria)
D Greenwood (New South Wales Far West)
DAE Greenwood (North Melbourne)
J Greenwood (Victoria Women)
M Greenwood (Bentley)
M Greenwood (umpire)
N Greenwood (Hampton)
S Greenwood (umpire)
W Greenwood (North)
W Greenwood (umpire)
WA Greenwood (umpire)
WA Greenwood (Essendon, Fitzroy)
R Greer (Hong Kong, Western Australia Under-19s)
R Greer (Fremantle)
T Greer (Australian Capital Territory)
Greethead (Oxley College)
Greeves (Geelong)
B Greeves (Tasmania Under-19s)
EG Greeves (Melbourne, Victoria Colts)
EJ Greeves (Kensington)
GM Gregan (Australian Capital Territory, Australian Capital Territory Under-19s)
GJ Gregerson (St Peter's College, Adelaide)
Gregg (Fremantle)
A Gregg (Dynnyrne)
DM Gregg (South Australia)
DR Gregg (umpire)
EG Gregg (Northern Suburbs)
HR Gregg (New South Wales)
N Gregg (Sydney Grammar School)
NM Gregg (New South Wales)
R Gregg (Tasmania Country)
R Gregg (Victoria Country)
W Gregg (Brunswick)
Greggs (Marshall's XI)
Gregory (umpire)
Gregory (Victoria Cricket Association Colts)
A Gregory (St Peter's College, Adelaide)
A Gregory (North Melbourne)
AH Gregory (New South Wales)
AJ Gregory (South Australia)
AJ Gregory (Sturt)
B Gregory (Auburn)
B Gregory (Fairfield-Liverpool Third XI)
CS Gregory (New South Wales)
CW Gregory (New South Wales)
DW Gregory (Australia, New South Wales)
E Gregory (Richmond)
EJ Gregory (Australia, New South Wales)
EW Gregory (Australian Club)
G Gregory (New South Wales Combined High Schools)
HA Gregory (University)
HE Gregory (Brisbane, Queensland)
IJ Gregory (New South Wales Country)
J Gregory (Cardiff-Boolaroo)
JM Gregory (Australia, New South Wales)
L Gregory (Royal Australian Air Force)
LG Gregory (London Australian XI)
M Gregory (Sandgate-Redcliffe)
ML Gregory (Queensland Under-17s)
N Gregory (New South Wales Under-18s Women)
PJ Gregory (Australian Aboriginals)
PJ Gregory (Western Australia Country)
PL Gregory (North Queensland, North Queensland Colts, Queensland Country, Queensland Country Colts)
R Gregory (St Kilda)
RG Gregory (Australia, Victoria)
SE Gregory (Australia, New South Wales)
TJ Gregory (Queensland Under-17s, Queensland Under-19s)
W Gregory (New South Wales)
W Gregory (Gordon and Northern District)
WR Gregory (Australian Imperial Forces)
WT Gregory (Hawksburn, Melbourne, Richmond)
D Gregson (North Queensland Country Under-19s)
W Gregson (A Diamond's XI)
W Gregson (umpire)
Greig (Melville)
A Greig (Melville)
A Greig (Western Australia Incogniti)
AI Greig (Queensland Under-17s, Queensland Under-19s, Saffron Walden)
AS Greig (Waverley)
B Greig (Victoria Women)
CAL Greig (St Peter's College, Adelaide)
R Greig (Victoria Under-19s Women)
R Greigg (Sunraysia Cricket Association)
R Greigg (Geelong)
DW Greinke (Queensland Country)
WJ Greinke (Ipswich and Darling Downs, Queensland Country, University)
S Grenfell (Geelong)
RV Grenville (Frankston Peninsula, North Melbourne)
V Gretton-Watson (St Kilda)
AJ Greville (Ballarat)
PJ Greville (Essendon)
RE Greville (Federal Capital Territory Cricket Association)
S Greville (Federal Capital Territory Cricket Association)
W Greville (Bathurst)
ES Grew (Queensland)
LD Grewar (Prince Alfred College, Adelaide)
G Grewcock (Lara)
G Grewcock (McKinnon)
Grey (Newington College)
A Grey (South Caulfield)
ACD Grey (A Diamond's XI)
AR Grey (St Kilda)
BE Grey (Tasmania)
GE Grey (Tasmania)
L Grey (Tasmania Under-19s Women)
W Grey (Prince Alfred College, Adelaide)
A Gribben (Dandenong)
G Gribben (Australia House)
S Gribben (St Kilda, Victoria Under-19s)
Gribble (Goulburn)
CG Gribble (Federal Capital Territory Cricket Association, Queanbeyan, Southern Districts of New South Wales, Western Suburbs)
IC Gribble (Melbourne)
K Gribble (Balmain and North Sydney)
SJ Gribble (Aberdeenshire, Camberwell Magpies, Melbourne University, Richmond)
TH Gribble (Australian Capital Territory, Federal Capital Territory Cricket Association, Southern Districts of New South Wales)
Grice (Queensland Metropolitan Colts)
RD Grice (Queensland Colts, Queensland Country, University)
Grieg (Bendigo)
R Grierson (Preston)
RH Grierson (Collingwood)
A Grieve (umpire)
RJ Grieve (Wyong)
Grieves (Bendigo)
D Grieves (New South Wales Combined Second Grade)
J Grieves (Pinjarra)
K Grieves (Williamstown)
KJ Grieves (Lancashire, New South Wales)
R Grieves (Queensland Academy of Sport, Queensland Second XI)
R Grieves (New South Wales North West Zone)
RHR Grieves (Sydney Grammar School)
Griffen (Armidale)
A Griffen (Newcastle Colts)
J Griffen (White Knights Baldivis)
Griffin (Northern Districts of Victoria)
C Griffin (Wagga Wagga)
GJ Griffin (Runaway Bay)
H Griffin (Goulburn)
J Griffin (New South Wales, New South Wales B, New South Wales Second XI, Sydney Metropolitan)
LH Griffin (New South Wales Second XI)
M Griffin (Northern Territory)
M Griffin (Westbury Shamrocks)
M Griffin (Lindfield)
P Griffin (Elsternwick)
PW Griffin (umpire)
SE Griffin (Monash Tigers, Richmond, Victoria Under-19s)
T Griffin (Gepps Cross)
A Griffith (South Launceston)
A Griffith (Melbourne Cricket Club)
AR Griffith (Leicestershire, Tasmania)
C Griffith (umpire)
CH Griffith (Albury and Border Associations)
D Griffith (Western Australia Under-17s)
DP Griffith (Australian Capital Territory, Australian Capital Territory Under-17s, Australian Capital Territory Under-19s)
G Griffith (Bradman Foundation)
GE Griffith (New South Wales Country, New South Wales Western Districts)
HB Griffith (Queensland)
L Griffith (New South Wales Women)
LC Griffith (Albury and Border Associations)
N Griffith (Combined Services)
T Griffith (Newcastle)
T Griffith (Albury)
T Griffith (Mount Clear)
Griffiths (umpire)
Griffiths (Maitland)
Griffiths (Returned Soldiers)
Griffiths (Williamstown)
A Griffiths (Sutherland)
AW Griffiths (Western Australia Colts)
C Griffiths (Queensland)
C Griffiths (Singleton)
D Griffiths (Australian Capital Territory)
D Griffiths (Australian Capital Territory Under-17s)
DG Griffiths (Midland-Guildford)
EWL Griffiths (St Kilda)
G Griffiths (New South Wales Western Districts)
GE Griffiths (New South Wales, South Australia)
J Griffiths (Swan Hill, Victoria Under-17s)
J Griffiths (Warracknabeal)
J Griffiths (Bendigo)
J Griffiths (Berrima, Bowral)
J Griffiths (Crusaders)
J Griffiths (North Melbourne)
J Griffiths (Newcastle)
JH Griffiths (Carlton)
K Griffiths (umpire)
K Griffiths (umpire)
K Griffiths (South Australia Colts)
KJ Griffiths (Swan Hill, Victoria Under-17s)
LP Griffiths (Northern Territory Under-17s, Northern Territory Under-19s, Prince Alfred College, Adelaide)
N Griffiths (Western Australia Public Schools)
P Griffiths (Alberton Cricket Association)
PE Griffiths (Collingwood, University)
S Griffiths (Tasmania Under-19s)
S Griffiths (Manly-Warringah Third XI)
SJ Griffiths (Australia Women, New South Wales Women)
T Griffiths (Newcastle)
VA Griffiths (umpire)
W Griffiths (Essendon)
W Griffiths (Macquarie University)
W Griffiths (St Peter's College, Adelaide)
WJ Griffiths (Essendon, Fitzroy, St Kilda)
Z Griffiths (Victoria Under-15s Women)
K Griffiths-Jones (Auburn, Macquarie University, Parramatta)
AFL Grigg (umpire)
E Grigg (Collingwood)
F Grigg (New South Wales Country)
HT Grigg (Western Australia)
M Grigg (Riverina)
PC Grigg (Townsville)
Y Grigg (New South Wales Combined XI Women)
B Griggs (Bentleigh)
F Griggs (Bexley)
H Griggs (Tasmania Under-19s)
H Griggs (Sandy Bay)
K Griggs (Sunshine Coast)
MA Griggs (Joondalup)
MD Griggs (Fitzroy-Doncaster)
RJ Griggs (scorer)
RV Griggs (Cairns, North Queensland, Queensland Country, Queensland Country Colts)
M Grillis (Randwick-Petersham Third XI)
B Grima (Central Gippsland Cricket Association)
P Grima (Central Gippsland Cricket Association)
J Grimble (Sydney University)
P Grimble (Sydney Metropolitan)
P Grimble (Sydney University)
RH Grime (Prahran)
R Grimmer (Hampton)
CV Grimmett (Australia, South Australia, Victoria, Wellington)
GA Grimmond (New South Wales Country, Newcastle)
JB Grimmond (St Kilda)
L Grimmond (Combined Services)
L Grimmond (Australian Defence Force)
I Grimsey (South, Southern Tasmania Cricket Association)
S Grimsey (Darwin)
A Grimshaw (Riverina)
H Grimshaw (Trafalgar)
K Grimshaw (North Queensland Under-17s)
W Grimshaw (Lithgow)
R Grimson (Western Suburbs)
DR Grimwade (South Brisbane)
SEJ Grimwade (Australia Under-19s, Prahran, Victoria Under-17s, Victoria Under-19s)
SJ Grimwade Not (Victoria Under-19s)
B Grindrod (Gentlemen of the North, Victoria)
S Grisdale (Wurruk)
G Grivas (Illawarra)
K Groat (Woorinen)
F Grobler (South Perth)
F Grobler (Perth)
SI Grocock (umpire)
Grogan (Goulburn)
ATJ Grogan (Queensland)
BJP Grogan (Queensland Under-17s, South Queensland Under-19s)
C Grogan (Yass)
DJ Grogan (Australian Schoolboys, Queensland Colts, Queensland University)
J Grogan (umpire)
W Grogan (Southern Districts of New South Wales)
A Gronn (North Melbourne)
L Gronow (Mirboo North)
S Groome (Bonbeach Tangy)
L Grose (Broken Hill)
LR Grose (St Kilda, Victoria Country)
MS Grose (Camberwell Magpies)
WRB Grose (Collingwood)
G Gross (South Australia Country)
P Gross (South Australia Women)
JW Grosser (New South Wales)
JW Grosser (Gunnedah District)
JW Grosser (Emus Colts)
P Grossman (umpire)
M Grosveld (Bundalaguah, Sale-Maffra Cricket Association)
GA Grosvenor (South Australia Country)
L Grosvenor (Western Australia Women)
T Groth (Eastern Suburbs Third XI)
TA Groth (Bollington, Eastern Suburbs, Gravesend, New South Wales Country, New South Wales Under-17s)
TU Groube (Australia, Victoria)
HH Grounds (Melbourne)
L Grounds (Young)
WT Grounds (New South Wales)
ATW Grout (Australia, Queensland)
BP Grove (South Australia)
ST Grove (Fairfield-Liverpool Third XI)
R Grover (New South Wales Great Public Schools)
AW Groves (Westbury Shamrocks)
D Groves (Ringwood)
DE Groves (South Australia)
DJ Groves (Frankston Peninsula, Victoria, Victoria Institute of Sport, Victoria Second XI)
M Groves (South Australia Under-16s)
MK Groves (North Queensland, North Queensland Under-17s, North Queensland Under-19s)
RJ Groves (South, Tasmania)
AC Growder (Malaya, Queensland Colts, Straits Settlements)
D Grozdanovski (Murgheboluc)
J Grozdanovski (Murgheboluc)
M Grozdanovski (Murgheboluc)
Grubb (Williamstown)
Grubb (Williamstown)
A Grubb (Williamstown)
AE Grubb (Williamstown)
C Grubb (Williamstown)
N Grubb (Launceston)
NR Grubb (University of Tasmania)
W Grumitt (New South Wales Colts)
BJ Grumont (Centurions Australia)
S Grunden (Essendon)
FW Grundy (umpire)
J Grundy (umpire)
T Grundy (Old Scotch)
Grut (Bathurst)
B Grygorcewicz
JE Grygorcewicz (Bedford Morley)
G-train (Caulfield Grammar School)
O Gualano
B Guan (New South Wales Country Second XI)
J Guant (Essendon)
D Guazzarotto (Ryde Hunters Hill Over-40s)
M Gubbay (Lindfield, Roseville)
G Gubbins (New South Wales Combined Second Grade)
M Gudgeon (Western New South Wales)
J Guerra (Keilor)
S Guerra (Keilor)
B Guest (Western Australia Under-17s, Western Australia Under-19s)
CEJ Guest (Australia, Victoria, Western Australia)
G Guest (Amateur Club)
GV Guest (New South Wales Cricket Association, New South Wales Great Public Schools, New South Wales Second XI, Sydney Metropolitan, Sydney Metropolitan Colts)
L Guest (Highton)
A Guild (Pennant Hills)
J Guilfoyle (Northern Districts of New South Wales)
RP Guinan (North Melbourne)
N Guinane (North Hobart)
PB Guinane (Tasmania Under-17s, Tasmania Under-19s)
Guinness (Victoria)
EP Gulbis (Hobart Hurricanes, Tasmania, Victoria)
J Gulbransen (Australian Capital Territory Under-17s Women, Australian Capital Territory Under-19s Women)
P Gulbransen (Australian Capital Territory)
M Gullan (Geelong)
Gullen (Geelong)
B Gulliver (North Queensland Country Colts)
KC Gulliver (New South Wales)
N Gulliver (umpire)
G Gum (ASCC)
S Gumley (Carlton)
WD Gumley (Queensland)
P Gummadi (Canning Districts)
A Gummer (Manly-Warringah Third XI)
LT Gun (South Australia)
C Gunawardana (North Dandenong)
CEA Gunawardana (Hawthorn-Monash University, Prahran)
DHL Gunawardana (Hawthorn-Monash University, Prahran)
Gunn (Dunkeld)
BP Gunn (Bendigo District Cricket Association)
BP Gunn (Footscray Edgewater)
MJ Gunn (umpire)
M Gunn (Combined Services)
WH Gunn (umpire)
Gunner (St Peter's College, Adelaide)
BG Gunning (South Australia Under-17s)
O Gunning (Brighton Grammar School, Melbourne)
Q Gunning (Applecross)
S Gunning (Australia Schools Under-16s, South Australia Under-17s)
EC Gunston (Victoria)
H Gunstone (Richmond, Victoria Country)
N Gunter (Traralgon Cricket Association)
MJ Gunther (Geelong)
GD Gunthorpe (Queensland)
P Gunthorpe (New South Wales Far North East Colts)
Guppy (Rockingham-Mandurah)
N Gupta (Collegians)
T Gupta (Guild-St Marys)
C Gurner (Prince Alfred College, Adelaide)
VG Gurner (Government House Victoria)
B Gurnett (Swan Hill RSL)
W Gurnett (Loddon Zone)
GC Gurr (South Australia)
Gursewak Singh (Australian Institute of Sport)
T Gurski (Queensland Country)
T Gurski (Toowoomba)
R Gurtner (umpire)
D Gusain (Heyfield)
J Gusman (Victoria Under-17s)
Guthridge (Gippsland)
T Guthridge (Mount Lawley)
WP Guthridge (Gippsland)
Guthrie (Geelong)
BD Guthrie (Gordon, New South Wales, New South Wales Second XI, Sutherland)
C Guthrie (Mosman)
D Guthrie (North Sydney)
HF Guthrie (Victoria)
JC Guthrie (St Kilda)
L Guthrie (Australia Under-19s, Western Australia Under-17s, Western Australia Under-19s)
AC Gutsche (South Australia Country, South Australia County Youth)
GT Gutsche (Australian Old Collegians, South Australia Country)
MP Gutsche (South Australia Country)
R Gutsche (South Australia Country)
T Gutsche (Australian Old Collegians)
MS Guttormsen (Queensland)
Guy (Victoria Country Women)
A Guy (scorer)
B Guy (umpire)
D Guy (Northcote)
G Guy (Footscray)
J Guy (umpire)
J Guy (New South Wales South Coast and Highlands)
JJ Guy (umpire)
JT Guy (Redlands)
RD Guy (Essendon)
RE Guy (Bayswater-Morley)
RH Guy (New South Wales)
T Guy (Bendigo)
T Guy (East Melbourne)
W Guy (Ballarat)
O Guyatt (Western Australia Country)
P Gwatking (Glenunga)
JE Gwillim (St Kilda)
JL Gwilt (South Melbourne)
CG Gwynne (St Peter's College, Adelaide)
JH Gwynne (South Australia Country)
LW Gwynne (New South Wales)
R Gyles (Australian Old Collegians Vets XI)
P Gyngell (Prahran)
E Gyngull (Australian Services)





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