Australia Players (M)


Mitchell (Newcastle Colts)
Mitchell (Orange)
Mitchell (Glen Innes)
Mitchell (Eltham College, Melbourne)
A Mitchell (Williamstown)
A Mitchell (Auburn Mintaro)
A Mitchell (Clare)
B Mitchell (New South Wales Women)
B Mitchell (Northern South Australia)
B Mitchell (South)
B Mitchell (Hawkesbury)
B Mitchell (Roseville)
B Mitchell (New South Wales Catholic Colleges)
B Mitchell (Southern)
B Mitchell (Bentley)
B Mitchell (New South Wales)
B Mitchell (Richmond, St Kilda)
B Mitchell (Australian Indigenous XI)
BG Mitchell (South Australia)
C Mitchell (umpire)
C Mitchell (Victoria Combined Public and High Schools)
C Mitchell (Royal Australian Air Force)
C Mitchell (Nevilles and Cecils)
CG Mitchell (Queensland Country)
CG Mitchell (Alberton, Gold Coast)
CJ Mitchell (Hawthorn-Waverley)
D Mitchell (New South Wales Schools)
D Mitchell (Southern Tasmania Women's Cricket Association)
D Mitchell (New South Wales Under-19s)
D Mitchell (Western Australia Under-19s, Western Australia Under-23s)
D Mitchell (Randwick, Randwick-Petersham)
D Mitchell (Sutherland)
D Mitchell (Midland-Guildford)
D Mitchell (Bankstown)
D Mitchell (Scarborough)
D Mitchell (New South Wales Cricket Association)
DJ Mitchell (Northern Territory Women)
DP Mitchell (Eastern Suburbs Third XI)
E Mitchell (Northern Border Cricket Association, Northern New South Wales)
E Mitchell (Cooma)
F Mitchell (umpire)
F Mitchell (Western Australia Women)
FJ Mitchell (Royal Australian Air Force)
G Mitchell (umpire)
H Mitchell (Ballarat)
H Mitchell (umpire)
H Mitchell (North Melbourne)
HA Mitchell (New South Wales Women)
HA Mitchell (Australia Women)
HA Mitchell (Australian Women's Cricket Council President's XI)
HA Mitchell (North Harbour Women)
I Mitchell (Northern Tasmania Women's Cricket Association)
J Mitchell (South Australia Country)
J Mitchell (Broken Hill)
J Mitchell (Northern Border Cricket Association)
J Mitchell (Royal Australian Air Force)
J Mitchell (umpire)
J Mitchell (Stanley Cricket Association)
J Mitchell (Western Suburbs)
J Mitchell (Campbelltown-Camden)
JM Mitchell (Australia Under-19s, Hawthorn-East Melbourne, Richmond, St Kilda, Victoria Under-16s, Victoria Under-19s)
JM Mitchell (Sale City)
JW Mitchell (Hawthorn, Hawthorn-Waverley, Victoria Under-16s)
L Mitchell (New South Wales North and North West)
L Mitchell (Old Mentonians)
M Mitchell (Clayton District)
M Mitchell (Hoppers Crossing)
M Mitchell (umpire)
MJ Mitchell (Essendon, University)
MR Mitchell (Footscray, Melbourne University, Victoria Under-19s)
MW Mitchell (Sale City)
MW Mitchell (Melbourne University)
N Mitchell (South Perth)
NF Mitchell (Victoria)
NF Mitchell (Ringwood)
P Mitchell (Australian Old Collegians)
R Mitchell (Victoria)
R Mitchell (Northern South Australia)
R Mitchell (Cooma)
R Mitchell (Hawkesbury)
R Mitchell (Royal Australian Air Force)
R Mitchell (Western Australia Country)
R Mitchell (Wembley Districts)
R Mitchell (Eastern Goldfields Cricket Association)
R Mitchell (North Kalgoorlie)
S Mitchell (Northern Territory, Northern Territory Under-17s, Northern Territory Under-19s)
S Mitchell (New South Wales President's XI Women)
S Mitchell (New South Wales Southern Zone)
S Mitchell (Devonport)
S Mitchell (Royal Park and Brunswick)
S Mitchell (Whitfords)
S Mitchell (Nightcliff Under-17s)
S Mitchell (Burwood Briars Over-40s)
S Mitchell (Rosedale-Kilmany)
T Mitchell (New South Wales School Teachers, Tamworth)
T Mitchell (Australia Under-19s)
T Mitchell (North Melbourne)
TJR Mitchell
W Mitchell (Victoria Country)
W Mitchell (Nepean)
WH Mitchell (umpire)
WM Mitchell (South Melbourne)
WR Mitchell (Prahran)
B Mitchelmore (New South Wales Far West, Parkes)
H Mitchelmore (umpire)
W Mitchelmore (Gippsland, Maffra)
H Mitchelson (Tasmania Under-19s Women)
SA Mitcherson (Toombul)
C Mitchley (North Melbourne)
L Mitchley (Victoria Under-15s Women)
GP Mithen (Northcote)
J Mitrevski (Sale)
T Mitsopoulos (Perth Second XI)
U Mittal (umpire)
T Mittelstadt (Cricket Australia Under-15s Women's XI)
K Mitten (umpire)
L Mitten (Southern Tablelands)
A Mitton (New South Wales Western Zone)
L Mitton (Southern Tablelands)
M Mitton (Hawthorn-East Melbourne, Northcote)
PG Mizza (University)
PG Mizza (University Second XI)
D Mizzen (North Hobart)
R Mizzi (New South Wales Metropolitan Under-17s)
DP Mock (Ringwood, Victoria)
JR Mockett (Frankston Peninsula, Victoria Under-17s, Victoria Under-19s)
JR Mockett (Victoria Country Under-19s)
R Mockett (Darwin Fourth XI)
D Modoo-Loy (Northern Territory Under-17s)
AA Moe (Upper Great Southern Cricket Association)
D Moeller (I Zingari Australia)
J Moeller (Old Cranbrookians)
HA Moerlin (Richmond)
A Moffat (Western Australia)
C Moffat (Queensland Under-19s Women)
C Moffat (Subiaco Marist)
G Moffat (Australia Deaf)
J Moffat (Queensland Schoolboys 15s)
J Moffat (Warringah)
SA Moffat (Australia Women, New South Wales Women)
TL Moffat (South Australia)
W Moffat (South Australia)
WD Moffat (Prince Alfred College, Adelaide)
AA Moffatt (Western Australia)
C Moffatt (Essendon)
C Moffatt (Essendon)
J Moffatt (Petersham)
M Moffatt (Morwell)
RJB Moffatt (St Peter's College, Adelaide)
T Moffatt (South Australia Second XI)
W Moffatt (Australian Old Collegians, Illawarra)
M Moffitt (West Tamworth)
B Mogyorosy (Doubleview-Carine)
JF Mohamed (Keysborough)
S Mohamed (Keilor)
H Mohammad (South Sydney)
Z Mohammad Hasim (umpire)
I Mohammed (Middle Park)
N Mohammed (Lindfield)
R Mohan (Royal Australian Air Force)
V Mohan (Multicultural Sports and Community Club)
S Mohideen (Fremantle)
Mohmuth (Australian Old Collegians)
DJ Mohr (St Kilda, Victoria Second XI, Victoria Sub-District Cricket Association, Waverley, Waverley-Dandenong)
GM Mohr (Riverside)
A Moir (umpire)
B Moir (umpire)
BG Moir (Victoria)
C Moir (Midland-Guildford)
CA Moir (Perth, South Perth, Western Australia Academy, Western Australia Second XI, Western Australia Under-17s)
G Moir (Hunter Valley)
GA Moir (South Melbourne)
C Moldrich (Balcatta)
H Moldrich (Western Australia Under-17s Women)
P Moldrich (Subiaco Marist, Subiaco-Floreat)
P Moldrich (Balcatta)
Mole (Dunolly)
K Mole (Bendigo)
C Moles (Fitzroy)
P Moles (North-West Tasmania Cricket Association)
M Molesworth (umpire)
P Molinari (New South Wales Under-23s, Western Australia Academy, Western Australia Second XI, Western Australia Under-17s, Western Australia Under-19s, Western Australia Under-23s)
PW Molinari (University, University of New South Wales)
PW Molinari (Fremantle Second XI)
BT Molineux (Dandenong)
D Molineux (South Australia Country)
M Molineux (Bairnsdale Cricket Association)
R Molineux (Queensland and South Australia Women)
S Molineux (Melbourne Renegades Women)
S Molineux (Australia A Women)
J Molivas (umpire)
Moller (Clare Invitation XI)
A Moller (Brinkworth-Koolunga)
AC Moller (North Queensland, North Queensland Colts, Queensland Colts, Queensland Country, Queensland Country Colts)
AS Moller (North Queensland Under-19s)
GD Moller (Queensland)
GD Moller (Queensland Under-23s)
I Moller (Brinkworth-Koolunga)
WB Moller (North Queensland)
P Molley (Hawkesbury)
PJ Mollison (Victoria Cricket Association Colts)
Molloy (Hawkesbury)
K Molloy (Collingwood, Kew)
M Molloy (New South Wales Under-15s Women, New South Wales Under-18s Women)
S Molloy (umpire)
TP Molloy (Derwent, South, Southern Tasmania Cricket Association)
E Molnar (Tasmania Under-15s Women, Tasmania Under-18s Women)
G Molnar (Tasmania Under-15s Women)
Moloney (Sydney Central)
B Moloney (Footscray)
DJ Moloney (umpire)
H Moloney (Richmond)
KS Moloney (Queensland Colts)
M Moloney (Goulburn)
S Moloney (Wembley Districts)
SK Moloney (Hobart Hurricanes Women, Tasmania Women)
J Molyneux (Victoria Women)
JC Molyneux (North Melbourne, Williamstown)
PG Molyneux (Williamstown)
A Momson (New South Wales Under-16s)
A Monaghan (umpire)
A Monaghan (Western Suburbs)
BG Monaghan (Parramatta Third XI)
D Monaghan (Australian Aboriginals)
EK Monaghan (Western Australia Women)
G Monaghan (Cumberland)
I Monaghan (Cumberland)
LA Monaghan (scorer)
M Monaghan (Royal Australian Air Force)
M Monaghan (Royal Australian Air Force)
M Monaghan (Royal Australian Air Force)
PD Monaghan (Australian Capital Territory, Brisbane Colts, North Queensland Country, Queensland Colts, Queensland Country, Wynnum-Manly)
R Monaghan (Australia Women)
B Monahan (Warragul Cricket Association)
S Monahan (Warringah)
CF Monar (North Melbourne)
PK Monar (Northcote)
CF Moncada (Valley)
Monckton (Brunswick)
Moncreif (Australian Public Schools)
Moncrieff (Perth)
A Moncrieff (Sydney)
DC Moncur (Essendon)
DR Moncur (Essendon)
C Monds (St Vincents)
RD Money (University)
T Money (Silverton)
Moneypenny (Officers of the 4th Regiment and Gentlemen Immigrants)
JE Monfries (Victoria)
P Mongan (Albury and Border Associations)
P Mongan (South Melbourne)
B Monger (umpire)
D Monger (Port Adelaide)
F Monger (Goulburn, Southern New South Wales)
I Monger (Goulburn)
J Monger (Goulburn)
L Monger (Murdoch University Melville)
P Monger (Western Australia Women)
W Mongoo (Australia Cricket Board Indigenous)
R Monie (Northern Districts of New South Wales)
S Moniz (Australian Old Collegians, Central Highlands)
S Monk (Lindfield)
I Monks (Essendon)
M Monoghan (Wollongong Women)
G Monohan (umpire)
VC Monohan (Victoria)
AN Monro (Auburn)
C Monroe (North Queensland Under-19s)
R Monson (Midland-Guildford)
AW Montague (Gepps Cross)
D Montague (Old Australia XI)
B Montant (Bairnsdale Cricket Association)
MH Monteath (St Kilda)
J Monteith (South)
A Monteleone (Subiaco Marist)
TJ Monteleone (Glamorgan Second XI, Northcote, Western Australia Academy, Western Australia Under-17s, Western Australia Under-19s, Western Australia Under-23s, Wimbledon)
TJ Monteleone (Subiaco-Floreat, Subiaco-Floreat Second XI)
W Montford (Macquarie University)
EH Montfort (Brighton)
L Montgomerie (South Australia Country)
M Montgomerie (Tasmania Under-17s Women)
Montgomery (scorer)
Montgomery (Benalla)
Montgomery (Newcastle)
BA Montgomery (Ringwood, Victoria Institute of Sport, Victoria Under-17s, Victoria Under-19s)
C Montgomery (South Australia Under-19s)
C Montgomery (North Queensland)
C Montgomery (Kensington)
J Montgomery (Gippsland)
J Montgomery (Australian Capital Territory Under-17s, Australian Capital Territory Under-19s)
J Montgomery (Newcastle)
P Montgomery (Australian Capital Territory and New South Wales Country Under-17s)
R Montgomery (Joondalup Cricket Association)
S Montgomery (Merewether)
S Monty (Queensland)
NP Mony de Kerloy (Bassendean)
AD Moo (Northern Territory, Northern Territory Under-16s, Northern Territory Under-19s)
C Moodie (Queensland)
K Moodie (New South Wales Junior Union)
W Moodie (Sutherland)
L Moodley (Metropolitan Team)
R Moodley (Middle Park)
K Moodliar (Campbelltown-Camden Third XI)
Moody (Midland-Guildford)
D Moody (University)
DJM Moody (Western Australia)
R Moody (Western Australia Institute of Sport Colts)
S Moody (Unley)
SA Moody (Northern Territory, Queensland Colts, Queensland Under-19s, South Australia Cricket Association XI, South Australia Second XI, Subiaco-Floreat)
T Moody (scorer)
TM Moody (Australia, Warwickshire, Western Australia, Worcestershire)
AV Moon (Melbourne Juniors)
GC Moon (Bundalaguah)
J Moon (New South Wales)
J Moon (St Kilda)
M Moon (Goulburn, Southern Districts of New South Wales)
R Moon (Australian Capital Territory)
T Moon (Victoria Country Cricket League Colts)
Mooney (Goulburn)
BL Mooney (Australia Women, Brisbane Heat Women, Netherlands Women, Northern Districts Women, Queensland Women, Yorkshire Women)
D Mooney (umpire)
J Mooney (West Tamworth)
M Mooney (Central Gippsland Cricket Association)
M Mooney (Churchill)
P Mooney (umpire)
D Moorcroft (Wollongong Women)
Moore (Bendigo)
Moore (Australians)
Moore (New England)
Moore (Orange)
Moore (Newcastle)
Moore (Perth)
Moore (University)
A Moore (Innis Mowbray Eagles)
A Moore (Bell Post Hill)
A Moore (Melbourne, Port Melbourne)
AD Moore (Queensland Country, South Queensland)
AE Moore (Camden)
AE Moore (Queanbeyan)
B Moore (New South Wales Great Public Schools and Associated Schools)
B Moore (Fremantle)
C Moore (Australian Capital Territory, Federal Capital Territory Cricket Association)
C Moore (umpire)
C Moore (St Peter's College, Adelaide)
C Moore (Royal Australian Air Force)
C Moore (Cheadle)
CA Moore (Fitzroy-Doncaster)
CE Moore (Ocean Ridge)
CE Moore (Joondalup Second XI)
D Moore (Bendigo)
D Moore (Northern Territory Women)
D Moore (Waverley)
D Moore (Fitzroy)
D Moore (Claremont-Nedlands)
DA Moore (Australian Capital Territory, Canberra, Southern New South Wales)
DD Moore (Victoria Sub-District Cricket Association)
DJA Moore (New South Wales)
E Moore (Fitzroy, Richmond)
F Moore (Maryborough, Victoria Country)
F Moore (South Melbourne)
FH Moore (North)
G Moore (New South Wales)
GK Moore (Valley)
GN Moore (St Kilda)
GR Moore (Frankston Peninsula)
GS Moore (New South Wales, Queensland)
H Moore (Canberra Women)
H Moore (Bendigo)
H Moore (Alberton Cricket Association)
HT Moore (South Australia)
HT Moore (umpire)
I Moore (Wynnum-Manly)
J Moore (New South Wales)
J Moore (umpire)
J Moore (Victoria Under-16s)
J Moore (Maitland)
J Moore (Alberton Cricket Association)
J Moore (Collegians)
J Moore (New South Wales Under-19s)
J Moore (Northern District)
J Moore (South Metropolitan Cricket Association)
J Moore (Sydney)
J Moore (Bedford Morley)
J Moore (East Melbourne)
J Moore (New South Wales North Coast)
John Moore (Goldfields)
Judd Moore (Goldfields)
JA Moore (Queensland Under-19s)
JA Moore (Frankston Peninsula)
JC Moore (Queensland)
JJ Moore (Queanbeyan)
JJ Moore (Carlton)
JJ Moore (Brunswick, Carlton, Fitzroy)
JR Moore (North Queensland Country, Queensland Country)
JS Moore (Frankston Peninsula)
K Moore (Tamworth)
L Moore (South Brisbane)
LD Moore (New South Wales)
M Moore (Victoria Under-17s)
M Moore (Canberra Women)
M Moore (Alberton Cricket Association)
M Moore (Australian Capital Territory, Australian Capital Territory Colts)
M Moore (umpire)
M Moore (New South Wales Country Women)
MD Moore (Prahran)
N Moore (Caulfield)
P Moore (umpire)
PG Moore (Melbourne, University, Victoria Colts)
R Moore (Australian Capital Territory, Newcastle)
R Moore (Northern Territory Women)
RG Moore (South Melbourne, University, Victoria City Colts)
RJ Moore (South Australia Country)
RJ Moore (South Melbourne)
RR Moore (Prahran)
S Moore (Combined Services, Combined Services)
S Moore (Tasmania Under-16s)
S Moore (Queensland Under-16s)
S Moore (Beaumaris)
S Moore (Midland-Guildford)
SG Moore (Merewether, New South Wales Country, Newcastle)
SJ Moore (Australian Capital Territory Women)
T Moore (The World)
T Moore (New South Wales Cricket Association)
T Moore (umpire)
T Moore (Corangamite)
T Moore (Devonport)
TM Moore (University)
VJ Moore (Royal Australian Air Force)
W Moore (Maryborough)
WH Moore (New South Wales, Western Australia)
WJ Moore (umpire)
C Moores (Broadbeach Robina)
CM Moores
P Moorhouse (Cricketers' Club of New South Wales)
P Moorhouse (New South Wales Cricketers Club Veterans)
P Morahan (Queensland Country Under-19s)
P Morahan (Queensland Under-19s)
Moran (Bendigo)
Moran (Victoria)
Moran (Wagga Wagga)
Moran (Cootamundra)
EL Moran (Melbourne, Prahran, University)
H Moran (AA Mailey's Bohemians)
IA Moran (New South Wales, Scotland, Sydney Sixers, Sydney Thunder)
J Moran (Northern Districts of New South Wales)
J Moran (Western)
J Moran (North Melbourne)
M Moran (Australian Capital Territory Under-19s)
M Moran (Campbelltown-Camden)
R Moran (umpire)
S Moran (Victoria Under-17s)
S Moran (Auburn, Georges River, Macquarie University, Petersham)
S Morawetz (Maccabi Ajax)
S Morcom (The Rest)
More (Geelong)
IW More (Essendon)
AD Morehouse (scorer)
JB Morehouse (South Melbourne, St Kilda)
C Moreland (Bell Post Hill)
Morell (Castlemaine)
JS Morell (Prahran)
S Morelli (Collegians)
D Moreton (Perth)
AJE Morey (Ballarat, Victoria)
E Morey (Ballarat)
G Morey (Australian Capital Territory)
J Morey (Ballarat)
J Morey (Doubleview-Carine)
Morgan (The Ovens)
Morgan (Wagga Wagga)
Morgan (Malvern)
AJ Morgan (umpire)
AJ Morgan (Collingwood)
B Morgan (Geelong)
BA Morgan (Queensland Under-16s, Queensland Under-17s, Valley)
CE Morgan (Victoria)
CF Morgan (Queensland)
CF Morgan (WT Evans' XI)
CJ Morgan (Melbourne University)
D Morgan (North Queensland Under-17s)
D Morgan (Gympie)
D Morgan (Yarraville)
D Morgan (Old Irwinians)
DE Morgan (South Launceston)
DJ Morgan (Geelong, Melbourne Cricket Club, St Josephs)
E Morgan (South Australia Under-17s, St Peter's College, Adelaide)
E Morgan (North Melbourne)
E Morgan (Northcote)
EG Morgan (Sturt)
F Morgan (Richmond)
G Morgan (New South Wales)
G Morgan (scorer)
G Morgan (umpire)
G Morgan (Western Australia Under-19s)
G Morgan (Joondalup)
H Morgan (Victoria Junior Women)
I Morgan (Victoria Country)
I Morgan (Wimmera Combined Zone)
I Morgan (umpire)
J Morgan (Sydney Juniors)
J Morgan (Hillston)
J Morgan (Australia Under-19s, Western Australia, Western Australia Under-17s, Western Australia Under-19s, Western Australia Under-23s)
J Morgan (Joondalup)
JB Morgan (Melbourne)
JG Morgan (New South Wales)
JL Morgan (Pembroke Old Scholars)
JL Morgan (Kensington)
JT Morgan (umpire)
L Morgan (Georges River)
M Morgan (Westfield School, Sydney)
MP Morgan (New South Wales Under-17s, Ormskirk, Sydney University)
MP Morgan (Western Suburbs)
N Morgan (Manly Waratahs)
NP Morgan (Hawthorn-East Melbourne, Hawthorn-East Melbourne)
OJ Morgan (Queensland)
P Morgan (Brisbane Colts, Eastern Suburbs, Queensland Colts)
P Morgan (New South Wales Junior Union)
R Morgan (Australia House)
R Morgan (Western Australia Under-17s)
RG Morgan (Australian Capital Territory)
RJ Morgan (Claremont-Nedlands, Claremont-Nedlands Second XI)
S Morgan (umpire)
S Morgan (Riverside)
S Morgan (Western Suburbs)
SG Morgan (Royal Automobile Club of Australia)
T Morgan (Newcastle)
T Morgan (Northern Territory Under-16s)
VG Morgan (South Brisbane)
W Morgan (Victoria Country)
W Morgan (Ballarat)
W Morgan (Bathurst)
WG Morgan (Queensland)
WM Morgan (Victoria)
WS Morgan (South Melbourne)
SR Morgans (Mosman Third XI)
J Moriaty (St Peter's College, Adelaide)
M Morison (Tamworth City United)
AC Moritz (South Australia Women)
DJ Morkunas (Adelaide University)
Morley (Ballarat)
B Morley (Newcastle, Northern Districts of New South Wales)
E Morley (Newcastle)
I Morley (Queensland Country Colts)
K Morley (Hawthorn-East Melbourne)
M Morley (Halls Head)
M Morley (Eastern Suburbs Third XI)
PF Morley (Carlton, Essendon)
PJ Morley (Victoria Country)
S Morley (South Australia Under-17s Women)
S Morone (Mornington Peninsula)
Moroney (umpire)
Moroney (Dunolly)
J Moroney (Australia, New South Wales)
R Moroney (South Australia)
SP Moroney (West Torrens)
D Morpeth (Woorinen)
BA Morphet (St Kilda)
BJ Morphett (University)
S Morphett (Hay)
T Morphett (Hawksburn)
G Morrall (umpire)
C Morrell (University)
R Morrell (Victoria Country)
T Morrell (Quinns Rocks)
TT Morrell (Western Australia Country)
Morres (Stawell)
Morres (Ararat)
TF Morres (Victoria)
NP Morrey (Prahran)
PW Morrey (Ashwood)
PW Morrey (Prahran)
T Morrice (Port Melbourne)
Morris (Bendigo)
Morris (Orange)
A Morris (University)
A Morris (Elsternwick, South Melbourne)
AC Morris (scorer)
AR Morris (Australia, New South Wales)
B Morris (South Australia Under-17s)
B Morris (South Australia Country)
B Morris (Ballarat)
B Morris (Penrith Third XI)
C Morris (umpire)
C Morris (Waroona)
CA Morris (University)
D Morris (Newcastle)
D Morris (Keilor)
E Morris (Deniliquin Women)
E Morris (Narrandera)
E Morris (South Melbourne)
FF Morris (Castlemaine, Maryborough)
G Morris (Margaret River)
GB Morris (Western Australia Country)
GG Morris (South Melbourne)
GJ Morris (North Melbourne)
J Morris (Western Australia Country)
J Morris (South)
J Morris (Gosford)
J Morris (Doutta Stars)
J Morris (Essendon)
J Morris (South Melbourne)
JH Morris (New South Wales)
JJ Morris (Hunter Valley, New South Wales Country)
JWM Morris (Melbourne)
L Morris (Victoria Women)
L Morris (Victoria Women)
LA Morris (Toombul)
LR Morris (Scarborough)
M Morris (Manly-Warringah Third XI)
MA Morris (Victoria)
NO Morris (New South Wales)
PD Morris (North Queensland Under-19s, Queensland Country Under-19s)
PJ Morris (University)
R Morris (Northern New South Wales)
R Morris (Victoria Under-15s Women, Victoria Under-17s Women, Victoria Under-18s Women)
RJ Morris (Helensburgh)
S Morris (Australia, Victoria)
S Morris (Airport West St Christophers)
S Morris (Pint Fourth XI)
SA Morris (Runaway Bay)
T Morris (Ipswich and Darling Downs)
T Morris (Australian Capital Territory, Australian Capital Territory Under-19s)
TL Morris (Melbourne, South Melbourne)
W Morris (North West Coast)
WW Morris (Queensland)
GR Morrisby (umpire)
ROG Morrisby (Tasmania)
LJ Morrisey (New South Wales Under-17s, Penrith, Stewart's Melville Royal High, Sydney University)
DJ Morrish (Eastern Downs, Toowoomba)





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