Australia Players (N)


N Nadarajah (Combined States Deaf)
J Nadelman (Maccabi Ajax)
B Naden (Australian Capital Territory Under-15s Women)
K Nadesan (Australian Capital Territory, Blacktown, Ealing, Macquarie University, Pennant Hills, Western Suburbs)
E Nadj (Victoria Under-19s Women)
M Naeem (Curtin Victoria Park)
J Nagel (South Australia Country)
LE Nagel (Australia, Victoria)
P Nagel (Chelsea)
VG Nagel (Victoria)
Nagle (Cumberland)
Nagle (Parramatta)
A Nagle (Queensland Under-17s Women, Queensland Under-18s Women)
J Nagle (Hawkesbury)
PD Nagle (Northcote)
SC Nagle (Dandenong)
T Nagle (Hawkesbury)
K Nagorcka (Australian Capital Territory Under-17s Women, Australian Capital Territory Under-19s Women)
K Nagy (North Melbourne)
M Nair (Western Australia Under-15s Women)
A Nairn (Guildford Grammar School)
H Nairn (New South Wales Mid North Coast)
HW Naismith (Collingwood, Victoria City Colts)
R Naismith (Collingwood, Kew)
WH Naismith (Collingwood)
M Nalensnyik (Australian Universities)
MJ Nalesnyik (Casey-South Melbourne, Footscray Edgewater, Melbourne University, South Melbourne)
F Nancarrow (Essendon)
W Nancarrow (Essendon)
H Nance (Ivanhoe)
N Nangrani (Australian Capital Territory Under-17s Women)
CJ Nankervis (George Town, Tasmania)
DB Nankervis (Frankston Peninsula)
T Nankervis (Western Districts of Victoria)
T Nankervis (George Town, Tasmania, Tasmania Under-17s)
E Nankivell (Rockhampton)
G Nankivell (Port Melbourne)
J Nankivell (South Australia Under-17s Women)
DP Nannes (Australia, Basnahira Cricket Dundee, Canterbury, Chennai Super Kings, Delhi Daredevils, Lions, Melbourne Renegades, Middlesex, Mountaineers, Netherlands, Nottinghamshire, Otago, Royal Challengers Bangalore, Somerset, Surrey, Sydney Thunder, Sylhet Royals, Victoria)
JA Nanopoulos (Dandenong)
S Nanoti (Western Suburbs)
A Napier (Collingwood)
GJ Napier (Northcote)
M Napier (New South Wales Country, Southern Tablelands)
R Napier (Maryborough)
R Napier (New South Wales Country)
W Napier (Australia Women, Victoria Women)
B Napper (North Queensland Country Colts)
W Napper (Clarence River)
G Narayanan (Traralgon Cricket Association)
C Narbrough (I Zingari Australia)
FA Narracott (umpire)
MJ Narracott (South Brisbane)
B Narrier (Western Australia Women)
Nash (Narrabri)
Nash (Cootamundra)
Nash (Wagga Wagga)
Nash (Fremantle)
A Nash (South Melbourne)
BP Nash (Jamaica, Kent, Queensland, West Indies)
CP Nash (Dandenong, Dandenong-Waverley, Richmond, Ringwood)
D Nash (Box Hill)
DA Nash (New South Wales)
DT Nash (Hawthorn-Monash University, Hawthorn-Waverley, Prahran)
F Nash (Australian Capital Territory)
G Nash (Altona North)
H Nash (Yass)
I Nash (Australian Capital Territory)
J Nash (Braidwood)
J Nash (umpire)
J Nash (Elsternwick)
JE Nash (South Australia)
JE Nash
JG Nash (Yass)
L Nash (Australian Capital Territory)
LA Nash (umpire)
LJ Nash (Australia, Tasmania, Victoria)
MJ Nash (North Melbourne, Richmond)
R Nash (Hamilton)
RM Nash (North)
T Nash (Western Suburbs)
R Nasir (Northern Territory, Northern Territory Under-17s, Northern Territory Under-19s)
MW Nason (Australian Capital Territory, Northern Territory)
GR Nass (South Queensland)
A Natarajan (Macquarie University)
GE Nathan (Prahran)
GG Nathan (Sydney University)
T Nathey (New South Wales Schools)
G Nati (Northern Districts of New South Wales)
LP Naughtin (Richmond)
TJ Naughtin (Richmond)
D Naughton (Lane Cove, Mosman)
H Naughton (Albury and Border Associations)
K Naughton (Crookwell)
T Naughton (Lane Cove)
R Nay (New South Wales Second XI)
K Nayager (Fitzroy-Doncaster)
J Nayle (Hawkesbury)
Naylor (Orange)
CV Naylor (Bathurst)
KR Naylor (Ringwood)
R Naylor (Queensland Women)
Z Nazir (umpire)
Neal (Joondalup)
C Neal (Belmont)
R Neal (New South Wales Country, Newcastle, Northern New South Wales)
R Neal (Belmont)
R Neal (Newcastle Cavaliers)
Neale (Parramatta)
Neale (New South Wales)
AH Neale (Northern South Australia)
C Neale (Victoria Under-15s Women)
P Neale (New South Wales Junior Union)
SA Neale (umpire)
SW Neale (East Melbourne, Scotch College, Melbourne)
T Neale (Cumberland)
V Neale (South Australia Under-15s Women)
WL Neale (Northern South Australia)
A Nealon (Parramatta)
N Nean (umpire)
W Neap (Ballarat)
WW Neap (Ballarat)
BC Neate (Footscray)
R Neate (umpire)
RJ Neate (Hawthorn-East Melbourne, Hawthorn-East Melbourne)
RF Neave (South Melbourne)
S Neave (South Australia Under-16s)
J Need (Australia Women, South Australia Women)
F Neely (Hunter River)
I Neely (Newcastle)
K Neely (Newcastle, North Sydney, University of Newcastle)
B Neems (New South Wales Under-17s Women)
JN Neeson (Queensland)
SR Neeson (Prahran, Ringwood)
P Negri (Victoria Country)
J Negro (Alcopops)
BJ Negus (South Queensland)
G Negus (Queensland Metropolitan Colts)
LJ Negus (Wide Bay)
Neil (Benalla)
G Neil (Maryborough, North Queensland)
J Neil (Victoria Under-17s Women)
J Neil (Cricketers' Club of New South Wales)
R Neil (North-West Tasmania Cricket Association)
R Neil (Maryborough)
AM Neilan (Eastern Suburbs, New South Wales Under-17s, University of New South Wales)
Neill (Joondalup)
BD Neill (South Queensland)
BJ Neill (Queensland Country)
BW Neill (Tasmania)
JB Neill (New South Wales Colts)
M Neill (St Peter's College, Adelaide)
W Neill (Bendigo, Bendigo United, Sandhurst)
S Neilsen (Western Australia Colts)
T Neilsen (Northern Territory Under-19s)
Neilson (Broken Hill)
A Neilson (Hamilton-Wickham)
E Neilson (Australian Capital Territory, Federal Capital Territory Cricket Association)
J Neilson (North Queensland)
J Neilson (Balmain)
W Neilson (umpire)
S Neinart (umpire)
SO Neinert
M Nejaim (New South Wales Country, New South Wales Western Districts)
A Neligan (Burwood Briars)
P Neller (Queensland Country Colts)
T Neller (South Queensland Country Colts)
AIG Nellor (Queensland Country Colts, Queensland Country Under-19s, South Queensland Under-19s)
Nelson (Wagga Wagga)
B Nelson (scorer)
D Nelson (New South Wales Women)
D Nelson (University)
D Nelson (Victoria)
G Nelson (Victoria)
J Nelson (Australian Capital Territory)
J Nelson (Mudgeeraba Nerang)
J Nelson (Gold Coast)
K Nelson (Western Australia Under-17s)
L Nelson (Central Gippsland Cricket Association)
M Nelson (Subiaco Marist)
P Nelson (North, Tasmania Colts)
P Nelson (Australian Cricket Society)
R Nelson (Murray-Goulburn)
R Nelson (umpire)
RA Nelson (umpire)
RM Nelson (New South Wales Institute of Sport, New South Wales Second XI, Northern District, Sydney North)
Z Nelson (Old Mentonians)
PS Nemes (Australian Capital Territory)
R Nener (Sale-Maffra Cricket Association)
Neretlis (Gosnells)
D Neretlis (Gosnells)
Nesbit (Goulburn)
J Nesbit (Deniliquin Women)
WJ Nesbit (Prince Alfred College, Adelaide)
Nesbitt (Goulburn)
AM Nesbitt (University)
E Nesbitt (umpire)
S Nesbitt (Albury and Border Associations)
T Nesbitt (Northern New South Wales)
FN Neser (Queensland Second XI, Redlands)
MG Neser (Adelaide Strikers, Brisbane Heat, Kings XI Punjab, Queensland)
MM Neser (Gold Coast Dolphins)
A Ness (Essendon)
MB Ness (South Australia)
Nettell (umpire)
C Nettell (Ballarat)
B Nettle (South Australia Country)
C Nettle (Queensland, South Melbourne)
H Nettle (Ballarat)
GLB Nettlefold (umpire)
R Nettlefold (Southern Tasmania Junior Cricket Association)
D Nettleton (umpire)
RG Nettleton (Victoria)
B Neubacher (Devonport)
GA Neubecker (Bundaberg)
T Neuman (umpire)
R Neumann (Queensland Under-16s)
PM Nevill (Melbourne Renegades, New South Wales, Sydney Sixers)
R Nevill (New South Wales Great Public Schools)
A Neville (Trinity Grammar School, Melbourne)
B Neville (Keilor)
BM Neville (Newtown and Chilwell)
BM Neville (North Melbourne)
CR Neville (Essendon, St Kilda, Victoria Second XI)
KJ Neville (Victoria)
P Neville (Bairnsdale Cricket Association)
PR Neville (Collingwood, Victoria Country)
WJ Neville (Queensland)
C New (The King's School, Parramatta)
J New (Sydney University)
P New (Riverside)
A Newall (Horsham)
L Newberry (New South Wales Far North Coast)
D Newbold (Australian Country XI)
K Newbon (Western Australia Under-19s Women)
Newbound (umpire)
L Newburn (Moss Vale)
L Newbury (Lismore)
L Newby (Northern Territory)
T Newcomb (Croydon)
A Newcombe (Gunnedah)
HCE Newcombe (New South Wales)
I Newcombe (St Peter's College, Adelaide)
J Newcombe (Southern Districts of New South Wales)
JG Newcombe (umpire)
W Newcombe (Young)
Newell (Sydney Juniors)
A Newell (Australian Capital Territory-Illawarra-Newcastle)
AL Newell (New South Wales)
B Newell (New South Wales Country)
G Newell (umpire)
J Newell (Northern New South Wales)
M Newell (South Australia Colts, South Australia Second XI)
MB Newell (Northcote)
R Newell (umpire)
R Newell (Northern New South Wales, Tamworth)
W Newell (New South Wales North West Zone)
WF Newell (Campbelltown, Manly, New South Wales Country)
F Newgreen (Williamstown)
J Newham (Northcote)
K Newham (Southern Tablelands)
N Newham (DK Carmody's XI)
T Newhouse (Australian Universities)
W Newhouse (Footscray)
W Newing (Victoria)
WJ Newing (Essendon, University)
M Newington (umpire)
A Newkirk (Kensington)
SW Newlan (Victoria Country)
P Newland (Victoria Country)
PM Newland (South Australia)
E Newlyn (New South Wales Junior Union)
Newman (Wagga Wagga)
A Newman (Mudgee)
B Newman (Illawarra, New South Wales Country, Penrith)
B Newman (Western Australia Women)
B Newman (Victoria Country)
BJ Newman (New South Wales Second XI)
CF Newman (Western Australia)
D Newman (Australia Women)
DJ Newman (Casey-South Melbourne, Dandenong, South Melbourne, Victoria Emerging Players, Victoria Second XI)
E Newman (New South Wales Second XI)
E Newman (Western Australia Women)
E Newman (New South Wales Under-15s Women, New South Wales Under-17s Women, New South Wales Under-18s Women)
E Newman (Western Australia Under-15s Women)
H Newman (Fitzroy)
HA Newman (Western Australia)
HC Newman (umpire)
I Newman (New South Wales Southern Zone)
J Newman (Mildura District)
M Newman (Keilor)
PA Newman (South Melbourne, Victoria Country Colts)
RCR Newman (Queensland)
RN Newman (Tasmania)
S Newman (Newcastle City and Suburban Cricket Association)
T Newman (umpire)
T Newman (Western Suburbs)
W Newman (New South Wales Colts)
J Newnham (Western Australia Academy, Western Australia Under-19s)
GH Newstead (Victoria)
Newton (Goulburn)
A Newton (Queensland Women)
A Newton (New South Wales Country)
AC Newton (Tasmania)
C Newton (Newcastle)
D Newton (South Australia Under-17s, South Australia Under-19s, St Peter's College, Adelaide)
D Newton (George Town)
D Newton (Roleystone Muppets)
D Newton (Old Cranbrookians)
DD Newton (Queensland Deaf)
E Newton (Mosman)
G Newton (Newcastle, Northern New South Wales)
J Newton (Southern Monaro)
J Newton (Old Cranbrookians)
K Newton (Essendon)
N Newton (New South Wales Far North Coast)
P Newton (Ringwood)
PA Newton (New South Wales)
PA Newton (Fitzroy-Doncaster, Ringwood, Victoria Colts)
RJ Newton (Essendon, Victoria North East Zone)
RJC Newton (Sydney University)
T Newton (Queensland Cricket Club President's XI)
TN Newton (Fitzroy)
TW Newton (North)
W Newton (Cardiff-Boolaroo)
WE Newton (St Kilda, Victoria Second XI)
R Ney (New South Wales Colts)
R Neyland (Beenleigh-Logan)
RJ Neyland (North Queensland Under-19s, Queensland Country Under-19s, Queensland Under-17s)
JJ Neylon (Fitzroy-Doncaster, Victoria Under-19s)
B Nguyen (East Belmont)
M Nice (Western Australia Under-16s, Western Australia Under-17s, Western Australia Under-19s)
A Nichkawde (Australian Capital Territory, Australian Capital Territory Under-17s)
GC Nichol (Carlton)
Nicholas (Bendigo)
AN Nicholas (Boisdale-Briagolong)
AS Nicholas (Australian Capital Territory, Southern Districts of New South Wales)
CJ Nicholas (Australian Capital Territory Under-15s Women, Australian Capital Territory Under-17s Women)
CT Nicholas (Australian Capital Territory)
J Nicholas (Western Australia Under-19s)
L Nicholas (Victoria Country)
P Nicholas (umpire)
Nicholls (Ballarat)
Nicholls (Tamworth)
Nicholls (Orange)
Nicholls (Stawell, Western Districts of Victoria)
Nicholls (University)
AJ Nicholls (New South Wales)
AJ Nicholls (University)
BB Nicholls (umpire)
C Nicholls (Royal Automobile Club of Australia)
CO Nicholls (New South Wales)
DJ Nicholls (Doubleview-Carine)
ID Nicholls (Amateur Club)
J Nicholls (umpire)
J Nicholls (Yorke's Peninsula)
J Nicholls (University)
J Nicholls (Australian Capital Territory Under-17s, Australian Capital Territory Under-19s)
K Nicholls (New South Wales Central Western Districts)
L Nicholls (Stratford)
M Nicholls (Collegians, Traralgon Cricket Association)
P Nicholls (umpire)
PA Nicholls (Western Australia)
PM Nicholls (Melbourne University, University)
RC Nicholls (Victoria)
S Nicholls (Sale, Sale-Maffra Cricket Association, Traralgon Cricket Association)
S Nicholls (Hay)
S Nicholls (Imlay)
SD Nicholls (Ringwood)
SR Nicholls (Casey-South Melbourne, South Melbourne)
T Nicholls (Parkes)
D Nicholos (Riverina Under-19s)
AJ Nichols (New South Wales)
BA Nichols (Bedford Morley)
BM Nichols (Geelong)
H Nichols (Fleetwood Hesketh, Middleton, Tasmania Under-17s, Tasmania Under-19s)
H Nichols (The Hutchins School, Hobart)
HE Nichols (umpire)
HG Nichols (University of New South Wales)
K Nichols (Monaro Cricket Association)
S Nichols (Tasmania Institute of Sport, Tasmania Second XI, Tasmania Under-17s, Tasmania Under-19s)
S Nichols (Tasmania Under-15s Women, Tasmania Under-18s Women)
TW Nichols (Wallsend)
W Nichols (Newcastle City)
WH Nichols (South Melbourne)
Nicholson (Ballarat)
Nicholson (Southern Tasmania Junior Cricket Association)
Nicholson (Scarborough)
AD Nicholson (Northern Territory)
AG Nicholson (umpire)
BM Nicholson
BM Nicholson (Dandenong)
BR Nicholson (umpire)
E Nicholson (South, Southern Tasmania Cricket Association)
I Nicholson (North)
J Nicholson (New South Wales Country)
J Nicholson (Sale)
KT Nicholson (Richmond)
M Nicholson (North Queensland Under-17s)
M Nicholson (Scarborough)
MJ Nicholson (Australia, New South Wales, Northamptonshire, Surrey, Western Australia)
P Nicholson (Queensland Cricket Club President's XI)
PJ Nicholson (Brisbane Colts, Northern Suburbs, Queensland Colts, Toombul, Valley)
R Nicholson (Unley)
SJ Nicholson (St Kilda)
J Nicilson (New South Wales Combined High Schools)
MAW Nickl (umpire)
E Nickless (Goldfields)
A Nicklin (Queensland Under-19s Women)
C Nickolai (Tasmania)
J Nickson (umpire)
C Nicol (Hoppers Crossing)
DW Nicol (Carlton, North Melbourne)
L Nicol (Victoria Country Colts)
MJ Nicol (Queensland Under-19s)
R Nicol (Wangaratta)
W Nicol (Wangaratta)
JI Nicoll (Australian Capital Territory, Australian Capital Territory Development XI, Australian Capital Territory Under-19s)
P Nicoll (Victoria Country)
C Nicols (umpire)
J Nicolson (Gippsland)
JNW Nicolson (Tasmania)
W Nicolson (Pennant Hills)
A Nicosia (umpire)
R Niehuus (South Australia Colts)
RD Niehuus (South Australia)
HL Nield (Essendon)
C Nielsen (Trafalgar)
G Nielsen (umpire)
HJ Nielsen (South Australia Under-17s, South Australia Under-19s, South Australia Under-23s)
J Nielsen (Northern Territory)
JC Nielsen (Queensland Colts, Queensland Under-17s, Queensland Under-19s)
JC Nielsen (Sunshine Coast)
L Nielsen (Northern Territory Under-17s)
TJ Nielsen (South Australia)
B Nielson (Central Gippsland Cricket Association)
C Nielson (Australian Capital Territory Under-17s)
K Nielson (Victoria Women)
T Nielson (Northern Territory Under-16s)
BJ Niemann (Prahran, St Kilda)
RT Nieuwenhuizen (South Queensland Under-17s, South Queensland Under-19s)
A Nightingale (North)
DG Nihill (Richmond)
S Nikitaras (New South Wales, Western Australia)
K Nikolai (Tasmania)
A Nikolajew (Collegians)
RH Nimmo (Federal Capital Territory Cricket Association)
RH Nimmo (Hawthorn-East Melbourne)
C Nind (Richmond River Colts)
R Nind (New South Wales Far North Coast)
C Ninnes (Surrey Women)
J Ninness (Toronto Workers Kookaburras)
G Ninnis (Collingwood)
P Nippress (umpire)
JA Nish (Federal Capital Territory Cricket Association)
RWG Nish (Federal Capital Territory Cricket Association)
DA Nissen (South Queensland)
K Nissen (Cheadle Hulme)
C Nitschke (Prince Alfred College, Adelaide)
D Nitschke (Stanley Cricket Association)
D Nitschke (Toowoomba)
G Nitschke (Stanley Cricket Association)
HC Nitschke (Australia, South Australia)
S Nitschke (Australia Women, South Australia Women)
S Nitz (South Queensland Colts, South Queensland Under-21s)
D Niu (New South Wales Under-16s, New South Wales Under-19s)
C Niven (Ballarat)
P Niven (North Queensland Colts)
WV Niven (Brisbane Colts, Queensland Colts)
EL Nix (Australian Capital Territory, Canberra)
T Nix (Newcastle)
Nixon (Subiaco-Floreat)
Nixon (Bathurst)
Nixon (Riverina)
B Nixon (Goulburn)
PS Nixon (Prahran, St Kilda, Victoria City Colts)
B Noack (South Australia Women)
I Noack (Victoria Women)
JC Noack (Gawler)
MG Noack (New South Wales Country, Riverina)
M Noak (New South Wales Southern Zone)
H Noakes (Prahran)
AJ Noall (South Melbourne)
Nobbs (Cumberland)
Nobbs (Parramatta)
MP Nobes (Alton, South Australia Under-17s, South Australia Under-19s)
PC Nobes (South Australia, Victoria)
Noble (Wellington)
Noble (Cooma)
E Noble (St Kilda)
EG Noble (New South Wales)
JA Noble (Queensland Colts)
L Noble (M Peden's XI)
L Noble (Northcote)
MA Noble (Australia, New South Wales)
R Noble (New South Wales Great Public Schools)
R Noble (Melbourne, St Kilda, University)
SG Noble (Boisdale-Briagolong, Sale-Maffra Cricket Association)
T Noble (Australian Capital Territory Under-15s Women, Australian Capital Territory Under-18s Women, New South Wales Under-18s Women)
W Noble (New South Wales Country)
G Noblet (Australia, South Australia)
RW Noblet (South Australia XI)
N Noblett (scorer)
A Nock (Australian Capital Territory Under-17s Women)
J Nock (Queensland Metropolitan Colts)
CW Nodrum (East Melbourne)
B Noe (Queensland Under-15s Women)
CAB Noel (Toowoomba)
J Noel (South Australia)
C Noetker (Wimmera Combined Zone)
A Noffke (scorer)
AA Noffke (Australia, Durham, Gloucestershire, Middlesex, Queensland, Royal Challengers Bangalore, Western Australia, Worcestershire)
RC Noffke (Bundaberg, South Queensland Colts)
T Noffke (South Queensland Colts)
SJ Nogajski (umpire)
Nolan (Holbrook)
C Nolan (Benalla)
FE Nolan (Queensland)
G Nolan (Central Highlands)
J Nolan (Riverina and Murrumbidgee)
L Nolan (Leeton)
MM Nolan (Alberton)
P Nolan (Australian Transplant A, Australian Transplant B)
R Nolan (umpire)
T Nolan (St Josephs)
CTA Nolder (umpire)
C Nolte (Victoria Under-15s Women, Victoria Under-18s Women)
AR Noltenius (Prince Alfred College, Adelaide)
W Nona (Western Australia)
DF Noonan (Victoria)
DJ Noonan (New South Wales)
J Noonan (North Queensland)
J Noonan (Trafalgar)
JM Noonan (George Town)
M Noonan (South Australia Country)
P Noonan (Swan Hill)
PT Noonan (Fitzroy, North Melbourne)
M Nordstrom (South Australia Colts)
NJ Nordstrom (Runaway Bay)
W Nordsvan (Australian Capital Territory)
WR Norland (Northern New South Wales)
Norman (Singleton)
Norman (Kyneton)
A Norman (Warringah)
F Norman (South)
HRC Norman (New South Wales)
MJ Norman (Tasmania)
N Norman (Bairnsdale Cricket Association)
P Norman (Ballarat)
R Norman (Northern Districts of New South Wales)
W Norman (South Australia)
W Norman (Western Australia)
RC Normand (University)
WS Normand (Collingwood, University, Victoria Colts, Victoria Second XI)
M Norquay (Innis Mowbray Eagles)
T Norquay (Victoria Women)
Norrie (Hunter River)
J Norrie (Australian Capital Territory)
K Norrie (Australian Capital Territory)
Norris (Queensland)
FK Norris (Melbourne Grammar School, University)
G Norris (South Australia Country)
J Norris (Goulburn, New South Wales Country)
J Norris (Illawarra, Southern New South Wales)
KG Norris (Australian Capital Territory, Victoria Country)
MD Norris (Queensland Under-16s)
RJ Norris
RJ Norris (Williamstown)
T Norris (Illawarra)
I Norrish (Western Suburbs)
North (scorer)
North (Bayswater-Morley)
AW North (North)
FD North (Western Australia)
G North (Victoria Under-15s Women)
M North (Bayswater-Morley)
MJ North (Australia, Derbyshire, Durham, Durham Cricket Board, Glamorgan, Gloucestershire, Hampshire, Lancashire, Perth Scorchers, Sydney Sixers, Western Australia)
P North (scorer)
W North (Sydney West)
JP Northe (Victoria Country)
D Northey (Australia Blind)
J Northfield (umpire)
A Northridge (Sutherland)
AO Northridge (Georges River)
CA Norton (Northcote)
FA Norton (Prince Alfred College, Adelaide)
G Norton (Sunraysia Poms)
H Norton (Queensland Under-16s)
J Norton (Melbourne University)
JS Norton (New South Wales Colts, Returned Servicemen)
MS Norup (Worcestershire Women)
B Nosworthy (Goulburn)
H Nosworthy (Goulburn)
L Nosworthy (Tasmania Under-17s)
N Nosworthy (Bexley, Goulburn)
T Nosworthy (Bendigo)
W Nosworthy (Goulburn)
PL Notaris (Richmond)
OE Nothling (Australia, New South Wales, Queensland)
BPJ Nott (Australian Old Collegians, New South Wales Country, University of New South Wales)
C Nott (Richmond)
H Nott (Sydney University)
HC Nott (St Peter's College, Adelaide)
P Nott (Cootamundra Wattles Invitation XI)
R Nott (Melbourne)
D Notte (Swan Valley)
M Notte (Swan Valley)
GA Nottle (Aberdeenshire, Fremantle, Perth, Upper Great Southern Cricket Association, Western Australia Colts, Western Australia Country, Western Australia Second XI)
S Nottle (Yorke's Peninsula)
SM Nottle (Northern Suburbs, Queensland Academy of Sport, Queensland Under-23s, Uddingston, Voorburg)
SS Nottle (South Australia Under-17s, South Australia Under-19s)
P Novacevski (Fairfield-Liverpool)
JC Novak (umpire, scorer)
S Novak (Western Australia Under-16s)
J Nowicki (scorer)
S Nowlan (Warehouse Reps)
J Nowland (Newcastle)
JW Nowland (North Melbourne)
S Noy (Woodville Rechabites)
J Noyce (Alcopops)
L Noye (Tasmania Cricket Association)
AWF Noyes (Victoria)
HD Noyes (Queensland)
TP Nugent (North Queensland Colts, Queensland Country Colts)
A Nugter (Ipswich Pioneers)
Nuller (Australian Services)
N Nulty (Helensvale Pacific Pines)
H Numa (Carlton)
HL Numa (Victoria)
M Nunan (South Australia Country)
A Nunn (Geelong School)
AH Nunn (Williamstown)
AP Nunn (Fremantle-Mosman Park)
BA Nunn (Essendon, Footscray, North Melbourne-Geelong)
HA Nunn (Essendon)
J Nunn (Victoria Country)
JL Nunn (Essendon)
T Nunn (New South Wales)
T Nunn (Victoria Under-17s)
T Nunn (Williamstown)
T Nunn (Newtown and Chilwell)
CKL Nupier (Balgownie, Blacktown, Campbelltown, Campbelltown-Camden, Dapto, Essex, Essex Second XI, Hornchurch, Illawarra, New South Wales Second XI, New South Wales Under-17s, New South Wales Under-19s, Northern Districts Cricket Club, Westcliff-on-Sea)
H Nurse (Western Australia)
HS Nurse (Melbourne)
RS Nurse (Hawthorn-East Melbourne)
C Nutt (Epping)
RN Nutt (New South Wales)
CR Nuttall (Essendon, Footscray)
PJ Nuttall (Western Australia Country)
R Nuttall (Victoria Country)
S Nuttall (Balcatta)
GK Nutting (George Town)
MR Nutting (Northern Tasmania Cricket Association, South Launceston, Tasmania Colts, Tasmania Second XI)
MG Nyary (Prahran)
AJ Nye (Queensland)
DH Nye (Queensland Under-17s)
MP Nye (Payneham)
M Nyhus (Aberfeldie, Keilor)
MJ Nyhus (South Melbourne)
A Nylander (Ballarat)
W Nyman (Carlton, Collingwood, North Melbourne)





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