Australia Players (T)


R Tory (New South Wales Combined Second Grade)
WF Tory (Corangamite, Geelong, Victoria Country)
N Tosh (Ballarat)
GW Toshach (South Queensland Colts)
K Toshach (Queensland Women)
ERH Toshack (Australia, New South Wales)
J Toshack (Northern New South Wales)
AP Tosolini (Macquarie University)
PA Tossol (North East Victoria, Victoria Country)
L Tourtoulas (Sale City)
Tousili (Fancy Dans)
P Tout (Australian Old Collegians, Sydney West, University of New South Wales)
ER Tovey (Auckland, Queensland)
ZJ Tovey (Western Australia Under-15s Women)
C Towells (New South Wales North Coast)
C Towers (Western Australia Women)
LJC Towers (Western Australia)
TB Towers (New South Wales Country, Newcastle, Northern New South Wales)
Towner (Launceston Club)
Towner (Launceston)
T Towner (North)
M Towney (Australian Capital Territory)
Townley (New South Wales Junior XI)
AD Townley (Tasmania Colts)
AG Townley (South)
D Townley (Tasmania Cricket Association, Tasmania Under-19s)
RC Townley (Tasmania)
Z Towns (Riverside, Tasmania Under-17s, Tasmania Under-19s)
Townsend (umpire)
Townsend (Castlemaine)
Townsend (Gosnells)
A Townsend (Kensington)
B Townsend (Australian Capital Territory Under-19s)
B Townsend (Prince Alfred College, Adelaide)
D Townsend (Petersham)
FJ Townsend (Melbourne Cricket Club)
G Townsend (Waverley)
H Townsend (Australian Capital Territory)
J Townsend (Moss Vale)
J Townsend (Matthew Flinders Anglican College)
L Townsend (New South Wales Country)
L Townsend (Griffith)
LH Townsend (umpire)
M Townsend (New South Wales Schools Women)
NE Townsend (umpire)
RJB Townsend (South Australia)
S Townsend (Victoria Under-17s Women)
WJ Townsend (Queensland)
G Townshend (North West Coast)
JR Townson (Toowoomba)
P Towzell (Sydney University)
JI Toyer (Sydney University)
Tozer (Ballarat)
C Tozer (St George)
C Tozer (Monaro Cricket Association)
CJ Tozer (New South Wales)
GB Tozer (Victoria)
RF Tozer (St George, Sydney, Sydney Metropolitan, Sydney Metropolitan Colts)
RM Tozer (Broken Hill, New South Wales Country, Queensland Colts)
WG Tozer (North-West Tasmania Cricket Association, Tasmania Colts)
W Tracy (Newcastle, Northern Districts of New South Wales)
JM Traeger (Brighton)
T Trail (Queanbeyan)
CS Traill (Newcastle, Northern New South Wales)
M Traill (New South Wales Country, Newcastle Colts)
F Train (umpire)
B Tran (John Forrest Secondary College and Belfield Senior High School)
J Tranor (umpire)
A Tranter (Emus)
E Trapp (East Melbourne)
VB Trapp (Victoria)
J Trappel (Newcastle)
M Trappel (New South Wales Under-17s)
W Trappell (Newcastle and Hunter Valley)
CT Trask (Queensland, Wynnum-Manly)
JL Travaglia (High Wycombe, High Wycombe Second XI, Oakleigh, Victoria Institute of Sport, Victoria Under-19s)
J Travaris (umpire)
Travers (South Australia)
A Travers (Daylesford)
B Travers (AA Mailey's Bohemians)
JPF Travers (Australia, South Australia)
R Travers (New South Wales Country, Southern Districts of New South Wales, Southern New South Wales)
S Travers (Glen Innes)
W Travers (umpire)
RN Traves (Queensland)
M Travica (Gosford)
J Trayner (South Australia)
E Traynor (umpire)
K Traynor (Australian Capital Territory)
D Treacy (Australia Prime Minister's XI)
Treadaway (South Melbourne)
A Treanor (Tasmania Under-17s, Tasmania Under-19s)
JC Treanor (New South Wales)
R Treanor (Swan and Helena Districts Cricket Association)
Treasure (Orange)
CG Treasure (Clare County)
T Trebble (Manly)
AJ Trebilcock (Tasmania)
JH Trebilcock (South)
S Trebilcock (Victoria Country)
A Treble (Australian Defence Force)
Trebley (Holbrook)
Tredan (Ararat)
J Tredrea (Australia Women, Victoria Women)
SA Tredrea (Australia Women, Victoria Women)
J Treeloan (scorer)
J Treffery (North)
SL Tregenza (Sacred Heart Old Collegians)
JL Tregloan (scorer)
J Tregoning (South Australia)
C Treharne (New South Wales Combined High Schools)
E Treharne (umpire)
A Trelevan (Illawarra)
Treloar (Gippsland)
BC Treloar (Auburn)
D Treloar (South Australia Country)
IM Treloar (Geelong)
MD Treloar (Auburn, Macquarie University)
SF Treloar (Sale)
ZH Treloar (Unley)
CP Tremain (New South Wales, Northern Districts, Sydney Thunder)
TJ Trembath (Victoria)
R Trenaman (New South Wales Under-15s Women)
Trend (Ballarat)
H Trend (Albury)
E Trenerry (New South Wales)
WL Trenerry (New South Wales)
B Tresize (Victoria Country)
R Tress (Amateur Club)
T Tress (Bathurst)
P Trethewey (I Zingari Australia)
PG Trethewey (Queensland, South Australia)
H Trethewy (New South Wales Under-15s Women)
E Trethewyn (Riverina)
Trethowan (Ballarat)
J Trethowan (Ballarat)
M Trethowan (Bundalaguah, Collegians)
W Trethowan (Ballarat)
D Treuer (Fairfield-Liverpool, Southern Districts)
DL Treumer (Denmark)
Trevarrow (Broken Hill)
C Trevarthen (umpire)
F Trevarthen (scorer)
S Trevarthen (umpire)
MA Trevaskis (South Australia Women)
T Trevathan (Queensland Women)
Treven (Stawell)
GP Trevena (Bankstown, New South Wales Under-17s)
H Trevenen (Western Australia Colts)
KJ Trevenen (Rockingham-Mandurah)
R Trevenen (Rockingham-Mandurah)
J Trevisi (Leongatha Cricket Association)
D Trevor (Lindfield)
LHT Trevorrow (umpire)
A Trewartha (Manly)
J Trewartha (Bendigo)
R Trewartha (Manly-Warringah)
E Treweek (Junee and District Women)
G Treweek (Clarence, South)
KJ Treweek (New Town, Tasmania Colts)
M Treweek (Junee and District Women)
R Treweek (scorer)
V Treweek (Junee and District Women, Leeton Women)
B Trewin (Victoria Country)
G Trewin (Victoria Country, Victoria Country Cricket League North East, Victoria North East Zone)
P Trewin (North Eastern District of Victoria, Wangaratta)
T Trewin (Victoria Country Colts, Wangaratta)
Trezise (Ballarat)
E Trezise (Ballarat)
P Trezise (umpire)
GE Tribe (Australia, Northamptonshire, The Rest, Victoria)
Trickett (Sydney Juniors)
DC Trickey (Victoria Under-19s)
J Trickey (Warringah)
AS Triffitt (Tasmania)
J Triffitt (Tasmania Women)
TIF Triffitt (Hobart Hurricanes, Perth Scorchers, Tasmania, Western Australia)
DC Trigg (Gosford)
V Trigge (Bendigo)
GS Trimble (Australia, Queensland)
J Trimble (Lara)
K Trimble (New South Wales Far North Coast)
SC Trimble (Queensland)
F Trimboli (Adelaide Rockets)
J Trimboli (Adelaide Rockets)
C Trindall (Queensland)
CA Trindall (New South Wales Country)
A Tringrove (Southern Tasmania Cricket Association)
J Tringrove (Tasmania)
F Trinh (New South Wales Under-15s Women)
SP Trinick (Sunraysia Aussies, Victoria Country)
J Trinnick (Victoria)
J Tripp (Palm Beach Currumbin)
GL Triscari (Western Australia Women)
M Trisley (Australian Old Collegians)
P Trisley (umpire)
GD Trivett (Valley)
B Troke (Charlestown)
HS Trollip (New South Wales Women, Northern Districts Women)
R Trollope (Illawarra)
A Trompf (Coolgardie)
W Trompf (Coolgardie)
T Tronson (Broadbeach Robina)
J Trood (Australian Services)
R Troon (Trinity Grammar School, Melbourne)
B Troops (scorer)
D Trotman (Leongatha Cricket Association)
Trott (Broken Hill)
AE Trott (Australia, England, Hawke's Bay, London County, Marylebone Cricket Club, Middlesex, South, The Rest, Victoria)
GHS Trott (Australia, Victoria)
HL Trott (umpire)
L Trott (umpire)
R Trott (North Queensland Colts)
C Trotter (Lara)
N Trout (South Australia Under-16s)
DF Trowse (South Australia)
Troy (Wagga Wagga)
M Troy (North Geelong)
MJ Troy (umpire)
B Trudgett (New South Wales Deaf)
GS Trueman (New South Wales)
G True-Penter (Western Australia Under-17s)
SJ Truloff (Ashby Hastings, Australia Under-19s, Queensland Academy of Sport, Queensland Under-17s, Queensland Under-19s, Queensland Under-23s, Western Suburbs)
FG Truman (Victoria)
H Trumble (Australia, Victoria)
HC Trumble (Melbourne University)
JW Trumble (Australia, Victoria)
STP Trumble (Australian Universities)
BP Trummel (Newcastle)
CEL Trumper (Sydney Grammar School)
V Trumper (New South Wales)
VT Trumper (Australia, New South Wales)
F Truscott (South Australia Women, Western Australia Women)
G Truscott (Wimmera Combined Zone)
WJ Truscott (Western Australia)
G Truter (Kingsville Baptists)
B Tryde (Australia Under-25s Women)
I Tsakiris (Australia Women, South Australia Women)
E Tsikleas (Queensland Women)
B Tsitas (Grovedale)
K Tsonis (Royal Park and Brunswick)
Tubb (Newcastle)
A Tubb (New Town)
M Tubb (Hoppers Crossing)
SB Tubb (South Australia, Tasmania)
Tubbs (I Zingari Australia)
JJ Tuccia (New South Wales Under-17s, Sandford, Sutherland, Sydney South-East)
Tuck (The Ovens)
GF Tuck (South Australia Country)
AE Tucker (New South Wales)
AR Tucker (Western Australia Country)
D Tucker (Western Australia)
DC Tucker (New South Wales)
F Tucker (Victoria)
G Tucker (Warringah)
G Tucker (Manly)
K Tucker (New South Wales Women)
L Tucker (Campbelltown)
M Tucker (Kensington)
M Tucker (South Australia Under-15s Women, South Australia Under-17s Women, South Australia Under-18s Women)
R Tucker (scorer)
R Tucker (Victoria Women)
RJ Tucker (Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Tasmania)
W Tucker (Northern Districts of New South Wales)
E Tuckerman (New South Wales Country)
F Tuckerman (Hawkesbury)
N Tuckerman (Manly-Warringah)
S Tuckett (umpire)
G Tuckwell (Australian Capital Territory, Canberra, Wanderers)
N Tuckwell (Australian Capital Territory)
S Tuckwell (Australian Capital Territory)
D Tuddenham (Corangamite, Victoria Country)
MG Tudehope (Western Suburbs)
C Tudich (Adelaide University)
A Tudor (Westbury Shamrocks)
B Tudor (Melbourne Grammar School)
C Tudor (Sale-Maffra Cricket Association)
EJ Tudor (South)
P Tudor (Doutta Stars)
TM Tudor (Bundalaguah, Sale-Maffra Cricket Association)
D Tueon (Tasmania Under-17s, Tasmania Under-19s)
BG Tugwell (Sydney University)
W Tugwell (The King's School, Parramatta Junior XI)
K Tuite (New South Wales Under-16s, New South Wales Under-19s, Sutherland)
R Tulich (Launceston)
W Tulip (Dynnyrne)
Tullah (Ararat)
G Tullah (Ararat)
C Tulley (Victoria Country Colts)
DP Tulloch (Bassendean)
J Tulloch (Bassendean)
A Tulloh (Hamilton)
C Tully (Melbourne Grammar School)
CA Tully (Victoria Country)
J Tully (Illawarra)
RJ Tully (Western Suburbs)
Z Tully (South Australia Under-19s Women)
LR Tumilty (Tasmania)
RP Tumilty (North)
W Tunbridge (Victoria Combined Public and High Schools)
W Tunks (New South Wales)
P Tunnah (Queensland Under-16s)
J Tunney (Young)
GW Tupper (Victoria Country)
S Turale (Wynyard)
CG Turich (Queensland Colts)
MGD Turich (North Queensland, North Queensland Under-19s, Queensland Academy of Sport, Queensland Colts, Queensland Under-17s, Queensland Under-19s, Queensland Under-23s, Redlands)
PGD Turich (North Queensland Under-17s, North Queensland Under-19s, Queensland Under-16s)
K Turk (scorer)
B Turkich (Western Australia Country)
Turnbull (Goulburn)
Turnbull (Albury)
AP Turnbull (Victoria)
F Turnbull (Hawkesbury)
JA Turnbull (umpire)
JP Turnbull (Adelaide University)
R Turnbull (South Queensland)
W Turnbull (Glebe)
W Turnbull (Shoalhaven)
W Turnbull (St George, Sydney Metropolitan Colts)
R Turnely (Australian Defence Force)
Turner (Richmond)
Turner (Ballarat)
Turner (Goulburn)
Turner (Newcastle)
Turner (17th Regiment, The Garrison)
A Turner (Australia, New South Wales)
A Turner (umpire)
A Turner (Canberra)
A Turner (umpire)
AJ Turner (Perth Scorchers, Western Australia)
AL Turner (Innis Mowbray Eagles)
B Turner (Metropolitan Team, Queensland Academy of Sport, Queensland Under-17s)
BC Turner (umpire)
BL Turner (umpire)
C Turner (Gunning)
C Turner (Western Suburbs)
C Turner (Sunshine United)
CTB Turner (Australia, New South Wales)
D Turner (Central Gippsland Cricket Association)
D Turner (Mirboo North)
DA Turner (New South Wales, Queensland)
DR Turner
E Turner (Victoria)
E Turner (New South Wales Under-19s Women)
F Turner (umpire)
G Turner (Ocean Ridge)
G Turner (Yarraville)
GE Turner (Victoria Institute of Sport, Victoria Under-17s, Victoria Under-19s)
GL Turner (Murray-Goulburn, Victoria Country)
GO Turner (Queensland)
HW Turner (Victoria)
J Turner (Queensland Under-17s)
J Turner (Victoria Country)
J Turner (Royal Australian Air Force)
J Turner (St George)
J Turner (Western Suburbs)
J Turner (Northern Suburbs)
J Turner (University)
JB Turner (Victoria)
JM Turner (Eastern Suburbs)
JM Turner (New South Wales)
K Turner (Claremont-Cottesloe)
L Turner (Bradman XI)
L Turner (Manifold Heights)
M Turner (Queensland Under-19s)
M Turner (St George)
N Turner (Victoria Country)
R Turner (umpire)
R Turner (Victoria Colts)
R Turner (Victoria Country)
R Turner (Australian Old Collegians, Northern Districts of New South Wales, Sydney Metropolitan)
R Turner (Northern District)
RL Turner (Bathurst)
S Turner (Western Australia Colts)
T Turner (South Australia, Victoria)
T Turner (Dynnyrne)
ZE Turner (Queensland Under-17s)
A Turrell (New South Wales Colts)
A Turrell (Parramatta, Urmston)
S Turrell (Bathurst)
Turton (Gippsland)
N Turton (New South Wales North and North West)
W Turton (Yass)
L Tuson (Tasmania Under-15s Women, Tasmania Under-18s Women)
D Tutt (Gosford)
RT Tuttle (Victoria)
ER Tweeddale (New South Wales)
J Twemlow (Canberra Women)
PW Twible (Queensland)
Twigg (Bendigo)
E Twining (Australia Women, New South Wales Women)
GA Twining (Parramatta, Western Suburbs)
RR Twist (Mackay)
Twomey (Clare Invitation XI)
GM Twomey (Western Australia Country)
Twopenny (New South Wales)
RN Twopeny (St Peter's College, Adelaide)
AJ Tye (Sydney Thunder, Western Australia)
D Tye (Australian Capital Territory, Australian Capital Territory, Australian Capital Territory Under-17s)
KP Tye (Riverina)
D Tyelbw (Australian Capital Territory)
B Tyler (Sale City)
C Tyler (umpire)
FW Tyler (umpire)
HE Tyler (Queensland Under-17s, Wynnum-Manly)
P Tyler (Crusaders)
S Tyler (PAOC)
Tyndall (Southern Tablelands)
C Tyrell (Northern Territory Under-17s)
E Tyrell (Belmont)
Tyrrell (Bendigo)
C Tyrrell (Western Australia Under-17s Women, Western Australia Under-19s Women)
K Tyrrell (Western Australia Women)
Tyson (Dunolly)
AR Tyson (Sale City)
B Tyson (Crusaders)
C Tyson (Goldfields)
D Tyson (umpire)
H Tyson (Victoria Under-17s)
R Tyson (Joondalup)
S Tyson (Trinity Grammar School, Melbourne)
WM Tyson (Crusaders, Victoria Colts, Victoria XI)
G Tyter (New South Wales Junior Union)





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