Canada Players (E)


G Eacott (Toronto Cricket Club)
F Eade (St Chad's)
W Eade (St Chad's)
Earle (Lower Canada)
Earls (Canadian and Pacific Railroad)
J East (Yorkshire Society)
Eastlake (Edmonton and District Cricket League)
E Eastlake (Alberta)
Eastwood (Alpha Club of Salem)
R Eaton (Albion, St Edmund's)
GR Eatonshore (Vancouver, Vancouver Old Boys)
RE Eatonshore (Burrards, Vancouver Old Boys)
A Eaves (York Cricket Club Invitation XI)
E Ebbels (Nelson)
Ebdon (Edmonton)
Eberts (Hamilton, London)
DM Eberts (Canada, Chatham, Ontario)
Eby (Upper Canada College)
Eccles (St Catharines)
H Eccles (St Catharines)
J Eccles (Welland)
J Eccles (St Catharines)
R Eccles (Montreal)
AD Eckardt (Unionville)
E Eckardt (Unionville)
HMP Eckardt (Perth)
J Eckardt (Unionville)
A Eckersley (West Toronto)
J Eckersoll (Hochelaga)
Edenson jnr (Toronto)
Edenson snr (Toronto)
D Edgar (Toronto University)
OP Edgar (Toronto University, Upper Canada College, Windsor)
W Edgar (London Asylum, Ontario Association, Windsor)
R Edge jun (St George's Club of Hamilton)
R Edge sen (St George's Club of Hamilton)
W Edge (Montreal, Westmount)
K Edghill (Canada Under-19s)
T Edmanson (Bradford, Brantford)
H Edmonson (Rosedale)
J Edmonson (Rosedale)
Edmundson (Ottawa)
B Edsall (Thamesville)
E Edsall (Port Hope)
SS Edsall (Trinity College School)
A Edsell (Thamesville)
C Edsell (Thamesville)
WK Edson (Americans)
Edwards (University of Trinity College)
Edwards (British Columbia Mainland League)
Edwards (Bracondale)
Edwards (Pacific)
Edwards (Norway)
Edwards (West Toronto)
Edwards (Stratford)
A Edwards (Dovercourt, Toronto)
AJ Edwards (Dovercourt)
AM Edwards (Alberta)
B Edwards (British Columbia Under-17s)
C Edwards (Canada, Rosedale, St Albans)
C Edwards (West Toronto Junction)
CW Edwards (Toronto Junction)
D Edwards (Alberta)
D Edwards (Dovercourt)
E Edwards (Canada)
E Edwards (Carlton)
F Edwards (Rosedale)
G Edwards (Edmonton)
G Edwards (Hamilton and District Cricket League)
H Edwards (Five Cs, Saskatchewan)
H Edwards (Vancouver)
H Edwards (Dovercourt)
J Edwards (Canada)
J Edwards (Oakville)
J Edwards (Rosedale)
James Edwards (Bracondale, Toronto Junction, West Toronto Junction)
John Edwards (Norway, Toronto Junction, West Toronto Junction)
JH Edwards (West Toronto Junction)
JO Edwards (Brampton)
JV Edwards (Alberta, Edmonton, Edmonton and District Cricket League)
L Edwards (Western Canada)
R Edwards (Eastern Canada, Five Cs, Ottawa, Ottawa Valley Cricket Council, Saskatchewan)
R Edwards (Defence)
R Edwards (Ottawa Valley)
V Edwards (Canada Under-19s)
W Edwards (Toronto Junction)
WE Edwards (West Toronto Junction)
WH Edwards (West Toronto Junction)
G Egerton (Montreal)
JP Eggleston (Trinity College School)
FF Egleston (Ancaster)
H Egleston (Ancaster)
P Eglin (Canada)
Ejaz Khan (Trivision-Imperial)
Elkins (Halifax Garrison)
E Ellaby (Alberta)
JV Ellard (Upper Canada College)
Elliot (Upper Canada College Present)
Elliott (Canada East)
Elliott (Grand Trunk Railway)
E Elliott (Winnipeg)
F Elliott (Exeter)
G Elliott (Western Ontario)
GA Elliott (Bison City, Brantford, West St Catharines)
H Elliott (Berlin)
H Elliott (Western Ontario)
J Elliott (Exeter, Montreal, Upper Canada College, Windsor)
RC Elliott (Saskatchewan)
RP Elliott (Canadian Military Headquarters)
W Elliott (Essex Centre, Omemee)
Ellis (Canada West)
Ellis (Upper Canada College)
Ellis (Prescott)
A Ellis (Army and Navy)
A Ellis (Kingston)
C Ellis (Halifax)
D Ellis (Quebec)
E Ellis (St Thomas)
EE Ellis (Windsor)
EH Ellis (Upper Canada College Past and Present)
H Ellis (Parkdale)
HTW Ellis (Windsor)
J Ellis (Amherstburg)
T Ellis (London)
W Ellis (Lower Canada)
WC Ellis (Army and Navy)
G Ellison (Eastern Canada)
Ellwood (Winnipeg)
Elmhirst (Kingston)
Elmhurst (Military)
J Elmsley (Montreal)
JH Elmsley (Canadians)
Elmslie (Galt)
GB Elmslie (Guelph, Hamilton)
RDH Elphinstone (Aberdeenshire, Canada East, EE Bowen's XI, Gentlemen of Hampshire, Harrow School, I Zingari, Knickerbockers, Marylebone Cricket Club, Military Officers of Canada, Shillinglee, Southampton Union)
LC Elvidge (Montreal, Westmount)
Elwes (Upper Canada)
Emery (Essex County (Ontario))
Emery (Windsor)
FB Emery (Ottawa, Trinity College School)
M Emilien (Nova Scotia)
E Emmanuel (British Columbia Under-17s)
Emmett (Whitby)
E Emmett (Church of the Resurrection)
T Emmitt (Whitby)
J Emsley (Toronto and Rosedale)
Emslie (Guelph)
G Emslie (Hamilton)
Emstead (Seaton Village)
H Enderson (Kentish Association)
GH England (East Toronto, East Toronto Colts, London, London Asylum, Western Ontario)
W England (East Toronto)
English (The Garrison)
F English (Montreal)
WH English (Omemee)
A Erammilli (Canada Under-19s)
F Ernst (New Hamburg)
J Ernst (New Hamburg)
Errett (East Toronto)
FG Esson (Upper Canada College)
R Etherton (Galt and District)
D Etwaroo (Canada)
Evans (Toronto)
Evans (Royal Military Infantry School)
Evans (London)
A Evans (Truro and Stellarton)
AB Evans (Toronto)
EL Evans (Grand Trunk Railway)
F Evans (Windsor and District)
F Evans (Quebec)
FC Evans (Canada, Ontario, Toronto)
FG Evans (umpire)
GD Evans (Quebec)
H Evans (Yorkton)
MG Evans (St George's Club of Toronto)
W Evans (Oakville, Yorkton)
W Evans (Montreal)
Evatt (Trinity College School Old Boys)
E Evatt (Trinity College School)
E Evatt (Port Hope)
Everett (umpire)
J Everitt (referee)
Everley (Owen Sound)
Ewart (Toronto, Western Ontario)
J Ewart (Upper Canada College Day Boys)
WW Ewart (Married of Valleyfield)
F Ewer (Strathroy)
JH Eyer (Parkdale)
A Eyre (Parkdale)
JH Eyre (Parkdale)





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