Canada Players (N)


S Nabeel (Ontario A Under-18s)
Nabeel Khan (Trivision-Imperial)
Nabeel Khan (Royal Bank Lions)
A Nadeem (Trivision-Imperial)
J Nadeem (Midwest Cricket Club)
A Nadim (Ernst and Young)
S Naeem (Midwest Cricket Club)
A Nag (Nova Scotia)
Nagle (New Fort)
A Nagpal (University of Victoria)
N Nagpal (Alberta A Under-25s)
M Nagy (umpire)
B Naick (TD Canada Trust)
S Naicken (Canada, Canada Under-19s, Canada Under-25s, Canadian Cricket Association)
P Naik (Stephen Lewis Secondary School, Mississauga)
S Naik (umpire)
P Nair (Bank of Montreal)
R Nair (Alberta)
A Najeeb (Telus)
Najeeb Ahmed (Telus)
M Nakagawa (Canada Under-15s)
C Nakhooda (Hamilton and District Cricket League)
H Nakhooda (Ontario)
RN Nall (Rosedale)
S Nanavati (Ottawa Valley Cricket Council)
Nancarrow (Campbellford)
Nancurran (Campbellford)
V Nandan (Scrambler Sports Club)
B Nandee (Canada)
Nandi (Edmonton and District Cricket League)
D Nandi (Western Canada)
B Nandlal (Ottawa Valley Cricket Council)
Nanton (Upper Canada)
Napier (Darlington)
Napier (Toronto)
A Napier (umpire)
GD Napier (Americans)
WH Napier (Canada, Canada East, Guelph, Lower Canada, Montreal, Upper Canada)
WH Napper (Cowichan)
H Naqvi (Erin Centre Middle School)
J Naqvi (Cosmos)
S Narasimhan (West Ontario Under-16s)
S Narayan (Prince Edward Island)
D Naresh (Brampton Masters Under-17s)
K Naresh (Brampton Masters Under-17s)
V Naresh (North Ontario Under-16s)
K Naress (South Ontario Under-16s)
V Naress (North Ontario Under-16s)
T Narine (Canada Under-19s)
D Nascimento (Yorkshire)
R Nascimento (Canada, Eastern Canada, Ontario, Toronto Cricket Club, Worcestershire Second XI)
Nash (Toronto)
Nash (East Toronto Benedicts)
M Nash (Vancouver Over-40s)
S Nash (TD Canada Trust)
A Nasir (Trivision-Imperial)
A Nasir (Scotia Bank)
Q Nasir (HSBC Bank Canada)
R Nasir (Scotia Bank)
S Nasir (East Ontario Under-16s)
Z Nasir (North Park Secondary School, Brampton)
Z Nasir (West Ontario Under-16s)
Nasmith (St Andrew's College)
M Nasser (Canada Under-19s)
S Natarajan (Royal Bank Stars)
I Nathani (Bank of Montreal)
Nation (Brampton)
Nation (Uxbridge)
Nation (Uxbridge)
WW Nation (Uxbridge)
Naton (Brampton)
T Naughton (Grand Trunk Railway)
Nauman Khan (Midwest Cricket Club)
A Nauth (Canada Under-19s)
A Nauth (Scrambler Sports Club)
L Navartne (Ontario)
Navdeep Singh (Telus)
Naved (Nova Scotia)
Naveed (New Brunswick)
J Naveed (Louise Arbour Secondary School)
Naveed Ahmed (Indian Cricket Academy)
Navid (New Brunswick)
Navin Kumar (Scotia Bank)
D Nayyer (Stephen Lewis Secondary School)
S Nazar (Mississauga Ramblers)
Ndel (Royals)
J Neal (43rd Light Infantry)
J Neal (Toronto Cricket Club)
WH Neal (Halifax, Halifax Wanderers)
A Neald (West Toronto)
Neale (Ben Lomond)
Neale (Rosedale)
Neale (Single of Toronto Cricket Club)
Neale (Bachelors)
AJ Neale (Edmonton)
J Nealon (Meaford)
Neate (umpire)
Neate (Great War Veterans Association)
C Needler (Port Hope)
C Needler (Millbrook)
GH Needler (Millbrook)
J Neelands (Wingham Town Council)
Neeve (Guelph)
R Negi (Newfoundland, Newfoundland and Labrador)
Neil (Chiefs)
Neil (Wanderers)
EH Neil (Vancouver)
J Neil (Quebec)
Neild (Ben Lomond)
A Neild (Whiting)
A Neild (St Stephen)
Neiles (Lincoln County)
Neiles (Grimsby)
Neill (Ontario)
GE Neill (Toronto Cricket Club)
GE Neill (Toronto Cricket Club)
Nelles (Trinity College School)
Nelles (Brantford Over-30s)
Nelles (Dufferin Rifles)
Nelles (Grimsby)
Nelles (Trinity College School, Trinity College School Second XI)
D Nelles (Victoria Under-13s)
FE Nelles (Cobourg)
Nelson (Aurora)
Nelson (Vancouver)
Nelson (Brantford Under-30s)
Nelson (Bowmanville)
Nelson (Newmarket)
Nelson (Canadian Pacific Railway)
A Nelson (South Western Ontario Cricket League)
C Nelson (Vancouver)
G Nelson (Saskatoon)
HL Nelson (Brockton Point, Vancouver)
HL Nelson (Vancouver Old Boys)
WH Nelson (Aurora)
Nesbitt (Peterborough)
Nesbitt (Sarnia)
J Nesbitt (Parkdale)
S Nesbitt (Parkdale)
Ness (Merritton)
GH Nettleton (Calgary)
Neville (Western Ontario)
Neville (London)
Neville (Chatham)
Neville (Sarnia)
M Nevin (Abingdon School Day Boys)
RB Nevitt (University of Trinity College)
G Newall (Victoria)
T Newberry (Nanaimo)
Newbold (Peterborough)
W Newbury (Nanaimo)
L Newell (Ottawa)
Newington (New Westminster)
Newitt (Fort Qu'Appelle)
Newman (Quebec)
Newman (Paris)
Newman (Owen Sound)
Newman (Ridley College)
A Newman (Orillia)
C Newman (Calgary)
C Newman (Alberta)
L Newman (Calgary)
M Newman (scorer)
J Newnes (Montreal and District)
Newnham (McGill University)
Newnham (Montreal Rovers)
JA Newnham (Montreal)
Newsome (Manitoba)
Newsome (Paris)
Newson (Parkdale)
J Newson (Chicago, Winnipeg St George's)
Newton (Gravenhurst)
Newton (East Toronto Second XI)
Newton (West Toronto)
Newton (Lambton Mills)
Newton (Lowell)
Newton (Rosedale)
H Newton (Calgary)
H Newton (Canada Cutlery Company)
J Newton (Bell Telephone Company)
J Newton (St George's Club of Toronto)
PW Newton (East Toronto, East Toronto Second XI)
T Newton (St George's Club of Toronto)
T Newton (Richmond Hill)
T Newton (West Toronto)
W Newton (Regina)
W Newton (Oxford)
D Nguyen (York Memorial Collegiate Institute, Toronto)
C Nibbs (Canada Under-25s, Ontario)
Nichelson (Bishop Ridley College)
Nichol (Listowel)
Nichol (St Matthias)
Nichol (Thamesville)
Nichol (East Toronto)
Nichol (Single of Toronto Cricket Club)
Nichol (Rosedale)
Nichol (Vancouver)
Nichol (St Andrew's College)
A Nichol (Listowel)
D Nichol (Ottawa Valley Cricket Council)
I Nichol (Thamesville)
I Nichol (Chatham)
JH Nichol (Great War Veterans Association)
JL Nichol (Chatham)
R Nichol (Upper Canada College)
R Nichol (Stratford)
R Nichol (Listowel)
Nicholas (Guelph)
Nicholas (Vancouver)
J Nicholas (Newfoundland and Labrador)
RO Nicholas (St Jude's)
Nicholl (Canada West)
Nicholl (Thamesville)
IL Nicholl (Chatham)
JL Nicholl (Chatham)
LL Nicholl (Chatham)
Nicholls (Chatham)
Nicholls (Port Hope)
Nicholls (Bishop Ridley College Second XI)
Nicholls (Eglinton)
Nicholls (Ridley College)
D Nicholls (Chatham)
F Nicholls (Northwest Territories)
J Nicholls (Paris and Guelph)
Nichols (London, Western Ontario)
Nichols (Port Hope)
Nichols (Chatham)
Nichols (Rosedale)
Nichols (Bishop Ridley College)
Nichols (Listowel)
A Nichols (Broadview)
JL Nichols (Chatham)
JL Nichols (London Asylum)
S Nichols (umpire)
W Nichols (Hamilton)
Nicholson (Galt)
Nicholson (Amherstburg Juniors)
Nicholson (Westville)
CH Nicholson (Saanich and Strawberry Vale)
H Nicholson (Bonaventure)
R Nicholson (Barrie)
Nick (Bill Crothers Secondary School)
DC Nickle (Trinity College School)
Nicol (Toronto University)
Nicol (East Toronto, East Toronto Colts)
Nicol (Rosedale)
Nicol (Bachelors)
Nicol (Rosedale Second XI)
Nicol (St Andrew's College Second XI)
B Nicol (St Matthias)
H Nicol (East Toronto)
JL Nicol (Rosedale)
JW Nicol (Manitoba)
A Nield (Whitney)
Nightingale (Yonge Street)
S Nightingale (White Rose A)
A Nijjar (Mississauga Ramblers Under-17s, Sandalwood Heights Secondary School)
W Niles (Merritton)
Nimit (JS Woodsworth Senior Public School)
TW Nisbit (Sarnia)
Nishil (North Albion Collegiate Institute, Toronto)
FM Nisthar (British Columbia Under-17s)
Nitesh (Cheyne Middle School)
Nitting (Ottawa)
Niven (The Garrison)
N Niven (B Mackenzie's XI)
Nixon (Rosedale)
Nixon (Victoria Second XI)
C Nixon (Canada)
Noble (Victoria)
Noble (Parliament Street)
Noble (Windsor)
Noble (Parkhill)
Noble (Shelburne)
C Noble (Sutton)
F Noble (Windsor)
FB Noble (Victoria)
FB Noble (Rest of Victoria Cricket Week)
RA Noble (Victoria)
T Noble (Maple)
M Nobrega (Toronto Cricket Club)
S Nobrega (Canada Under-19s, Ontario Under-25s)
D Nobrego (Yorkshire)
Nock (Upper Canada College)
M Nohar (D King's Toronto and District Cricket Association Under-25s XI)
CP Nolan (McGill Cricket Club, McGill University)
WE Nolan (Rosedale)
Noonan (St Andrew's College Juniors)
Nordheimer (Royal Military College)
K Nordheimer (Ottawa Valley)
Noreiga (St Andrew's College Juniors)
Norewood (Military)
Norgate (University of Trinity College)
Norley (Ontario Association, Peterborough)
Norley (Trinity College School Rovers)
Norley (Victoria and Ontario)
J Norley (Trinity College School)
J Norley (Trinity College School Rovers)
J Norley (Port Hope)
J Norley (East Toronto)
Norman (Westmount)
Norman (Picton)
C Norman (Springhill)
G Norman (Guelph)
M Norman (umpire)
W Norman (Springhill)
Normington (Hochelaga)
H Normington (Hochelaga)
Norrie (St George's Club of Toronto)
Norris (Toronto Butchers)
Norris (Parkdale)
Norris (East Toronto)
Norris (Hamilton)
Norris (East Toronto Bachelors)
Norris (Newmarket)
Norris (St Andrew's College)
B Norris (E Boynton's XI)
F Norris (E Boynton's XI)
H Norris (F Adams' XI)
J Norris (Collegiate Institute)
RS Norris (Guelph)
Norsworthy (Young Canadians of St Thomas)
Norsworthy (Ridley College)
C Norsworthy (St Thomas)
North (Wanderers)
Northcote (Upper Canada College)
Northcote (University of Trinity College)
R Northcote (Toronto)
R Northcote (Toronto Cricket Club)
Northey (Canada East, The Garrison)
J Northey (Toronto Ramblers)
W Northey (Victoria Second XI)
PH Northgrave (Toronto Cricket Club)
WB Northrup (Upper Canada College)
HS Northwood (Chatham)
J Northwood (Canada XI)
Norton (Halifax)
Norton (Canada Cutlery Company)
EL Norton (Winnipeg St George's)
Norton-Taylor (Kingston, Ottawa)
Norton-Taylor (Ridley College)
SC Nosworthy (Ridley College)
P Nott (South Western Ontario Cricket League)
JP Notting (Ottawa)
H Nottman (St Catharines)
Nourse (Rosedale)
C Nourse (Whitby)
GF Noyes (Oakville)
Nugent (Gooderham and Worts Distillery)
G Nugent (British Columbia, Canada)
CV Nunn (St Cyprian's)
Nurse (Manitoba)
Nurse (Edmonton)
S Nurse (Lieutenant Governor of Ontario's XI)
SW Nurse (Edmonton)
M Nusrat (Kwantlen Polytechnic University)
B Nutholm (Parkdale)
FW Nutt (Grace Church, Hamilton, St George's Club of Hamilton)
P Nuttall (Toronto Cricket Club)
C Nutting (Knowlton)
JP Nutting (Ottawa)





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