England Players (B)


Brearley (FT Saville's XI)
Brearley (Avoncroft)
Brearley (Leeds Grammar School Second XI)
Brearley (Pendleton Second XI)
A Brearley (Burnley)
A Brearley (Halesowen Second XI)
A Brearley (Halesowen)
A Brearley (Ockbrook and Borrowash Second XI)
AD Brearley (Sherborne Pilgrims)
AP Brearley (Dauntsey's School)
B Brearley (Sevenoaks School)
C Brearley (Elland)
D Brearley (Wharfdale Ramblers)
D Brearley (Chester Boughton Hall)
D Brearley (umpire)
D Brearley (referee)
D Brearley (Cambridge Marylebone Cricket Club University)
DD Brearley (Wellingborough School)
FW Brearley (Werneth)
G Brearley (The Farmers' Club Under-30s)
G Brearley (Gloucestershire Young Cricketers)
GC Brearley (Denstone College, Old Denstonians)
H Brearley (Middlesex, Minor Counties, Yorkshire)
H Brearley (Brighton College)
HW Brearley (Marylebone Cricket Club, Wrekin College)
J Brearley (Ramsbottom)
J Brearley (Batley)
J Brearley (Saltaire)
J Brearley (Wiltshire Queries)
J Brearley (Yorkshire Cricket Association Under-19s)
JM Brearley (Cambridge University, England, Free Foresters, Marylebone Cricket Club, Marylebone Cricket Club Under-25s, Middlesex)
JM Brearley (Sedbergh School)
K Brearley (Notts Forest)
KH Brearley (Nottinghamshire Second XI, The Forty Club)
L Brearley (Undercliffe, Undercliffe Second XI)
L Brearley (Woodlands, Woodlands Second XI)
L Brearley (Woodlands Second XI)
L Brearley (Whitby Second XI)
M Brearley (umpire)
M Brearley (Sway Third XI)
M Brearley (Hordle Village)
M Brearley (Highway Second XI)
M Brearley (The Forty Club)
M Brearley (Undercliffe)
MD Brearley (Durham University, England Young Cricketers, English Schools Cricket Association, National Association of Young Cricketers, United States of America, Yorkshire Second XI, Yorkshire Under-25s)
P Brearley (Dauntsey's School)
R Brearley (Bacup)
R Brearley (Middlesex Club and Ground)
R Brearley (The Forty Club)
RDF Brearley (The Forty Club)
RH Brearley (scorer)
S Brearley (scorer)
W Brearley (England, Lancashire, Lancashire and Yorkshire, London County)
W Brearley (Batley)
G Brearly (Band of Brothers)
Brears (South Lincolnshire)
Brears (CE Anson's XI)
P Brears (HL Lyon's XI)
B Brearton (umpire)
A Breary (Christleton)
M Breary (scorer)
MR Breary (Oxton)
A Breathwaite (Vauxhall Mallards Select XI)
D Breathwaite (Vauxhall Mallards Select XI)
GS Breay (Rossall School)
G Brebner (South Hampstead)
H Brebner (scorer)
JJ Brebner (West Kent Wanderers)
RG Brebner (Durham Colts South)
CC Brechi (Kenilworth)
T Breck (Weybridge)
HS Breckel (Birkenhead Park Second XI)
Breckell (22nd Battalion King's Liverpool Regiment (Pals))
Breckell (Hightown)
Breckell (3rd South Lancashire Regiment Officers)
A Breckell (Accrington)
A Breckell (umpire)
AS Breckell (Hightown)
HS Breckell (Birkenhead Park)
HS Breckell (Hightown)
TB Brecken (Durham, Durham Coast Cricket League, Durham Colts, Durham County Cricket League)
H Breckenridge (Amersham Second XI)
Brecker (London)
A Breckin (Bury, Bury Second XI)
A Breckin (scorer)
A Breckin (scorer)
S Brecknall (Pickwick)
A Brecknell (Northamptonshire Second XI)
A Brecknell (Leamington Second XI)
F Brecknell (Warwickshire Club and Ground, Warwickshire Colts)
S Brecknell (Brierley Hill)
Earl of Brecknock (Bullingdon, I Zingari, Sevenoaks Vine)
K Brecknock (Cambridge Papworth Women)
J Brecknode (Ashville College)
A Breckon (Bury)
C Breckon (Hertfordshire Under-13s Women)
R Breckon (New Milton Third XI)
W Breckon (Maltby)
L Bredariol (Kibworth, Langtons)
M Breddell (Henley)
G Breddy (Frensham)
G Breddy (Frensham, Frensham Second XI)
GH Breddy (Lord Wandsworth College)
M Breddy (umpire)
M Breddy (scorer)
MN Breddy (Cambridge University)
N Breddy (Cheltenham)
M Bredell (Marylebone Cricket Club)
FJ Breden (Sidcup)
GCH Breden (Christ's Hospital)
EG Bredenkamp (LN Constantine's XI)
L Bredenkamp (Dukesmead Women, Middlesex Women, Radlett Women)
M Bredenkamp (Little Hulton)
N Bredenkamp (Furness)
N Bredenkamp (Biddestone)
P Bredenkamp (Flowery Field)
R Bredenkamp (Cowbridge and District)
Bredin (Spital)
A Bredin (United Services Portsmouth)
A Bredin (Lavinia, Duchess of Norfolk's XI)
A Bredin (Wimbledon)
A Bredin (Club Cricket Conference Under-25s)
AEC Bredin (King's School, Canterbury)
AEC Bredin (Dorsetshire and Devonshire Regiment Colonel's XI)
AM Bredin (Sussex)
HA Bredin (Bootle)
J Bredin (Wimbledon)
M Bredin (Chessington)
M Bredin (King Henry VIII School, Coventry)
P Bredley (umpire)
J Bredon (umpire)
N Bredon (Odney)
S Breech (Blackheath Third XI)
C Breed (Kent Over-50s, Kent Over-50s Second XI, Kent Over-60s)
C Breed (Kent Police)
C Breed (Kent Over-50s)
D Breed (Jersey Over-50s)
D Breed (Hemel Hempstead Town, Hemel Hempstead Town Second XI)
D Breed (Channel Islands Over-50s)
G Breed (York)
G Breed (North Riding Asylum)
G Breed (PE Lord's XI)
G Breed (J Walker's XI)
G Breed (Mr Wilson's Clifton XI)
G Breed (Clifton)
G Breed (JC Walker's XI)
GG Breed (Hertfordshire)
GW Breed (Durham)
H Breed (Great Braxted and Tiptree)
H Breed (Maldon)
H Breed (Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers)
Breeden (Coleshill Grammar School)
A Breeden (Epsom)
CL Breeden (Warwickshire)
CL Breeden (Warwickshire Club and Ground)
F Breeden (Smethwick)
FJ Breeden (King Edward's School, Birmingham, Warwickshire Club and Ground, Warwickshire Second XI)
FJ Breeden (Sidcup)
FV Breeden (Handsworth Wood, Moseley, Moseley Second XI)
FW Breeden (Kings Heath, Moseley, Warwickshire, Warwickshire Club and Ground)
J Breeden (Birmingham Press)
Breedon (Idlers)
Breedon (Elstree School)
Breedon (umpire)
Breedon (umpire)
Breedon (Birmingham Daily Gazette)
A Breedon (Nottinghamshire Second XI)
F Breedon (Pinner)
F Breedon (Moseley)
FG Breedon (West Kent)
FW Breedon (umpire)
J Breedon (Abbots Hill, Halifax, Hertfordshire, Sarratt Hall, Warwickshire Club and Ground)
ML Breedon (Warwickshire Club and Ground)
R Breedon (Blidworth Colliery Welfare, Blidworth Colliery Welfare Second XI)
R Breedon (Blidworth)
R Breedon (Clipstone Welfare, Clipstone Welfare Second XI)
R Breedon (Blidworth Colliery Welfare Second XI)
W Breedon (Papplewick and Linby Third XI)
A Breeds (Chiddingly)
AH Breeds (Northern Command)
H Breeds (Exmouth)
H Breeds (Royal Navy Women)
K Breeds (Chiddingly)
Breen (Incogniti)
A Breen (Shepshed Town, Shepshed Town Second XI, Shepshed Town Third XI)
A Breen (The Gemini)
B Breen (Bablake Old Boys)
C Breen (Shepshed Town Second XI)
D Breen (scorer)
D Breen (Dullingham)
D Breen (Dullingham)
J Breen (scorer)
J Breen (Shepshed Town Second XI)
J Breen (Hawarden Park Second XI)
JNS Breen (Trent College)
O Breen (scorer)
P Breen (scorer)
R Breen (Surrey Under-13s Women)
R Breen (umpire)
R Breen (Twickenham)
S Breen (Ashfield)
W Breen (Helston)
WAJP Breen (Tonbridge School)
WWS Breen (Westminster School)
C Breene (Oakfield Third XI)
G Breen-Whitfield (Blyth)
G Breen-Whitfield (Firbeck Colliery Second XI)
H Breerton (Knowle and Dorridge)
S Brees (scorer)
G Breese (Gravesend)
GC Breese (St Swithin's)
HFD Breese (Royal Air Force College Cranwell)
HW Breese (Ferrets)
I Breese (Newtown Second XI)
J Breese (Old Tauntonians)
J Breese (Sutton)
J Breese (Southampton Travellers Second XI)
J Breese (scorer)
J Breese (Hythe and Dibden)
S Breese (Shropshire Under-13s Women, Shropshire Under-15s Women)
T Breese (Shropshire Under-13s, Shropshire Under-14s, Shropshire Under-15s)
T Breese (Shrewsbury, Shrewsbury Second XI)
A Breest (umpire)
E Breet (Gentlemen of Hertfordshire)
J Breet (Chippenham)
J Breet (Warminster)
JJ Breet (Corsham, Lechlade, Westbury, Westbury and District, Wiltshire)
C Breetzke (Harpenden)
M Breetzke (Stonyhurst College)
Breeze (Metropolitan Police)
A Breeze (Nether Whitacre)
A Breeze (Nether Whitacre Second XI)
B Breeze (Norfolk)
C Breeze (Andover)
C Breeze (Longparish)
CB Breeze (City of London School)
CWV Breeze (New Brighton Second XI)
D Breeze (Potters Bar Second XI)
DL Breeze (Potters Bar)
E Breeze (Northwich)
E Breeze (Pelsall)
E Breeze (Walsall, Walsall Second XI)
EAJ Breeze (Charterhouse Friars)
FK Breeze (Bedfordshire, The Forty Club)
G Breeze (Lyndhurst)
G Breeze (King's School, Canterbury)
G Breeze (Bloxwich)
GH Breeze (Pelsall)
I Breeze (Nether Whitacre)
I Breeze (Newtown Second XI)
IL Breeze (umpire)
J Breeze (Ceredigion Colts)
JE Breeze (Winnington Park)
JH Breeze (King's School, Canterbury)
K Breeze (Hem Heath Second XI)
L Breeze (Carshalton)
LJ Breeze (Barmouth and Visitors)
M Breeze (Metropolitan Police)
PW Breeze (Club Cricket Conference, Lensbury)
R Breeze (Happisburgh)
R Breeze (Ace (Gosport))
R Breeze (Alverstoke)
R Breeze (Cormorants)
T Breeze (Bournemouth Sixth XI)
E Breffit (Enfield)
Bregoli (Embley Park School)
J Brehaut (Horsham Third XI)
T Breislin (Wath)
S Breithaupt (Ormskirk Grammar School)
Brekke (Hymers College, Hull Second XI)
N Brekkeflat (Roydon)
P Brekkeflat (umpire)
K Breknock (Hertfordshire Women)
J Brelaford (Werneth)
S Brell (Kent Women Second XI)
S Brellisford (Clevedon)
Brelsford (Bowdon)
Brelsford (Bowdon)
Brelsford (Bowden, Bowdon)
J Brelsford (Derbyshire)
R Brelsford (Trinity)
W Bremage (scorer)
S Bremakumar (Carpe Vinum)
S Bremakumar (Carpe Vinum)
S Bremakumar (Carpe Vinum)
J Breman (Compton and Chandlers Ford)
A Bremer (Shepshed Town)
A Bremer (Shepshed Town)
J Bremer (Willingdon)
K Bremer (Abbotskerswell)
S Bremman (Monkton Combe School)
AS Bremmer (Richmond)
M Bremmer (Bowden)
Bremner (Richmond)
Bremner (Trinity College, Stratford-upon-Avon)
C Bremner (Richmond)
CO Bremner (Liverpool, Northern)
CO Bremner (Oxton)
IH Bremner (South Northumberland)
J Bremner (Great Western Railway Club)
J Bremner (umpire)
J Bremner (Woodside Park)
L Bremner (Lordswood, Lordswood Second XI, Old Anchorians)
M Bremner (Old Tauntonians)
M Bremner (The Farmers' Club Under-30s)
MHC Bremner (Haileybury College)
R Bremner (Northumberland Under-15s)
R Bremner (Cumberland Colts)
SBM Bremner (Shrewsbury School)
T Bremner (Hawks, Hawks, Upminster Over-40s)
T Bremner (Braintree)
T Bremner (Chingford, Chingford Second XI)
N Bremond (Porthill Park, Sheffield Collegiate, Sheffield Collegiate Second XI)
D Brenan (Kimberley Institute Fourth XI, Kimberley Institute Third XI)
DR Brenan (West Buckland School)
DS Brenan (West Buckland School Past and Present)
W Brenan (Twyford)
Brench (Thames Valley Women)
G Brench (Hornsey)
Brenchley (Gravesend, West Kent)
B Brenchley (Sibton Park Second XI)
C Brenchley (Fiskerton, Fiskerton Second XI)
EW Brenchley (Mill Hill School)
G Brenchley (Sibton Park Second XI)
H Brenchley (Kent)
H Brenchley (Epsom College)
J Brenchley (Bearsted)
J Brenchley (Christ Church, Yardley Wood)
John Brenchley (West Kent)
Julius Brenchley (West Kent)
N Brenchley (Perranarworthal)
P Brenchley (The Mote)
P Brenchley (The Mote Second XI)
P Brenchley (Bryanston School)
P Brenchley (Dorset Rangers)
R Brenchley (Whitgift Grammar School)
RF Brenchley (Hertfordshire)
S Brenchley (Cranbrook School)
S Brenchley (Bryanston School)
T Brenchley (Bearsted)
TH Brenchley (Gentlemen of Kent, Kent)
TH Brenchley (Gentlemen of Mid-Kent)
S Brenchly (Bryanston School)
J Brend (Civil Service Women, Devon Women)
L Brend (Petrockstowe)
O Brend (Chislehurst and Sidcup Grammar School)
T Brend (Bideford Littleham and Westward Ho!, Bideford Littleham and Westward Ho!, Bideford Littleham and Westward Ho! Second XI)
D Brendan (umpire)
Brendle (Seaton)
Brendlin (Knowle Station)
Brendon (Royal Corps of Signals)
J Brendon (Fawley)
Brendt (Sussex Martlets)
C Brenham (Ashurst)
S Brenkley (scorer)
Brennan (Old Monktonians)
Brennan (Aston Manor Third XI)
Brennan (Brookweald)
Brennan (The Forty Club)
Brennan (Army)
Brennan (Royal Military Academy Sandhurst)
Brennan (Monkton Combe School)
Brennan (Royal Army Medical Corps)
A Brennan (Bacup)
A Brennan (Acton, Bristol University)
A Brennan (Weston-super-Mare)
A Brennan (St Bede's School)
A Brennan (Old Amplefordians)
A Brennan (Leamington)
A Brennan (Bledlow)
A Brennan (Poynings)
APJ Brennan (Marylebone Cricket Club)
APJ Brennan (Ampleforth College)
B Brennan (Clifton)
B Brennan (The Forty Club)
BJ Brennan (Dulwich College)
C Brennan (Trowbridge)
C Brennan (Ashurst, Lyndhurst and Ashurst, Lyndhurst and Ashurst)
C Brennan (umpire)
C Brennan (Stockton Second XI)
D Brennan (Farncombe)
D Brennan (umpire)
DV Brennan (England, Marylebone Cricket Club, Yorkshire)
DV Brennan (Craven Gentlemen)
E Brennan (Old Amplefordians)
E Brennan (Grannies)
E Brennan (I Zingari)
EN Brennan (Wales Under-13s Women)
FG Brennan (Bury St Edmunds Grammar School)
G Brennan (Hampton-in-Arden)
G Brennan (Sefton, Sefton Second XI)
G Brennan (Hightown)
G Brennan (Ashurst)
G Brennan (umpire)
G Brennan (Monkton Combe School)
G Brennan (Gosfield)
G Brennan (Hornchurch)
H Brennan (Clifton Women)
J Brennan (Norwich)
J Brennan (Halstead)
J Brennan (Norwich Grammar School)
J Brennan (Ampfield)
J Brennan (Aigburth)
J Brennan (Old Amplefordians)
J Brennan (Compton and Chandlers Ford)
J Brennan (St Philip's Grammar School, Birmingham Old Boys)
J Brennan (umpire)
J Brennan (Burneside)
J Brennan (Flixton Third XI)
J Brennan (scorer)
J Brennan (Grannies)
J Brennan (Arthington)
J Brennan (Lymington Second XI)
J Brennan (umpire)
J Brennan (Compton and Chandlers Ford Second XI)
J Brennan (Upminster)
J Brennan (I Zingari)
J Brennan (Langley Park)
JD Brennan (Old Edwardians)
JE Brennan (East Lancashire)
JE Brennan (Ampleforth College, Old Amplefordians)
JJ Brennan (The Rest)
JJ Brennan (Ampleforth College)
JJE Brennan (The Forty Club)
JJE Brennan (Yorkshire Gentlemen)
JJJ Brennan (Marylebone Cricket Club, Norfolk Second XI)
JM Brennan (Owens College)
K Brennan (Durham Women)
K Brennan (Sefton Second XI)
K Brennan (Metropolitan Police)
K Brennan (Langley Park, Langley Park Second XI)
L Brennan (Kidlington)
L Brennan (Guards)
L Brennan (I Zingari)
L Brennan (Houghton Main)
L Brennan (Gosfield)
L Brennan (scorer)
L Brennan (St Edward's Martyrs)
L Brennan (Burnley Second XI, Burnley Third XI)
LAJ Brennan (Army Under-25s)
M Brennan (Church)
M Brennan (Hampton-in-Arden Second XI)
M Brennan (Free Foresters)
M Brennan (Feniscowles, Feniscowles Second XI, Feniscowles Third XI)
M Brennan (The Forty Club)
M Brennan (Rev JD Day's XI)
M Brennan (West Bridgford Legion Second XI)
M Brennan (Basford Hall Old Boys)
M Brennan (umpire)
M Brennan (Bingham Second XI)
MJ Brennan (Oxfordshire)
N Brennan (Broadstairs)
N Brennan (Old Amplefordians)
N Brennan (Battersea Ironsides)
N Brennan (Northumberland Under-13s Women, Northumberland Under-15s Women)
N Brennan (West Bridgford Legion, West Bridgford Legion Second XI)
N Brennan (Hampton-in-Arden Second XI)
O Brennan (scorer)
P Brennan (Goodmayes and Blythswood)
P Brennan (Bashley (Rydal))
P Brennan (Feniscowles Second XI, Feniscowles Third XI)
P Brennan (Alderholt)
P Brennan (Reading, Reading Fourth XI, Reading Second XI)
P Brennan (Todmorden Second XI)
R Brennan (Hightown)
R Brennan (Army, Army Cricket Association President's XI, Combined Services)
R Brennan (umpire)
R Brennan (scorer)
RM Brennan (Army, Buckinghamshire Young Amateurs, Royal Artillery, Sandhurst Wanderers)
S Brennan (Portsmouth)
S Brennan (Aigburth)
S Brennan (Portsmouth and Southsea)
S Brennan (Wolverton Town)
S Brennan (Merrow)
S Brennan (Todmorden Second XI)
T Brennan (Sandyford)
T Brennan (scorer)
VR Brennan (Sutton)
W Brennan (Worcestershire Under-17s)
W Brennan (Old Elizabethans Second XI)
FB Brennand (Bury St Edmunds Grammar School)
G Brennand (Charnock Richard)
H Brennand (Charnock Richard)
J Brennand (Accrington)
S Brennand (Nidderdale Amateur Cricket League)
S Brennand (Nidderdale Amateur Cricket League)
IJ Brennan-Pope (Dorset Under-13s Women, Dorset Under-15s Women, Dorset Under-17s Women)
SP Brennecke (Oxfordshire)
Brennen (St George's College, Weybridge)
A Brenner (Queen Elizabeth's Hospital School, Bristol)
P Brenner (Sevenoaks Vine, Sevenoaks Vine Second XI)
P Brenner (University College School)
S Brenner (Shrewsbury School)
E Brennnan (Old Amplefordians)
LC Brennon (United Services)
R Brenson (North Springfield Wanderers)
R Brenson (Colchester Royal Grammar School)
T Brenson (North Springfield Wanderers)
R Brenster (Old Tonbridgians)
Brent (Homerton)
D Brent (Driffield Town)
D Brent (Appleby Frodingham, Appleby Frodingham Third XI, Lincolnshire Development Squad)
D Brent (Dunnington)
DJ Brent (Essex Second XI, Frinton-on-Sea, Frinton-on-Sea)
ER Brent (Surrey Women Second XI)
G Brent (Young England Women)
G Brent (Purley)
GD Brent (Downside School)
J Brent (Frinton-on-Sea)
P Brent (Driffield Town)
P Brent (scorer)
P Brent (Michelmersh and Timsbury Third XI)
T Brent (Wellow and Plaitford Under-15s B)
EP Brentfoot (Epsom College)
AW Brenthall (Thomas Walker's Team)
P Brentley (Bryanston School)
Brentnall (St George's)
A Brentnall (The Forty Club)
AH Brentnall (Warwick School)
C Brentnall (Owens College)
D Brentnall (St George's)
D Brentnall (Allscott)
D Brentnall (Shropshire Under-14s)
E Brentnall (Chesterfield)
E Brentnall (Butterley United)
E Brentnall (Derbyshire Colts)
G Brentnall (St Alkmunds)
J Brentnall (Derbyshire Colts)
R Brentnall (Eastwood Town, Eastwood Town Second XI, Eastwood Town Third XI)
R Brentnall (Chilwell, Chilwell Second XI)
S Brentnall (Quarndon)
T Brentnall (Allscott)
W Brentnall (Normanby Hall Second XI)
Brentnell (Malvern College Second XI)
Brenton (Chinghoppers)
A Brenton (Callington)
A Brenton (Grampound Road, Roche, Roche Old Boys)
A Brenton (Luckett)
A Brenton (Cornwall Under-17s)
L Brenton (Luckett)
L Brenton (Cornwall Under-14s, Cornwall Under-15s)
L Brererton (Great Alne)
Brereton (Trowbridge)
Brereton (Bedford Grammar School)
Brereton (Blickling)
Brereton (Wroxeter and Uppington Second XI)
Brereton (Cirencester)
Brereton (Wallasey Battalion Cheshire Volunteer Regiment)
Brereton (Blickling)
A Brereton (Special Constables)
AF Brereton (Incogniti)
B Brereton (umpire)
B Brereton (Failsworth Co-op)
C Brereton (BAE Warton)
CJ Brereton (Cambridge University, Cambridgeshire)
D Brereton (Formby)
D Brereton (Southport)
HL Brereton (CT Ashton's XI)
J Brereton (Norfolk)
J Brereton (Blickling)
J Brereton (Mossley Hill)
J Brereton (umpire)
K Brereton (scorer)
K Brereton (Leigh Women)
L Brereton (Royal Corps of Signals)
M Brereton (Charlbury Women, Herefordshire Under-13s Women, Herefordshire Under-15s Women)
O Brereton (Ellesmere College)
R Brereton (Tunstall)
R Brereton (Middleton Stoney)
R Brereton (Failsworth Co-op)
R Brereton (Flashmen)
RG Brereton (Hampshire Hoggets, Hampshire Hogs)
RH Brereton (Balliol College, Oxford)
RT Brereton (Enfield)
T Brereton (Northern)
TW Brereton (Formby)
WJ Brereton (Norfolk)
Brerton (Officers 22nd Brigade Depot)
L Brerton (Pirbright)
Bresher (King Edward VI School, Southampton)
J Bresher (Deanery)
J Breslaw (Highgate School)
Breslin (Highway Second XI)
C Breslin (The Rifles)
G Breslin (Backworth)
G Breslin (Percy Main)
GS Breslin (scorer)
J Breslin (Highway Second XI)
L Breslin (Sherwood Casuals)
M Breslin (Solihull Blossomfield)
P Breslin (Broadwater)
N Bresnan (Townville)
N Bresnan (Hanging Heaton)
R Bresnan (Townville)
R Bresnan (South Kirkby)
RJ Bresnan (Yorkshire Academy, Yorkshire Second XI)
T Bresnan (English Schools Cricket Association North Under-15s)
TT Bresnan (England, Hobart Hurricanes, Marylebone Cricket Club, Yorkshire)
A Bressington (umpire, scorer)
A Bressington (Frocester)
A Bressington (Painswick)
A Bressington (Gloucestershire Gipsies)
AN Bressington (Gloucestershire, Gloucestershire Cricket Board)
E Bressington (Painswick)
EA Bressington (Cheltenham, Frocester, Gloucestershire Second XI, Gloucestershire Under-14s)
N Bressington (Frocester)
N Bressington (Painswick)
NS Bressington (Gloucestershire Cricket Board)
S Bressington (Gloucestershire Under-17s)
Brest (umpire)
G Breston (Woodhouses)
R Bresworth (scorer)
D Bretell (Stragglers of Asia)
P Bretherick (Wallasey, Wallasey Second XI)
F Bretherton (Bootle)
H Bretherton (Timperley)
J Bretherton (Liverpool and District)
J Bretherton (Birkenhead Park)
J Bretherton (JGW Hyndson's XI)
J Bretherton (Oxton)
J Bretherton (Gentlemen of Liverpool)
J Bretherton (Gentlemen of Liverpool and District)
J Bretherton (New Brighton)
M Bretherton (Leyland)
M Bretherton (Leyland, Leyland Fourth XI)
M Bretherton (J Went's XI)
R Bretherton (Lancashire Academy, Lancashire Under-13s, Lancashire Under-14s, Lancashire Under-15s, Lancashire Under-17s, Leyland, Leyland Second XI)
R Bretherton (Mawdesley)
RW Bretherton (Preston)
T Bretherton (Huyton)
TR Bretherton (Boughton Hall, Cheshire)
TR Bretherton (New Brighton)
S Brethwood (Durham County Cricket League)
DA Bretland (Forest School)
Breton (Free Foresters)
AM Breton (JG Wagener's XI)
AN Breton (Berkhamsted, Bradfield College)
AN Breton (Etceteras)
AN Breton (EW Dawson's XI)
DAG Breton (Woodbridge School)
F Breton (Hampshire)
H Breton (Town Malling)
H Breton (Town Malling)
J Breton (Shorncliffe Camp)
M Breton (Tamworth Second XI)
Brett (Sussex Second XI)
Brett (Ombersley)
Brett (Sleaford)
Brett (Folkestone)
Brett (Irnham Park, Knaphill)
Brett (Homerton)
Brett (Lincoln's Inn and Temple)
Brett (Portsmouth Grammar School)
Brett (Itchen Grammar School)
Brett (The Mandarins)
Brett (Dartford College of Physical Education)
Brett (Huntingdonshire and Peterborough Under-17s)
Brett (Coldstream Guards)
Brett (25th Reserve Battalion (the Pals) Manchester Regiment)
Brett (25th Manchester Regiment)
Brett (Hastings Grammar School)
Brett (Bracknell)
Brett (Royal Engineers Training Camp)
Brett (Hampton-in-Arden)
A Brett (Isle of Wight Under-19s)
A Brett (Ardleigh Green)
A Brett (Ventnor Second XI)
A Brett (Leigh)
A Brett (Hayling Island, Hayling Island Second XI)
A Brett (umpire)
A Brett (Isle of Wight Under-21s)
A Brett (Cleveland Under-15s)
A Brett (Coventry)
AD Brett (Benwell, Northumberland Juniors, Worcestershire Second XI)
AD Brett (Holmesdale House)
AG Brett (Rugby)
AG Brett (Rugby and Coventry)
AS Brett (Royal Artillery)
AS Brett (Devon)
AT Brett (Cheltenham College)
B Brett (The Forty Club)
B Brett (Sanderstead)
B Brett (Welwyn Garden City Second XI)
C Brett (Ardleigh Green, Ardleigh Green)
C Brett (Grantham)
C Brett (Frinton-on-Sea)
C Brett (Brentham, Brentham)
C Brett (Lydney)
C Brett (H Luard's XI)
CG Brett (Gentlemen of Lincolnshire, Grantham)
CT Brett (Cheltenham College)
D Brett (Nottinghamshire Second XI)
D Brett (Long Melford)
D Brett (umpire)
D Brett (Great Oakley Second XI)
D Brett (Welwyn Garden City Second XI)
DR Brett (Haileybury and Imperial Service College, Haileybury Hermits)
E Brett (Pirelli General)
E Brett (Follands)
E Brett (William Hulme Grammar School)
F Brett (Harlequins)
F Brett (Old Wykehamists)
F Brett (Old Wykehamists)
FW Brett (Mansfield Grammar School, Mansfield Grammar School Second XI)
G Brett (Mitcham)
G Brett (A Division Houses of Parliament Police)
G Brett (Houses of Parliament Staff)
GA Brett (Rugby)
GA Brett (Forest School)
H Brett (Hurstpierpoint College Second XI, Hurstpierpoint College Under-13s)
HS Brett (Leamington)
HW Brett (Holmesdale House)
I Brett (Havering-atte-Bower)
J Brett (England)
J Brett (Gentlemen of Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire)
J Brett (Duke of Norfolk's XI)
J Brett (Warminster)
J Brett (Ashby Timken)
J Brett (Sussex Junior Festival XI)
J Brett (Queen's College, Birmingham)
JA Brett (Durham School)
JH Brett (FH Gresson's XI)
JJ Brett (The Forty Club)
JS Brett (The Forty Club)
JS Brett (King's School, Canterbury)
K Brett (Shaftesbury)
K Brett (Crosby St Mary's)
K Brett (Aigburth, Aigburth Second XI)
K Brett (Calmore Sports Fourth XI)
L Brett (Cottenham)
L Brett (Cottenham)
LDD Brett (Shaftesbury Grammar School)
M Brett (Yorkshire Cricket Federation Youth XI)
M Brett (Guildford)
M Brett (Worcestershire Second XI)
M Brett (Winchester College)
M Brett (Gidea Park and Romford)
M Brett (22nd Royal Engineer Regiment)
M Brett (Winchmore Hill)
MK Brett (St Paul's School)
MS Brett (RD Baird's House Side)
N Brett (Puttenham and Wanborough Second XI)
N Brett (scorer)
N Brett (Eversley)
N Brett (Great Canfield)
N Brett (Walton-on-Thames)
NA Brett (Surrey Cricket Board)
P Brett (Cambridge University)
P Brett (University of London)
P Brett (Cambridge St Giles)
P Brett (Welwyn Garden City Second XI)
PES Brett (Nottinghamshire Club and Ground)
PJ Brett (Oxford University)
PJ Brett (AT Barber's XI)
R Brett (scorer)
R Brett (Thurrock and District Cricket Association)
R Brett (Nottingham High School)
S Brett (Dorset Under-17s)
S Brett (Finedon Dolben, Finedon Dolben Second XI, Finedon Dolben Third XI, Northamptonshire County Colts)
S Brett (Barnes)
S Brett (scorer)
S Brett (Eppleton)
S Brett (Whiteley Village)
S Brett (Bournemouth)
S Brett (Horden)
S Brett (Easington Colliery Welfare)
T Brett (Hampshire)
T Brett (Northamptonshire)
T Brett (Hastings)
T Brett (Herefordshire Under-17s)
T Brett (Wolstanton Marsh)
T Brett (Durham Light Infantry)
T Brett (St Lawrence and Highland Court)
TW Brett (Kent Second XI, St Edward's Martyrs)
VW Brett (Stragglers of Asia)
VW Brett (Sandhurst Wanderers)
VW Brett (Free Foresters)
W Brett (Colne)
W Brett (Beacon)
WV Brett (Sandhurst Wanderers)
C Brettall (Northenden)
J Brettall (Northenden)
A Brettargh (Birkenhead Park)
A Brettargh (New Brighton)
A Brettargh (Ormskirk)
A Brettargh (Birkenhead Park)
AR Brettargh (Wallasey and New Brighton)
RN Brett-Bowen (Georges River, Kew)
B Brettell (Wolseley)
CE Brettell (Dudley)
D Brettell (Stragglers of Asia)
D Brettell (scorer)
DN Brettell (Oxford University)
EJ Brettell (Tonbridge School)
FN Brettell (Cheltenham College)
HC Brettell (Dudley, Gentlemen of Worcestershire, Worcestershire)
IN Brettell (Cheltenham College, Old Cheltonians)
JG Brettell (Oxford University)
JN Brettell (Public Schools)
JN Brettell (Old Cheltonians)
LN Brettell (Surrey Young Amateurs)
Bretten (Free Foresters)
G Bretten (Old Cliftonians)
G Bretten (Clifton Flax Bourton)
G Bretten (Free Foresters)
J Bretten (Clifton College)
J Bretten (Free Foresters)
J Bretten (Free Foresters)
J Brettler (University College School)
Bretton (City of London School)
CJ Bretton (Tonbridge School)
D Bretton (Free Foresters)
G Bretton (Old Cliftonians)
G Bretton (Free Foresters)
G Bretton (Mavericks)
G Bretton (Free Foresters)
J Bretton (Clifton College, Gloucestershire Second XI)
J Bretton (Wiltshire Queries)
J Bretton (Free Foresters)
RB Bretton (Liverpool)
Brett Thornton (Holmfirth, Holmfirth Second XI)
Brett-Young (R Parry's XI)
J Brett-Young (R Parry's XI)
N Brett-Young (R Parry's XI)
G Breusch (The Forty Club)
T Breverson (Colden Common)
H Brevett-Smith (Teddington)
D Brevin (Dorset Rangers)
Brevis (Hymers College, Hull)
AP Brevitt (Shugborough, Wolverhampton)
J Brevitt (Kings Heath Third XI)
H Brevitt-Smith (Felsted Robins, Felsted School)
A Brevster (umpire)
G Brew (Coggeshall Town)
M Brew (Ealing)
RM Brew (Bootle)
S Brew (Knypersley)
J Brewcock (Follands)
Brewell (Cromford Meadows)
L Brewell (Clifton)
R Brewell (New Brighton)





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