England Players (D)


Darcy (Wallasey)
D'Arcy (Young Professionals)
D'Arcy (Worcestershire Second XI)
D'Arcy (Royal Air Force)
D'Arcy (North and South Staffordshire Regiment)
BA D'Arcy (Whitgift School)
C D'Arcy (AWRE Tadley)
C D'Arcy (Pegasus and Corringham)
C D'Arcy (The Forty Club)
G Darcy (AWE Tadley)
J Darcy (umpire)
J Darcy (Downside School)
K Darcy (The Forty Club)
L Darcy (scorer)
L Darcy (Winchester College)
L Darcy (Hanford)
L D'Arcy (The Forty Club)
L D'Arcy (scorer)
LAC D'Arcy (British Empire XI, Cross Arrows)
N D'Arcy (Stanmore)
N D'Arcy (Civil Service)
P Darcy (Huyton)
P D'Arcy (Thames Valley Women)
P D'Arcy (ME Hide's XI)
PA Darcy (National Association of Young Cricketers, National Association of Young Cricketers North, Normanby Hall)
RL D'Arcy (Dorset Women)
S D'Arcy (Somerset Second XI)
W D'Arcy (Midlands Club Cricket Conference)
WF D'Arcy (Westminster School)
G D'Arcy Clark (Gentlemen of South Derbyshire)
D'Arcy Evans (United Services)
J D'Arcy Hartley (Yorkshire Gentlemen)
DCC D'Arcy-Hutton (Bradfield College)
J D'Arcy Norton (OR Borradaile's XI)
J D'Arcy Orders (Iberians)
R D'Arcy Orders (Iberians)
EA D'Arcy-Thomas (Cheltenham College)
V Dard (Isham Second XI)
L Darda (Sheffield University Staff)
G Dardagan (Teddington Town)
G D'Ardenne (Odney)
S D'Ardenne (Army Medical Services)
S D'Ardenne (Cookham Dean Second XI, Cookham Dean Third XI)
G Dardigan (Teddington Town)
Dardis (Bedford Modern School)
Y Dardouri (East Lancashire Third XI)
Dare (Devon Dumplings)
Dare (Alleyn's School)
A Dare (Buckinghamshire Young Amateurs, Ernest Turner Sports Club)
A Dare (Bournemouth)
A Dare (Ellingham Second XI)
B Dare (Hedge End Under-17s)
B Dare (HSBC Second XI, Midland Bank, Midland Bank Second XI)
B Dare (Ellingham Second XI)
B Dare (Bledlow)
BG Dare (Midland Bank Second XI)
BS Dare (St Paul's School)
C Dare (Hythe and Dibden)
CRS Dare (Army, Club Cricket Conference Under-25s, Cross Arrows, Marylebone Cricket Club, Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, Royal Marines, Shobrooke Park, Sussex Martlets)
EA Dare (CF Tufnell's XI)
EA Dare (Ashfield)
F Dare (Portsmouth)
F Dare (Hertfordshire Cricket League)
F Dare (Chorleywood Second XI)
FKJ Dare (Chorleywood)
G Dare (umpire)
H Dare (Westbury-on-Trym, Westbury-on-Trym Second XI)
I Dare (Somerset Over-60s)
I Dare (Somerset Over-50s)
J Dare (Market Harborough)
J Dare (Moseley Third XI)
JC Dare (Highgate School, Marylebone Cricket Club, Middlesex Second XI, Southern Schools)
JH Dare (Bedford Modern School)
JS Dare (Stonyhurst College)
K Dare (HSBC)
K Dare (HSBC Second XI, Midland Bank, Midland Bank Second XI)
M Dare (Taunton)
M Dare (scorer)
N Dare (South Coast Dairies)
PO Dare (umpire)
R Dare (Ilminster)
R Dare (Ellingham Second XI)
RA Dare (Hampshire)
S Dare (Hertfordshire Over-50s)
S Dare (Hurlingham)
S Dare (Millhillians)
S Dare (Romany)
SP Dare (Chorleywood)
W Dare (Royal Grammar School, Guildford)
W Dare (Warwickshire Mystics)
WA Dare (Mill Hill School)
WH Dare (Birmingham University)
WH Dare (Moseley Second XI)
WH Dare (Ashfield)
WH Dare (Sir Robert Peel's XI)
WH Dare (Old Edwardians Association)
WH Dare (Warwickshire Club and Ground)
HF Darell (Eton Ramblers, Green Jackets, Marylebone Cricket Club, Wiltshire)
JL Darell (Eton College)
LEHM Darell (Army College)
BR Darewski (Haileybury College, Public Schools)
BR Darewski (HT Bartlett's XI)
BR Darewski (Perambulators)
BR Darewski (RP Nelson's XI)
BR Darewski (BR Darewski's XI)
BR Darewski (Etceteras)
R Darffield (scorer)
N Darfield (Yeadon, Yeadon Second XI)
N Darfield (scorer)
R Darfield (scorer)
R Darfield (Yeadon Second XI)
A Dargan (Yarm, Yarm Second XI)
C Dargan (Aston Unity)
E Dargan (Bradshaw)
E Dargan (scorer)
T Dargavel (Glamorgan Colts)
Dargie (Glamorgan Club and Ground)
A Dargue (Pennine League)
S Dargue (Warkworth)
A Dariai (Gloucester AIW Sports)
Dark (Licensed Victuallers)
Dark (umpire)
Dark (King Edward's School Birmingham Second XI)
Dark (Marylebone Cricket Club)
Dark (umpire)
Dark (Middlesex Colts)
Dark (Players of the South)
A Dark (Penwortham, Penwortham Second XI, Penwortham Third XI)
A Dark (BAC-EE Preston)
BF Dark (Hampshire, Middlesex)
C Dark (umpire)
C Dark (Gloucestershire Women)
D Dark (Sidcup, Sidcup Second XI)
F Dark (Sidmouth, St George's Rifles, West Middlesex Rifles)
G Dark (umpire)
H Dark (Cornwall Under-17s Women)
J Dark (Westbury and District)
J Dark (Leeds Metropolitan University)
J Dark (Westbury)
J Dark (Burgess Hill)
j Dark (Worksop Second XI, Worksop Third XI)
J Dark (umpire)
JC Dark (King Edward's School Birmingham, King Edward's School Birmingham Second XI, Old Edwardians)
JC Dark (Old Blundellians)
JH Dark (Cambridge Town Club, Kent, Marylebone Cricket Club, Middlesex)
ME Dark (Haileybury and Imperial Service College)
N Dark (Dauntsey's School)
R Dark (umpire)
R Dark (Forest Amateurs)
R Dark (King Edward's School Birmingham)
S Dark (St John's Wood)
S Dark (Gosport Borough)
TA Dark (Dulwich College)
Darke (Asbury)
Darke (Reed's School)
G Darke (Devon Over-60s, Devon Over-60s Second XI)
G Darke (Shobrooke Park)
G Darke (Devon Dumplings)
I Darke (Surrey Over-60s Second XI)
J Darke (Worcestershire)
J Darke (Kidderminster)
J Darke (The Oratory School)
J Darke (Guildford)
J Darke (Market Rasen)
J Darke (Worksop Third XI)
J Darke (Blyth Second XI)
JEP Darke (Balcatta, Beckenham, Bracebridge Heath, Lincolnshire, Lincolnshire Development Squad, Lincolnshire Under-13s, Lincolnshire Under-15s, Lincolnshire Under-17s, Lincolnshire Under-19s, Louth, Oakham, Oakham School)
JW Darke (Gentlemen of Surrey)
K Darke (Yorkshire Under-15s Women)
K Darke (Lincolnshire Under-15s Women, Lincolnshire Under-17s Women, Lincolnshire Women)
MI Darke (Stowe School)
O Darke (Herefordshire Under-14s)
P Darke (Warwickshire Pilgrims)
PP Darke (All Saints' School, Bloxham)
R Darke (Oakham School)
R Darke (Bramshaw)
R Darke (Worcester Park)
RH Darke (Gentlemen of England)
S Darke (Market Rasen)
SB Darke (Stroud)
TA Darke (London County)
TA Darke (Dulwich)
TJS Darke (umpire)
W Darke (Reed's School)
HEV Darken (Gentlemen of Middlesex)
Darker (Gunnersbury Women)
Darker (CA Partridge's XI)
Darker (CA Partridge's XI)
Darker (M Scott-Bowden's XI)
Darker (ME Haddelsey's XI)
Darker (ME Haddelsey's XI)
K Darker (Women's Cricket Association)
P Darker (Derbyshire Grammar Schools)
Darkes (Worcester City)
J Darkes (Gentlemen of Worcestershire, Kidderminster, Worcestershire)
J Darkes (Stourbridge)
J Darkes (Worcester City)
Darkin (Seaforth Highlanders)
Darkin (Clayesmore School)
BD Darkin (Berkshire)
A Darkins (Beddington)
A Darkins (England Learning Disability XI)
A Darkins (South Normanton)
R Darkins (Foxton)
Darko (King's School, Canterbury)
GC Darks (Worcestershire)
J Darks (Worcestershire)
B Darleston (Attleborough)
Darley (Western)
Darley (Dartmouth Cadets)
B Darley (North Molton)
C Darley (Abingdon Vale)
CH Darley (Gentlemen of Cheshire, Gentlemen of Yorkshire)
CH Darley (Yorkshire Gentlemen)
CR Darley (Royal Military Academy Woolwich)
EH Darley (Gentlemen of Yorkshire)
EH Darley (Boughton Hall)
H Darley (AJ Bateman's XI)
HR Darley (Clifton College)
HR Darley (Royal Military College Sandhurst)
IW Darley (4th Royal Dragoon Guards)
J Darley (North Riding Women)
J Darley (Clifton College)
J Darley (Stone)
JWW Darley (Clifton College, Gentlemen of Yorkshire)
M Darley (Abingdon Vale)
N Darley (Selby Londesborough Invitation XI)
S Darley (Brighton College)
S Darley (Stonyhurst College)
WE Darley (St Edmund's School, Canterbury)
WK Darley (Clifton College)
EH Darlin (Cryptics)
Darling (The Stoics)
Darling (Metal Box Company)
Darling (Army Women)
Darling (Officer Cadets, Catterick)
Darling (Free Foresters)
A Darling (Raphael)
A Darling (Eton Ramblers)
AJ Darling (St Paul's School)
BM Darling (Durham County Juniors, Durham County Schoolboys)
C Darling (Buckinghamshire Women)
C Darling (Tynedale)
C Darling (Fillongley, Fillongley Second XI)
C Darling (Royal Marines)
C Darling (Alnwick)
D Darling (Northampton Saints)
DI Darling (BH Travers' XI)
EM Darling (Bloxwich)
EM Darling (Walsall Second XI)
G Darling (Cambridgeshire Under-13s, Cambridgeshire Under-14s, Cambridgeshire Under-15s)
G Darling (Sutton Valence School)
G Darling (Fordham)
G Darling (Fordham)
H Darling (Fordham)
HJ Darling (Sutton)
I Darling (Blyth)
IW Darling (Northumberland, Northumberland Cricket Association, Tynedale)
J Darling (RACS, RACS Second XI)
J Darling (Thruxton)
J Darling (Abingdon Vale)
JR Darling (Northern)
JS Darling (Tynedale)
JVW Darling (Durham City)
JVW Darling (Durham School)
KT Darling (Royal Fusiliers)
LG Darling (Stowe School)
M Darling (scorer)
M Darling (The Forty Club)
M Darling (St Edmund's College, Ware)
M Darling (Sutton Valence School)
MJ Darling (Sutton)
N Darling (Kimblesworth)
NJ Darling (Sutton)
OW Darling (Clifton College)
P Darling (Fillongley Second XI)
P Darling (Fillongley, Fillongley Second XI)
P Darling (Cublington)
R Darling (The Forty Club)
R Darling (Folkestone Women)
RA Darling (Northumberland, Tynedale)
RDM Darling (scorer)
RS Darling (Oxford University)
S Darling (Eton Ramblers)
S Darling (Royal Armoured Corps)
S Darling (Gedling Colliery)
T Darling (Cublington)
T Darling (Thruxton)
T Darling (Buckinghamshire Under-14s, Buckinghamshire Under-15s, Buckinghamshire Under-17s)
TA Darling (Woodbridge School)
TC Darling (Northumberland Juniors, Tynedale)
TM Darling (St Peter's School, York Second XI)
TM Darling (St Peter's School, York Second XI)
W Darling (Hightown)
W Darling (Ormskirk)
W Darling (Alnwick, North Northumberland)
WA Darling (Clifton College)
Darlington (Moseley)
Darlington (Bolton and District Cricket Association)
Darlington (Department of Employment)
Darlington (The King's School, Worcester)
Darlington (Wadham House School)
Darlington (Leigh Wednesday Second XI)
A Darlington (Redoubtables Women, Redoubtables Women Second XI)
A Darlington (umpire)
AP Darlington (Blackpool, Lancashire Cricket Association, Lancashire Cricket Federation Under-19s, Lancashire Second XI, Lancashire Under-25s, National Cricket Association Young Cricketers, Northern Cricket League, St Annes)
B Darlington (Derbyshire and Cheshire Cricket League Colts)
B Darlington (Mitchell's and Butler's Second XI)
CR Darlington (Rossall School)
CR Darlington (Wigan)
D Darlington (Rusholme Second XI)
G Darlington (Knockin)
G Darlington (Knockin and Kinnerley)
GC Darlington (Bowdon)
GS Darlington (Clifton College)
H Darlington (Oxton)
H Darlington (Broughton)
I Darlington (Derbyshire Premier League)
IJ Darlington (Derbyshire Cricket Board)
J Darlington (Derbyshire and Cheshire Cricket League Colts)
J Darlington (Mitchell's and Butler's)
J Darlington (The King's School, Worcester)
J Darlington (The King's School, Worcester)
J Darlington (King Edward VI School, Stratford-upon-Avon)
L Darlington (Dartford Fourth XI, Halls, Halls Second XI)
LJ Darlington (Olton)
M Darlington (scorer)
M Darlington (Oxton)
MR Darlington (Cheshire Under-13s Women, Cheshire Under-15s Women, Oakmere Women)
N Darlington (Lords and Commons)
P Darlington (Ockbrook and Borrowash, Ockbrook and Borrowash Second XI)
P Darlington (Kent Clubs Women, Kent Women, Kent Women Second XI)
P Darlington (Great Chart Women)
PT Darlington (Lichfield Clergy, Wolverhampton Grammar School)
S Darlington (Clifton Women Second XI, Derby Women, Derby Women Second XI, Ockbrook and Borrowash Women)
W Darlington (Tarvin)
Darlison (Hampton-in-Arden)
Darlison (Droitwich)
A Darlison (Nuneaton)
Darlow (Tamworth, Warwickshire Club and Ground)
Darlow (Shipston-on-Stour Colts)
Darlow (Kineton and District)
Darlow (Warwickshire Second XI)
A Darlow (Junior Diamonds, Wrenthorpe Women, Yorkshire Under-13s Women, Yorkshire Under-15s Women)
A Darlow (Ravensbourne)
A Darlow (Southill Park)
C Darlow (Ickwell)
D Darlow (umpire)
D Darlow (Hythe, Hythe Second XI)
D Darlow (Kidmore End)
D Darlow (Readingensians)
D Darlow (Kidmore End Second XI)
DH Darlow (Bedford Modern School)
G Darlow (Southill Park)
G Darlow (Ampthill Town, Bedfordshire Development XI, Bedfordshire Under-13s, Bedfordshire Under-14s, Bedfordshire Under-15s, Bedfordshire Under-17s)
G Darlow (Bedfordshire County Cricket League)
GD Darlow (Bedfordshire, Bedfordshire Colts, National Association of Young Cricketers South)
GD Darlow (scorer)
H Darlow (Ickwell)
H Darlow (Huyton)
HJ Darlow (London Scouts)
JF Darlow (Staffordshire)
JR Darlow (Tamworth, Tamworth and District League, Warwickshire Colts)
K Darlow (Loddington and Mawsley, Old)
M Darlow (Southill Park)
M Darlow (umpire)
M Darlow (scorer)
N Darlow (Rushden Town, Rushden Town Second XI)
S Darlow (Wisbech Town)
S Darlow (Wisbech Town Second XI)
W Darlow (Tamworth)
BL Darlton (New Brighton)
Darly (Hagley)
Darman (BCS Grosvenor Second XI)
AM Darman (Lansdown)
A Darmar (Indian Gymkhana)
A Darmody (Basingstoke and North Hampshire, Basingstoke and North Hampshire Fourth XI, Basingstoke and North Hampshire Second XI, Basingstoke and North Hampshire Third XI)
A Darmody (Hook and Newnham Basics Second XI, Hook and Newnham Basics Third XI)
AJ Darnall (Northamptonshire)
M Darnall (Kelly College)
J Darnborough (Dukinfield)
J Darnborough (Micklehurst)
A Darnbrook (Silsden)
AF Darnell (Norfolk)
AH Darnell (Pocklington School Second XI)
AJ Darnell (Northamptonshire)
D Darnell (Gloucestershire Second XI)
H Darnell (Combined Counties XI)
HC Darnell (Pocklington School, Pocklington School Second XI)
J Darnell (East Langton Grange)
J Darnell (Hartley Wintney Second XI)
N Darnell (Gentlemen, Oxford University)
N Darnell (Colston's School)
N Darnell (Hampshire Hogs)
O Darnell (Woodsetts Third XI)
R Darnell (Hertfordshire Under-15s Women)
R Darnell (Woodsetts Third XI)
W Darnell (Swallowfield)
W Darnell (Northamptonshire)
J Darnett (Mottisfont B)
B Darney (Totton and Eling Under-13s)
B Darney (Hedge End)
B Darney (scorer)
B Darney (Totton and Eling, Totton and Eling Second XI, Totton and Eling Under-17s)
AW Darnill (Durham University)
Earl of Darnley (Gentlemen of Kent)
Earl of Darnley (Gentlemen of Kent, Kent, Marylebone Cricket Club)
F Darnley (Clifton Cyclists Cricket Club)
G Darnley (Parley)
Darnton (Redcar)
A Darnton (Paultons, Paultons A, Paultons Second XI)
A Darnton (Old Tauntonians)
K Darnton (Hampshire Cricket League)
K Darnton (Road Sea)
K Darnton (Follands)
K Darnton (Netley Sports)
K Darnton (R Fry's XI)
M Darnton (Ashville College)
N Darnton (Stockton, Stockton-on-Tees)
T Darnton (Yorkshire)
T Darnton (Bedale)
T Darnton (Woolwich)
T Darnton (Hussars)
W Darnton (Stockton, Stockton-on-Tees)
NC Darnwalla (Indian Gymkhana)
Darpan (De Montfort University)
Darr (Gentlemen of Lincolnshire)
Darr (Upton Under-17s)
A Darr (Lowerhouse Third XI)
A Darr (Manningham Mills Second XI)
A Darr (Manningham Mills Second XI)
A Darr (Burnley Belvedere, Burnley Belvedere Second XI)
A Darr (Ghyll)
Amani Darr (Mobberley)
Atir Darr (Mobberley)
I Darr (Wanstead)
J Darr (Highway Second XI, Highway Third XI)
K Darr (Ilford Second XI)
M Darr (Hainault and Clayhall)
M Darr (Hainault and Clayhall Second XI)
R Darr (Great Horton)
T Darr (Burnley Belvedere)
T Darr (Ghyll, Ghyll Second XI)
Y Darr (Windsor Great Park)
Z Darr (Saltaire Second XI)
S Darracott (Merrow)
AG Darrah (Cambridge University)
NG Darrah (Cambridge University, Public Schools Wanderers, Wrekin College)
J Darraji (Stand)
JN Darrall (Southwell Clergy)
S Darrani (Totteridge Millhillians)
J Darraugh (Tring Park Second XI, Tring Park Third XI)
W Darraugh (Hertfordshire Under-14s, Hertfordshire Under-15s)
W Darraugh (Tring Park Second XI, Tring Park Third XI)
Darrel (Coventry Grammar School)
A Darrell (Ifield)
H Darrell (HM Martineau's XI)
L Darrell (Sneyd Colliery)
L Darrell (Beckenham, Beckenham Second XI)
L Darrell (Sydenham)
N Darrell (Holmesdale Second XI)
PG Darrell (FGH Chalk's XI)
R Darrell (Monkton Combe School)
Darren (Old Tauntonians and Romsey)
Darren (Manaton)
S Darren (Horsford)
Darrett (Barclays Bank (London Branch Managers Club))
AE Darrian (London County)
AJ Darrian (London County)
D Darriba (Old Leightonians)
D Darriba (Old Emanuel)
S Darrick (Roehampton)
Darrington (Midland Railway)
C Darrington (umpire)
M Darrington (Suffolk Under-13s, Suffolk Under-14s)
M Darrington (Papplewick and Linby Second XI, Papplewick and Linby Third XI)
M Darrington (Papplewick and Linby Third XI)
M Darrington (Thurgarton Second XI)
VG Darrington (Nottingham High School, Nottingham High School Second XI)
AJR Darroch (Bickley Park, Bickley Park Second XI, Marylebone Cricket Club)
AR Darroch (Wyllies)
D Darroch (scorer)
D Darroch (Bickley Park)
DG Darroch (Marylebone Cricket Club)
G Darroch (Bickley Park, Bickley Park Development XI, Bickley Park Second XI, Marylebone Cricket Club)
G Darroch (St Dunstan's College)
MH Darroch (Marlborough College)
X Darroch (Bickley Park, Bickley Park Second XI)
XPM Darroch (Marylebone Cricket Club)
MJA Darroch de Haldevang (Trinity College, Cambridge)
A Darrock (Sydenhurst Ramblers)
Darrwell (Ombersley)
Darry (Royal Army Medical Corps)
A Darry (Sevenoaks Vine Second XI)
A Darry (Knockers)
D Darry (Hertfordshire Young Amateurs)
E Darry (Knockers)
T Darryl (umpire)
D Darshanpriya (Wath)
Darshan Singh (AJ Sports)
Darshet (British Airways Second XI)
M Darshkine (Norland Place School)
C Darsley (Hertfordshire Colts)
G Darsley (Hertfordshire Colts)
N Darsloe (Somerset Stragglers)
BH Darson (Notts Amateurs)
Dart (St Edward's School, Oxford)
A Dart (King's College, Taunton, Old Aluredians)
A Dart (Hampton Wick Royal)
AT Dart (Somerset Second XI)
J Dart (Kempton)
J Dart (Heathcoat)
JFS Dart (Budleigh Salterton, Devon, Devon Under-13s, Devon Under-14s, Devon Under-15s, Devon Under-17s)
M Dart (Kempton)
MJ Dart (North Devon, North Devon, North Devon Second XI)
MJ Dart (South Devon)
P Dart (umpire)
R Dart (North Devon)
R Dart (Cornwood)
R Dart (Holmewood, Holmewood Second XI)
T Dart (Shobrooke Park)
T Dart (North Devon, North Devon Second XI)
N Dartfield (Yeadon Second XI)
Dartington (Millfield School)
Lord Dartmouth (Marylebone Cricket Club)
G Dartnall (National Hunt Jockeys)
N Dartnall (Barnstaple and Pilton)
V Dartnall (National Hunt Jockeys)
Dartnell (Metropolitan Police Women)
Dartnell (City of London Freemen's School)
A Dartnell (Ampfield and North Baddesley, Ampfield and North Baddesley Third XI, Hursley Park Fourth XI)
A Dartnell (The Forty Club)
J Dartnell (umpire)
PD Dartnell (Tonbridge School)
RW Dartnell (Cheshire)
RW Dartnell (Oxton)
S Dartnell (Urmston)
Darton (Royal Artillery)
A Darton (Paultons Second XI)
JW Darton (Hurstpierpoint College)
P Darton (Bedfordshire County Cricket League)
TH Darton (Bedfordshire, Royal Military Academy Woolwich, Woolwich)
Daruka (London University)
Daruky (Sale Moor)
BS Darvell (Kent)
BS Darvell (Bournville)
D Darvell (Redbourn)
D Darvell (Redbourn)
N Darvell (Knowl Hill)
R Darvell (Bracknell)
T Darvell (Knowl Hill)
R Darvesh (Old Brentwoods)
Darvi (Chiswick and Whitton Third XI)
Darvill (High Wycombe)
Darvill (Beaconsfield Women)
BM Darvill (Suffolk)
BP Darvill (Ernest Turner Sports Club)
M Darvill (Uxbridge)
P Darvill (The Forty Club)
R Darvill (Bexhill)
R Darvill (Chiltern Women)
RA Darvill (Buckinghamshire Women, Combined Universities Women, Midlands and North Women, The Rest, Women's Cricket Association)
WM Darvill (Trinity College, Stratford-upon-Avon)
A Darville (Wycombe Amateur Club)
B Darville (Wycombe Amateur Club)
C Darville (Orpheus Club)
G Darville (South Oxfordshire)
KJM Darville (City of London School)
M Darville (Cropredy)
PEM Darville (Bloxham School)
R Darville (Beaconsfield Women)
J Darwall-Smith (Old Wykehamists)
JA Darwall-Smith (Free Foresters, Oxford University)
JG Darwall-Smith (Trinity College, Oxford)
RFH Darwall Smith (NS Mitchell-Innes' XI)
RFH Darwall-Smith (Oxford University, Sussex)
Darwell (Ombersley)
AP Darwell (Northamptonshire)
CR Darwell (Sedbergh School)
C Darwen (Chester Boughton Hall Women)
D Darwen (Wyre Second XI)
P Darwen (Ealing)
D Darwent (umpire)
R Darwesh (East Essex)
Y Darwich (Alton, Alton Second XI, Alton Third XI)
Darwin (Walmley)
E Darwin (Kingston Grammar School)
F Darwin (Hallam, Yorkshire United)
F Darwin (Harrow Wanderers)
F Darwin (Trinity College, Cambridge Pensioners)
FEG Darwin (Middlesex Under-13s Women)
GA Darwin (Marylebone Cricket Club)
GR Darwin (Durham Second XI, Durham Under-19s, Durham Under-21s, Durham University, Kew, Northern Universities, Northern Universities Student Club Community Cricketers Elite, Nottinghamshire Second XI, Stockton, Welbeck Colliery)
J Darwin (Northumberland)
R Darwin (Harpenden, Harpenden Second XI, Marylebone Cricket Club)
RA Darwin (Harrow School)
RJA Darwin (Alberta, Army, Hampshire Second XI, Hong Kong, Public Schools, Radley College)
T Darwin (Gentlemen of Sheffield, Hornsea, Hunslet, Yorkshire United)
T Darwin (Sheffield Shrewsbury Club)
A Darwood (Five Ways Old Edwardians Third XI)
A Darwood (Beaumont College)
AC Darwood (Warwickshire Women)
CS Darwood (Beaumont College)
H Darwood (Five Ways Old Edwardians Women)
I Darwood (Hanging Heaton)
L Darwood (Five Ways Old Edwardians Women)
SC Darwood (Beaumont College)
K Daryanani (Incogniti)
R Daryanani (Incogniti)
Das (Mansfield and District Sunday League)
Das (Forest School)
A Das (Cumbria Under-13s, Cumbria Under-14s, Cumbria Under-15s)
A Das (Cumbria Under-17s)
A Das (Manningham Mills)
A Das (Honourable Artillery Company)
A Das (Perranarworthal)
A Das (Blackheath Wanderers City of London Second XI)
A Das (Chislehurst and West Kent, Chislehurst and West Kent Second XI)
A Das (Cotgrave Welfare)
B Das (Ekco Monarchs and Trojans)
B Das (Folkestone)
B Das (Romany)
B Das (High Halstow, High Halstow Second XI)
B Das (Hampstead)
D Das (Cambridge Granta, Cambridge Granta Second XI)
D Das (Luton Town)
D Das (Trojans)
J Das (Old Wilsonians Second XI)
J Das (Elland)
J Das (Wanstead and Snaresbrook Second XI)
JJ Das (Club Cricket Conference, Club Cricket Conference Under-25s, Essex Academy, Essex Development XI, Essex Second XI, Essex Under-12s, Essex Under-14s, Essex Under-15s, Essex Under-17s, Leeds/Bradford Marylebone Cricket Club University, Marylebone Cricket Club Universities, Times Tigers, Wanstead, Wanstead and Snaresbrook)
K Das (Horton House, Horton House Second XI)
K Das (Windsor Second XI)
K Das (scorer)
MR Das (Mill Hill School)
P Das (Old Elthamians Second XI)
P Das (umpire)
R Das (Scintilla)
R Das (United Services Portsmouth Third XI)
R Das (Abergele, Abergele Second XI)
S Das (Ekco Monarchs and Trojans)
S Das (Lloyds Bank)
S Das (Plymouth)
S Das (Newham)
S Das (Yorkshire Senior Schools Cricket Association)
S Das (Mortimer West End Second XI)
SSK Das (Cambridge University)
N Dasan (Eltham College)
S Dasanayake (Ley Hill)
C Dasanayore (Old Tiffinians)
N Dasandi (Bexley, Bexley Second XI, Club Cricket Conference, Kent Cricket League, Kent Second XI, Kent Under-21s, University of London)
N Dasandi (Streatham and Marlborough)
N Dasandi (Alleyn's School)
T Dasandi (Alleyn's School)
T Dasandi (Streatham and Marlborough)
A Dasarath (Halls)
G Dasarath (Dartford, Dartford Fourth XI, Dartford Second XI, Halls)
J Dasarath (Dartford, Dartford Fourth XI, Dartford Second XI, Halls)
S Dasari (Broadstairs)
Dasent (Marylebone Cricket Club)
DH Dasent (Old Bedfordians)
EH Dasent (Bedford Club and Ground)
EJH Dasent (Bedford School)
B Das Gupta (Essex Senior Schools, Essex Under-25s, Ilford)
D Dasgupta (Cambridge Granta Second XI)
D Dasgupta (Woodford Wells)
D Dasgupta (Marylebone Cricket Club)
D Dasgupta (University of London)
D Dasgupta (Woodford Wells Second XI)
G das Gupta (Bilton Buccaneers, Wolverhampton Grammar School)
K Das Gupta (Wavertree)
K Dasgupta (Winchester College)
M Dasgupta (South West Manchester, South West Manchester Second XI, South West Manchester Third XI)
N Dasgupta (Loughborough University Centre of Cricketing Excellence)
N Dasgupta (Lancashire Under-17s)
P Dasgupta (Preston Nomads)
R Dasgupta (Dorchester Casuals)
R Dasgupta (Dorset Rangers)
R Das Gupta (Dorchester Casuals)
S Dasgupta (Whalley Range Second XI, Whalley Range Third XI)
S Dasgupta (scorer)
S Dasgupta (Dorchester Casuals)
Z Dasgupta (scorer)
R Das Gusta (Hardye's School)
Dash (Old Elizabethans)
Dash (The Leys School)
A Dash (United Services Portsmouth Second XI)
D Dash (East Hertfordshire Cavaliers)
DB Dash (Stroud)
G Dash (Herefordshire Under-15s)
JT Dash (The Leys School)
MJ Dash (umpire)
MV Dash (Bristol University, Gloucestershire Second XI)
S Dash (Spondon, Spondon Second XI)
T Dash (The Forty Club)
T Dash (Sawbridgeworth)
T Dash (Sawbridgeworth)
TJG Dash (Cambridgeshire, Cambridgeshire Colts, Club Cricket Conference, Essex Second XI)
WL Dash (Leicester Ivanhoe)
A Dasharat (Burnham Third XI)
D Dashateau (Hayes Second XI)
ES Dashfield (Blackheath)
S Dashti (RACS, RACS Second XI)
A Dashwood (Private Banks)
AF Dashwood (Wellington College)
AJ Dashwood (Bradfield College)
AJ Dashwood (Musketeers)
C Dashwood (Butterflies)
CF Dashwood (Cranleigh School)
CL Dashwood (Bullingdon)
EA Dashwood (High Wycombe)
HG Dashwood (Gentlemen of Essex)
J Dashwood (Ryde)
JR Dashwood (St Edward's School, Oxford)
K Dashwood (West Kent)
L Dashwood (Forest School)
RP Dashwood (Marlborough College)
THK Dashwood (Hampshire, Oxford University)
THK Dashwood (Oxford University Authentics)
TJR Dashwood (BNC, Brasenose College, Oxford, Free Foresters, Frogs, Marylebone Cricket Club, Oxford University Authentics, Public Schools, Saugeen Old Boys, The Rest, Wellington College, Young Amateurs)
TJR Dashwood (PGT Kingsley's XI)
TJR Dashwood (TJR Dashwood's XI)
TJR Dashwood (DL Russell's XI)
da Silva (Old Hill)
A Dasilva (Derbyshire Friars)
AM da Silva (Derbyshire Second XI, Royal Air Force, Royal Air Force Under-25s)
DA da Silva (Leicestershire Club and Ground, Leicestershire Second XI, Leicestershire Under-25s)
E Da Silva (Moseley Ashfield Second XI)
E da Silva (Emeriti)
H Da Silva (Aldershot)
H Dasilva (Aldershot)
J Da Silva (East Grinstead)
K Dasilva (Cookham Dean Second XI)
M Dasilva (Lincolnshire Junior Women)
N Da Silva (Walsall Under-16s)
R Da Silva (umpire)
R Da Silva (Tadley Hobos)
S Da Silva (Marylebone Cricket Club)
T Da Silva (The Stage)
D Dasnak (Wolviston Second XI)
N Dason (Eltham College)
DA Dass (Bedfordshire)
J Dass (Durham Under-13s)
J Dass (Willington)
K Dass (Berkshire Under-16s, Berkshire Under-17s)
K Dass (Windsor, Windsor Second XI)
S Dass (Rainham Second XI)
S Dass (Devon League Overseas XI)
V Dass (West Bromwich Dartmouth Second XI)
G Dassanayake (Enfield)
I Dassanayake (Pinkneys Green)
H Dassani (Twickenham Fifth XI)
K Dassaur (Leamington Khalsa)
K Dassaur (Warwick Third XI)
K Dassaur (Leamington Khalsa Second XI)
ES Dassenaike (London County)
D Dassour (Warwick Second XI, Warwick Third XI)
A Dassrath (Dartford)
A Dassrath (umpire)
G Dassrath (Dartford Second XI)
J Dassrath (Dartford, Dartford Second XI)
J Dast (London University)
Dastur (Old Symondians)
F Dastur (Highgate School)
I Dasu (Whittingham and Goosnargh)
Dat (Mountsorrel Castle)
S Datar (Chingford Second XI)
A Date (London University)
AH Date (Carmarthenshire, Llanelli)
AH Date (Epsom College)
J Date (Epsom College)
M Date (Bearwood College)
M Date (Westminster School)
N Date (Durham Marylebone Cricket Club University)
R Date (Eastbourne College)
T Date (Seaford)
WA Date (Epsom College)
Dateman (Parham Park)
G Dates (Aldershot Second XI)
G Dates (Aldershot Third XI)
W Dates (The Forty Club)
J Dathan (Christleton)
EA D'A Thomas (Cheltenham College)
T Datnow (Surrey Under-13s)
M Daton (Old Simmarians)
T Datow (GV Palmer's XI)
A Datson (Kent Women, Kent Women Second XI)
B Datt (Oakham School)
S Datt (Stragglers of Asia)
S Datt (Maidenhead and Bray)
S Datt (Invalids)
S Datt (Stragglers of Asia)
SD Datt (Marylebone Cricket Club, Old Oakhamians, The Rest)
SD Datt (Marylebone Cricket Club, Oakham School)
R Datta (Tenterden, Tenterden Second XI)
S Datta (Emmbrook and Bearwood)
S Datta (Farnham Common, Farnham Common Second XI)
S Datta (Earley)
D Dattagupta (Kimbolton School)
A Dattani (Aztecs, St Albans, Stevenage)
G Dattani (Brentham, Middlesex Cricket Union)
G Dattani (Lords and Commons)
N Dattani (South Woodford, South Woodford, South Woodford Second XI)
ND Dattani (Middlesex Women)
P Dattani (scorer)
A Dattini (Byfleet)
MJ Datty (umpire)
Datway (Headley)
MA Daubar (Stamford School)
ES Daubeney (Gentlemen of Suffolk)
ET Daubeney (Oxford University)
GP Daubeney (Canford School)
HWB Daubeney (Oxford University)
JS Daubeney (JCR Reade's XI)
M Daubeney (Dorset Under-14s)
P Daubeney (Gentlemen of Hampshire)
TE Daubeney (Marlborough College)
Daubenny (Hampshire Rovers)
Daubeny (Folkestone)
Daubeny (Gentlemen of Dorset)
Daubeny (38th Regiment)
AJH Daubeny (12th Regiment, Bromsgrove School)
HJ Daubeny (Aldershot Division, Bromsgrove School, I Zingari, Shorncliffe Camp)
J Daubeny (East Dean and Friston)
JF Daubeny (18th Royal Irish Regiment)
M Daubeny (Beaumont College)
REJ Daubeny (Bromsgrove School)
Dauberry (Clifton)
G Daubney (Lindum)
PJH Daubney (Bradfield College)
Daud (Coombs Wood)
A Daud (scorer)
I Daud (Great Horton Second XI)
I Daud (Blackburn Northern)
I Daud (Blackburn Northern Second XI)
M Daud (Great Horton Second XI)
P Daud (Leicester Caribbeans)
P Daud (Sileby Town)
P Daud (Earl Shilton Town)
P Daud (Sileby Town Second XI)
R Daud (Hawks)
Daud Ahmed (Old Emanuel)
Daud Ahmed (Old Hill Third XI)
WD Dauding (Marylebone Cricket Club)
Daud Islam (Old Hill, Old Hill Second XI)
Daud Muhammad (Stretford Second XI)
A Daughters (Sibton Park Second XI)
A Daughtrey (Gloucester City Winget, Gloucestershire Under-13s, Gloucestershire Under-14s, Gloucestershire Under-15s)
GW Daughtry (Old Bedfordians)
Dauglish (Free Foresters)
AF Dauglish (Elstree, Harrow School)
AG Dauglish (Royal Artillery)
E Dauglish (Abbots Hill)
G Dauglish (Marylebone Cricket Club)
GV Dauglish (The Buffs)
JM Dauglish (Marylebone Cricket Club)
MG Dauglish (Marylebone Cricket Club)
MG Dauglish (Ashlyns)
MJ Dauglish (Middlesex, Oxford University)
MJ Dauglish (Bicester)
MJ Dauglish (Free Foresters)
MJ Dauglish (Prince Christian Victor's XI)
MJ Dauglish (Magdalen College, Oxford)
Daugnpolt (Sydenhurst Ramblers)
FC Daukes (Rev WF Witts' House)
SH Daukes (Lancing College)
SW Daukes (Cambridge University Long Vacation Club, Christ's College, Cambridge)
Daulat Khan (Edmonton)
ER Daulby (Wiltshire Under-13s Women)
G Daulman (Nuneaton)
R Daum (Beaminster)
R Daum (Dorset Rangers)
R Daun (Beaminster)
E Daunay (Household Brigade)
Dauncey (Portsmouth)
C Dauncey (Wells Cathedral School)
C D'auncey (Cutnall Green)
JG Dauncey (Glamorgan)
L Dauncey (I Zingari)
L Dauncey (Four Oaks Saints Women)
L Dauncey (Four Oaks Saints Fifth XI)
R Dauncey (Portsmouth Amateurs)
RG Dauncey (King Edward's School Birmingham)
A Daunt (Thoresby Park, Thoresby Park Second XI)
EDGE Daunt (Bedfordshire)
M Daunt (Blidworth Colliery Welfare Second XI)
Daunter (Bromsgrove School)
B Daunter (Lydney)
J Daunter (Bromsgrove School)
FE d'Auriol (Northumberland)
Dauson (Dartford BC XI)
M Dauwalder (Alderholt Second XI)
P Dauwalder (Alderholt Second XI)
E Dauwes (Dukesmead Women)
D Davadoss (Middlesex Tamils)
Davall (Borough of Twickenham)
A Davan-Wetton (Southborough)
W Davas (Dorset Rangers)
Davatard (Cheshire Women)
Davd (Chiswick and Whitton)
R Davda (Mill Hill School)
S Davda (Horseheath)
S Davda (Cambridge Granta Second XI)
C Davdra (Old Brentwoods)
Dave (Allens Cross Second XI)
Dave (scorer)
Dave (Sonning)
A Dave (Old Parkonians)
A Dave (Durham University)
A Dave (Middlesex Under-13s, Middlesex Under-14s)
A Dave (Lancing Rovers)
A Dave (Harrow St Mary's)
A Dave (St Crispin and Ryelands)
A Dave (Harrow St Mary's Second XI)
D Dave (Stoke Green)
H Dave (Hertfordshire Under-17s, Langleybury)
J Dave (Hampton School)
K Dave (Loughborough Town)
K Dave (Nottinghamshire Under-13s, Nottinghamshire Under-14s, Nottinghamshire Under-15s)
K Dave (South Woodham Ferrers)
K Dave (scorer)
K Dave (Kimberley Institute)
K Dave (Bicester and North Oxford)
K Dave (Electricity Sports)
K Dave (Kimberley Institute Second XI, Kimberley Institute Third XI)
L Dave (Burghley Park)
L Dave (DW Headley Invitation XI)
L Dave (scorer)
M Dave (Shepherds Bush)
M Dave (umpire)
M Dave (Cogenhoe)
N Dave (Club Cricket Conference Women)
P Dave (Electricity Sports)
S Dave (Sonning Fourth XI, Sonning Third XI)
T Davell (Herefordshire Under-13s, Herefordshire Under-14s)
P Davenage (The Forty Club)
Davenall (Old Edwardians Third XI)
J Davenall (North Mymms, North Mymms)
W Davenall (Old Edwardians Third XI)
Davencourt (Chenies and Latimer)
J Davenhall (North Mymms)
K Davenhill (Belhus)
RE Davenhill (Downside School)
Davenport (Aston)
Davenport (Langley)
Davenport (Simmons and Simmons)
Davenport (Warwickshire)
Davenport (Marylebone Cricket Club)
Davenport (Royal Army Service Corps)
Davenport (Old Meeting)
Davenport (Dover College)
Davenport (Old Cholmeleians)
Davenport (Netherton Second XI)
Davenport (All Saints' School, Bloxham Fourth Division)
Davenport (Borden Chemical)
Davenport (Chester Road Second XI)
Davenport (Suburban)
Davenport (Adastrians)
Davenport (3rd Border Regiment)
Davenport (Border Regiment)
Davenport (5th Border Regiment)
Davenport (Lord Shaftesbury's XI)
A Davenport (Gentlemen of Herefordshire)
A Davenport (Old Xaverians)
A Davenport (Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester)
A Davenport (Hinckley Town)
A Davenport (Blackheath Women)
A Davenport (Pilsley)
A Davenport (Midland Works and Business Houses Cricket League)
A Davenport (Abingdon School)
ABB Davenport (Alderley Edge)
AS Davenport (Private Banks)
B Davenport (Brook, Colchester Garrison, Gentlemen of Essex, Sydenhurst Ramblers)
B Davenport (Essex Police Veterans)
B Davenport (Harborne Third XI)
B Davenport (Household Brigade)
B Davenport (scorer)
B Davenport (Eton Ramblers)
C Davenport (Leicestershire Club and Ground)
C Davenport (Edgbaston Women)
C Davenport (Marylebone Cricket Club)
C Davenport (Taunton)
C Davenport (Christ College, Brecon)
C Davenport (Lynton and Lynmouth)
C Davenport (Sawbridgeworth)
CE Davenport (The King's School, Worcester)
CJ Davenport (Somerset Second XI)
CL Davenport (Private Banks)
CMP Davenport (Glamorgan Colts, Glamorgan Under-17s, Glamorgan Under-19s, Marylebone Cricket Club)
CMP Davenport (Marylebone Cricket Club)
D Davenport (Times Tigers)
D Davenport (Edgbaston)
D Davenport (Streatham and Marlborough)
DJ Davenport (Old Leightonians)
E Davenport (Oxford University, Southgate)
E Davenport (Shropshire)
E Davenport (Moseley Friends Institute)
E Davenport (Gentlemen of the Midland Counties)
E Davenport (Perambulators)
E Davenport (Uppingham Masters)
E Davenport (Deddington)
E Davenport (Petersfield Second XI, Petersfield Third XI)
EB Davenport (Cheshire Pilgrims)
EP Davenport (Cranleigh School)
F Davenport (Burton-on-Trent, South Derbyshire)
F Davenport (Leicester Belvoir United)
F Davenport (Ashbourne)
F Davenport (GJ Boissier's XI)
F Davenport (Burghley Park)
F Davenport (Timperley)
F Davenport (Ashley)
FC Davenport (Herefordshire)
FC Davenport (Coventry and North Warwickshire)
FW Davenport (University College, Oxford)
FW Davenport (Tenbury)
G Davenport (Marylebone Cricket Club)
G Davenport (umpire)
G Davenport (Marylebone Cricket Club)
George Davenport (Newbold Verdon)
Gilbert Davenport (Newbold Verdon)
GC Davenport (Oxfordshire, Wiltshire)
GH Davenport (Birmingham, Shropshire)
H Davenport (Gentlemen of Derbyshire, Jockeys, Nantwich, Shugborough)
H Davenport (Sheffield)
H Davenport (Market Drayton, North Staffordshire, North Staffordshire Hunt)
H Davenport (Christ Church, Oxford Second XI)
H Davenport (Bullingdon)
H Davenport (I Zingari)
H Davenport (Shropshire Women)
H Davenport (Staffordshire Hunt)
H Davenport (Eton Ramblers)
HA Davenport (Oundle School)
HF Davenport (Hurstpierpoint College)
HJ Davenport (Marylebone Cricket Club)
HJ Davenport (LJ Moon's XI)
HRB Davenport (Eton College)
HS Davenport (FSG Calthorpe's XI)
HT Davenport (Esher)
I Davenport (Bloxham School)
J Davenport (Wiltshire Club and Ground)
J Davenport (Bramhall)
J Davenport (Edgbaston)
J Davenport (Topcroft)
J Davenport (Repton School)
J Davenport (Marylebone Cricket Club)
J Davenport (Kenilworth Wardens Women)
J Davenport (Stockport)
J Davenport (Gateshead Fell)
J Davenport (Christ College, Brecon)
J Davenport (Hampshire Hogs)
J Davenport (Wireless Section, Royal Engineers)
J Davenport (Berkswell Women)
J Davenport (scorer)
J Davenport (Alderley Edge)
J Davenport (Stockport Grammar School)
J Davenport (Willenhall Second XI)
J Davenport (Griff and Coton)
J Davenport (M Tindall's XI)
JA Davenport (RA Bennett's XI, South Africa Army)
JD Davenport (Eton Ramblers)
JE Davenport (Ramsbottom)
JE Davenport (Hertfordshire, Malvern College)
JE Davenport (HJ Enthoven's XI)
JE Davenport (Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge)
JH Davenport (Birmingham)
JH Davenport (Lancing College)
JH Davenport (Belgrave)
JK Davenport (Cranleigh School)
JK Davenport (Harpenden)
JRP Davenport (Oxford University)
JRP Davenport (Marylebone Cricket Club)
JWH Davenport (Cheshire)
K Davenport (Burghley Park)
K Davenport (Lincolnshire Under-13s Women, Lincolnshire Under-15s Women)
KE Davenport (Cheshire)
KF Davenport (Felsted School)
KL Davenport (Guildford Women, Surrey Under-13s Women, Surrey Under-15s Women, Surrey Under-17s Women)
M Davenport (Cannock)
M Davenport (Netherton)
M Davenport (Old Hill Third XI)
MS Davenport (St Marylebone Civil Defence Services)
N Davenport (Kidderminster Victoria, Old Hill, Stourbridge, Worcestershire Cricket Board, Worcestershire Under-19s)
N Davenport (England Cricket Association for the Deaf, England Deaf)
N Davenport (Netherton)
N Davenport (Midlands Club Cricket Conference, Midlands Club Cricket Conference Under-23s)
N Davenport (Worcestershire Cricket Association, Worcestershire Cricket Association Under-19s)
N Davenport (Wallasey)
N Davenport (Corwen)
NJ Davenport (English Schools Cricket Association, Marylebone Cricket Club Schools)
NJ Davenport (King Edward VI College Stourbridge)
P Davenport (Newport)
P Davenport (Chiswick and Latymer Third XI)
P Davenport (Marlow Second XI)
P Davenport (Pendleton)
R Davenport (Shropshire Under-17s)
R Davenport (Newport)
R Davenport (Marylebone Cricket Club)
R Davenport (Old Cholmeleians)
R Davenport (Harborne, Harborne Second XI, Harborne Third XI)
R Davenport (Chenies and Latimer)
R Davenport (Marconi)
R Davenport (Didsbury)
R Davenport (Suffolk Young Amateurs)
R Davenport (Weoley Hill)
R Davenport (Sydenhurst Ramblers)
R Davenport (Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School, Blackburn)
R Davenport (Trentside)
R Davenport (Girton)
Richard Davenport (Bedworth)
Richard Davenport (Corley, Corley Second XI)
Robert Davenport (Bedworth, Corley)
RC Davenport (Mill Hill School)
RCS Davenport (St Edmund's School, Canterbury)
RJC Davenport (Leicestershire Club and Ground, Leicestershire Young Amateurs)
RPM Davenport (Marylebone Cricket Club)
S Davenport (Amport)
S Davenport (Faversham, Faversham Second XI)
S Davenport (Withnell Fold)
S Davenport (Nomads)
S Davenport (3rd Battalion, Durham Light Infantry)
Sam Davenport (Macknade Second XI)
Scott Davenport (Macknade, Macknade Second XI)
T Davenport (Christ College, Brecon)
T Davenport (Butterflies)
T Davenport (Kirkby Portland Second XI)
TJG Davenport (The Forty Club)
TJM Davenport (Hampshire Hogs)
TJP Davenport (Marylebone Cricket Club)
TM Davenport (Oxford City)
V Davenport (All Saints' School, Bloxham Second Division, All Saints' School, Bloxham Third Division)
W Davenport (Langley Green)
W Davenport (Gentlemen of Derbyshire)
W Davenport (Liphook and Ripsley)
W Davenport (Grove Park)
W Davenport (Lloyds Bank)
W Davenport (Langley)
W Davenport (Haslemere)
WB Davenport (Eton College)
WHB Davenport (Household Brigade)
WJ Davenport (Walsall Brotherhood)
LF Davenport-Palmer (umpire)
J Daver (Eastcote Second XI)
J Daverin (Old Oratorians)
SP Daverin (Middlesex Second XI, Middlesex Young Amateurs, The Oratory School)
D Dave Russell (Cadnam Third XI)
Daves (Bedford Modern School)
K Daves (scorer)
Davey (Worcester Nomads)
Davey (scorer)
Davey (Stafford)
Davey (Surrey)
Davey (Royal Air Force Strike Command)
Davey (Southampton Institute)
Davey (umpire)
Davey (Metropolitan Police)
Davey (Gloucestershire Under-14s)
Davey (Marylebone Cricket Club)
Davey (Downside Wanderers)
Davey (Malvern College Under-15s)
Davey (Liphook)
Davey (Purbrook Park County High School)
Davey (North East Essex Cricket Association Seniors)
Davey (East Anglia University)
Davey (Wood Green Sports)
Davey (West Ealing Women Colts)
Davey (Worcester Nomads)
Davey (Southern Cricket League Under-25s)
Davey (Royal Military Academy Sandhurst)
Davey (Old Wykehamists)
Davey (GV Palmer's XI)
Davey (St Lawrence)
Davey (Birmingham University)
Davey (Finchampstead Third XI)
Davey (Bancroft's School)
Davey (South Devon)
Davey (Southampton Cricket Association)
Davey (Royal Air Force)
Davey (Royal Army Pay Corps)
Davey (Highgate and Hampstead)
Davey (Gentlemen of Worcestershire)
Davey (Eton Ramblers)
Davey (Ampleforth College Second XI)
Davey (Rubery Mental Hospital)
Davey (Royal Air Force Ouston)
A Davey (Berkshire Under-13s)
A Davey (British Fire Service)
A Davey (Portsmouth Grammar School)
A Davey (Grampound Road)
A Davey (Ashbrittle Women)
A Davey (York University)
A Davey (Finchampstead Second XI)
A Davey (Nottingham University Old Boys)
A Davey (Old Bedfordians)
A Davey (The Forty Club)
A Davey (Colston's School)
AA Davey (Aldershot Services)
B Davey (Topcroft)
B Davey (Barrow)
B Davey (North Lancashire League)
C Davey (Fareham and Crofton)
C Davey (umpire)
C Davey (Motcombe House)
C Davey (Kent and Surrey Over-70s, Kent Over-60s, Kent Over-60s Second XI, Kent Over-70s, The Forty Club)
C Davey (Littlebourne Second XI)
C Davey (Addington Village Second XI)
C Davey (Fareham and Crofton Third XI)
C Davey (Langley)
C Davey (Fareham and Crofton Second XI)
C Davey (umpire)
C Davey (Fareham and Crofton Second XI)
C Davey (Arundel)
C Davey (Bashley (Rydal) Under-15s)
C Davey (scorer)
C Davey (Sou' Westers)
C Davey (Totton and Eling)
C Davey jun (Fareham and Crofton)
CF Davey (Somerset)
CF Davey (Grimsby)
CH Davey (Durham University)
CJ Davey (scorer)
CJ Davey (Hurstpierpoint College, Old Hurst Johnians)
CN Davey (Burley-in-Wharfedale)
D Davey (Kent Second XI)
D Davey (Bedminster)
D Davey (Odney)
D Davey (Royal Armoured Corps)
D Davey (scorer)
E Davey (South Hampstead)
E Davey (scorer)
E Davey (Langley Manor Third XI)
E Davey (St Edward's Martyrs)
E Davey (St Edward's School, Oxford)
E Davey (Lancashire Under-13s Women)
EJ Davey (Bushy Park)
F Davey (Bradford Cricket League)
F Davey (Hove)
F Davey (Lingfield)
F Davey (Royal Military College Sandhurst)
F Davey (Spring Hill School for the Deaf)
FC Davey (Epsom College)
FHR Davey (Durham University)
G Davey (Northumberland Second XI)
G Davey (Warwick University)
G Davey (Ashbrittle Women)
G Davey (Chislehurst and West Kent, Chislehurst and West Kent Second XI)
G Davey (Kings Heath Second XI)
G Davey (Wishaw Second XI)
G Davey (Oscott College)
G Davey (umpire)
G Davey (Bedminster)
G Davey (Durham University)
G Davey (Bledlow)
G Davey (Romany)
G Davey (Follands Second XI)
G Davey (Brighton Stragglers)
GH Davey (Universities Athletic Union)
GP Davey (St John's School, Leatherhead)
H Davey (Gentlemen of Cornwall)
H Davey (Midlands Fire Service)
H Davey (Tynedale)
HE Davey (Lewes Priory)
HS Davey (Middlesex Colts)
HW Davey (Shrewsbury School)
I Davey (Sheffield Collegiate Second XI)
I Davey (The Forty Club)
J Davey (Devon, Gloucestershire)
J Davey (Fulwood and Broughton, Fulwood and Broughton Second XI)
J Davey (Cambridgeshire Under-19s)
J Davey (March Town)
J Davey (Ipswich)
J Davey (Shepherds Bush)
J Davey (Sidmouth)
J Davey (Banstead)
J Davey (Browns)
J Davey (Weston-super-Mare)
J Davey (Purbrook School)
J Davey (Alderholt Second XI)
J Davey (Bickley Park)
J Davey (Knowle and Dorridge)
J Davey (Birlingham)
J Davey (Kirkstall Educational)
J Davey (Guiseley)
J Davey (Pool)
J Davey (Hadleigh)
J Davey (Bishops Lydeard)
J Davey (Cambridgeshire Colts)
J Davey (Colchester and East Essex)
J Davey (Clevedon)
J Davey (Reed's School)
J Davey (Bancroft's School)
J Davey (Belstone)
J Davey (Whiteparish)
J Davey (Higham Ferrers Town)
J Davey (Winchester)
J Davey (Alleyn's School)
J Davey (Bootle)
J Davey (Petrockstowe)
J Davey (Ellerslie Fourth XI, Ellerslie Third XI)
J Davey (scorer)
JB Davey (Kent Second XI)
JG Davey (Marylebone Cricket Club, Sussex)
JH Davey (Burley-in-Wharfedale)
JLA Davey (Ipswich School, Suffolk Young Amateurs)
JM Davey (Northern Command)
JPR Davey (Dorset, Dorset Second XI)
JW Davey (Gentlemen of Norfolk)
JW Davey (Portsmouth Grammar School)
K Davey (Grampound Road)
K Davey (Abberton and District)
K Davey (scorer)
K Davey (Holmesdale Second XI)
K Davey (Hampstead Under-21s)
L Davey (Hampshire Women)
L Davey (Sunderland)
L Davey (Brighton and Hove Women Second XI)
L Davey (Caldecote)
L Davey (Mumbles)
LA Davey (Carlton, Gidea Park and Romford)
M Davey (Durham University, Northumberland, Northumberland Second XI)
M Davey (Sibton Park, Sibton Park Second XI)
M Davey (Essex Second XI)
M Davey (South Weald)
M Davey (The Stoics)
M Davey (Colwall Women)
M Davey (Colwall)
M Davey (Pinkneys Green)
M Davey (umpire)
M Davey (umpire)
M Davey (Eye and District)
M Davey (Launceston)
M Davey (Backworth)
M Davey (Harvey Grammar School)
M Davey (The Forty Club)
M Davey (scorer)
M Davey (Luddington)
M Davey (Romany)
M Davey (Lenton and Willoughby Second XI)
N Davey (Bovey Tracey, Devon, Exeter, Gloucestershire Second XI, Hampshire Second XI, Herefordshire, Sandford, Somerset Second XI, Worcestershire Second XI)
N Davey (Bradninch)
N Davey (Lancaster)
N Davey (English Universities Midlands)
N Davey (Littlebourne Second XI)
N Davey (Club Cricket Conference)
N Davey (Kidderminster)
N Davey (scorer)
N Davey (Street)
N Davey (Thorverton)
N Davey (Hertfordshire Colts)
N Davey (Devon Cricket Association)
N Davey (Fiskerton)
NN Davey (umpire)
NW Davey (Hitchin)
O Davey (Herefordshire Under-13s, Herefordshire Under-17s, Herefordshire Under-21s)
O Davey (Colwall)
O Davey (Brockhampton)
OJ Davey (Bilton, Malvern College, Marylebone Cricket Club, Sunderland, Worcestershire County Cricket League Under-19s)
P Davey (Gloucestershire Second XI)
P Davey (British Police)
P Davey (Grampound Road)
P Davey (King Edward's School Witley)
P Davey (Kent Over-50s Second XI)
P Davey (Billing)
P Davey (Middleton)
P Davey (Radcliffe)
P Davey (Free Foresters)
P Davey (Podington, Podington Second XI)
P Davey (The Forty Club)
P Davey (Ellerslie, Ellerslie Fourth XI, Ellerslie Third XI)
P Davey (umpire)
PB Davey (The Oratory School)
PD Davey (City of London School)
PE Davey (Royal Navy)
PE Davey (Royal Marines)
PF Davey (Ampleforth College, Ampleforth College Second XI)
PJ Davey (Somerset)
PJ Davey (Camborne, Cornwall, Cornwall Under-17s)
PJ Davey (Cornwall)
PJ Davey (Queen's College, Taunton)
PJ Davey (RP Nelson's XI)
PJ Davey (Etceteras)
PM Davey (London University)
PW Davey (South Devon)
R Davey (Pontarddulais)
R Davey (Herefordshire Under-15s)
R Davey (Cornwall)
R Davey (Bristol and District Cricket Association)
R Davey (Lancing Rovers)
R Davey (Highgate)
R Davey (Portland Red Triangle Women)
R Davey (Yateley Women)
R davey (GE Hamble Second XI)
R Davey (Langley Mill United)
R Davey (Weybridge Vandals)
R Davey (Warminster)
R Davey (Caversham and Sonning Common)
R Davey (Trojans Third XI)
R Davey (The Forty Club)
R Davey (Kimberley Institute Fourth XI, Kimberley Institute Third XI)
RE Davey (R Blatherwick's XI)
REB Davey (Malvern College)
RH Davey (Sussex Martlets)
S Davey (Middleton)
S Davey (Orpington, Orpington Second XI)
S Davey (Dalton)
S Davey (Ashington)
S Davey (Wellington)
S Davey (Slaithwaite)
S Davey (Brighton Brunswick)
S Davey (Slaughters United)
SC Davey (Men O'Mendip)
SPE Davey (Leigh)
T Davey (Gloucestershire Second XI)
T Davey (Devon Over-50s)
T Davey (Suffolk Under-15s)
T Davey (Stow)
T Davey (Brentwood, Copdock and Old Ipswichian)
T Davey (Portland Red Triangle Women)
T Davey (Langley)
T Davey (Suffolk Under-14s, Suffolk Under-15s)
T Davey (Westbury)
T Davey (Warminster)
T Davey (Street)
T Davey (East Grinstead)
T Davey (Diss)
T Davey (Mobberley)
T Davey (Norfolk Under-17s)
T Davey (Ellerslie Fourth XI, Ellerslie Second XI, Ellerslie Third XI)
V Davey (N Atkin's XI)
V Davey (scorer)
V Davey (Ashmanhaugh and Barton Wanderers Women)
VA Davey (scorer)
W Davey (Lewes)
W Davey (Priory Park)
W Davey (RACS Second XI)
W Davey (Brighton Brunswick)
W Davey (Bledlow)
W Davey (Glamorgan and Wales Academy)
W Davey (FTK Wilson's XI)
WC Davey (Glamorgan Colts)
WH Davey (Harlequins, Harrow School)
WH Davey (Bristol YMCA)
WW Davey (Lewes Priory)
WW Davey (Lewes Priory)
C Daveyu (Fareham and Crofton)





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