England Players (H)


Hodgetts (Penn)
Hodgetts (Wolverhampton Second XI)
Hodgetts (Sheffield Royal Grammar School)
Hodgetts (The King's School, Worcester)
A Hodgetts (Bushy Park)
A Hodgetts (scorer)
C Hodgetts (Alvaston and Boulton, Derbyshire Second XI)
C Hodgetts (scorer)
C Hodgetts (Derbyshire Over-50s)
C Hodgetts (Bristol University)
C Hodgetts (Alvaston and Boulton Second XI)
CL Hodgetts (Free Foresters)
D Hodgetts (Worcestershire)
D Hodgetts (Dinton Second XI)
DA Hodgetts (umpire)
EW Hodgetts (Royal Artillery)
F Hodgetts (Bournville Third XI)
G Hodgetts (Old Vigornians)
H Hodgetts (Nettlefolds Smethwick)
H Hodgetts (Mitchell's and Butler's Second XI)
H Hodgetts (Worcestershire Under-16s, Worcestershire Under-17s)
J Hodgetts (Nottingham Women)
J Hodgetts (Astwood Bank)
L Hodgetts (Bromsgrove, Bromsgrove Second XI)
N Hodgetts (Old Vigornians)
N Hodgetts (Hallow)
O Hodgetts (Lewes St Michaels)
O Hodgetts (Cheadle)
P Hodgetts (Bournville)
S Hodgetts (Hallow)
T Hodgetts (Mansfield Hosiery Mills Second XI)
V Hodgetts (Old Hill Second XI)
W Hodgetts (Lewdown)
C Hodgins (Walsden)
CL Hodgins (umpire)
CW Hodgins (Mill Hill School)
J Hodgins (Free Foresters)
J Hodgins (Free Foresters)
L Hodgins (umpire)
L Hodgins (Hertfordshire Over-60s, Hertfordshire Over-60s Second XI)
L Hodgins (Hertfordshire Under-14s, Hertfordshire Under-15s)
NL Hodgins (Hemel Hempstead Town, Marylebone Cricket Club)
Hodginson (CA Partridge's XI)
N Hodgitt (Fordham)
Hodgkin (Hall Green Second XI)
Hodgkin (Wallington Women)
Hodgkin (Craven Gentlemen)
AJ Hodgkin (Leighton Park School Second XI)
AT Hodgkin (Huyton, Liverpool)
D Hodgkin (umpire)
D Hodgkin (Henfield)
D Hodgkin (Farnsfield Second XI)
HS Hodgkin (Boughton Hall)
J Hodgkin (Kent Women Second XI, Surrey Junior Women, Surrey Women, The Rest, Wallington Women)
J Hodgkin (Bass and Co (Burton))
J Hodgkin (Brighton and Hove Women)
J Hodgkin (umpire)
J Hodgkin (Wallington)
J Hodgkin (KDV Reichwald's XI)
J Hodgkin (Surrey Women, Surrey Women Second XI)
JG Hodgkin (Nottinghamshire Second XI)
M Hodgkin (Warwick, Warwick Second XI)
M Hodgkin (Farnsfield, Farnsfield Second XI)
M Hodgkin (Farnsfield Second XI)
D Hodgking (umpire)
Hodgkins (umpire)
Hodgkins (Southern Grammar School, Portsmouth)
Hodgkins (Old Nottinghamians)
A Hodgkins (Birkenhead Park, Connah's Quay, Lancashire Academy, Leigh, Northop Hall)
A Hodgkins (Sparkhill Second XI)
A Hodgkins (Burley Hospital)
A Hodgkins (Yardley)
AE Hodgkins (Cheltenham)
AE Hodgkins (Trent College)
AE Hogkins (Yardley)
AR Hodgkins (Nottinghamshire Second XI, Nottinghamshire Young Cricketers)
AR Hodgkins (Nottingham High School)
C Hodgkins (Cowley)
C Hodgkins (Club Cricket Conference Under-24s)
C Hodgkins (Walsden)
C Hodgkins (Hurstpierpoint College, Old Hurst Johnians)
CD Hodgkins (Marylebone Cricket Club)
D Hodgkins (Cowley)
E Hodgkins (Cowley)
F Hodgkins (umpire)
F Hodgkins (Oxfordshire)
F Hodgkins (Swindon)
FI Hodgkins (Dean Close School)
G Hodgkins (Nottinghamshire Cricket Association)
HJ Hodgkins (Trent College)
HJJ Hodgkins (Gloucestershire)
J Hodgkins (Beacon)
J Hodgkins (Old Elizabethans Third XI)
J Hodgkins (Free Foresters)
J Hodgkins (SM Plant's XI)
JP Hodgkins (Knighton, Leicester, Leicestershire Club and Ground, Leicestershire Second XI)
JS Hodgkins (Nottinghamshire)
JS Hodgkins (Notts Forest)
M Hodgkins (Oulton)
P Hodgkins (Cheltenham, Gloucestershire Second XI)
P Hodgkins (Cheltenham)
P Hodgkins (Cheltenham)
P Hodgkins (Dean Close School)
P Hodgkins (Royal Corps of Signals)
R Hodgkins (Woodhouses Second XI)
R Hodgkins (The Forty Club)
S Hodgkins (Attleborough)
TL Hodgkins (Trent College)
W Hodgkins (Oxfordshire)
W Hodgkins (Cowley)
Hodgkinson (Old Derbeians)
Hodgkinson (Retford)
Hodgkinson (Thorne)
Hodgkinson (Brookweald)
Hodgkinson (Burnley)
Hodgkinson (Women's Cricket Association)
Hodgkinson (Clitheroe)
Hodgkinson (Uppingham School Second XI)
Hodgkinson (Gunnersbury Women)
Hodgkinson (Command Depot, Heaton Park)
Hodgkinson (Smethwick)
Hodgkinson (North Leeds)
Hodgkinson (Metropolitan Police Cadet Corps)
Hodgkinson (CA Partridge's XI)
Hodgkinson (Derby School Second XI)
Hodgkinson (Portsmouth)
Hodgkinson (Sherborne School)
Hodgkinson (Ellesmere College)
Hodgkinson (Wolverhampton Grammar School)
A Hodgkinson (Staffordshire)
A Hodgkinson (Welbeck Colliery, Welbeck Colliery Second XI, Welbeck Colliery Third XI)
A Hodgkinson (Nottinghamshire)
A Hodgkinson (Notts Castle)
A Hodgkinson (Old Tauntonians Second XI)
A Hodgkinson (W Wright's XI)
A Hodgkinson (umpire)
A Hodgkinson (Sherwood Colliery, Sherwood Colliery Second XI)
A Hodgkinson (Dorset Rangers)
ARR Hodgkinson (Chorleywood)
AW Hodgkinson (Derby School)
B Hodgkinson (Derbyshire Club and Ground)
B Hodgkinson (Alrewas)
C Hodgkinson (Retford)
C Hodgkinson (2nd Battalion Highland Light Infantry)
C Hodgkinson (Lichfield City)
CN Hodgkinson (Uppingham Masters)
DA Hodgkinson (Brasenose College, Oxford, Devon, Devon Colts, Sherborne School)
DA Hodgkinson (North Devon)
DA Hodgkinson (Oxford University Authentics)
DA Hodgkinson (Sherborne Pilgrims)
E Hodgkinson (Sheffield Shrewsbury Club)
E Hodgkinson (New Brighton)
E Hodgkinson (Winnington Park Second XI)
E Hodgkinson (Boughton Hall)
E Hodgkinson (Timperley Second XI, Timperley Third XI)
EB Hodgkinson (Chorlton-cum-Hardy)
EW Hodgkinson (Sheffield)
F Hodgkinson (Huntingdonshire)
F Hodgkinson (Winnington Park)
F Hodgkinson (Winnington Park Second XI)
FL Hodgkinson (Barnt Green)
FT Hodgkinson (Nottingham High School)
G Hodgkinson (Staffordshire)
G Hodgkinson (Bracebridge Heath, Lincolnshire Under-15s)
G Hodgkinson (Sidmouth)
G Hodgkinson (Wolverhampton)
G Hodgkinson (Bidford-on-Avon)
G Hodgkinson (Northamptonshire Cricket Academy, Northamptonshire Under-17s, Oundle Town)
G Hodgkinson (Cranleigh School)
G Hodgkinson (Langley)
G Hodgkinson (Ambergate)
G Hodgkinson (Derby Congregational)
G Hodgkinson (Somerset Stragglers)
G Hodgkinson (Sutton Coldfield)
GC Hodgkinson (Clifton College)
GF Hodgkinson (Derbyshire)
GF Hodgkinson (Marylebone Cricket Club)
GF Hodgkinson (Derby School)
GH Hodgkinson (Oundle School)
GL Hodgkinson (Gentlemen, Marylebone Cricket Club, Middlesex, Oxford University)
GP Hodgkinson (Marylebone Cricket Club)
GS Hodgkinson (Radley College)
GW Hodgkinson (Somerset)
GW Hodgkinson (Somerset Stragglers)
GW Hodgkinson (Glencot)
H Hodgkinson (Werneth)
H Hodgkinson (Derbyshire Colts)
H Hodgkinson (Handsworth Wood)
HL Hodgkinson (Monkton Combe School)
HS Hodgkinson (Winnington Park, Winnington Park Second XI)
I Hodgkinson (Retford)
I Hodgkinson (Derby and District Cricket League)
I Hodgkinson (Colne)
J Hodgkinson (Derbyshire)
J Hodgkinson (Midlands Club Cricket Conference)
J Hodgkinson (Copdock and Old Ipswichian, Ipswich School, Suffolk Development Squad, Suffolk Under-13s, Suffolk Under-14s, Suffolk Under-15s, Suffolk Under-17s)
J Hodgkinson (Holbeck and District)
J Hodgkinson (Oundle Rovers, Oundle School)
J Hodgkinson (Burnley Third XI)
J Hodgkinson (Wigan)
J Hodgkinson (Manchester Police)
J Hodgkinson (Monkton Combe School)
J Hodgkinson (Burnley Grammar School Old Boys)
J Hodgkinson (Winnington Park)
J Hodgkinson (Nottingham High School)
JC Hodgkinson (Uppingham School)
JD Hodgkinson (Felsted School)
JF Hodgkinson (Winnington Park Second XI)
JFN Hodgkinson (Sherborne School)
JR Hodgkinson (Harrow School)
K Hodgkinson (Colne)
K Hodgkinson (scorer)
K Hodgkinson (umpire)
M Hodgkinson (Derbyshire Second XI, Derbyshire Under-25s)
M Hodgkinson (Daisy Hill)
M Hodgkinson (Horton House Second XI)
M Hodgkinson (Egham)
N Hodgkinson (Derbyshire Second XI)
NA Hodgkinson (Staffordshire, Staffordshire Second XI)
NH Hodgkinson (Warwickshire Second XI, Worcestershire Second XI)
NJ Hodgkinson (Cambridgeshire)
P Hodgkinson (V Straker's XI)
P Hodgkinson (South West Manchester)
P Hodgkinson (Downside School)
PA Hodgkinson (Sherborne School)
R Hodgkinson (Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Nottinghamshire Cricket Board)
R Hodgkinson (Newark)
R Hodgkinson (Sandiacre Town)
R Hodgkinson (Guildford)
R Hodgkinson (Central Derbyshire League)
R Hodgkinson (Nottinghamshire Premier Cricket League)
R Hodgkinson (Crown Taverners)
R Hodgkinson (England Under-17s)
R Hodgkinson (Gerrards Cross)
R Hodgkinson (umpire)
RG Hodgkinson (Derbyshire Club and Ground, Derbyshire Juniors, Derbyshire Second XI)
RH Hodgkinson (Chorleywood)
RL Hodgkinson (Chorleywood)
S Hodgkinson (Rawtenstall)
S Hodgkinson (Walsall, West Bromwich)
S Hodgkinson (Wolverhampton)
S Hodgkinson (Daisy Hill)
S Hodgkinson (Barrington)
S Hodgkinson (Spring View)
SD Hodgkinson (Stamford School)
T Hodgkinson (Christ's Hospital)
TB Hodgkinson (Rowditch)
TM Hodgkinson (Bedfordshire)
VA Hodgkinson (Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire Second XI)
VA Hodgkinson (Nottingham High School)
W Hodgkinson (Winnington Park, Winnington Park Second XI)
WD Hodgkinson (Repton School)
WS Hodgkinson (Trent College)
Hodgkiss (Stanmore)
Hodgkiss (Wednesbury Second XI)
Hodgkiss (Didsbury)
Hodgkiss (King's School, Bruton)
A Hodgkiss (Condover)
B Hodgkiss (Hornchurch)
F Hodgkiss (Handsworth Wood)
F Hodgkiss (Bolton)
F Hodgkiss (St Lawrence and Highland Court)
F Hodgkiss (Bolton and District Cricket Association)
F Hodgkiss (Netherton)
F Hodgkiss (umpire)
F Hodgkiss (The Forty Club Cinque Ports)
FH Hodgkiss (Hertfordshire, Lancashire Second XI)
FL Hodgkiss (Bolton School)
J Hodgkiss (Shepperton Women)
JH Hodgkiss (umpire)
JH Hodgkiss (Manchester)
K Hodgkiss (Westhoughton)
M Hodgkiss (Westhoughton)
MA Hodgkiss (Worcestershire Cricket Board)
O Hodgkiss (Nidderdale Amateur Cricket League)
R Hodgkiss (Rugeley)
R Hodgkiss (Lancashire Schools)
R Hodgkiss (Royal Air Force)
R Hodgkiss (Gloucestershire Over-60s Second XI)
RH Hodgkiss (Bedfordshire, Southill Park)
RJ Hodgkiss (Huntingdonshire, National Association of Young Cricketers, National Association of Young Cricketers North)
T Hodgkiss (Eppleton)
A Hodgkisson (Sawston)
A Hodgkisson (Sawston Second XI)
Hodgman (Earl of Winchilsea's XI)
O Hodgman (Harvey Grammar School)
KI Hodgsen (Cambridge University)
N Hodgskin (umpire)
Hodgson (Hampshire)
Hodgson (Warwickshire Club and Ground)
Hodgson (Coventry and North Warwickshire)
Hodgson (Easingwold)
Hodgson (Eton College)
Hodgson (Lydgate)
Hodgson (Northumberland Club)
Hodgson (Tettenhall College)
Hodgson (Wyggeston Grammar School)
Hodgson (Halifax Secondary School)
Hodgson (Manchester High School for Girls)
Hodgson (Oxford University (Winchester College and Westminster School))
Hodgson (umpire)
Hodgson (Free Foresters)
Hodgson (Harewood)
Hodgson (Ombersley)
Hodgson (Country or Neighbourhood)
Hodgson (York)
Hodgson (Old Wellingtonians)
Hodgson (Exton)
Hodgson (Gentlemen of Lincolnshire)
Hodgson (Marylebone Cricket Club)
Hodgson (Oundle School Under-16s)
Hodgson (Percy Main)
Hodgson (The Stoics)
Hodgson (Zodiac)
Hodgson (Bickley)
Hodgson (Droitwich)
Hodgson (Worcester Nomads)
Hodgson (Loughborough University)
Hodgson (Oxford University Authentics)
Hodgson (umpire)
Hodgson (Cheshire Second XI)
Hodgson (Tettenhall College)
Hodgson (Durham University)
Hodgson (Bootham School)
Hodgson (Derbyshire Friars)
Hodgson (Clifton)
Hodgson (Bolton Co-op)
Hodgson (TH Hobson's XI)
Hodgson (Sherborne)
Hodgson (Bishopwearmouth)
Hodgson (New Brighton)
Hodgson (Wiltshire Queries)
Hodgson (Wiltshire Under-19s)
Hodgson (Sedbergh School)
A Hodgson (Northamptonshire)
A Hodgson (Weston-super-Mare)
A Hodgson (umpire)
A Hodgson (Cumberland)
A Hodgson (Bath)
A Hodgson (Morpeth)
A Hodgson (Cumbria Under-13s, Cumbria Under-14s, Cumbria Under-15s)
A Hodgson (Alnwick)
A Hodgson (Durham, Durham Amateurs, Durham Colts)
A Hodgson (Cheshire Under-15s, Cheshire Under-17s)
A Hodgson (Hampshire Second XI)
A Hodgson (Todmorden)
A Hodgson (North Riding Women)
A Hodgson (Wisbech Town)
A Hodgson (Weybridge)
A Hodgson (Staveley Welfare)
A Hodgson (Macclesfield)
A Hodgson (Gloucestershire Under-15s Women)
A Hodgson (Gentlemen of West Sussex)
A Hodgson (Civil Service Women)
A Hodgson (Cornwall Under-17s, Cornwall Under-19s)
A Hodgson (Denby)
A Hodgson (PE Lord's XI)
A Hodgson (Whitwell)
A Hodgson (Northamptonshire County Colts)
A Hodgson (R Hodgson's Beverley XI)
A Hodgson (Beverley)
A Hodgson (Old Peterites)
A Hodgson (Durham Under-14s, Durham Under-15s)
A Hodgson (Coopersale)
A Hodgson (Surrey Cricket League)
A Hodgson (Wisbech Grammar School)
A Hodgson (Lulworth Castle)
A Hodgson (Dorset Rangers)
A Hodgson (Millfield School)
A Hodgson (Pocklington School Second XI)
ABL Hodgson (umpire)
AF Hodgson (New Brighton)
AF Hodgson (New Brighton)
AF Hodgson (The Forty Club)
AH Hodgson (Gentlemen of Worcestershire)
AH Hodgson (South Hampshire)
AH Hodgson (Cumberland)
AJ Hodgson (Cornwall, Cornwall Under-21s, Werrington)
AJ Hodgson (St Dunstan's College)
AM Hodgson (St Luke's)
AP Hodgson (The Millers, Woodford Wells)
AP Hodgson (Hornsey Schools)
AS Hodgson (Sussex Second XI)
AS Hodgson (Sherborne)
AT Hodgson (Shrewsbury School)
AT Hodgson (CF Tufnell's XI)
AT Hodgson (Derbyshire Friars)
B Hodgson (Glamorgan Second XI, Yorkshire Second XI, Yorkshire Under-25s)
B Hodgson (Stockton)
B Hodgson (Yorkshire Over-60s)
B Hodgson (Easton and Martyr Worthy)
B Hodgson (Pennine League)
B Hodgson (Bradford Cricket League)
B Hodgson (Wisbech Grammar School)
Ben Hodgson (Redcar)
Ben Hodgson (Redcar Second XI)
Billy Hodgson (Redcar)
Billy Hodgson (Redcar Second XI)
BJ Hodgson (Eton Ramblers, Royal Armoured Corps, Sandhurst Wanderers)
BS Hodgson (WH Grenfell's XI)
BT Hodgson (Eton College)
C Hodgson (Sandwich Town, Sandwich Town Second XI)
C Hodgson (Cumbria Under-15s, Cumbria Under-17s)
C Hodgson (Universities Athletic Union)
C Hodgson (Yorkshire Over-60s, Yorkshire Under-13s)
C Hodgson (Spen Victoria, Spen Victoria Second XI)
C Hodgson (Kent Women Second XI)
C Hodgson (Law Society)
C Hodgson (Hull)
C Hodgson (Cockermouth)
C Hodgson (Hymers College, Hull)
C Hodgson (Willington)
C Hodgson (Club Cricket Conference)
C Hodgson (Blackburn Clergy)
C Hodgson (Scarborough)
C Hodgson (Burnley Belvedere)
C Hodgson (Clifton)
CAC Hodgson (Hurstpierpoint College, Sussex Martlets)
CB Hodgson (All Saints' School, Bloxham)
CC Hodgson (Northern Command)
CD Hodgson (Winchester College)
CD Hodgson (St Bede's School, Sussex Academy, Sussex Development XI, Sussex Under-14s, Sussex Under-15s, Sussex Under-16s, Sussex Under-17s)
CD Hodgson (Hightown)
CE Hodgson (North Riding Asylum)
CF Hodgson (King's School, Canterbury)
CF Hodgson (Gentlemen of Hertfordshire)
CG Hodgson (Carshalton)
CGL Hodgson (Harrow School)
CH Hodgson (Harrow School, Oxford University)
CH Hodgson (Dorset, Gentlemen of Dorset)
CH Hodgson (Boughton Hall)
CJ Hodgson (Cumberland)
CJW Hodgson (Christ's Hospital)
CL Hodgson (Cheltenham College, Nottinghamshire Colts, Notts Castle)
CM Hodgson (Whitgift Grammar School)
CP Hodgson (scorer)
CP Hodgson (Seaford College)
CPR Hodgson (Berkshire, Durham University, English Schools Cricket Association, Essex Second XI, Marylebone Cricket Club, Marylebone Cricket Club Schools, National Association of Young Cricketers, Old Wellingtonians, Surrey Second XI, Surrey Young Cricketers, Weybridge)
CS Hodgson (Eton Ramblers)
CV Hodgson (Bloxham School)
CW Hodgson (Marylebone Cricket Club)
D Hodgson (Ramsbottom)
D Hodgson (Northamptonshire Over-50s, Northamptonshire Over-60s)
D Hodgson (Birkenhead Park, Birkenhead Park Second XI)
D Hodgson (Woodford Wells)
D Hodgson (Universities Athletic Union)
D Hodgson (Old Colfeians Second XI)
D Hodgson (MW Alleyne's XI)
D Hodgson (Holcot Arcadians)
D Hodgson (Southport Trinity)
D Hodgson (Sutton)
D Hodgson (Northern Universities)
D Hodgson (Tynemouth)
D Hodgson (Normanby Hall)
D Hodgson (Farsley)
D Hodgson (Northop Hall)
DF Hodgson (Quidnuncs)
DG Hodgson (English Schools Cricket Association North)
DM Hodgson (Derbyshire, Leeds/Bradford Marylebone Cricket Club University, Mountaineers, Yorkshire)
DR Hodgson (Sedbergh School)
DU Hodgson (St Bees School)
DW Hodgson (Durham)
E Hodgson (Nottinghamshire Under-13s, Nottinghamshire Under-14s, Nottinghamshire Under-15s, Nottinghamshire Under-17s)
E Hodgson (Cumbria Under-13s Women)
E Hodgson (Plumtree)
E Hodgson (Old Peterites)
E Hodgson (R Hodgson's Beverley XI)
E Hodgson (Beverley)
E Hodgson (Hornsea)
E Hodgson (Shopwyke Strollers)
E Hodgson (Radcliffe-on-Trent)
E Hodgson (The Gauchos)
EF Hodgson (Cambridge University)
EH Hodgson (Radley College)
EL Hodgson (Westminster School)
ET Hodgson (Eton College, Public Schools)
EV Hodgson (Bordon Camp)
F Hodgson (St Luke's)
F Hodgson (Eton College)
F Hodgson (Oundle School)
F Hodgson (Romany)
F Hodgson (Leeds Grammar School)
F Hodgson (Hampshire Hogs)
F Hodgson (St Olave's School, York)
F Hodgson (St Olave's School, York)
FA Hodgson (Oundle Rovers)
FD Hodgson (Beddington Park)
FH Hodgson (Cambridge University Long Vacation Club, Gentlemen of Warwickshire)
FH Hodgson (Sedbergh School)
FW Hodgson (Marlborough College, West Kent)
G Hodgson (Lancashire, Yorkshire)
G Hodgson (Lancashire)
G Hodgson (Driffield Town)
G Hodgson (Droitwich Spa)
G Hodgson (Durham, Durham Colts)
G Hodgson (Kirkheaton)
G Hodgson (York)
G Hodgson (North Yorkshire Schools Cricket Association)
G Hodgson (Tettenhall College)
G Hodgson (Nelson)
G Hodgson (Harewood)
G Hodgson (HA Brassey's XI)
G Hodgson (Preston Hall)
G Hodgson (Marylebone Cricket Club)
G Hodgson (York)
G Hodgson (scorer)
G Hodgson (Kirkheaton, Lepton Highlanders)
G Hodgson (East Lancashire)
G Hodgson (Burnley)
G Hodgson (Durham Coast Cricket League Under-16s)
GA Hodgson (Marlborough College, Marylebone Cricket Club, Staffordshire)
GA Hodgson (Pocklington School)
GD Hodgson (Cumberland, Gloucestershire, Warwickshire)
GD Hodgson (Aldenham School, Hertfordshire)
GD Hodgson (English Schools Cricket Association)
GF Hodgson (Gentlemen of Herefordshire)
GH Hodgson (Gentlemen of Kent)
GH Hodgson (Whitgift Grammar School)
GL Hodgson (Cheetham Hill)
GM Hodgson (Marylebone Cricket Club)
GM Hodgson (Craven Gentlemen)
GMT Hodgson (Winchester College)
GPC Hodgson (Oakham School, Old Oakhamians)
GR Hodgson (Cumberland Senior Cricket League)
H Hodgson (Carlisle, Cumberland)
H Hodgson (Bacup)
H Hodgson (Gentlemen of Yorkshire)
H Hodgson (Lowerhouse)
H Hodgson (Burnley)
H Hodgson (Sandhurst Wanderers)
H Hodgson (Oakham)
H Hodgson (Durham County Cricket League)
H Hodgson (Escrick Park)
H Hodgson (Bolton Co-op)
H Hodgson (Hutton)
H Hodgson (The Forty Club)
HA Hodgson (Cambridge University Next XVI, Clergy, East Hertfordshire, Gentlemen of Hertfordshire, Haileybury College, Hertfordshire)
HC Hodgson (Lancing College)
HC Hodgson (Pocklington School)
HD Hodgson (Marylebone Cricket Club)
HE Hodgson (Leeds Grammar School)
HH Hodgson (Old Derbeians)
HR Hodgson (Birkenhead Park)
HS Hodgson (Notts Castle)
HW Hodgson (Minor Counties)
HW Hodgson (London Hospital)
HW Hodgson (Balliol College, Oxford, Westminster School)
HW Hodgson (Gentlemen of Mid-Kent)
HW Hodgson (Birkenhead Park)
HW Hodgson (EC Hornby's XI)
HW Hodgson (Bootle)
HW Hodgson (Liverpool)
HW Hodgson
HW Hodgson (Clifton)
HW Hodgson (TH Hobson's XI)
I Hodgson (Yorkshire, Yorkshire)
I Hodgson (National Association of Young Cricketers South, Warwickshire Second XI)
I Hodgson (Leeds, Bradford and York)
I Hodgson (Langton Wold)
I Hodgson (Perambulators)
I Hodgson (Hillingdon)
I Hodgson (Seaton Carew)
I Hodgson (Lavinia, Duchess of Norfolk's XI)
I Hodgson (Thames Valley Cricket League)
I Hodgson (Hillingdon Manor, Hillingdon Manor Second XI)
I Hodgson (Rishton Third XI)
I Hodgson (Oundle Town)
IHG Hodgson (Oxton)
J Hodgson (Berkshire, Kent Cricket Board)
J Hodgson (umpire)
J Hodgson (umpire)
J Hodgson (Yorkshire Second XI)
J Hodgson (Altofts)
J Hodgson (Hull and YPI)
J Hodgson (Bishop Auckland and District)
J Hodgson (Warwickshire Young Amateurs)
J Hodgson (Wanstead)
J Hodgson (Church)
J Hodgson (Tettenhall College)
J Hodgson (New Brighton)
J Hodgson (OR Borradaile's XI)
J Hodgson (Northumberland Club)
J Hodgson (Benfleet)
J Hodgson (Gentlemen of West Sussex)
J Hodgson (Thirsk)
J Hodgson (York)
J Hodgson (Odiham and Greywell)
J Hodgson (The King's School, Worcester, The King's School, Worcester Under-15s)
J Hodgson (West Chiltington and Thakeham)
J Hodgson (Cumbria Under-15s, Cumbria Under-17s)
J Hodgson (Old Edwardians)
J Hodgson (Cumberland)
J Hodgson (Maltby)
J Hodgson (Keswick)
J Hodgson (Northop Hall)
J Hodgson (Duke of Norfolk's XI)
J Hodgson (Thornaby)
J Hodgson (The Oratory School)
J Hodgson (Clifton)
J Hodgson (Tyneside Senior Cricket League)
J Hodgson (Royal Artillery)
J Hodgson (Edenfield Second XI)
J Hodgson (Thornaby Second XI)
J Hodgson (Maltby Second XI)
J Hodgson (Newton Aycliffe Second XI)
J Hodgson (Free Foresters)
J Hodgson (Marylebone Cricket Club)
J Hodgson (Welney Croft)
J Hodgson (J Douglass' XI)
JA Hodgson (scorer)
JB Hodgson (Durham, Durham Colts, Durham County Juniors)
JB Hodgson (Roysse's School, Abingdon, Roysse's School, Abingdon Second XI)
JF Hodgson (Jesters)
JG Hodgson (Alnwick, Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland Club, Tonbridge School)
JH Hodgson (Marylebone Cricket Club, Upper Tooting, Wadham College, Oxford)
JK Hodgson (Craven Gentlemen)
JP Hodgson (Birkenhead Park, Cheshire, Neston)
JP Hodgson (Oxton)
JPC Hodgson (Oakham School)
JR Hodgson (Kingswood School)
JR Hodgson (Cumberland Senior Cricket League)
JS Hodgson (Cambridge University)
JS Hodgson (Leeds Grammar School)
JT Hodgson (Charterhouse School)
JTH Hodgson (Forest School)
JW Hodgson (Gentlemen of Cumberland)
K Hodgson (The Forty Club)
KI Hodgson (Buckinghamshire, Cambridge University)
L Hodgson (Totteridge Millhillians)
L Hodgson (Ashton-under-Lyne)
L Hodgson (Barnoldswick)
L Hodgson (Ramsbottom)
L Hodgson (St Andrews (Burgess Hill))
L Hodgson (Quatt Women Second XI, Shropshire Under-13s Women)
L Hodgson (Rishton Third XI)
L Hodgson (scorer)
L Hodgson (Barnoldswick Second XI)
LH Hodgson (Radley College)
LJ Hodgson (Surrey, Yorkshire)
M Hodgson (Richmondshire)
M Hodgson (Tettenhall College)
M Hodgson (Oundle Town, Oundle Town Second XI)
M Hodgson (Noak Hill Taverners)
M Hodgson (Todmorden)
M Hodgson (Marylebone Cricket Club)
M Hodgson (Fulbourn Institute Sports and Social Club)
M Hodgson (Kirkstall Educational)
M Hodgson (Kirkstall)
M Hodgson (Radley Rangers)
M Hodgson (Northop Hall)
M Hodgson (Michael Bourne Stragglers)
M Hodgson (Escrick Park Under-16s Invitation XI)
M Hodgson (Dorset Rangers)
M Hodgson (Barlaston)
MCK Hodgson (Club Cricket Conference Under-25s, Marylebone Cricket Club, Old Wellingtonians, Surrey Second XI, Surrey Young Cricketers)
ME Hodgson (Radley Rangers)
MJ Hodgson (Hightown)
MO Hodgson (Werrington)
N Hodgson (Lowerhouse)
N Hodgson (Hampshire Under-17s)
N Hodgson (Havant Second XI, Havant Third XI)
N Hodgson (Tettenhall College)
N Hodgson (Daisy Hill)
N Hodgson (The Millers)
N Hodgson (Tewkesbury)
N Hodgson (Folkestone)
N Hodgson (Cheetham Hill)
N Hodgson (The Forty Club)
N Hodgson (Burnley Belvedere)
NA Hodgson (Cryptics)
O Hodgson (Bradford)
P Hodgson (Yorkshire)
P Hodgson (Northamptonshire Second XI)
P Hodgson (Hull and YPI)
P Hodgson (Marylebone Cricket Club Young Cricketers)
P Hodgson (Devon Under-17s Women)
P Hodgson (Northop Hall)
P Hodgson (Tewkesbury)
P Hodgson (Gentlemen)
P Hodgson (New Brighton Second XI)
P Hodgson (Woodford Wells)
P Hodgson (The Forty Club)
P Hodgson (Odiham and Greywell)
P Hodgson (Hull)
P Hodgson (Southport Trinity)
P Hodgson (Merseyside Cricket Competition)
P Hodgson (Essex Young Amateurs)
P Hodgson (Beverley)
P Hodgson (Hale Barns)
P Hodgson (East Yorkshire Cricket Alliance)
P Hodgson (Hampshire Hoggets)
PN Hodgson (Cornwall)
R Hodgson (Ramsbottom)
R Hodgson (Durham Under-15s)
R Hodgson (Tudhoe, Willington)
R Hodgson (Ilkley)
R Hodgson (Haslingden)
R Hodgson (Bournemouth)
R Hodgson (Wokingham)
R Hodgson (King's School, Canterbury)
R Hodgson (Babraham)
R Hodgson (Bedale)
R Hodgson (Sevenoaks Vine Fourth XI, Sevenoaks Vine Second XI)
R Hodgson (Seaton Carew)
R Hodgson (Kirkham and Wesham)
R Hodgson (Sawston)
R Hodgson (Havant)
R Hodgson (Wheathampstead)
R Hodgson (Southern Premier Cricket League)
R Hodgson (Berwick and District)
R Hodgson (Moneyfields)
R Hodgson (Heaton Mersey)
R Hodgson (R Hodgson's Beverley XI)
R Hodgson (Hornsea)
R Hodgson (Grimsby Town, Grimsby Town Third XI)
R Hodgson (AS Wardroper's XI)
R Hodgson (Seaton Carew Second XI)
R Hodgson (Kirkham and Wesham Second XI)
R Hodgson (Tillside)
R Hodgson (Welney Croft)
R Hodgson (Windsor Fourth XI, Windsor Third XI)
RC Hodgson (Old Oakhamians)
RD Hodgson (University College, Oxford)
RD Hodgson (Radley College)
RE Hodgson (Sherborne School)
RE Hodgson (Oakham School)
RG Hodgson (Kent)
RH Hodgson (Cumberland, Durham)
RJ Hodgson (English Schools Cricket Association)
RL Hodgson (Suffolk)
RM Hodgson (Trinity College, Oxford)
RM Hodgson (St Peter's School, York)
RV Hodgson (Leeds Grammar School)
S Hodgson (Bracebridge Heath)
S Hodgson (Havant Second XI)
S Hodgson (Cumbria Under-15s Women)
S Hodgson (Moseley Second XI)
S Hodgson (Chignal, Old Southendian and Southchurch)
S Hodgson (Chester Boughton Hall)
S Hodgson (Esher)
S Hodgson (Cumbria Under-21s)
S Hodgson (West Chiltington and Thakeham)
S Hodgson (Daisy Hill)
S Hodgson (Clifton)
S Hodgson (Cumbria Over-50s)
S Hodgson (Buccaneers)
S Hodgson (King's School, Canterbury)
S Hodgson (scorer)
S Hodgson (Wiltshire Under-19s)
SPC Hodgson (Old Oakhamians)
SV Hodgson (Sir AD McAlpine's XI)
T Hodgson (Crewe)
T Hodgson (Wanstead)
T Hodgson (Blackheath Wanderers)
T Hodgson (North Maidenhead)
T Hodgson (Bradford)
T Hodgson (Shopwyke Strollers)
T Hodgson (Yarm)
T Hodgson (Normanby Hall)
T Hodgson (Clifton)
T Hodgson (South Nutfield)
T Hodgson (The Forty Club)
T Hodgson (King Edward's School Witley)
T Hodgson (Farsley)
TE Hodgson (Bickley Park)
TEP Hodgson (Leicester Ivanhoe)
TF Hodgson (Marylebone Cricket Club)
TH Hodgson (Bradford)
THS Hodgson (Eton College, Marylebone Cricket Club)
TJ Hodgson (Darlington, Durham Academy, Durham Second XI, Durham Under-15s, Durham Under-17s, Marylebone Cricket Club, Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire and South Durham Cricket League, Richmondshire)
TN Hodgson (Bristol University)
TP Hodgson (British Universities, Essex, Surrey Cricket Board)
TT Hodgson (University College, Oxford)
W Hodgson (scorer)
W Hodgson (scorer)
W Hodgson (Cheshire Under-13s, Cheshire Under-14s, Cheshire Under-15s, Cheshire Under-17s)
W Hodgson (Alne)
W Hodgson (Nelson)
W Hodgson (Old Colfeians Second XI)
W Hodgson (Redcar)
W Hodgson (Macclesfield)
W Hodgson (Ripon Grammar School)
W Hodgson (R Hodgson's Beverley XI)
W Hodgson (Cogenhoe)
WE Hodgson (Dulwich College)
WE Hodgson (London University)
WE Hodgson (Warwickshire Club and Ground)
WH Hodgson (Broughton)
WN Hodgson (Durham School)
WN Hodgson (Durham School Second XI)
J Hodivala (Old Chelmsfordians)
Hodkin (Army)
Hodkin (Mount St Mary's College)
Hodkinson (Mill Hill)
A Hodkinson (umpire)
B Hodkinson (Davenham)
C Hodkinson (Wrenthorpe Women)
E Hodkinson (Boughton Hall)
E Hodkinson (Birkenhead Park)
E Hodkinson (Timperley)
E Hodkinson (Timperley, Timperley Second XI, Timperley Third XI)
F Hodkinson (Melton and District)
F Hodkinson (Winnington Park, Winnington Park Second XI)
F Hodkinson (Timperley)
G Hodkinson (Denbighshire)
G Hodkinson (Timperley)
J Hodkinson (Southam, Southam Second XI, Southam Third XI)
J Hodkinson (Gregson Lane, Gregson Lane Second XI)
J Hodkinson (scorer)
K Hodkinson (Earby Second XI)
L Hodkinson (Aldershot Women)
L Hodkinson (Carnforth)
M Hodkinson (Wrenthorpe Women, Yorkshire Under-13s Women, Yorkshire Under-15s Women, Yorkshire Under-17s Women)
M Hodkinson (Wimborne, Wimborne Second XI)
M Hodkinson (The Forty Club)
M Hodkinson (Wimborne Mid Week XI)
N Hodkinson (Rodmersham, Rodmersham Second XI)
N Hodkinson (Charlbury Women, Oxfordshire Under-13s Women, Oxfordshire Under-15s Women, Oxfordshire Under-17s Women)
R Hodkinson (Seaford)
R Hodkinson (Seaford)
A Hodnett (Calmore Sports)
A Hodnett (Southern Gas)
C Hodnett (Easton and Martyr Worthy)
C Hodnett (Easton and Martyr Worthy Second XI)
L Hodnett (Richmond County School for Girls)
M Hodnett (Worthing Third XI)
TA Hodnett (Durham Academy, Durham Second XI, Durham Under-19s, Northumberland, Northumberland Development XI, Northumberland Under-14s, Northumberland Under-15s, Northumberland Under-17s, South Northumberland)
M Hodsdon (York)
JW Hodsell (Kent Second XI)
JW Hodsell (Old Suttonians)
JW Hodsell (Scorpions)
TW Hodsell (Beckenham)
P Hodskinson (Leyland Motors)
JE Hodsman (St Peter's School, York, St Peter's School, York Second XI)
JE Hodsman (St Olave's School, York)
EJ Hodsoll (Royal Air Force)
J Hodsoll (Gravesend)
JW Hodsoll (Beckenham, Club Cricket Conference)
JW Hodsoll (Beckenham)
W Hodsoll (Kent)
Hodson (Gentlemen of Surrey Club)
Hodson (Trinity College, Stratford-upon-Avon)
Hodson (Union Castle)
Hodson (Mr Golightly's XI)
Hodson (Royal Military Academy Sandhurst)
Hodson (Old Elizabethans)
Hodson (Marylebone Cricket Club)
Hodson (AO Joy's XI)
Hodson (Bootle)
Hodson (Bolton Co-op)
Hodson (Brighton)
A Hodson (Stacksteads, Stacksteads Second XI)
A Hodson (Bolton)
A Hodson (Longton)
A Hodson (Thornham)
A Hodson (Formby)
A Hodson (Arundel)
A Hodson (Upwood Third XI)
AH Hodson (Cumberland, Cumberland and Westmorland)
AM Hodson (Marlborough College)
AR Hodson (Ampleforth College)
B Hodson (St John's School, Leatherhead)
B Hodson (Mortimer West End)
C Hodson (Players of Sussex)
C Hodson (Nomansland)
C Hodson (Madeley)
C Hodson (Aston Unity)
C Hodson (Fenton)
C Hodson (J and G Meakin Fenton)
C Hodson (J Furley's XI)
C Hodson (Grantham)
CB Hodson (Royal Military College Sandhurst)
CR Hodson (Marylebone Cricket Club)
D Hodson (Hem Heath)
D Hodson (March Town)
D Hodson (Northern)
D Hodson (The Forty Club)
D Hodson (Wollaston Second XI)
DH Hodson (College House Side)
DM Hodson (Bradfield College)
DO Hodson (Merchant Taylors' School, Old Merchant Taylors)
E Hodson (Longsight)
E Hodson (Highway, Highway Second XI, Highway Third XI)
E Hodson (Prestwich Second XI)
E Hodson (Warwickshire Under-13s Women)
E Hodson (Warboys)
EH Hodson (Cambridge University Next XVI)
ER Hodson (Norfolk)
ER Hodson (Cambridge University Long Vacation Club, Cambridge University Next XVI, Edinburgh, Gentlemen of Hertfordshire, Grange, Hertfordshire, North Middlesex, Trinity Hall College, Cambridge)
F Hodson (Leeds Grammar School)
FD Hodson (Trinity College, Oxford)
G Hodson (Brighton and Hove Women Second XI)
G Hodson (Goldsborough)
G Hodson (Yorkshire Under-16s)
G Hodson (Brailsford and Ednaston)
GB Hodson (Cheshire, Fettes College, Neston, Oxton)
H Hodson (Hull Town)
H Hodson (Todmorden)
H Hodson (Roehampton)
HE Hodson (Leeds Grammar School)
J Hodson (Sussex)
J Hodson (Leeds)
J Hodson (Northumberland Club)
J Hodson (Hertfordshire Under-13s, Hertfordshire Under-14s)
J Hodson (Southampton and District Club Cricket Association)
J Hodson (Brighton)
J Hodson (Henfield and West Sussex)
J Hodson (Veterans and Colts of Sussex)
J Hodson (Hertfordshire)
J Hodson (12th Lancers)
J Hodson (Players of Brighton)
J Hodson (Brighton)
J Hodson (Berkshire)
J Hodson (Rawdon)
J Hodson (King's College, Taunton)
J Hodson (Pocklington School)
JD Hodson (Coalville and District, Leicestershire Second XI)
JD Hodson (Sefton)
JD Hodson (LN Constantine's XI)
JD Hodson (Oxton)
JD Hodson (AR Crooke's XI)
JD Hodson (Huyton)
JE Hodson (Hornsea)
JH Hodson (Marylebone Cricket Club)
JL Hodson (Liverpool and District)
JS Hodson (Leeds Grammar School)
JTH Hodson (Old Foresters)
K Hodson (Tutbury)
KI Hodson (Oundle Rovers)
KJ Hodson (Woodbank, Woodbank Second XI)
M Hodson (Littleborough, Royton)
M Hodson (St Edward's Martyrs)
M Hodson (Barlaston)
M Hodson (Hem Heath, Hem Heath Second XI)
M Hodson (Longton)
M Hodson (scorer)
M Hodson (Staffordshire Under-13s, Staffordshire Under-14s, Staffordshire Under-15s, Staffordshire Under-17s)
M Hodson (Caistor)
MD Hodson (Lincolnshire, Minor Counties North)
MO Hodson (Tonbridge School)
MR Hodson (Heathcoat, Heathcoat, Heathcoat Second XI)
MS Hodson (Leeds Grammar School)
MS Hodson (Durham School)
N Hodson (Chipping)
P Hodson (Lancashire Cricket Federation)
P Hodson (Swanmore Park)
P Hodson (Stockport)
P Hodson (Stockport)
P Hodson (Marylebone Cricket Club)
P Hodson (York)
R Hodson (Army, Army Under-25s)
R Hodson (Haslingden)
R Hodson (Bradford and Bingley Second XI)
R Hodson (Roehampton)
R Hodson (Uppingham Rovers)
R Hodson (Sutton Valence School)
R Hodson (Mortimer West End)
R Hodson (Marylebone Cricket Club)
RD Hodson (Northern)
RM Hodson (Wigan)
RN Hodson (Gentlemen of Yorkshire)
RP Hodson (Cambridge University)
RVE Hodson (Imperial Service College, Windsor)
S Hodson (Merchant Taylors' School)
S Hodson (Marylebone Cricket Club)
S Hodson (Uppingham Town)
SH Hodson (St Bees School)
SM Hodson (AO Joy's XI)
T Hodson (Cheshire, Marylebone Cricket Club, Stockport)
T Hodson (Cumbria Women)
T Hodson (The Forty Club)
T Hodson (Staffordshire Under-14s, Staffordshire Under-15s)
T Hodson (Central Lancashire League)
T Hodson (Wollaston Second XI)
T Hodson (North Maidenhead Third XI)
T Hodson (Hem Heath Second XI)
T Hodson (Timperley)
V Hodson (St John's School, Leatherhead)
W Hodson (Gentlemen of the South, Sussex)
W Hodson (Sussex)
W Hodson (Hayes)
W Hodson (Burnley)
W Hodson (B Stent's XI)
W Hodson (Gentlemen of South Hampshire)
W Hodson (Major Langland's XI)
W Hodson (Wymondham College)
W Hodson (Fylde)
WG Hodson (Durham University Centre of Cricketing Excellence)
WG Hodson (Northern Universities Student Club Community Cricketers Elite)
X Hodson (Incogniti)
Z Hodson (Arundel)
Hodson-Evans (Old Bloxhamists)
A Hodson-Hobday (Barby Second XI)
G Hodson Walker (Repton Pilgrims)
G Hodson-Walker (Ticknall)
GH Hodson-Walker (Derbyshire Second XI, Derbyshire Under-13s, Derbyshire Under-14s, Derbyshire Under-15s, Derbyshire Under-17s, Derbyshire Under-19s, Lullington Park, Lullington Park Second XI, Repton School)
R Hodson-Walker (Lullington Park Second XI)
E Hodspeth (scorer)
L Hodwood (umpire)
G Hodworth (Richmond)
J Hodworth (Richmond)
Hoe (Army Service Corps (no 534))
Hoe (Army Service Corps)
F Hoe (Ashford)
G Hoe (umpire)
J Hoe (umpire)
M Hoe (Allestree)
G Hoeberle (Walsden)
M Hoeck (Blackheath Fourth XI)
S Hoeffen (St Philip's Grammar School, Birmingham Old Boys)
A Hoefield (Harborne)
AE Hoefield (Midlands Club Cricket Conference)
D Hoek (Farley Hill)
F Hoekstra (Boyne Hill Fourth XI)
L Hoenderkamp (Devizes)
FA Hoerr (University College School)
G Hoey (Upwood)
H Hoey (Hampshire Colts)
M Hoey (Wightwick and Finchfield)
PHM Hoey (Inland Revenue, London)
S Hoey (Upwood Second XI)
S Hoey (Upwood)
D Hof (Sandyford)
D Hofbauer (Great Oakley)
GD Hofbauer (Bedfordshire, Burton Latimer, Finedon Dolben, Great Oakley, Great Oakley Second XI, Marylebone Cricket Club, Northamptonshire Second XI)
Hoff (Combined King Edward's Grammar Schools)
Hoff (Gosport)
D Hoff (Derbyshire Under-15s, Derbyshire Under-17s, Quarndon, Quarndon Second XI)
D Hoff (Nutbrook)
D Hoff (Colonel Hancock's XI)
H Hoff (West Norfolk)
H Hoff (Gentlemen of West Norfolk)
LA Hoff (umpire)
P Hoff (Calmore Sports)
P Hoff (Calmore Sports Second XI)
P Hoff (Gosport)
RB Hoff (Ipswich School)
RHG Hoff (Aldenham School, Norfolk, Norfolk Club and Ground, The Forty Club)
RHG Hoff (Colonel Hancock's XI)
A Hoffbauer (scorer)
G Hoffbauer (Bedfordshire Development XI)
O Hoffbauer (Bedfordshire Development XI)
Hoffel (Southport)
R Hoffeldt (Claverham)
R Hoffeldt (scorer)
JC Hoffelner (scorer)
H Hoffen (North Curry)
G Hoffenbauer (Bedfordshire Development XI)
M Hoffer (Huntercombe)
JB Hoffgarrd (Rugby)
I Hoffler (umpire)
I Hoffler (umpire)
RA Hoffler (umpire)
Hoffman (Wishaw)
Hoffman (Fox)
A Hoffman (Mavericks)
A Hoffman (Alderley Edge)
D Hoffman (Four Oaks Saints Second XI)
D Hoffman (Four Oaks Saints Fifth XI)
DS Hoffman (Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire, Warwickshire)
FEC Hoffman (Bradfield College)
I Hoffman (Lichfield Second XI)
J Hoffman (Bristol Grammar School)
J Hoffman (Walmley, Walmley Second XI, Walmley Third XI)
J Hoffman (Warwickshire Under-14s, Warwickshire Under-15s)
JMH Hoffman (Giggleswick School)
M Hoffman (Walmley)
M Hoffman (Four Oaks Saints, Four Oaks Saints Second XI)
M Hoffman (umpire)
R Hoffman (Lichfield, Lichfield Second XI)
TE Hoffman (Dean Close School)
CA Hoffmann (referee)
CD Hoffmann (CD Hoffmann's XI)
KJ Hoffmann (St George's Hospital)
Hoffmeister (3rd Border Regiment)
Hoffmeister (South Wales Borderers)
CE Hoffmeister (Brighton College)
HEW Hoffmeister (Hampshire, South Hampshire)
AB Hofield (Honourable Artillery Company)
J Hoflan (Derbyshire Colts)
WA Hofler (East Staffordshire)
A Hofmann (Shoreham)
HB Hofmeyer (Oxford University Authentics)
Hofmeyr (Sherborne School)
HB Hofmeyr (PGV van der Bijl's XI)
J Hofmeyr (London University II)
W Hofmeyr (Oxford University Authentics)
Hofton (Gentlemen of Bransford)
Hogan (Dorset Police)
Hogan (Leeds City Police Band)
Hogan (HMS Nelson)
A Hogan (Nidderdale Amateur Cricket League Overseas XI)
B Hogan (Southwater)
B Hogan (Enville Third XI)
D Hogan (South Nutfield)
E Hogan (Brighton and Hove)
E Hogan (Lewes Priory)
E Hogan (Brighton and Hove Third XI)
EG Hogan (Nottingham High School)
G Hogan (Hyde)
H Hogan (Winterslow Under-13s)
J Hogan (umpire)
J Hogan (Cuckney Fourth XI, Cuckney Second XI, Cuckney Third XI)
J Hogan (Enville)
J Hogan (Liverpool)
J Hogan (Steep)
JH Hogan (Purbrook School)
K Hogan (Flixton)
M Hogan (Merseyside Commonwealth Conference)
M Hogan (That's Life)
O Hogan (Marylebone Cricket Club)
RP Hogan (Northamptonshire)
S Hogan (Sefton Park)
S Hogan (Hightown)
S Hogan (Liverpool)
S Hogan (Enville, Enville Third XI)
T Hogan (Dulwich)
T Hogan (Thame Town)
T Hogan (Camden)
W Hogan (Ormskirk)
G Hogart (Wandgas)
Hogarth (Ashdown)
A Hogarth (Blackpool, Freckleton)
A Hogarth (BAC-EE Preston)
A Hogarth (Church Eaton)
A Hogarth (Whitby Second XI)
B Hogarth (Great Western Railway Club)
BL Hogarth (Benwell Hill)
D Hogarth (Freckleton)
D Hogarth (Foxton)
F Hogarth (Hampshire Colts)
G Hogarth (New Swindon)
HG Hogarth (Buckinghamshire)
I Hogarth (Church Eaton)
J Hogarth (Blackpool)
J Hogarth (Freckleton)
J Hogarth (BAC-EE Preston)
J Hogarth (R Reynolds' XI)
J Hogarth (Benwell Hill)
J Hogarth (Palace Shield Cricket Competition)
JAG Hogarth (Benwell Hill)
JC Hogarth (JHP Brain's XI)
JU Hogarth (Harrow School, Household Brigade, I Zingari)
JU Hogarth (Dragonflies)
K Hogarth (Norcross)
M Hogarth (Wickham Park, Wickham Park Second XI)
M Hogarth (Trowbridge)
M Hogarth (Cumberland Juniors)
N Hogarth (Cumberland Juniors)
P Hogarth (Lytham)
P Hogarth (Fylde)
PL Hogarth (Sedbergh School)
R Hogarth (Great Western Railway Club)
R Hogarth (South Wilts)
R Hogarth (Forton Women)
R Hogarth (Church Eaton)
RG Hogarth (Notts Amateurs)
S Hogarth (United South of England Eleven)
T Hogarth (Great Western Railway Club)
T Hogarth (Twyford and Ruscombe)
W Hogarth (Smethwick)
WJ Hogarth (R Reynolds' XI)
W Hogarth-Jones (Royal Military Academy Sandhurst)
Hogben (Kent)
A Hogben (Broadstairs, Broadstairs Second XI, St Lawrence and Highland Court, St Lawrence and Highland Court Second XI)
A Hogben (Canterbury, Canterbury Second XI)
A Hogben (Folkestone, Folkestone Second XI)
C Hogben (Broadstairs Second XI)
C Hogben (Broadstairs)
N Hogben (Vale)
RC Hogben (Wembley)
SJ Hogben (Highgate School)
HC Hogbin (Lords and Commons)
KH Hogbin (Suffolk Club and Ground)
R Hogbin (City Police)
WR Hogbin (Cornwall)
R Hogburn (umpire)
J Hogdson (Ratcliffe College)
EB Hogfield (Honourable Artillery Company)
T Hogflesh (umpire)





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