Ireland Players (E)


A Eager (North)
RL Eagleson (Derbyshire, Ireland, Northern Ireland)
RL Eagleson (North)
PS Eaglestone (Ireland)
A Eakin (North Down Second XI)
D Eakin (North Down Second XI)
PA Eakin (Ireland Under-13s, Ireland Under-15s, Ireland Under-17s, Ireland Under-19s, North Down, Northern Cricket Union, Ulster Grasshoppers)
W Eardley-Wilmot (Curragh Camp)
W Earle (YMCA)
D Earley (Limerick, Limerick Second XI)
D Earley (umpire)
D Earls (CYM)
D Early (Dublin University)
WE Earps (Belfast Wanderers)
J Easter (YMCA)
A Eastwood (scorer)
A Eastwood (Rush)
AW Eastwood (Ireland)
W Eastwood (Ebrington)
J Ebbs (Civil Service)
Echewton (North)
G Eden (Merrion)
Edgar (Holywood Cricket Club Select XI)
C Edgar (Creevedonnell)
C Edgar (Coleraine Second XI)
L Edgar (Laurelvale)
SJ Edgar (Ireland)
W Edge (Carlow)
W Edwardes (Household Brigade, Ireland, United Ireland Eleven)
Edwards (North)
A Edwards (Ulster)
D Edwards (The Hills, The Hills Second XI)
G Edwards (Munster)
J Edwards (Munster)
JK Edwards (Leinster)
K Edwards (Terenure)
L Edwards (Munster Under-13s)
L Edwards (Cork Harlequins)
M Edwards (Ulster Under-15s)
ML Edwards (Irish Universities)
W Edwards (Munster Under-15s)
JF Egan (Pembroke)
JH Egan (Civil Service)
JM Egan (Leinster)
TJM Egan (Leinster)
Egerton (Dublin)
C Egerton (Munster Under-13s)
C Eggerton (Munster Under-13s)
Ehtesham Ahmed (umpire)
RA Ejaz (Mullingar)
S Elahoti (Bangor)
C Elcoate (Cork Harlequins Third XI)
C Elder (Brigade, Glendermott)
J Elder (Coleraine, Coleraine Second XI)
JWG Elder (Ireland)
R Elder (umpire)
RC Elder (North)
Elita Khan (scorer)
F Ellen (North)
A Elliot (umpire)
G Elliot (Cork)
G Elliot (Lisburn Second XI)
J Elliot (Bangor Second XI)
T Elliot (Instonians)
Elliott (Curragh Camp)
A Elliott (Curragh Camp)
D Elliott (Carlisle)
F Elliott (Ulster)
G Elliott (Ireland Under-13s, Ireland Under-15s, Lisburn, Lisburn Second XI)
G Elliott (Cliftonville)
G Elliott (Lisburn Second XI)
H Elliott (Munster)
J Elliott (Lisburn)
J Elliott (Bangor)
J Elliott (Ulster)
M Elliott (Downpatrick)
R Elliott (Ulster Country, Ulster Town)
WRJ Elliott (Irish Schools)
DS Ellis (Dublin University)
M Ellis (Phoenix)
RH Ellis (Dublin University Second XI)
L Ellison (Ireland Under-23s, Irish Schools, South Leinster)
M Ellison (Malahide, Saintfield)
TE Ellison (Queen's University, Belfast)
Elmhirst (Phoenix)
G Els (Derriaghy)
DNB Emerson (Dublin University, Dublin University Long Vacation Club, Ireland, Trinity College, Dublin Long Vacation Club, Vice Regal Lodge)
T Emery (West Central)
T Emmerson (North End, Whiterock)
HR Emson (Military, Uppingham School)
TJ Enderson (Cork County, Leprechauns, Munster)
TM Enderson (Railway Union)
N Engelbreecht (Limavady)
G England (umpire)
J English (Curragh Camp)
M English (Bangor)
P English (Bangor)
PJ English (Irish Universities)
TCB English (Irish Schools, Northern Cricket Union, Ulster Country, Ulster Town)
JT Ennis (Dublin University)
P Ennis (Postal Services)
D Ensor (scorer)
DBB Ensor (Dublin University, Ireland, Irish Schools, Leprechauns, North Leinster, Phoenix)
E Ensor (Dublin University)
R Ensor (Merrion, Merrion Second XI)
CJ Eranga (County Galway)
A Erskine (Ulster Town)
A Erskine (Leinster)
G Erskine (R and SP Union)
GC Erskine (Pembroke, Pembroke Second XI)
J Erskine (Northern Ireland Under-15s)
L Erskine (scorer)
RM Erskine (Holywood)
RM Erskine (Northern Cricket Union)
SCB Erskine (Northern Cricket Union)
S Ervine (Lisburn)
R Esau (Bangor)
A Esham (Dublin University)
RC Esses (Dublin University, Irish Universities, South Leinster)
S Ethakoti (Lisburn)
S Ethokoti (Bangor)
H Etlinger (Dublin University, Ireland, Marlborough College, Punjab)
A Evans (The Hills Second XI)
C Evans (scorer)
D Evans (North Down)
DP Evans (Leprechauns)
DP Evans (Phoenix)
F Evans (Cork County)
FN Evans (Dublin University Past and Present)
GW Evans (Dublin University, Ireland)
H Evans (Curragh Camp)
R Evans (North County Third XI)
R Evans (The Hills Second XI)
R Evans (Phoenix)
RAE Evans (Downpatrick)
RW Evans (YMCA)
SR Evans (JM Hone's XI)
T Evans (Leinster)
T Evans (Dundrum)
K Everard (The Hills, The Hills Second XI)
M Everard (scorer)
C Evine (Lisburn)
Ewart (Dublin)
FN Ewing (Viscount Massereene's Team)
G Ewing (Carrickfergus)
G Ewing (Ulster Town)
GC Ewing (Irish Schools)
JP Ewing (Royal Artillery)
PH Ewing (Gentlemen of the North of Ireland, North of Ireland Cricket Club)
R Ewing (North Down, North Down Second XI)
S Ewing (North Down)
V Ewing (North)
W Ewing (Belfast, North of Ireland Cricket Club)
ARF Exham (Dublin University, Ireland, Repton School, Shropshire)
H Eyre (Dublin)
S Ezad (Irish Universities)





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