Ireland Players (F)


C Faherty (Civil Service, Civil Service Second XI)
M Fahy (Phoenix Second XI)
M Faizan (Limerick Raiders)
S Faizan (Leinster, Leinster Second XI)
E Falconer (North West, North-West Ireland)
G Falconer (Creevedonnell)
M Fallon (Cork County)
T Falls (Phoenix)
J Fanagan (umpire)
Fane (Curragh Camp)
FJ Fane (Chatham Garrison, Essex, Gentlemen of Essex, Ireland, Knickerbockers, Phoenix)
Farhan Ahmed (National University of Ireland Galway)
RF Farmer (Irish Universities)
M Farook (Railway Union Second XI)
M Farooq (Railway Union Second XI)
S Farooq (Phoenix Second XI)
Farooq Hussain (Limerick, Limerick Second XI)
A Farooqi (The Hills, The Hills Second XI)
J Farrall (Dublin University)
E Farrell (Civil Service, Sandymount)
J Farrell (Rush)
P Farrell (Dublin University, Irish Universities, Leinster Under-25s)
R Farrington (Pembroke Third XI)
M Farrukh (Downpatrick)
S Farthing (Railway Union)
D Fassbender (University College, Dublin)
J Faulds (Phoenix, Phoenix Second XI)
G Faulkner (Creevedonnell)
G Faulkner (Newbuildings)
GA Faulkner (Phoenix)
R Faulkner (North, North West)
CR Faussett (Leinster)
FV Faussett (Dublin University)
GW Fawcett (Ireland)
J Fawcett (Curragh Camp)
M Fayyaz (Civil Service)
G Featherstone (Ulster Town)
M Featherstone (Civil Service North)
F Fee (Ireland)
E Feely (Mullingar)
M Fegan (Mullingar)
J Felix (Phoenix)
M Fell (Derriaghy)
J Fellowes (Vice Regal Lodge)
M Feman (County Kerry)
G Fennell (North)
J Fennell (Cork County)
V Fennell (Irish Universities, Munster Reds)
Ferguson (Downpatrick)
AG Ferguson (North)
G Ferguson (Downpatrick, Leprechauns, Ulster Country)
H Ferguson (Banbridge)
I Ferguson (Ulster Country Under-19s)
M Ferguson (Glendermott)
M Ferguson (Church of Ireland Young Men's Society)
P Ferguson (Lisburn)
PE Ferguson (Ireland Under-15s)
R Ferguson (Dunmurry)
S Ferguson (Downpatrick)
T Ferguson (Banbridge)
V Ferguson (Military)
W Ferguson (Killymallaght)
W Ferguson (Newbuildings)
WHN Ferguson (Ireland)
M Fernando (Dundrum)
N Ferreira (The Hills, The Hills Second XI)
A Ferris (Downpatrick)
BO Ferris (Leprechauns, Northern Cricket Union Under-23s, Ulster Country)
C Ferris (Bangor Second XI)
D Ferris (Derriaghy)
SW Ferris (Ireland)
C Ferry (Drummond)
J Fettis (Templepatrick)
D ffrench-Mullen (Oak Hill)
O Field (Mullingar)
J Fife (CYM)
L Fifeld (umpire)
L Fifield (umpire)
D Figgis (Phoenix)
FM Filgas (Ireland)
LGP Filgate (Cirencester, I Zingari, Ireland, Marylebone Cricket Club, Na Shuler, Vice Regal Lodge)
TF Filgate (Louth, North)
WD Filgate (Cheltenham College, Ireland)
C Fillingham (Military)
P Finch (Cork County Second XI)
RC Finch (Irish Universities, Leprechauns)
B Findlay (Coleraine)
WM Findlay (umpire)
S Finlater (Dublin University)
AJ Finlay (Ireland)
CT Finlay (North)
D Finlay (Ireland Under-19s, Irish Schools)
K Finlay (Ireland Under-19s, Ireland Under-23s)
K Finlay (Strabane)
L Finlay (Sion Mills)
P Finlay (Irish Universities)
R Finlay (Belfast Harlequins, Lisburn)
RJ Finlay (Irish Schools)
WM Finlay (umpire)
S Finnegan (Clontarf)
D Finucane (Irish Universities)
G Fisher (Ballymena)
H Fisher (Ballymena)
PJD Fisher (Civil Service North)
R Fisher (Church of Ireland Young Men's Society)
S Fisher (Irish Universities)
T Fisher (Terenure)
T Fisher (Holywood)
A Fittis (Northern Cricket Union Under-15s)
Fitzgerald (Cork)
A Fitzgerald (umpire)
B Fitzgerald (United South of Ireland Eleven)
E Fitzgerald (umpire)
E Fitzgerald (Dublin University, Dublin University Past and Present, Ireland, Trinity College Long Vacation Club)
E Fitzgerald (University College, Dublin)
GF Fitzgerald (Campbell College, Belfast)
J Fitzgerald (YMCA, YMCA Second XI, YMCA Third XI)
J Fitzgerald (Munster)
JA Fitzgerald (National Bank of Ireland)
JD Fitzgerald (Phoenix)
JP Fitzgerald (Dublin University, Ireland, Melbourne Cricket Club, Oscott College)
JP Fitzgerald (Cork County)
RO Fitzgerald (South)
S Fitzgibbon (Cliftonville)
Fitzman (Civil Service)
H Fitzmaurice (Coolattin)
A Fitzmorris (Viscount Milton's XI of Carlow, Kilkenny and Coolattin Clubs)
H Fitzmorris (Viscount Milton's XI of Carlow, Kilkenny and Coolattin Clubs)
C Fitzpatrick (South Leinster)
JGP Fitzpatrick (Ireland Under-19s, Ireland Under-21s, Irish Schools, Irish Universities, North Leinster)
A Fitzsimmons (Downpatrick)
Fitzsimon (Civil Service)
DJ Fitzsimons (Leinster)
J Fitzsimons (Oak Hill)
N Fitzsimons (Leprechauns)
NF Fitzsimons (umpire)
PJ Fitzsimons (Civil Service)
RJ Fitzsimons (Leinster)
S Fitzsimons (Downpatrick)
F Fitzwilliam (Viscount Milton's XI of Carlow, Kilkenny and Coolattin Clubs)
Flanagan (United Ireland Eleven, Vice Regal Lodge)
C Flanagan (Railway Union Second XI)
D Flanagan (YMCA)
ELC Flanagan (Ireland A Women, Ireland Women)
G Flanagan (CYM, Phoenix)
I Flanagan (CYM)
P Flanagan (Old Belvedere, Old Belvedere Second XI)
P Flanagan (Ireland Under-15s, Leinster Under-15s)
P Flanagan (YMCA, YMCA Second XI)
P Flanagan (Clontarf Second XI, Clontarf Third XI)
R Flanagan (CYM, Phoenix)
S Flanagan (Church of Ireland Young Men's Society)
R Flannery (Merrion)
J Flattery (North Kildare)
Fleet (Cork)
Fleming (Instonians)
A Fleming (Ireland Under-13s)
A Fleming (Ireland Development XI, Ireland Under-21s, Leinster, Leinster Cricket Union Under-19s, Merrion, Merrion Second XI, South Leinster)
A Fleming (St Johnston)
AJ Fleming (Ireland, Leinster)
D Fleming (St Johnston)
D Fleming (North Leinster Under-15s, North Leinster Under-19s)
H Fleming (Kilkenny)
J Fleming (Ireland, Old Instonians, Ulster)
J Fleming (The Hills Second XI)
J Fleming (East End)
JH Fleming (National Bank of Ireland)
JL Fleming (Ireland)
JP Fleming (Ireland Under-13s, Ireland Under-15s)
MA Fleming (Arbroath United, Bready, Ireland Under-15s)
S Fleming (Woodvale, Woodvale Second XI)
SHG Fleming (Ireland)
SS Fleming (South)
TA Fleming (Ireland Under-21s Women)
WM Fleming (Leinster)
D Fletcher (Railway Union)
I Fletcher (Bangor, Bangor Second XI)
PS Fleuret (Woodbrook Club and Ground)
A Flodyer (Officers of Ireland)
ES Flood (Wicklow, Wexford and Carlow)
J Flood (Ireland, Northern Cricket Union)
JW Flood (Ireland)
RH Flood (Military, Vice Regal Lodge)
J Flynn (Clontarf)
D Fogarty (Cork County, Munster Reds)
M Fogarty (Terenure)
D Foley (Clontarf Second XI, Clontarf Third XI)
J Foley (Burndennett)
JH Foley (Ireland)
T Foley (Creevedonnell)
H Foott (Cork County)
A Forbes (Carrickfergus, Instonians, Ireland Under-17s)
AG Forbes (Coolattin)
D Ford (Malahide, Phoenix, Phoenix Second XI)
GA Ford (Dublin University, Irish Schools, Irish Universities, North Leinster, South Leinster)
J Ford (umpire)
J Forde (umpire)
Forqan Wasir (Munster Reds)
Forrest (Leinster)
D Forrest (scorer)
D Forrest (Leprechauns)
JF Forrest (Invitation XI)
R Forrest (Leprechauns, Phoenix)
R Forrest (umpire)
RA Forrest (Clontarf, Clontarf Second XI, Dublin University, Ireland Under-13s, Irish Universities, Leinster, Leinster Second XI)
RJ Forrest (Clontarf, Clontarf Second XI, Ireland Under-13s, Ireland Under-19s, Leprechauns)
GV Forrester (North)
H Forster (Curragh Camp, Phoenix)
N Forster (North Kildare)
G Forsyth (North West)
HH Forsyth (Dublin University)
J Forsyth (Ulster Country)
CJ Forsythe (Irish Schools, Ulster Town)
S Forsythe (Cooke Collegians)
Forth (Cork)
S Foskett (Irish Universities)
Foster (Military)
A Foster (Dundrum)
J Foster (Officers of the Garrison)
M Foster (Lisburn)
W Foster (Players of Dublin)
A Fotherby (Old Belvedere)
L Fourie (umpire)
MJ Fourie (Ireland)
J Fowle (Military)
EW Fowler (Ireland)
Fox (108th Inniskilling Fusiliers)
A Fox (Civil Service)
B Fox (Phoenix)
BV Fox (Phoenix)
C Fox (umpire)
C Fox (North)
F Fox (Leinster)
NR Fox (Phoenix)
P Fox (YMCA)
RV Fox (Phoenix)
Foxall (Leinster)
A Foxcroft (North)
R Fox-Goodman (Dublin University, Europeans, Federated Malay States, Ireland)
E Fraiser (Bangor)
Y Framn (County Clare)
B Francis (Nenagh)
EC Francis (North)
R Francis (Pembroke)
J Frankland (Dublin University, Irish Universities, North Leinster)
C Franklin (Banbridge)
S Franklin (Players of Dublin)
T Franklin (Vice Regal Lodge)
W Franklin (Civil Service)
J Franks (Cork)
S Franks (West Central)
D Fraser (umpire)
E Fraser (Bangor)
R Fraser (Bangor)
S Fraser (Irish Cricket Union President's XI)
A Frater (scorer)
A Frazer (Ballymena)
E Frazer (Bangor)
DS Fredelle (Cliftonville)
Frederick (North)
Freeman (United Ireland Eleven)
BCE Freer (Leprechauns, North Leinster, Phoenix)
AC French (Carlow, Curragh Camp, Ireland, Knickerbockers, Na Shuler, Phoenix, United Ireland Eleven, Vice Regal Lodge, Winchester Garrison)
H French (Cork County, Ireland)
H French (2nd Life Guards)
PM French (Phoenix)
EF French-Mullen (County Galway, Woodbrook Club and Ground)
S Freshwater (Derriaghy)
P Friar (Coleraine)
J Friel (Sion Mills)
CW Frizell (1st Battalion South Staffordshire Regiment, Rossall School, South Staffordshire Regiment)
FW Fryer (Merrion)
TML Fuge (Ireland)
AT Fullerton (Irish Universities)
N Fullerton (Ireland Under-23s, Ulster Country)
N Fullerton (Ballymena)
F Furey (North Leinster)
E Furlong (Ireland Under-13s, Merrion)
F Furlong (Clontarf Second XI, Clontarf Third XI)
T Furniball (Merrion)
N Fusco (Oak Hill)
J Fyffe (CYM)





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