Ireland Players (L)


JJ Labaschagne (umpire)
BDC Labbett (Dublin University)
B Labette (Dublin University)
GF Labrooy (referee)
JJ Labuschagne (umpire)
LL Labuschagne (umpire)
J Labuschange (umpire)
D Lacey (Pembroke Third XI)
W Lacey (Monkstown)
C Lagdon (108th Inniskilling Fusiliers)
A Laird (North Down Second XI)
E Laird (Instonians)
J Laird (Drummond)
R Laird (Donemana)
S Laird (scorer)
E Lalor (Monkstown)
S Lalor (Laois)
NH Lamber (Leinster)
G Lambert (Railway Union, Railway Union Second XI)
G Lambert (Greystones)
HN Lambert (Leinster)
J Lambert (Officers of Ireland)
NH Lambert (Ireland)
R Lambert (Navan)
RD Lambert (Ireland, Rossall School)
RD Lambert (Leinster)
RD Lambert (Leinster A)
RJH Lambert (Ireland, London County, Woodbrook Club and Ground)
SD Lambert (Ireland)
A Lamberton (Eglinton, Eglinton Second XI)
F Lambkin (Cork, United South of Ireland Eleven)
H Lambkin (Cork)
J Lambkin (Cork)
Lambton (Dublin, United Ireland Eleven)
G Lamrock (Eglinton, Eglinton Second XI)
JJ Landough (umpire)
J Lane (Viscount Milton's XI of Carlow, Kilkenny and Coolattin Clubs)
RD Lane (Dean Close School, Dublin University)
Earl of Lanesborough (Gentlemen of Leicestershire, House of Lords, Houses of Parliament, I Zingari, Ireland, Leicestershire, Lords and Commons, Marylebone Cricket Club)
JK Lang (Civil Service)
T Lang (Merrion)
T Lang (umpire)
D Langford Smith (Merrion)
D Langford-Smith (Ireland)
D Langford-Smith (Terenure)
D Langford-Smith (Merrion)
A Langham (Phoenix)
N Langham (North)
JS Langlands (Cork, Curragh Camp, Military)
G Langton (Phoenix)
JJ Lanton (Cork County)
C Lanyon (North of Ireland Cricket Club)
JW Lanyon (Na Shuler)
D Lappin (Leinster)
D Lappin (Leinster Second XI, Leprechauns)
D Lappin (scorer)
D Lapsley (St Johnston)
E Lapsley (St Johnston)
I Lapsley (North West)
I Lapsley (Limavady)
K Lapsley (North West)
S Lapsley (St Johnston)
T Lapsley (scorer)
T Lapsley (scorer)
C Laquerica (Railway Union Second XI)
G Larcom (Dublin, United Ireland Eleven)
EM Larminie (Royal Engineers)
EN Larmour (Ireland)
J Larson (YMCA)
C Larzon (North)
I Latham (Carrickfergus, Cliftonville, Irish Universities)
I Lathan (Cliftonville)
JL Laubert (umpire)
J Laubret (umpire)
J Laubret (umpire)
JL Laubrety (umpire)
CW Laughlin (Royal Academical Institution, Belfast)
M Launders (CYM, Terenure)
R Laurenson (Coolattin)
RD Laurenson (Coolattin)
TD Laurenson (Coolattin)
P Lavang (Merrion)
C Laverty (UCC)
C Laverty (Midleton)
P Laverty (Cork County)
J Lavery (Ulster Town Under-19s)
PR Law (Irish Schools, Irish Universities, Ulster Town)
R Law (Bangor, Bangor Second XI)
R Law (Irish Schools)
SE Law (Pembroke)
SE Law (Leinster)
T Law (Leinster)
T Law (North Down)
T Law (Leinster)
T Law (Bangor Second XI)
A Lawler (Greystones)
G Lawler (Leinster Second XI)
G Lawler (Greystones)
E Lawless (Kildare)
A Lawlor (Greystones)
G Lawlor (Munster)
G Lawlor (Greystones)
RF Lawlor (Old Belvedere)
A Lawrence (Munster)
G Lawrence (United Ireland Eleven)
JF Lawrence (Dublin University)
R Lawrence (CYM)
R Lawrence (Phoenix, Terenure)
G Lawrenson (Dublin, Ireland, United Ireland Eleven)
R Lawrenson (Lord Fitzwilliam's XI, Wicklow, Wexford and Carlow)
M Lawrie (North County)
P Lawson (Pembroke, Pembroke Second XI)
R Lawson (Dublin University, Irish Universities)
TS Lawson (Clontarf, Ireland Under-13s, Ireland Under-17s, Ireland Under-19s, Irish Universities, Pembroke)
JJ Lawton (Cork County)
M Lax (CYM, Terenure, The Hills)
T Lay (North Down)
E Layard (Bangor, Instonians, Instonians Second XI)
S Lazars (Ballymena)
R Lazarus (Thurles)
C Lea (Dublin University Invitation XI)
D Leach (Dublin University)
F Leach (scorer)
R Leach (County Galway)
L Leachman (Coolattin)
J Leacock (Leinster)
GM Leahy (Ireland Women)
MPT Leahy (Dublin University)
Leaver (Civil Service)
PLO Leaver (Dublin University, Incogniti, Public Schools Wanderers)
J Le Brau (umpire)
S Leckey (Lurgan, Waringstown)
D Lecky (Bready, Bready Second XI)
C Leddy (Bangor)
J Leddy (Bangor)
Ledsham (Curragh Camp)
G Ledwidge (Clontarf)
J Ledwidge (Clontarf)
J Lee (North)
LC Lee (Phoenix)
M Lee (scorer)
P Lee (Clontarf, Dublin University, Irish Schools, Irish Universities, Leinster Cricket Union Under-19s, North Leinster)
P Lee (scorer)
S Lee (North)
HB Leech (Cork County, Dublin University)
M Leedon (CYM)
Lees (Military)
S Leeson (Coolattin)
W Le Fann (Phoenix)
U Leggate (Clontarf Second XI)
Leggett (Woodbrook Club and Ground)
C Legoe (Pembroke)
J Leicester (The Hills)
SM Leigh (Leprechauns, West Central)
D Leikey (Bready)
G Leitch (Larne)
J Leithem (Holywood)
BS Le Marchant (Bourton Vale, Curragh Camp)
Le Mesurier (Curragh Camp)
E Lenahan (Greystones)
A Lenehan (Old Belvedere)
E Lenehan (Greystones)
D Leng (Ireland)
D Leng (Phoenix)
V Lengenhagen (The Hills)
P Lennon (Ireland Under-23s, Ulster Country)
P Lennon (Downpatrick)
T Lennon (Downpatrick)
W Lennon (Leinster, Leinster Second XI)
G Leo (Leinster Second XI)
AD Leon (Carlisle, Leprechauns)
AD Leon (Leinster)
A Leonard (Pembroke, Pembroke Second XI)
A Leonard (scorer)
A Leonard (Phoenix)
A Leonard (Midleton, Midleton Second XI)
J Leonard (Phoenix)
M Leonard (scorer, umpire)
M Leonard/Sharon Gray (scorer)
DA Leopold (Irish Schools)
HG le Peton (Ireland)
J LePithai (umpire)
C Lequerica (Railway Union, Railway Union Second XI)
J le Roux (Carrickfergus)
L Le Roux (Rush)
B Leslie (Munster)
J Leslie (North)
M Leslie (Munster)
W Leslie (Munster, Munster Under-15s)
D Lester (Armagh)
D Lester (Downpatrick)
S Lester (Armagh, Ireland Under-13s, Ireland Under-15s, Ireland Under-17s)
L Levinson (Carlisle)
A Levis (Midleton, Midleton Second XI)
J Levis (Munster)
T Levis (Munster, Munster Under-19s)
A Lewis (Northern Cricket Union President's XI)
A Lewis (Midleton)
B Lewis (Instonians)
C Lewis (Derriaghy)
C Lewis (South Leinster)
C Lewis (Ulster Grasshoppers)
D Lewis (scorer)
DA Lewis (Ireland)
DA Lewis (Marylebone Cricket Club Ireland)
EW Lewis (Irish Schools, Irish Universities, Leinster, Leinster Under-25s, Leprechauns, Merrion, South Leinster)
EW Lewis (Dublin University)
G Lewis (Ireland Under-21s Women)
G Lewis (Dublin University)
GH Lewis (Ireland Women)
H Lewis (Railway Union)
I Lewis (YMCA)
JE Lewis (Ireland Under-23s Women, Ireland Women)
JW Lewis (Rathmines School Past and Present)
K Lewis (scorer)
KW Lewis (Clontarf)
M Lewis (Merrion, Merrion Second XI)
RA Lewis (Ireland A Women, Ireland Women)
RG Lewis (Rathmines School Past and Present)
SJ Lewis (North)
T Lewis (Merrion)
U Lewis (scorer)
WE Lewis (Clontarf)
WI Lewis (Ireland)
WI Lewis (YMCA)
L L'Ianson (Carrickfergus)
Liardet (North)
JE Liddle (umpire, scorer)
C Light (Downpatrick)
A Lightbody (Belfast Under-14s)
M Lightbody (Northern Cricket Union Under-13s)
M Lightbody (Belfast Under-14s)
A Lindrum (Downpatrick)
DB Lindsay (Merrion)
E Lindsay (Military)
E Lindsay (Mullingar)
FW Lindsay (Ulster)
JC Lindsay (North Down)
M Lindsay (Church of Ireland Young Men's Society, Church of Ireland Young Men's Society Second XI, Northern Cricket Union Under-15s)
WJ Lindsay (Merrion)
WLC Lindsay (Merrion)
A Linehan (Downpatrick)
AJ Linehan (Ireland)
AM Linehan (Ireland Women)
H Linehan (Leprechauns, Ulster Country)
N Linehan (JS Pollock's XI)
PK Linehan (Downpatrick, Ireland Under-23s, Irish Universities, Ulster Country, Ulster Town)
K Lingala (Terenure)
E Links (Glendermott)
J Lippiatt (umpire)
Z Lipson (scorer)
A Little (Laois)
A Little (Merrion)
AJ Little (Dublin University)
B Little (Munster)
B Little (Merrion)
CJ Little (Merrion)
CJ Little (Leinster)
CJ Little (RJH Lambert's XI)
CJ Little (Merrion)
CJ Little (Merrion)
J Little (Ireland Under-15s, Ireland Under-17s, Ireland Under-19s, Pembroke, Pembroke Second XI, Pembroke Third XI)
J Little (scorer)
M Little (Irish Universities)
P Little (Clontarf)
S Little (Belfast Wanderers, North)
S Little (Armagh)
Littlewood (Ulster)
C Livingston (Carrickfergus, Instonians)
K Livingston (umpire)
C Livingstone (Carrickfergus, Instonians)
CM Lkoyd (Clontarf)
Lloyd (Officers of the Curragh Camp)
A Lloyd (North)
CM Lloyd (Ireland)
LE Lloyd (Old Belvedere)
MJ Lloyd (Irish Schools)
RA Lloyd (Free Foresters, Ireland, Lancashire)
JD Lockart (North)
G Lockhart (Coleraine)
G Lockhart (North West)
J Lockhart (Coleraine)
N Lockhart (scorer)
R Lockhart (Coleraine)
Lockwood (Woodbrook Club and Ground)
Locky (Viscount Milton's XI of Carlow, Kilkenny and Coolattin Clubs)
C Logan (Cooke Collegians)
C Logan (Bonds Glen)
C Logan (Newbuildings)
J Logan-Wilson (Ballyspallen)
J Logue (Ireland Women)
K Logue (scorer)
R Logue (Brigade Second XI)
V Logue (Sion Mills)
JN Lombard (Dublin University, Ireland)
A Long (Sion Mills)
C Long (Malahide Second XI)
J Long (Bready, Bready Second XI)
J Long (Bonds Glen)
N Long (St Johnston)
R Long (Munster)
R Long (Brigade Second XI)
R Long (umpire)
T Long (Bangor)
WS Long (umpire)
A Longstaff (Greystones)
A Longstaffe (Greystones)
R Longwell (Lisburn)
B Lordon (Munster Reds)
R Lott (HC McCall's XI)
JL Loubret (umpire)
M Loubser (North West)
M Loubser (Bready)
K Louge (scorer)
F Loughbourne (Curragh Camp)
AT Loughery (Campbell College, Belfast)
WGR Loughery (Ireland)
RO Loughlan (Pembroke Second XI)
D Loughrey (North West)
J Louis Laubert (umpire)
J Louis Laubert (scorer)
DP Lousada (Curragh Camp)
G Love (North West)
JML Love (Queen's University, Belfast, Warwick School)
M Love (Clontarf)
H Lovell (East End)
BR Lovitt (Dublin University)
Lowe (Woodbrook Club and Ground)
N Lowe (Holywood)
G Lowie (Dundrum)
M Lowndes (Royal Dublin Fusiliers)
J Lowry (scorer)
CA Lowther (Northern Ireland Universities)
NJ Lowther (Irish Schools)
A Lucas (Sion Mills)
A Lucas (Bready)
D Lucas (Sion Mills)
EM Lucas (Marylebone Cricket Club, Na Shuler)
M Lucas (Sion Mills)
R Lucas (Church of Ireland Young Men's Society, Church of Ireland Young Men's Society Second XI)
R Lucas (Ulster Under-15s)
JV Luce (Dublin University, Phoenix)
G Lucy (Cooke Collegians, Lurgan)
T Luke (Instonians)
W Luke (Vice Regal Lodge)
M Lumb (Ulster Country)
WM Lumb (Irish Schools, Ulster Country)
EK Lumley (Dublin University)
B Lunn (108th Inniskilling Fusiliers)
P Lunnery (umpire)
P Lunney (umpire, scorer)
P Lunney (scorer)
M Lunson (Phoenix, Phoenix Second XI)
Lord Lurgan (North)
D Lusby (CYM)
C Lush (Leprechauns)
WH Lush (Dublin University, Malahide)
Luther (Cork County)
A lvin Maginnis (umpire)
TC Lyle (Dublin University)
CJ Lynam (Cork County)
E Lynam (Holywood)
Lynch (Glendermott)
A Lynch (scorer)
A Lynch (Irish Universities)
A Lynch (Strabane)
A Lynch (scorer)
A Lynch (Newbuildings)
A Lynch (Eglinton)
Alan Lynch (Glendermott, Glendermott Second XI, Leinster Cricket Union Under-19s, Munster)
An Lynch (Glendermott Second XI)
B Lynch (Limavady)
B Lynch (scorer)
C Lynch (Glendermott)
C Lynch (Glendermott, Glendermott Second XI)
C Lynch (Rush)
D Lynch (Ireland Under-13s)
D Lynch (scorer)
D Lynch
D Lynch (Strabane)
D Lynch (County Kerry, County Kerry Second XI)
D Lynch (Cork County Second XI)
D Lynch (Terenure)
D Lynch (Ballymena)
D Lynch (Munster)
D Lynch (Killyclooney)
Diarmuid Lynch (Terenure)
Donal Lynch (Terenure)
G Lynch (Terenure)
J Lynch (Glendermott)
J Lynch (Dublin University, Irish Universities)
J Lynch (scorer)
JE Lynch (Gentlemen of Ireland)
K Lynch (Eglinton Second XI)
M Lynch (Limavady)
M Lynch (The Hills, The Hills Second XI)
M Lynch (Drummond)
M Lynch (County Kerry Second XI)
M Lynch (scorer)
P Lynch (Ebrington)
S Lynch (Glendermott)
TM Lynch (CYM, Terenure)
C Lynch-Miller (Rush)
T Lyne (Dublin)
D Lynes (Waringstown)
G Lyness (Ireland Development XI, Northern Cricket Union, Ulster Under-15s)
G Lyness (Civil Service North)
GEG Lyness (Ireland)
K Lyness (Lurgan, Ulster Grasshoppers, Waringstown)
P Lyness (Lurgan, Ulster Country)
P Lynn (Railway Union Second XI)
C Lynskey (Clontarf)
K Lynskey (Clontarf, Clontarf Second XI, Ireland Under-13s)
N Lynskey (Clontarf)
C Lyons (North)
D Lyons (Leinster Second XI)
DK Lyons (Dublin University)
G Lyons (umpire)
N Lyons (Ireland Under-17s, Ireland Under-19s, Leinster)
P Lyons (Leinster)
PJ Lyons (Irish Schools, Leprechauns, Munster)
PS Lyons (Malahide)
RW Lyons (Ireland)
S Lyons (Ireland A Women)
W Lyons (North)
C Lysaght (Leprechauns)
O Lysaght (Civil Service)
W Lysaght (Cork)
A Lytle (Ballymena)
JH Lytle (Dublin University)
J Lyttle (umpire)
J Lyttle (Laurelvale)
JH Lyttle (Dublin University)
KJ Lyttle (scorer)
M Lyttle (Donacloney)





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