Ireland Players (N)


A Nadeem (Civil Service)
M Nagade (Donacloney)
N Nagar (Leinster Second XI, Merrion Second XI, Merrion Third XI)
SB Nagaraj (Cork Harlequins, Cork Harlequins Second XI)
BP Nagle (Leinster, South Leinster)
J Nagle (Leinster, Leinster Second XI)
A Nagori (Limerick Raiders)
N Naik (Phoenix, Phoenix Second XI)
A Nair (North Kildare)
R Nair (Dundrum)
R Nair (Dundrum)
C Nairn (Dublin University)
S Nakka (Clontarf, Clontarf Second XI, Clontarf Third XI)
K Nandakumer (County Galway)
R Nandi (Phoenix, YMCA, YMCA Second XI)
D Nandil (Old Belvedere)
S Nandukumar (scorer)
DJ Napier (Irish Schools, Leprechauns, Northern Cricket Union Under-23s, Ulster Country, Ulster Town)
M Napier (Irish Schools, Ulster Country, Ulster Town)
N Napier (Ulster Country)
N Napier (Ulster Country Under-19s)
WJ Napier (Dublin, Ireland)
WH Napper (Ireland)
V Narasimhan (Leinster Second XI)
S Naseem (Malahide Third XI)
A Naseer (Cork Harlequins)
Naseer Shaukat (Faisalabad, Ireland, Water and Power Development Authority)
C Nash (Ireland, Leinster)
S Nasim (Galway)
S Nasim (County Galway)
J Nation (Waringstown)
APMJ Naughten (Army, Dublin University, Free Foresters, Marylebone Cricket Club, North Leinster, Singapore, Singapore Cricket Club, Wiltshire Queries)
A Naughton (Phoenix)
A Nautiyal (Mullingar)
R Nautiyal (Mullingar)
R Nautiyal (scorer)
V Nautiyal (Mullingar)
Z Naveed (Old Belvedere)
Z Naveed (scorer)
H Nawar (Waterford Institute of Technology)
S Nayab (Leinster)
A Nazir (Phoenix, Phoenix Second XI)
A Nazir (Railway Union Second XI)
I Nazir (Old Belvedere Second XI)
MJ Neary (Irish Schools, Old Belvedere)
R Neavyn (North Kildare)
A Needham (scorer)
C Neely (Donemana Second XI)
C Neely (Killyclooney)
E Neely (scorer)
G Neely (Ardmore)
GJ Neely (Ireland, Northern Ireland)
M Neely (Creevedonnell)
A Neethling (Ballymena)
AO Neil (Railway Union Second XI)
A Neill (Ireland Under-19s, Irish Universities)
A Neill (Cliftonville)
AJ Neill (Downpatrick, Northern Cricket Union Under-23s, Ulster Country, Ulster Town)
C Neill (Dublin University)
D Neill (Ireland Under-19s, Irish Schools)
DA Neill (Dublin University Past and Present, Ireland, Leinster, Vice Regal Lodge)
G Neill (Muckamore)
J Neill (Civil Service North, Cliftonville, Ireland Under-15s, Ireland Under-17s, Ireland Under-19s)
M Neill (Drummond)
N Neill (Downpatrick, Ulster Country)
P Neill (Instonians Second XI)
S Neill (Phoenix, Phoenix Second XI)
T Neill (Muckamore)
TV Neill (Dublin University, Irish Schools)
TV Neill (Phoenix)
P Neilson (Leinster Under-15s)
J Nel (North County)
A Nelson (scorer)
AN Nelson (Ireland)
LT Nelson (Ireland Development XI, Ireland Under-13s, Ireland Under-15s, Ireland Under-17s, Ireland Under-19s, Northern Cricket Union, Waringstown)
N Nelson (Ireland)
S Nelson (Ireland Under-15s)
T Nelson (Creevedonnell, Killymallaght)
RW Nesbet (JS Pollock's XI)
J Nesbitt (Merrion)
R Nesbitt (Ulster Town)
T Nesbitt (Queen's University, Belfast)
S Nethula (Old Belvedere)
A Neville (scorer)
J Neville (umpire)
JJ Neville (Malahide)
M Neville (Merrion Second XI, Merrion Third XI)
P Neville (Leinster)
PA Neville (Ireland)
PA Neville (Malahide)
WC Neville (Dublin University Second XI)
EJ New (Railway Union)
T Newburn (Ireland)
FA Newell (Campbell College, Belfast)
PB Newell (North)
FB Newett (Rossall School)
J Newland (North County, North County Second XI)
J Newland (Malahide)
J Newton (umpire)
P Newton (JS Pollock's XI)
S Ngcobo (Brigade, Coleraine)
R Nhembe (County Kerry)
Z Niaz (Railway Union Second XI)
D Nichol (Pembroke)
G Nichol (umpire)
C Nicholl (North West)
D Nicholl (Bonds Glen, Killyclooney)
G Nicholl (Muckamore, Muckamore Second XI)
I Nicholl (Brigade)
TJ Nicholl (Fox Lodge, Fox Lodge Second XI)
HP Nicholson (Leinster Second XI)
P Nicholson (Phoenix Second XI)
S Nickroo (YMCA)
Nickson (Dublin University Long Vacation Club)
D Nicol (Dublin University)
D Nicol (Pembroke, Pembroke Second XI)
D Nicol (Dublin University)
Doug Nicol (CYM, Terenure)
Darren Nicol (CYM, Ireland Under-15s, Ireland Under-17s, Terenure)
J Nicol (Pembroke Second XI)
R Nicol (Railway Union Second XI)
G Nicoll (Muckamore)
M Nicoll (Ireland Under-17s Women)
R Nicoll (Railway Union Second XI)
A Nisar (umpire)
A Nischal (Waterford Institute of Technology)
A Nixon (Bangor, Irish Universities, Merrion)
A Nixon (Ireland XI)
M Nixon (Bangor, Irish Universities)
M Nixon (scorer)
PHC Nixon (Dublin University, Irish Schools)
R Nixon (Bonds Glen)
D Noble (South Leinster)
D Noble (Merrion)
P Noble (Instonians)
B Nolan (Clontarf, Clontarf Second XI, Irish Universities)
B Nolan (Clontarf Second XI, Clontarf Third XI)
D Nolan (North County, North County Second XI, YMCA, YMCA Second XI)
D Nolan (Balbriggan)
EMH Nolan (Ireland Women)
J Nolan (Irish Universities, North Leinster Under-19s)
JM Nolan (Clontarf)
T Nolan (Merrion Third XI)
None (scorer)
N Noonan (YMCA, YMCA Second XI)
A Noone (South Leinster)
A Noone (Railway Union)
B Noone (umpire)
S Noone (Railway Union, Railway Union Second XI)
S Noor (Waterford Institute of Technology)
T Noor (Waterford Institute of Technology)
Norman (Phoenix)
W Norman (Cork)
FG Norris (Irish Schools)
J Norris (YMCA)
J North (umpire)
J Norton (umpire)
K Norton (umpire)
JR Notley (Ireland, Leinster)
N Nowatarski (Instonians)
C Nulty (Balbriggan)
MAF Nulty (Ireland)
H Nunn (Dublin University)
JH Nunn (Dublin University, Dublin University Past and Present, Ireland, Phoenix, Trinity College Long Vacation Club, Vice Regal Lodge)
JH Nunn (Phoenix Park)
Nutter (Woodbrook Club and Ground)
Nutter (Ulster)
S Nygcobo (Brigade)





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