Ireland Players (N)


M Nabeel (Cork Harlequins)
G Nabi Shah (County Sligo)
A Nadeem (Civil Service)
M Nagade (Donaghcloney)
N Nagar (Leinster Second XI, Merrion, Merrion Second XI, Merrion Third XI)
SB Nagaraj (Cork Harlequins, Cork Harlequins Second XI)
BP Nagle (Leinster, South Leinster)
J Nagle (Leinster, Leinster Second XI)
A Nagori (Limerick Raiders)
S Naidoo (Coleraine)
N Naik (Phoenix, Phoenix Second XI)
N Naik (Irish Universities)
A Nair (North Kildare)
R Nair (Dundrum)
R Nair (Dundrum)
R Nair (County Galway)
S Nair (Terenure)
C Nairn (Dublin University)
S Nakka (Clontarf, Clontarf Second XI, Clontarf Third XI)
S Nandakumar (umpire)
S Nandakumar (Greystones)
K Nandakumer (County Galway)
R Nandi (Phoenix, YMCA, YMCA Second XI)
D Nandil (Old Belvedere)
S Nandukumar (scorer)
DJ Napier (Irish Schools, Leprechauns, Northern Cricket Union Under-23s, Ulster Country, Ulster Town)
M Napier (Irish Schools, Ulster Country, Ulster Town)
N Napier (Ulster Country)
N Napier (Ulster Country Under-19s)
WJ Napier (Dublin, Ireland)
WH Napper (Ireland)
V Narasimhan (Leinster Second XI)
V Narasimhan (Greystones)
S Naseem (Malahide Third XI)
S Naseem (County Galway)
A Naseer (Cork Harlequins)
Naseer Shaukat (Faisalabad, Ireland, Water and Power Development Authority)
C Nash (Ireland, Leinster)
S Nasim (Galway)
S Nasim (County Galway)
J Nation (Waringstown)
APMJ Naughten (Army, Dublin University, Free Foresters, Marylebone Cricket Club, North Leinster, Singapore, Singapore Cricket Club, Wiltshire Queries)
A Naughton (Phoenix)
A Naughton (Merrion Second XI, Merrion Third XI)
A Nautiyal (Mullingar)
R Nautiyal (Mullingar)
R Nautiyal (scorer)
V Nautiyal (Mullingar)
Z Naveed (Old Belvedere)
Z Naveed (scorer)
H Nawar (Waterford Institute of Technology)
A Nawaz (Midleton)
A Nawaz (Midleton)
S Nayab (Leinster)
A Nazir (Phoenix, Phoenix Second XI)
A Nazir (Railway Union Second XI)
I Nazir (Old Belvedere Second XI)
AW Neale (Phoenix Second XI)
A Neary (Rush)
MJ Neary (Irish Schools, Old Belvedere)
R Neavyn (North Kildare)
R Neavyn (North County)
A Needham (scorer)
C Neely (Donemana Second XI)
C Neely (Killyclooney)
E Neely (scorer)
G Neely (Ardmore)
GJ Neely (Ireland, Northern Ireland)
M Neely (Creevedonnell)
A Neethling (Ballymena)
AO Neil (Railway Union Second XI)
A Neill (Ireland Under-19s, Irish Universities)
A Neill (Cliftonville)
AJ Neill (Downpatrick, Northern Cricket Union Under-23s, Ulster Country, Ulster Town)
C Neill (Dublin University)
D Neill (Ireland Under-19s, Irish Schools)
DA Neill (Ireland, Leinster, Vice Regal Lodge)
G Neill (Muckamore)
J Neill (Civil Service North, Cliftonville, Ireland Under-15s, Ireland Under-17s, Ireland Under-19s)
M Neill (Drummond)
N Neill (Downpatrick, Ulster Country)
P Neill (Instonians Second XI)
S Neill (Phoenix, Phoenix Second XI)
T Neill (Muckamore)
TV Neill (Dublin University, Irish Schools)
TV Neill (Phoenix)
P Neilson (Leinster Under-15s)
J Nel (North County)
A Nelson (scorer)
AN Nelson (Ireland)
D Nelson (Lisburn Second XI)
LT Nelson (Ireland Development XI, Ireland Under-13s, Ireland Under-15s, Ireland Under-17s, Ireland Under-19s, Northern Cricket Union, Waringstown)
N Nelson (Ireland)
S Nelson (Ireland Under-15s)
S Nelson (Belfast Under-14s)
S Nelson (Northern Cricket Union Under-15s, Northern Cricket Union Under-17s)
T Nelson (Creevedonnell, Killymallaght)
R Neppalli (Dublin University)
RW Nesbet (JS Pollock's XI)
J Nesbitt (Merrion)
R Nesbitt (Ulster Town)
T Nesbitt (Queen's University, Belfast)
S Nethula (Old Belvedere)
A Neville (scorer)
J Neville (umpire)
JJ Neville (Malahide)
M Neville (Merrion, Merrion Second XI, Merrion Third XI)
M Neville (Ireland Under-15s, Ireland Under-17s)
M Neville (Leinster Cricket Union Under-15s)
M Neville (Leinster Under-15s)
P Neville (Leinster, Leinster Second XI)
PA Neville (Ireland)
PA Neville (Malahide)
R Neville (Dragons Women)
R Neville (Ireland Under-17s Women)
WC Neville (Dublin University Second XI)
EJ New (Railway Union)
T Newburn (Ireland)
FA Newell (Campbell College, Belfast)
PB Newell (North)
FB Newett (Rossall School)
FB Newett (North of Ireland Cricket Club)
J Newland (North County, North County Second XI)
J Newland (Malahide)
JT Newstead (Woodbrook Club and Ground)
J Newton (umpire)
P Newton (JS Pollock's XI)
T Newton (Greystones)
S Ngcobo (Brigade, Coleraine)
R Nhembe (County Kerry)
Z Niaz (Railway Union Second XI)
D Nichol (Pembroke)
G Nichol (umpire)
C Nicholl (North West)
D Nicholl (Bonds Glen, Killyclooney)
G Nicholl (Muckamore, Muckamore Second XI)
I Nicholl (Brigade)
TJ Nicholl (Fox Lodge, Fox Lodge Second XI)
HP Nicholson (Leinster Second XI)
P Nicholson (Phoenix Second XI)
S Nickroo (YMCA)
Nickson (Dublin University Long Vacation Club)
D Nicol (Dublin University)
D Nicol (Pembroke, Pembroke Second XI)
D Nicol (Dublin University)
D Nicol (North Kildare)
Doug Nicol (CYM, Terenure)
Darren Nicol (CYM, Ireland Under-13s, Ireland Under-15s, Ireland Under-17s, Terenure)
J Nicol (Pembroke Second XI)
R Nicol (Railway Union Second XI)
G Nicoll (Muckamore)
M Nicoll (Ireland Under-17s Women)
R Nicoll (Railway Union Second XI)
OD Nightingale (Dublin University)
A Nisar (umpire)
A Nischal (Waterford Institute of Technology)
A Nixon (Bangor, Irish Universities, Merrion)
A Nixon (Ireland XI)
M Nixon (Bangor, Irish Universities)
M Nixon (scorer)
PHC Nixon (Dublin University, Irish Schools)
R Nixon (Bonds Glen)
D Noble (South Leinster)
D Noble (Merrion)
P Noble (Instonians)
B Nolan (Clontarf, Clontarf Second XI, Irish Universities)
B Nolan (Clontarf Second XI, Clontarf Third XI)
C Nolan (Phoenix)
D Nolan (North County, North County Second XI, YMCA, YMCA Second XI)
D Nolan (Balbriggan)
EMH Nolan (Ireland Women)
J Nolan (Irish Universities, North Leinster Under-19s)
JM Nolan (Clontarf)
T Nolan (Merrion Second XI, Merrion Third XI)
M Noman (scorer)
M Noman (Dundrum)
N Noonan (YMCA, YMCA Second XI)
A Noone (South Leinster)
A Noone (Railway Union)
B Noone (umpire)
S Noone (Railway Union, Railway Union Second XI)
S Noor (Waterford Institute of Technology)
T Noor (Waterford Institute of Technology)
Norman (Phoenix)
W Norman (Cork)
FG Norris (Irish Schools)
J Norris (YMCA)
J North (umpire)
J Norton (umpire)
K Norton (umpire)
JR Notley (Ireland, Leinster)
N Nowatarski (Instonians)
N Nowatarski (Ireland Under-15s)
D Nugent (Civil Service)
M Nugent (Civil Service)
C Nulty (Balbriggan)
C Nulty (Ireland Under-15s)
C Nulty (Southern Ireland Under-15s)
C Nulty (Leinster Under-13s)
MAF Nulty (Ireland)
H Nunn (Dublin University)
JH Nunn (Dublin University, Ireland, Phoenix, Trinity College, Dublin Long Vacation Club, Vice Regal Lodge)
JH Nunn (Phoenix Park)
R Nurse (Instonians)
Nutter (Woodbrook Club and Ground)
Nutter (Ulster)
S Nygcobo (Brigade)





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