Ireland Players (T)


A Taggart (Church of Ireland Young Men's Society, Civil Service North)
T Taggart (Ballymoney)
S Tahir (Mullingar)
Taimur Khan (North Down)
D Tait (Cork Harlequins)
M Talbot (Dublin University)
DE Tanham (South Leinster)
KP Tanham (South)
Tanner (Curragh Camp)
KD Tanner (Carlow, Cork County)
M Tanveer (Oak Hill)
H Tanvir (Civil Service)
M Tarar (Balbriggan)
M Tariq (Railway Union)
TR Tarleton (Armagh)
K Tarrant (Irish Universities, North Leinster Under-19s)
J Tasman-Jones (Dublin University)
D Tate (Munster Reds)
P Tate (Downpatrick, Ireland Development XI, Ireland Under-19s, Irish Schools, Northern Cricket Union)
JC Tattersall (Dublin Garrison)
Taylor (Military)
A Taylor (North Leinster)
A Taylor (North Leinster)
DR Taylor (Ireland, Ulster)
F Taylor (Ballymena)
FW Taylor (Leinster)
G Taylor (Irish Schools)
G Taylor (North West Under-15s)
J Taylor (Dundrum)
K Taylor (Leinster)
K Taylor (Leinster Second XI)
L Taylor (scorer)
MH Taylor (Cambridge Marylebone Cricket Club University, Cambridge University)
NC Taylor (Dublin University, Irish Schools, Irish Universities, Leprechauns, North Leinster)
O Taylor (Malahide Second XI, Malahide Third XI)
R Taylor (North West)
RW Taylor (North)
SM Taylor (Glamorgan Colts, Glamorgan Second XI, Glamorgan Young Cricketers, Ireland, Ireland Under-19s, Ireland Under-21s, Ireland Under-23s, Irish Schools, South Leinster, YMCA)
SM Taylor (Leinster)
W Taylor (umpire)
M Tayyab (Old Belvedere)
M Tayyab (Phoenix Second XI)
H Tector (YMCA, YMCA Second XI, YMCA Third XI)
JB Tector (Glamorgan Second XI, Glamorgan Under-19s, Ireland Under-15s, Ireland Under-17s, Leinster Under-15s, YMCA, YMCA Second XI)
W Telford (Dublin University)
F Templar (Armagh)
Temple (Military)
ET Temple (Dublin)
H Tennant (Clydesdale, Gentlemen of North of Ireland, West of Scotland)
R Tenney (Ulster)
RCH Terdre (Cheltenham College, Dublin University)
J Terrett (Cliftonville, Irish Schools, Irish Universities, North Down, North Down Second XI)
J Terrett (Northern Cricket Union)
V Tewata (Laois)
T Thacker (Ballaghadereen)
A Thakur (North Down)
FA Thesiger (Guards Club, Household Brigade, Marylebone Cricket Club, Phoenix)
G Thesiger (North)
P Thew (umpire)
P Thews (umpire)
M Thoas (Nenagh)
A Thomas (Ireland)
A Thomas (Cliftonville)
B Thomas (CYM, The Hills)
B Thomas (Pembroke)
BA Thomas (Balbriggan)
D Thomas (Creevedonnell)
J Thomas (Malahide Second XI, Malahide Third XI)
L Thomas (Creevedonnell)
M Thomas (North)
M Thomas (Terenure)
M Thomas (Nenagh)
P Thomas (Munster)
R Thomas (Creevedonnell)
S Thomas (Downpatrick)
A Thompson (referee, umpire)
AG Thompson (Dublin University, Dublin University Second XI)
B Thompson (Railway Union)
B Thompson (Merrion)
D Thompson (Ballymena)
D Thompson (Drummond)
DJ Thompson (umpire)
E Thompson (Civil Service North, Marylebone Cricket Club, North Down)
ER Thompson (Dublin University, Ireland)
F Thompson (Dublin University, Dublin University Long Vacation Club)
G Thompson (YMCA)
G Thompson (Clontarf)
G Thompson (Carrickfergus)
G Thompson (Ballyspallen)
G Thompson (Waringstown)
G Thompson (Waringstown)
GJ Thompson (Durham University Centre of Cricketing Excellence, Ireland, Lancashire)
HA Thompson (Dublin University)
I Thompson (Ulster Country)
I Thompson (scorer)
J Thompson (Ballyspallen, Glendermott, Ireland Under-17s, Ireland Under-19s)
J Thompson (Dublin University)
J Thompson (Ulster Town)
J Thompson (Phoenix)
J Thompson (Cliftonville, Limavady)
J Thompson (umpire)
J Thompson (Brigade)
J Thompson (Downpatrick)
J Thompson (Donemana)
J Thompson (Northern Cricket Union)
J Thompson (North)
JR Thompson (Ireland A)
M Thompson (Templepatrick)
N Thompson (Eglinton, Eglinton Second XI)
N Thompson (Ballyspallen)
N Thompson (Limavady)
N Thompson (North West Under-15s)
NE Thompson (Ireland)
O Thompson (North West)
P Thompson (Downpatrick)
R Thompson (Carrickfergus, Railway Union)
R Thompson (Cliftonville)
R Thompson (Bonds Glen)
S Thompson (Limavady)
S Thompson (Muckamore, Muckamore Second XI)
SR Thompson (Ireland)
T Thompson (umpire)
T Thompson (Brigade, Ireland Under-15s, Ireland Under-19s)
T Thompson (Newbuildings)
TH Thompson (Irish Schools)
WF Thompson (Ireland, Kensington Park, Marylebone Cricket Club)
ST Thomson (Muckamore)
WT Thomson (Ulster Town)
N Thorburn-Muirhead (Irish Universities)
G Thornbury (Laurelvale)
J Thornbury (Armagh)
G Thornton (Ireland Under-23s Women)
EB Thresher (Military)
EJ Tice (Ireland A Women, Ireland Women)
PJA Tice (Cambridge Marylebone Cricket Club University, Cambridge University, Ireland Under-19s, Merrion, Merrion Second XI, Merrion Third XI)
M Tichband (Merrion, Merrion Second XI)
A Tichett (umpire)
R Tiernan (Gentlemen of the North of Ireland)
L Tierney (Ireland Under-21s Women)
HV Tighe (Irish Schools, Leinster, North Leinster, Old Belvedere, South Leinster)
M Tighe (Ireland Under-15s, Ireland Under-17s, Pembroke)
A Tilling (Merrion)
RC Tilson (North Leinster, Phoenix)
HS Timms (Gentlemen of North of Ireland, North of Ireland Cricket Club)
D Timpson (scorer)
A Tinsley (Oak Hill)
C Tipping (Railway Union, South Leinster)
DO Tipping (Leprechauns, South Leinster)
GA Tisdall (Dublin University)
M Titchband (Merrion Second XI)
A Titmus (Bangor)
JHV Tittle (Royal School Armagh)
JM Tittle (Royal School Armagh)
M Tobb (Cooke Collegians)
Tobin (Leinster)
TJ Tobin (Leinster)
R Tocker (Cork County)
D Todd (North West, North West Cricket Council Chairman's XI)
RA Todd (Pembroke)
R Toemoe (YMCA)
A Tolan (The Hills Second XI)
I Tolan (The Hills, The Hills Second XI)
B Toland (Lisburn)
N Tolerton (Lisburn Second XI)
S Tollerton (Lisburn)
S Tolputt (Merrion)
G Tombe (Coolattin)
H Tomkins (Cork)
F Tomkinson (Dublin)
P Tomlinson (Railway Union Second XI)
S Tomlinson (Railway Union, Railway Union Second XI)
J Toner (Clontarf, Clontarf Second XI)
K Tonetti (Ireland Under-13s, Ireland Under-15s, Ireland Under-17s, Ireland Under-19s, Merrion)
K Tonnetti (Merrion)
J Toombs (Phoenix)
G Toomey (Pembroke Third XI)
K Toori (Railway Union Second XI)
A Topping (North)
B Topping (Irish Schools, Irish Universities, Northern Cricket Union, Ulster Country)
B Topping (Donacloney, Laurelvale, Lisburn)
M Topping (North Kildare, Northern Cricket Union Under-13s)
A Torney (Dundrum)
J Torney (Downpatrick, Dundrum)
I Torrens (North West, North West Cricket Council Chairman's XI)
J Torrens (Brigade, Derriaghy)
R Torrens (Ireland)
S Torrens (Coleraine Second XI)
W Torrens (Coleraine, Coleraine Second XI)
W Torrens (Irish Universities)
A Tosh (Brigade)
D Tosh (Brigade)
L Tottenham (Gentlemen of Dublin, Officers of Ireland)
T Townend (Railway Union, Railway Union Second XI)
Townley (Dublin)
Townsend (Cork)
DA Townsend (South Leinster)
J Townsend (Dublin University)
R Townsend (Cork)
A Traill (Dublin University, Ireland)
EB Traill (Dublin University)
RG Traill (Dublin University, Ireland, Phoenix)
Travers (Wicklow, Wexford and Carlow)
G Treacy (Munster)
JJ Treacy (Pembroke)
M Treacy (Holywood)
Tredennick (Curragh Camp)
J Tremlett (Dublin University, Leinster)
AJ Trench (Military)
R Trench (Phoenix)
SJ Trench (Curragh Camp)
H Trevor (North)
H Trimble (Holywood)
MA Trimble (Holywood)
PM Trohear (Ireland Women)
Trott (umpire)
Trotter (Curragh Camp, Military)
DW Trotter (Dublin University)
FN Trotter (Dublin University)
M Troy (Holywood)
Truell (Na Shuler)
C Trueman (Ireland)
Tryon (Gentlemen of Dublin, Officers of Ireland)
N Tubb (Cooke Collegians)
NG Tubb (Ireland)
B Tucker (Old Belvedere, Pembroke Second XI, Pembroke Third XI)
B Tucker (Leinster Under-15s)
D Tucker (Pembroke Second XI, Pembroke Third XI)
DP Tucker (North Leinster)
F Tucker (Ireland Under-15s, Pembroke, Pembroke Second XI, Pembroke Third XI)
LJ Tucker (Ireland Under-15s, Ireland Under-17s, Ireland Under-19s, Leinster Under-15s, Pembroke, Pembroke Second XI, Pembroke Third XI)
M Tucker (Old Belvedere)
MP Tucker (Pembroke)
RJ Tucker (Cork)
AR Tuffery (umpire)
GR Tuke (Leinster)
TK Tully (Dublin University, Irish Universities, North Leinster)
T Turbelt (Gentlemen of Ireland)
M Turkington (Carrickfergus, Cliftonville, North Down)
T Turkington (Midleton)
W Turley (Armagh)
G Turnbull (Lurgan)
MH Turnbull (Royal Academical Institution, Belfast)
Turner (Cork)
F Turner (Dublin)
G Turner (Creevedonnell)
J Turner (Creevedonnell)
J Turner (Newbuildings)
N Turner (Malahide, Malahide Second XI)
S Turner (North Down)
W Turner (North Down)
H Turpin (Phoenix)
T Turton (Galway)
N Twaddell (Malahide Second XI)
D Tweed (Larne)
B Twomey (Munster)
G Twomey (Pembroke, Pembroke Second XI, Pembroke Third XI)
S Twomey (Irish Universities)
J Tylor (Dublin University)
Tynan (YMCA)
N Tynan (Cork County, Munster Reds)
N Tynan (Cork County Second XI)
PJ Tynan (Cork County, Irish Schools, Leprechauns, Munster, North Leinster, Old Belvedere)
GA Tyndall (Clontarf)
JM Tyrell (Royal Academical Institution, Belfast)
Tyson (Military)





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