Malaysia Players (M)


McKenna (Penang)
R McLeod (Malaysia Cricket Association President's XI)
McMullen (Penang)
Madan Lal (Malacca)
R Madhavan (Malaysia)
AVL Madushan (Kuala Lumpur)
J Mahadevan (scorer)
JJ Mahadevan (Malaysia Under-15s, Malaysia Under-17s, Malaysia Under-19s)
Mahani Ahyar (Malaysia Women)
Mahathir Razali (Malaysia Under-19s)
Mahinder Singh (Malaysia, Perak Cricket Association)
B Mahiswaran (Malaysia Under-19s)
Mahmood Ahmed (umpire)
B Mahyuddin Mansur (Malaysia Under-17s)
ABA Majid (Malaysia)
Mak Chermin (Johor Rhinos)
DJ Manathunga (Kuala Lumpur)
MS Maniam (Malaysian Government Services)
S Maniam (Johore)
Manjit Singh (referee)
Manjit Singh (Malaysian Government Services)
M Manogharan (scorer)
M Manoharan (scorer)
Manrick Singh (Malaysia)
NS Mansergh (Negri Sembilan)
Margaret Bown (scorer)
S Marimuthu (Malaysia, Malaysian Government Services)
Maroof Mohammad (Malaysia Under-17s)
GA Marshall (Johore)
T Martens (Malaya, Malayan Cricket Association President's XI, Malaysia, Singapore Civilians)
J Martess (Singapore Cricket Association)
M Masrom (Malaysia Under-19s)
H Masruddin (Malaysia, Malaysia Under-19s)
Masrulnizam Masrom (Malaysia)
Mathan Kumar (umpire)
M Mathan Kumar (umpire)
T Mathew (Malaysia)
A Mathiavaranam (Johore, Malaysia)
Mat Rani (umpire)
Mat Rani Seman (umpire)
Matthew (Malaysia Schools)
SB Maxwell (Malaysia Under-15s, Malaysia Under-19s)
Maxwell Stephen (Sarawak)
B Mayo (Selangor)
Megat Fadzil (Malaysian Armed Forces Howitzer)
K Megatheuar (umpire)
M Megathewar (referee, umpire)
R Menon (Malaysia)
S Menon (Malaysia)
Mervinder Singh (Malaysia)
S Meyor (Malaysia)
D Mogan (Malaysia Under-19s)
D Mogan (Perak)
V Mogan (Perak)
Mohamad Muhsin (Malaysian Armed Forces Howitzer)
Mohamad Nazri (Malaysian Armed Forces)
Mohamad Nazri (Malaysian Armed Forces Hawks)
Mohamad Nazri (Malaysian Armed Forces Howitzer)
Mohamad Salim (Perak)
Mohamad Shahriel (Malaysia Under-16s)
Mohamad Syahadat Ramli (Royal Malaysian Air Force)
Mohamed Faizal (Malaysia Under-15s)
Mohammad Aris (Federal Cavaliers)
Mohammad Asif (Malaysia Under-17s)
Mohammad Azhar (Malaysia)
Mohammad Azlan (scorer)
Mohammad Azrin (Malaysia Under-17s)
Mohammad Elmi (Malaysia Under-17s)
Mohammad Faizul (Malaysian Armed Forces Howitzer)
Mohammad Fendi (Malaysia Under-15s, Malaysia Under-17s)
Mohammad Firdaus (Malaysia Under-17s)
Mohammad Hafiz (Malaysia Under-17s)
Mohammad Hairy (Malaysia Under-15s)
Mohammad Ishak (Royal Malaysian Air Force)
Mohammad Ishak Ramli (Royal Malaysian Air Force)
Mohammad Lokman (Malaysia Under-15s, Malaysia Under-19s)
Mohammad Maszalam (Malaysia Under-17s)
Mohammad Miran (Malaysia Under-19s)
Mohammad Nazir (Malaysia Under-17s)
Mohammad Nazril (Malaysia, Malaysia Under-15s, Malaysia Under-19s)
Mohammad Nazril (Malaysia)
Mohammad Nur (Malaysia Under-15s)
Mohammad Razman (Malaysia Under-15s, Malaysia Under-17s, Malaysia Under-19s)
Z Mohammad Razman (Malaysian Armed Forces)
MF Mohammad Sham (Malaysia Under-19s)
MF Mohammad Sham (Selangor)
MF Mohammad Sham (Negri Sembilan)
Mohammad Shukri (Malaysia)
Mohammad Shukri (Malaysia)
Mohammad Solihin (Malaysia Under-16s)
Mohammad Syafio (Malaysia Under-17s)
Mohammad Yusairi (Malaysia Under-15s, Malaysia Under-17s)
Mohammed Hisham (Albhukary International University)
T Mohan (Malaysia Under-16s)
G Mohan Kumar (umpire)
Mohd Anwar Arudin (Malaysia)
Mohd Faizal (Malaysian Armed Forces Howitzer)
Mohd Fhadli (Malaysia Cricket Association President's XI)
Mohd Fikri Makram (Malaysia)
Mohd Ishak (Malaysian Armed Forces)
Mohd Ishak (Malaysia Cricket Association President's XI)
Mohd Ishak (Malaysian Armed Forces Hawks)
Mohd Ishak (Malaysian Armed Forces Howitzer)
Mohd Mahadi (Malaysian Armed Forces Howitzer)
Mohd Suaid (scorer)
Mohd Suharril (Malaysia)
Mohinder (Malaysia)
Monera Singhe (Perak Cricket Association)
Monerasinghe (Pan Malayan Ceylonese, Penang)
N Monerasinghe (Malaysia)
Moore (Johore Invitation XI)
Moreira (Perak Cricket Association)
Ms Azlin (scorer)
Ms Azlin Razak (scorer)
Ms Puteh (scorer)
Ms Puteh Norsalasiah (scorer)
Muhamad Aziz (Malaysian Armed Forces Howitzer)
Muhamad Ikhwan (Malaysia Under-16s)
Muhamad Iqbal (Malaysian Armed Forces Howitzer)
Muhamad Makram (Malaysia)
Muhamad Nazri (Royal Malaysian Air Force)
Muhamad Ramzan (Malaysia Under-15s)
Muhammad Ali (scorer)
Muhammad Alif (Penang State Development Team)
Muhammad Amdam (Malaysia Under-19s)
Muhammad Amdam (Malaysian Armed Forces)
Muhammad Amir (Perak)
Muhammad Anwar (Universiti Kebangsaan, Malaysia)
Muhammad Bakri (Royal Malaysian Air Force)
Muhammad Fadli (Malaysia Under-16s)
Muhammad Hafiz (Metro Cricket Club)
Muhammad Hafiz (Malaysia Under-19s)
Muhammad Hafiz (Kuala Lumpur)
Muhammad Hasif (Malaysia Cricket Association President's XI)
Muhammad Hazim (Malaysia Under-15s)
Muhammad Hazim (Malaysia Under-19s)
Muhammad Hazim (Negri Sembilan)
Muhammad Haziq (Malaysia Under-16s)
Muhammad Islah (Malaysia Under-16s)
Muhammad Mazlan (Malaysia Under-16s)
Muhammad Wafiq (Malaysia)
Muhammad Wafiq (Royal Malaysian Air Force)
Muhammad Wafiq (Malaysian Armed Forces)
Muhammad Wafiq (Malaysian Armed Forces Hawks)
Muhammad Wafiq (Malaysian Armed Forces Howitzer)
Muhammad Zulkayri (Penang State Development Team)
Muhammad Zulkayri (umpire)
A Muniandy (referee)
MA Muniandy (Malaysia)
MA Muniandy (Perak)
NK Muniandy (Malaysia)
S Muniandy (Malaysia Under-16s, Malaysia Under-19s)
S Muniandy (Perak)
R Munn (umpire)
Muralee (Royal Selangor Club)
P Muralee Nair (Malaysia)
D Muralitharan (Malaysia, Malaysia Under-15s, Malaysia Under-19s, Millfield School)
D Muralitharan (Penang)
JS Muriel (Malaysia Under-19s)
S Murigak (referee, umpire)
P Murphy (Penang)
A Murugesu (Johore, Malaya)
A Murugesu (Malaysian Government Services)
K Muthu (Malaysia Under-19s)
K Muthu (Selangor)
K Muthu (Perak)
V Muthu (Malaysia Under-19s)
V Muthu (Selangor)





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