Netherlands Players (M)


HHA Maarleveld (Netherlands A, Netherlands Under-13s, Netherlands Under-15s, Netherlands Under-17s, Netherlands Under-19s, Quick Haag, Quick Haag Second XI)
ATM Maas (Netherlands)
M Maas (Cricket Touring Club de Flamingo's, KNCB, Netherlands)
P Maas (Cricket Touring Club de Flamingo's, KNCB, Netherlands)
T Maathuis (Netherlands Women)
N McCallum (Rood en Wit)
M McCann (Voorburg)
E McClelland (Concordia)
A McDonald (Kampong)
R Macdonald (HCC)
PE McEwan (VRA)
A McFedries (Ajax)
A McFedries (Punjab Rotterdam Second XI)
P McGough (umpire)
P McGough (umpire)
SJB McGowan (Quick 1888)
T McGrath (Sparta 1888)
PR McIntyre (VOC)
C McLauchlan (Hilversum)
J MacLeod (Concordia)
G McRae (Hermes DVS, Hermes DVS Second XI)
JD McRae (ACC)
M McRae (Hermes DVS Second XI)
S Madaboosi (Qui Vive)
Madhu (Kampong Third XI)
JW Madsen (KNCB)
LG Madsen (ACC)
H Magito (Netherlands Women)
B Mahabier (umpire)
R Mahabier (umpire)
J Mahendram (Quick 1888)
P Mahendrarajah (Hercules)
H Mahmood (Netherlands Under-15s)
N Mahmood (Hermes DVS)
S Mahmood (Young Seafarers)
S Mahmood (Netherlands Under-17s)
S Mahmood (Ghausia Feijenoord)
F Mahmoud (Kieviten)
P Mahon (Netherlands Coaches XI)
D Mahoney (Bloemendaal)
R Majaman (Netherlands A)
S Majeed (Excelsior '20 Second XI)
N Makadia (Koninklijke UD)
A Malik (HBS Second XI)
D Malik (VOC)
MU Malik (Excelsior '20, North Holland Hurricanes, United Haarlem, Voorburg, VRA)
MU Malik (ACC)
S Malik (HBS, HBS Second XI)
S Malik (Pak Dutch)
S Malik (scorer)
Z Mamoet (Ghausia Feijenoord)
NK Mandem (PSV Tegenbosch)
Maninder Singh (Netherlands Under-19s, Netherlands Under-23s)
D Mann (Kampong, Kampong Second XI)
R Mans (ACC)
G Mantovani (scorer)
R Maphar (HCC)
Margarliat (Groen Geel Women)
MG Marijnen (Netherlands Under-15s, Netherlands Under-17s)
MG Marijnen (HCC Second XI)
Mario (Concordia)
M Maroof (Jinnah)
DAIJ Mars (Kampong)
DJ Mars (Kampong)
M Mars (Netherlands Under-21s Women)
OJ Marseille (Bloemendaal)
PA Marseille (Netherlands)
P Marshall (Kampong)
T Martens (umpire)
S Martin (Sparta)
SO Martina (Netherlands Under-17s, Netherlands Under-19s, VOC, VOC Second XI)
A Masood (Punjab Rotterdam, Punjab Rotterdam Second XI)
A Masood (Voorburg Second XI)
A Masood (Ghausia Feijenoord)
T Matena (VRA)
E Matheson (ACC)
U Mathialagan (VOC)
R Mathieson (scorer)
A Maynier (Kampong)
N Mbambi (Netherlands Under-15s)
N Mbambi (Quick Haag)
N Mbambi (Quick Haag Second XI)
P Meekeren (Netherlands Under-19s)
J Mees (HCC)
PL Mees (Kampong)
NS Mehmood (Hermes DVS Second XI)
C Meier (Kampong Women)
B Meihuizen (Netherlands Women)
M Meihuizen (Netherlands Women)
BA Meijer (Koninklijke UD)
G Meijers (Sparta)
JH Meinema (Koninklijke UD)
D Mekking (HCC)
S Melchers (Netherlands Women)
F Menschaar (Cricket Touring Club de Flamingo's)
N Merajdin (VVV)
N Merajdin (Dosti Second XI)
G Mer van Schouwenburg (Rood en Wit)
C Mesman (Netherlands)
MV Meurs (HCC)
MV Meurs (HCC)
NH Meurs (Haarlem Women)
E Meyer (Dutch Women Blue XI)
E Meyer (Dutch Women Red XI)
G Meyer (Still Going Strong Cricket Club)
GB Meyer (KNCB, Netherlands)
P Meyer (KNCB)
G Meyers (HBS)
H Meyers (Sparta)
H Meyers (Bloemendaal)
RC Milburn (Canterbury Women, Netherlands Women, New Zealand A Women, New Zealand Women, Otago Women)
T Milde (Ajax)
T Milde (Ajax)
TS Milde
Mill (Concordia)
PJ Miller (Kieviten)
PS Milne (Hercules)
S Minhaas (Punjab Rotterdam)
A Minhas (Jinnah)
S Minnema (Netherlands Women)
O Minton (Haarlem)
N Mirajdan (VVV Second XI)
H Mirza (VVV Second XI)
K Mirza (VVV, VVV Second XI)
M Mirza (Jinnah)
MA Mirza (VVV)
NS Mirza (VVV)
QHM Mirza (VVV)
S Mirza (Jinnah)
S Mirza (Young Hurricanes)
S Mirza (Netherlands Under-13s, Netherlands Under-15s)
S Mirza (VRA)
Z Mirza (Punjab Rotterdam)
ZM Mirza (VVV)
ZM Mirza (Rood en Wit)
S Missier (K-Gandhi Third XI)
A Mitra (scorer)
E Mitra (HBS, HBS Second XI)
Moeder (Netherlands)
B Moenna (scorer)
FA Moenna (VRA)
IM Moenna (Sparta)
A Mohamed (umpire)
A Mohamed (umpire)
A Mohamed (umpire)
E Mohamed (umpire)
I Mohamed (umpire)
Mohammad (Hermes DVS Second XI)
A Mohammad (umpire)
A Mohammad (Dosti Second XI)
J Mohammad (Jinnah)
R Mohammad (Heerlen)
SA Mohammad (Quick 1888)
Mohammad Kashif (Netherlands, Netherlands A)
A Mohammed (umpire)
A Mohammed (Sparta)
A Mohammed (Jinnah)
A Mohammed (Bloemendaal)
A Mohammed (Heerlen)
A Mohammed (Dosti Second XI)
I Mohammed (umpire)
J Mohammed (VRA)
N Mohammed (Excelsior '20 Second XI)
A Mok (Netherlands Women)
H Mok (Netherlands Women)
AC Mol (Netherlands Women)
GM Mol (Cricket Touring Club de Flamingo's)
GMC Mol (Netherlands)
H Mol (Quick Haag)
HJC Mol (Netherlands)
JK Mol (Ajax Women)
A Molenaar (Netherlands)
JPAW Molenaar (umpire)
M Molenaar (HCC, Voorburg)
M Molenaar (Ajax)
MAC Molenaar (Netherlands Women)
MFA Molenaar (Ajax Women)
MJ Molenbuur (Voorburg)
C Molenschat (Rood en Wit)
AB Molloy (VRA)
A Momand (Hermes DVS Second XI)
B Momand (Hermes DVS, Hermes DVS Second XI)
W Monkau (umpire)
WA Mons (umpire)
M Moolenaar (HCC)
G Moon (umpire)
G Moon (Still Going Strong Cricket Club)
PS Moon (scorer)
R Moore (Rood en Wit)
TLM Moore (HCC Second XI)
MI Moorjani (Quick 1888)
H Moran (scorer)
PJ Moran (Voorburg, Voorburg Second XI)
SK Moran (Voorburg)
M Morant (umpire)
Morrison (Netherlands Under-19s)
M Mubashir (Amstelland United)
M Mubashir (VVV)
B Mudalige (Koninklijke UD)
JAA Mudannayake (Netherlands Under-17s)
Mudassar Bukhari (Netherlands, Netherlands A)
Mudassar Chaudary (Netherlands Under-15s)
M Mughal (VRA)
J Muhammad (VRA Second XI)
A Muhammed (Jinnah)
A Muhammed (United Haarlem)
B Muihuizen (Netherlands Women)
MMN Muis (Quick 1888)
Muiswinkel (Haarlem Women)
U Mukhopadhyay (Groninger)
Mulder (umpire)
D Mulder (North Netherlands)
GJ Mulder (ACC)
J Mulder (VRA)
J Mulder (umpire)
JL Mulder (VRA)
KDP Mulder (ACC)
LS Mulder (KNCB, Netherlands)
P Mulder (scorer)
P Mulder (VRA Women)
RWA Mulder (Kampong, Netherlands Under-19s, VRA)
RWA Mulder (VRA Second XI)
S Mulder (Cricket Touring Club de Flamingo's)
SPJ Mulder (VRA, VRA Second XI)
ST Mulder (Voorburg, Voorburg Second XI)
JM Mulders (umpire)
JMB Mulders (Kampong)
WJH Mulier
Muller (VRA)
MG Muller (Rood en Wit)
A Murphy (HCC, HCC Second XI)
O Murray (Netherlands Under-15s)
J Murtagh (HCC)
A Murtaza (VVV, VVV Second XI)
A Mushtaq (ACC)
A Mushtaq (VVV)
Y Mushtaq (Ajax)
Mustafa Faqiri (HBS, Netherlands Under-23s)
P Muthcumaru (umpire)
P Muthucumaru (umpire)
AA Muzumdar (VOC)
D Myburgh (HCC)
SJ Myburgh (Hermes DVS)





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