New Zealand Players (C)


DMK Cocker (Southland)
T Cocker (umpire)
MS Cockerill (Taranaki)
DJ Cockerton (Auckland Women)
LJ Cockery (Manawatu)
JA Cockle (Canterbury Women Second XI)
RM Cockle (Wellington Women)
WE Cockroft (Southland)
DS Cocks (Southland)
KM Cocksedge (Central Districts Women)
WJ Coe (New Zealand Women, Wellington Women)
S Coetzee (Auckland Women)
CJ Coffey (Canterbury Under-23s, Northland)
CP Cogdale (umpire)
E Coggan (St Hilda's Collegiate Secondary School)
H Cohen (Hawke's Bay)
L Cohen (Canterbury)
N Cohen (Hawke's Bay)
B Coker (Northern Districts Under-19s, Northern Districts Under-20s)
C Coker (Wanganui)
B Colban (Wairarapa)
Colbeck (Auckland)
N Colbert (Cornwall)
MD Coldham (Auckland Women)
Cole (Auckland Cricket Society)
Cole (South Taranaki)
E Cole (Taranaki)
EC Cole (Taranaki)
LM Cole (Nelson Women)
MS Cole (Northern Districts Under-17s, Northern Districts Under-18s)
RK Cole (Canterbury Under-20s)
S Cole (University and St Heliers)
SC Cole (scorer)
PM Colegrove (North Shore Women)
Coleman (Marlborough)
Coleman (Nelson)
AB Coleman (University-Grange)
AR Coleman (Horowhenua, Wellington Under-20s)
B Coleman (umpire)
C Coleman (Hamilton Eastern Suburbs)
D Coleman (Rangitikei)
DD Coleman (Auckland)
GG Coleman (umpire)
GS Coleman (Auckland)
IH Coleman (Wairarapa)
JR Coleman (Northern Districts Women)
LJ Coleman (Raroa Normal Intermediate School)
M Coleman (Wellington Under-20s)
R Coleman (umpire)
R Coleman (Auckland Under-20s)
SM Coleman (Bishop's Stortford, Cardiff-Boolaroo, Greytown, Hampshire Second XI, Hertfordshire, Hertfordshire Development XI, Hertfordshire Under-17s, Hertfordshire Under-21s, Hoddesdon, Southampton Solent University, Wairarapa, Worcestershire Second XI)
AW Coles (Nelson)
ID Coles (Central Districts Under-19s)
M Coles (umpire)
MJ Coles (New Zealand Under-23s, Wellington)
MJ Coles (Wellington Second XI)
BD Coley (Wellington)
GS Colledge (Auckland Under-20s)
N Collender (Canterbury)
Collet (Wellington)
A Collett (Bay of Plenty)
BJ Collett (Hutt Valley, Rangitikei, Wellington Under-20s, Wellington Under-23s)
M Collett (Tauranga Intermediate School)
A Collie (Otago Under-17s, Otago Under-19s)
BW Collie (Otago Under-20s)
JB Collie (Balmacewen Intermediate School)
MA Collie (Otago A)
AR Collier (Northern Districts)
B Collier (Wanganui)
HDR Collier (Central Districts A, Central Districts Under-19s, Manawatu, New Zealand Under-19s, Wanganui)
J Collier (Poverty Bay)
LG Collier (Heaton Intermediate School)
SC Collier (Wellington Development XI)
B Colling (Cystic Fibrosis Invitation XI)
DF Collinge (umpire)
E Collinge (umpire)
GA Collinge (Central Districts Second XI, Central Districts Under-19s, Central Districts Under-20s, Wellington Second XI)
JK Collinge (Auckland Under-20s, Auckland Under-23s, London New Zealand Club, New Zealand Universities)
RO Collinge (Central Districts, New Zealand, New Zealand Under-23s, Northern Districts, Wellington)
M Collings (North Otago)
D Collingwood (Central Districts Under-17s)
Collins (umpire)
Collins (Manawatu)
AE Collins (Canterbury)
C Collins (North Auckland)
DC Collins (Cambridge University, Free Foresters, Marylebone Cricket Club, Wellington)
EA Collins (South Canterbury)
GT Collins (Thames Valley)
J Collins (Wanganui)
JB Collins (Wellington Women)
JF Collins (Canterbury)
JU Collins (Canterbury, Nelson)
JW Collins (Thames Valley)
KI Collins (Canterbury)
LG Collins (Wellington Under-20s, Wellington Under-23s)
ME Collins (Hutt Valley)
MWB Collins (Otago Boys High School, Otago Under-17s, Otago Under-18s)
R Collins (New Zealand Universities)
R Collins (Auckland Under-20s)
RW Collins (Taranaki)
S Collins (Taranaki)
W Collins (Taranaki)
W Collins (Wairarapa)
WE Collins (Wellington)
ET Collinson (Otago)
F Collis (Manawatu)
IA Colquhoun (Central Districts, New Zealand, New Zealand XI)
FJ Colson (Wellington)
HFW Colson (Auckland)
JA Colson (Wellington Under-19s)
E Colthart (Rangitikei)
K Columbus (Marlborough)
A Colville (South Canterbury)
A Colville (Canterbury Women Second XI)
H Colvin (Otago)
J Colyer (Southland)
PG Coman (Canterbury, New Zealand, New Zealand Under-23s)
G Comber (Northland)
HM Comer (Counties Manukau)
PR Comer (Cornwall Under-19s)
MD Commins (umpire)
J Commons (Royal New Zealand Navy)
TD Condell (umpire)
JW Condliffe (Otago, Wellington)
LW Condliffe (Wanganui)
RG Condliffe (umpire)
LM Condon (Wanganui)
CJ Coney (New Zealand Under-23s, Wellington)
JV Coney (New Zealand, New Zealand Under-23s, Wellington)
A Congdon (Wairarapa)
BE Congdon (Canterbury, Central Districts, New Zealand, New Zealand XI, Otago, Wellington)
FC Congdon (Nelson)
KC Congdon (Canterbury, Canterbury Second XI)
S Conlan (North Otago)
Connell (umpire)
C Connell (Wanganui)
MF Connell (Auckland Women, Central Districts Women, New Zealand Under-25s Women)
MF Connell (Manawatu Women)
M Connelly (Otago Women)
P Connelly (Wellington)
BM Conner (umpire)
Conners (Pio Pio College)
Connolly (South Auckland)
L Connor (Wanganui)
Conole (Waiapu)
RF Conole (Hawke's Bay, Poverty Bay)
LB Conolly (Auckland Women)
N Conradi (Otago)
J Consedine (Eastern Suburbs, Wellington City, Wellington Emerging Players, Wellington Under-17s, Wellington Under-19s)
L Constable (Wairarapa)
H Conway (Canterbury Under-20s)
HN Conway (Tauranga Boys College)
PG Conway (Otago Under-19s)
J Coogan (Bay of Plenty)
Cook (Manawatu)
Cook (Rotorua)
Cook (umpire)
AE Cook (scorer)
AJ Cook (Wellington)
CFD Cook (Canterbury Colts, Rangitikei)
D Cook (Technical Old Girls)
D Cook (Poverty Bay)
E Cook (Southland)
G Cook (Wairarapa)
G Cook (Bay of Plenty, Manawatu, New Zealand Universities)
G Cook (Central Districts Under-23s)
HE Cook (Ashburton County)
J Cook (Celtic)
J Cook (Otago Women)
LG Cook (Wairarapa)
M Cook (Bay of Plenty)
M Cook (scorer)
M Cook (Poverty Bay)
M Cook (Upper Valley)
P Cook (North Otago)
RF Cook (Canterbury)
RH Cook (umpire)
S Cook (Upper Valley)
SP Cook (Otago Women)
W Cook (Ashburton County)
Cooke (Oamaru)
Cooke (Canterbury Cricket Society)
AC Cooke (Poverty Bay)
FH Cooke (Nelson, Otago)
G Cooke (Medbury School)
GD Cooke (Auckland Under-20s, Auckland Under-23s, Hamilton)
HRI Cooke (Otago Under-17s, Otago Under-18s, Otago Under-23s, Southland)
NT Cooke (Medbury School)
R Cooke (West Coast and Buller)
WA Cooke (Canterbury)
JWM Cookson (East Christchurch-Shirley)
H Coom (Eastern Districts of Southland)
A Coombe (Poverty Bay)
B Coombe (Taranaki)
I Coombes (Waikato Diocesan School for Girls)
DS Coombs (Otago)
R Cooney (Otago Under-17s)
T Cooney (Otago Under-17s)
Cooper (umpire)
Cooper (South Taranaki)
A Cooper (Taranaki)
A Cooper (Otago)
AE Cooper (Wellington Women)
B Cooper (North Otago)
BG Cooper (Northern Districts)
C Cooper (Canterbury A)
CE Cooper (umpire)
D Cooper (New Zealand Universities)
DL Cooper (Ashcott and Shapwick, Central Districts A, Central Districts Under-17s, Ickenham, Nelson, Timperley)
DM Cooper (Central Districts)
E Cooper (scorer)
EL Cooper (New Zealand Women, North Shore Women)
F Cooper (Wairau Valley)
G Cooper (Central Districts Under-19s, Hawke's Bay)
G Cooper (North Taranaki)
GC Cooper (Northern Districts Second XI)
HR Cooper (Northern Districts)
IW Cooper (Auckland)
J Cooper (Waikato Valley)
M Cooper (Central Districts Under-22s, Wairarapa)
P Cooper (Wanganui)
RN Cooper (Tauranga Intermediate School)
SD Cooper (Northern Districts Under-18s, Northern Districts Under-19s, Waikato Valley)
SP Cooper (Onslow)
TA Cooper (Manawatu)
W Cooper (West Coast (South Island))
WD Cooper (umpire)
WH Cooper (Auckland)
TM Coory (Havelock North Intermediate School)
S Copas (Waiapu)
NG Cope (Weston Primary School Girls)
D Copeland (umpire)
W Copeland (New Zealand Expeditionary Force)
SA Copelin (umpire)
N Copestake (umpire)
KJ Copland (Central Otago, Otago Under-20s)
ZE Coppins (Wanganui Women)
DEA Copps (umpire)
J Corballis (Rangitikei)
NCF Corballis (Wanganui)
J Corbett (Otago Under-17s)
AM Corbin (New Zealand Women, Wellington Women)
LDJ Corbishley (Otago Women)
MC Corby (New Zealand Women, Wellington Women)
N Cordes (Waikato Valley)
AD Cording (Wanganui, Wellington Under-20s)
CC Corfe (Canterbury)
G Cork (Auckland Under-17s)
JF Corkery (Otago Under-20s)
BJ Corlett (Taranaki)
AT Corliss (Wellington Under-17s, Wellington Under-19s)
LP Cormack (Otago Women)
CJ Cornelius (Canterbury)
WA Cornelius (Canterbury)
JW Corner (umpire)
Cornford (Wellington)
Cornish (Manawatu)
CA Cornish (Wellington)
LH Cornish (New Zealand Universities)
MJ Cornish (Naenae, Naenae Old Boys, Wellington Under-17s)
THE Cornish (Hutt Valley)
Cornwall (Nelson)
M Coronno (New Zealand Deaf)
RD Corric (umpire)
S Cosgrave (Hutt Districts)
P Cosgrove (South Canterbury)
GW Cossey (New Zealand Army)
DA Costello (Canterbury Women, New Zealand Women)
JF Costello (umpire)
W Costello (Bay of Plenty)
TS Costley (South Canterbury)
J Cotter (Hawke's Bay)
MJ Cotter (Northern Districts Under-23s, Thames Valley)
RJ Cotterell (Hawke's Bay)
Cotterill (Wellington)
AJ Cotterill (Canterbury)
AK Cotterill (Hawke's Bay)
BW Cotterill (Hawke's Bay)
CN Cotterill (Hawke's Bay)
EJ Cotterill (Auckland, Canterbury)
GR Cotterill (Hawke's Bay)
H Cotterill (Canterbury)
R Cotterill (Northland)
RJ Cotterill
WJ Cotterill (Canterbury)
Cottier (Rangitikei)
K Cottier (Southland)
Cotton (Waikato)
HE Cotton (Auckland)
KD Cotton (umpire)
LJ Cotton (Kaikorai, Otago Boys High School, Otago Under-19s)
P Cotton (Central Otago)
J Coughlan (Auckland Under-19s)
MM Coughlan (Otago Women, Southern Districts Women)
GG Coull (Canterbury)
JM Coulston (New Zealand Women, Wellington Women)
JR Coulston (Hutt Valley)
Coultelin (South Taranaki)
B Coulter (Ashburton County)
H Coulton (Hawke's Bay)
KB Coulton (New Zealand Army)
W Coulton (Hawke's Bay)
M Counsell (Hamilton)
RN Couper (Otago)
J Coupland (Wellington B)
R Coupland (umpire)
RJM Coupland (North Island Army)
RW Coupland (Otago)
WB Coupland (New Zealand Expeditionary Force)
Court (South Taranaki)
GF Court (Taranaki)
AH Courtis (umpire, scorer)
HB Courtis (Timaru)
A Courtney (Wairau)
AT Courtney (Auckland Development Women, Auckland Under-21s Women)
Coutts (Wanganui, Wellington, West Coast (North Island))
F Coutts (Whangarei Boys High School)
HD Coutts (Taranaki)
PJC Coutts (Central Districts, Wellington)
VR Coutts (Canterbury Women, New Zealand Women, Wellington Women)
WL Coventry (Central Districts Under-23s, Wairarapa)
GIJ Cowan (umpire)
J Cowan (Wellington Women)
LMS Cowan (Tahuna Intermediate School Boys)
MR Cowan (Otago Women)
ST Cowan (Central Districts Women)
T Cowell (Southland)
DB Cowie (Northland)
J Cowie (Auckland, New Zealand, New Zealand XI)
NJ Cowien (umpire)
GW Cowles (North Canterbury, North Otago, Otago Under-20s)
SD Cowles (Canterbury Women, New Zealand Women)
VM Cowles (Southern Districts Women)
NR Cowley (Wellington Under-23s)
FWM Cowlishaw (Christ's College, Christchurch)
WP Cowlishaw (Canterbury)
A Cowlrick (South Auckland Women)
SEM Cowlrick (Auckland Women)
SC Cowman (umpire)
Cowper (Southern Hawke's Bay)
CSJ Cowper (umpire)
JS Cowper (umpire)
Cox (umpire)
Cox (umpire)
Cox (Southland)
Cox (Oamaru)
Cox (New Zealand Universities)
A Cox (Canterbury)
A Cox (South Canterbury)
A Cox (Auckland)
B Cox (Akarana Women)
C Cox (Counties Manukau)
CJ Cox (umpire)
HJ Cox (Christchurch Boys High School)
HJ Cox (Canterbury Country)
J Cox (Auckland Women)
J Cox (Canterbury Women Second XI)
J Cox (Hawke's Bay Women)
KFS Cox (Otago)
NB Cox (Canterbury Women)
NK Cox (South Canterbury)
RD Cox (Central Districts, New Zealand Under-23s)
RE Cox (Auckland Women)
S Cox (St Albans)
T Cox (Franklin)
TA Cox (Wellington)
W Cox (North Otago)
M Coxhead (Midlands, Waikato)
J Coxon (Central Districts Under-17s, Central Districts Under-19s)
SWG Coxon (Auckland)
Coy (Westland)
AK Coyle (Auckland Women)
EA Coyne (Manawatu)
TC Crabb (Auckland, Denmark)
F Craddock (Denniston Dog Old Boys)
AM Crafar (Wanganui Women)
CA Crafar (Central Districts)
RT Cragg (Marlborough)
D Craig (Wellington Women)
G Craig (Wellington)
GM Craig (Auckland Women)
H Craig (Wanganui)
JRK Craig (Huntley School)
K Craig (Otago, Southland)
KA Craig (Canterbury Women, Otago Women)
KA Craig (Bay of Plenty, Northern Districts Under-23s)
L Craig (Taita, Taita Second XI)
MD Craig (Gloucestershire, New Zealand, New Zealand A, Otago)
N Craig (Franklin)
R Craig (Midlands)
R Craig (Bay of Plenty)
R Craig (Otago Under-20s)
VC Craig (umpire)
WA Craig (umpire)
H Craige (Raroa Normal Intermediate School)
G Craighead (New Zealand Schools)
ED Craik (Central Districts)
A Crake (Auckland Under-20s)
AA Cramond (Otago)
GG Cranswick (Central Districts Under-17s)
J Cranswick (Central Districts Under-19s, Cornwall (Hastings))
J Crarer (Waiapu)
TG Crary (Auckland Under-20s)
Craven (Hawke's Bay)
Crawford (Auckland)
Crawford (Hawke's Bay)
Crawford (Oamaru)
A Crawford (North Otago)
A Crawford (Poverty Bay)
BA Crawford (scorer)
BJG Crawford (Otago Under-23s, Southland)
CG Crawford (Canterbury)
D Crawford (Central Otago)
FR Crawford (New Zealand Services, Royal New Zealand Air Force, Wellington)
G Crawford (Central Otago)
I Crawford (Waikato Diocesan School for Girls)
L Crawford (Waikato Diocesan School for Girls)
M Crawford (Otumoetai Cadets)
R Crawford (Canada, Northern Districts Under-23s, Poverty Bay)
AE Crawley (Otago Women)
G Crawley (Taranaki)
EE Crawshaw (Canterbury)
WJ Crawshaw (Canterbury, Otago, Taranaki, Wellington)
P Cready (Rangitikei)
EV Creagh (Wellington Technical College Old Girls)
MC Creagh (Otago)
M Crean (Hamilton)
TM Creed (Hawke's Bay)
TE Creeks (Wellington)
Creighton (umpire)
M Creighton (North Otago)
DB Crene (Northern Districts)
M Crenshaw (New Zealand Universities)
Cresswell (Westland)
AE Cresswell (Central Districts, Wellington)
B Cresswell (Marlborough)
GF Cresswell (Central Districts, New Zealand, Wellington)
W Cresswell (Marlborough)
M Cribbens (Auckland Under-20s)
H Crichton (Rangitikei)
JE Crichton (Wellington Collegians)
A Crimp (Hutt Districts)
D Crimp (Canterbury Women)
AH Crisp (umpire)
DJS Crisp (Central Districts Under-23s, Marlborough, Waikato, Wairarapa)
G Critchley (Auckland Under-19s, Cornwall)
AJ Croasdale (Wellington Under-20s)
GS Crocker (Thames Valley)
JH Crocker (Bay of Plenty, Taranaki)
JS Crocker (umpire)
LM Crocker (Northern Districts)
T Crockett (Southland)
M Croft (Celtic, Central Districts Under-19s)
ND Croft (umpire)
R Croft (Horowhenua)
IB Cromb (Canterbury, New Zealand, New Zealand Army, New Zealand XI)
DM Crombie (Central Districts Under-23s, Southland, Wairarapa, Wellington Under-20s)
DSM Crombie (Wellington Under-20s)
J Crombie (Taranaki)
MJ Crombie (Wellington)
G Cromie (Ashburton County and South Canterbury)
A Cromwell (North Otago)
M Cronan (New Zealand Universities)
JR Crone (Manawatu)
I Cronin-Knight (Auckland Women, New Zealand A Women, New Zealand Women)
EJ Cronshaw (Belmont Intermediate School Girls)
BJ Crook (Wellington)
DL Crook (Naenae)
RC Crook (Wellington)
CH Crooks (Auckland Schoolgirls, Auckland Under-21s Women, Epsom Girls Grammar School)
SB Crooks (Matamata Women)
SR Crooks (Matamata Women)
D Crosbie (Canterbury Under-17s)
G Crosbie (umpire)
RS Crosby (Pukekohe Metro)
A Cross (Southland)
A Cross (umpire)
AR Cross (Southland Women)
CAT Cross (Auckland-Waitakere, Naenae, Naenae Old Boys, Wellington Under-17s, Wellington Under-19s)
CS Cross (Nelson, Wellington, West Coast (North Island))
JT Cross (Southland)
K Cross (umpire)
R Cross (Central Districts Under-20s)
SJ Cross (Naenae, Naenae Old Boys, Wellington Under-20s)
T Cross (Nelson)
WH Cross (Nelson)
JP Crossan (Counties Manukau, Hamilton, Northern Districts Under-17s, Northern Districts Under-19s)
S Crossan (Bay of Plenty)
Crosse (Hawke's Bay)
HE Crosse (Hawke's Bay)
CF Crothall (Central Districts Under-23s, Nelson)
P Crothers (Taita)
P Crouch (Auckland Under-17s)
DC Croucher (Royal New Zealand Air Force)
JM Croucher (New Zealand Universities)
CW Croudis (Otago Under-20s, Otago Under-23s)
GW Croudis (Otago)
RJ Crow (Taranaki)
Crowe (Auckland Cricket Society)
AW Crowe (umpire)
DW Crowe (Canterbury, Wellington)
JJ Crowe (Auckland, New Zealand, South Australia)
MD Crowe (Auckland, Central Districts, New Zealand, Somerset, Wellington)
R Crowe (Auckland)
S Crowhurst (scorer)
JD Crowley (Wellington A)
KJ Crowley (Otago Women)
L Crowley (Otago Country)
LR Crowley (scorer)
WBH Crowley (Northern Districts Under-20s, Northland)
CL Crowson (umpire)
J Crowther (Wellington)
WRJ Croxford (Otago)
MG Croy (New Zealand A, New Zealand Academy, Otago)
J Crozier (Southland)
A Cruickshank (Wairarapa)
DG Cruickshank (Otago Under-20s)
MD Cruickshank (Northern Districts Under-23s, Northland)
CP Cruikshank (Central Districts)
O Crum (Whangarei Girls High School)
AB Crummy (Taita)
C Crump (Otago)
WC Crump (Auckland)
B Cruthers (umpire)
M Cryer (North City)
WJ Cubitt (North Otago)
DP Cudby (Hutt Districts, Wellington A, Wellington Under-17s)
PJ Cudby (Wellington Under-20s, Wellington Under-23s)
B Cudd (Poverty Bay)
CA Cuff (Canterbury)
LA Cuff (Auckland, Canterbury, Tasmania)
AJ Culham (Havelock North Intermediate School)
SD Culhane (Otago Under-20s, Southland)
G Cullen (West Coast (South Island))
HJ Cullen (Ashburton County)
J Cullen (Otago)
R Cullen (Bay of Plenty)
R Cullen (Canterbury)
KG Cullimore (Wanganui)
S Cullingworth (Northern Districts Under-17s, Northern Districts Under-19s)
KR Cullum (Auckland Under-20s)
Cullwick (College B)
CB Cumberland (Otago, Otago Second XI)
TB Cumberland (Albion, King's High School, Dunedin, Otago Under-17s, Otago Under-19s)
H Cuming (Wanganui)
C Cumming (Buller High School)
CD Cumming (Canterbury, New Zealand, New Zealand A, New Zealand Academy, Otago)
D Cumming (West Coast (South Island))
JM Cumming (Balmacewen Intermediate School)
N Cumming (Buller, Denniston Dog Old Boys, West Coast (South Island))
Cummings (Wanganui)
A Cummings (Buller)
D Cummings (umpire, scorer)
EM Cummings (Otago)
GB Cummings (Auckland, Otago)
GP Cummings (umpire)
D Cummins (Northern Districts Under-17s)
GI Cummins (Canterbury)
J Cummins (Invitation XI Women)
A Cundy (Wairarapa)
J Cundy (Wellington)
PR Cunis (Northland)
RS Cunis (Auckland, New Zealand, New Zealand XI, Northern Districts)
SJ Cunis (Canterbury)
HJ Cunliffe (Central Districts A, Central Districts Under-17s, Central Districts Under-19s, New Zealand Academy Development Squad)
J Cunliffe (Marlborough)
JA Cunneen (Canterbury Women Second XI)
M Cunneen (Buller High School)
O Cunneen (Canterbury Under-17s)
S Cunneen (Mid-Canterbury)
AN Cunningham (Otago Under-21s Women)
C Cunningham (Otago Under-19s)
CK Cunningham (North Otago)
E Cunningham (Canterbury Minor Associations)
EG Cunningham (Central Districts Under-21s Women, New Plymouth Girls High School)
GK Cunningham (Central Districts Under-23s, Manawatu, New Zealand Schools, Wanganui)
J Cunningham (Taranaki)
J Cunningham (North Otago)
J Cunningham (Southland Women)
JCM Cunningham (Central Districts Under-17s, Central Districts Under-19s, Downham Town, Manawatu, Marist-United, United Palmerston North)
LM Cunningham (scorer)
R Cunningham (Weston Primary School Girls)
WHR Cunningham (Canterbury)
Curgenven (Canterbury Cricket Society)
BJ Curgenven (scorer)
G Curgenven (St Albans)
B Curham (Wanganui Women)
I Curley (Southern Hawke's Bay)
N Curnow (Nelson Women)
Currie (West Coast (South Island))
A Currie (North Otago)
ACM Currie (Canterbury Under-20s)
B Currie (Hamilton)
CJ Currie (Wellington)
DC Currie (Canterbury, Central Districts)
DE Currie (umpire)
KS Currie (North Shore Women)
MJ Currie (Canterbury Women, New Zealand Women, Wellington Women)
R Currie (Westland)
RG Currie (umpire)
W Currie (Westland)
M Currill (Eastern Suburbs)
H Currin (Nelson)
RCA Cursons (Canterbury Women)
RJ Curtayne (Counties, Franklin, Northern Districts Under-23s)
DF Curtin (umpire)
J Curtin (Mel Brown's XI)
Curtis (Auckland)
AJ Curtis (Taita)
DMJ Curtis (Auckland Second XI, Wellington Under-20s)
FN Curtis (Canterbury Under-23s)
M Curtis (Bay of Plenty)
OD Curtis (Medbury School)
SK Curtis (Wellington Women)
SL Curtis (Wairarapa)
SRH Curtis (Auckland Women, New Zealand Women, Northern Districts Women)
WM Curtis (Wellington)
JJ Curtling (Armitage Bridge, Auckland Under-19s)
DR Cusack (Bay of Plenty, Canterbury Second XI, Northern Districts Second XI)
J Cusack (umpire)
C Cusdin (Ashburton County)
JAJ Cushen (Auckland, New Zealand Under-23s, Otago)
SJ Cushen (Waikato Valley)
D Cushing (Central Districts Under-19s)
SJ Cushing (Hawke's Bay)
JP Cussen (Auckland Women)
R Cuthbertson (Wanganui Women)
W Cuthbertson (South Canterbury)
C Cuthill (Otago Under-19s, Southland)
ASH Cutler (Otago)
CM Cutler (scorer)
N Cutler (New Zealand Forces)
JP Cuttance (Albion, Otago A, Wellington Under-17s, Wellington Under-18s)





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