New Zealand Players (M)


A Miles (Palmerston North Girls High School)
C Miles (Wairarapa)
C Miles (scorer)
CC Miles (Wellington)
E Miles (Canterbury Women Second XI)
F Miles (umpire)
HR Miles (umpire)
JH Miles (Rangitikei)
JTP Miles (Central Districts Under-17s)
G Mill (Waiapu)
JJ Mill (Poverty Bay, Wairarapa)
S Mill (Waiapu)
Millar (Marlborough)
Millar (Manawatu)
AD Millar (Southland)
B Millar (South Canterbury)
EW Millar (umpire)
FGJ Millar (Medbury School)
GJ Millar (Medbury School)
JS Millar (Northland)
K Millar (Thames Valley)
MJ Millar (Thames Valley, Waikato)
PL Millar (North Shore Women)
TS Millar (Southland)
W Millar (Central Districts Under-19s)
G Millard (Marlborough)
D Millbank (Wairarapa)
DJ Millener (Auckland, Oxford University)
Miller (Wanganui)
Miller (Southern Hawke's Bay)
Miller (Franklin)
AH Miller (Otago Women)
B Miller (Hawke's Bay)
B Miller (Thames Valley)
BD Miller (Manawatu)
BJ Miller (Otago Under-20s)
C Miller (International XI Women)
C Miller (umpire)
C Miller (North East Valley)
D Miller (Poverty Bay)
D Miller (Napier Technical Old Boys)
DJH Miller (Poverty Bay)
EL Miller (New Zealand Women)
G Miller (Wairau)
H Miller (New Zealand Women)
HG Miller (Christchurch Boys High School)
HJ Miller (Auckland Under-17s)
JT Miller (Otago Boys High School)
KM Miller (Wairarapa)
L Miller (New Zealand Forces)
L Miller (Whangarei Boys High School)
LSM Miller (Central Districts, New Zealand, New Zealand XI, Wellington)
R Miller (Ngakawau)
RC Miller (umpire)
RJ Miller (Rangitikei)
RM Miller (Canterbury)
SC Miller (Balmacewan Intermediate School)
SW Miller (Nelson)
WC Miller (Otago Country)
WG Miller (umpire)
HB Millichamp (Ashburton County)
RF Millichamp (Ashburton County)
RL Millichip (Canterbury Women, North Harbour Women)
SJ Millichip (Canterbury Second XI, Canterbury Under-19s, Canterbury Under-22s)
A Milligan (Otago Under-19s)
A Milligan (East Christchurch-Shirley)
K Milligan (South Canterbury)
LE Milliken (New Zealand Women, Northern Districts Women)
F Millington (Oamaru)
GI Millington (Otago)
JP Millmow (New Zealand, Wellington)
Mills (Wellington Wednesday Association)
A Mills (South Canterbury)
A Mills (Otago Under-20s)
A Mills (North Otago)
AMR Mills (Marlborough)
AS Mills (Otago)
C Mills (Hawke's Bay)
CHO Mills (Raroa Normal Intermediate School Girls)
DC Mills (Taranaki Wanderers)
DLT Mills (Canterbury Under-20s, New Zealand Young Cricketers)
E Mills (Auckland)
G Mills (Auckland, Hawke's Bay, Otago)
GH Mills (New Zealand XI, Otago)
I Mills (Auckland)
JA Mills (Canterbury Under-23s)
JE Mills (Auckland, New Zealand)
JM Mills (Auckland, New Zealand A)
JR Mills (Southland)
KD Mills (Auckland, Lincolnshire, Middlesex, New Zealand, New Zealand A, Uthura Rudras)
SM Mills (Wellington)
W Mills (Auckland, Taranaki)
WV Millton (Canterbury)
Milne (Pio Pio College Second XI)
AF Milne (Central Districts, New Zealand, New Zealand A, Royal Challengers Bangalore)
DA Milne (umpire)
ED Milne (umpire)
GW Milne (umpire)
J Milne (Southland)
JD Milne (Wellington)
GS Milnes (Central Districts)
LA Milnes (New Zealand Army, Otago)
JG Milne-Win (Canterbury Under-19s)
J Milton (Nelson)
M Mimmack (Auckland Under-17s)
L Minaar (North Shore Women)
Minehan (Westland)
CFN Minifie (South Canterbury)
Minihan (West Coast (South Island))
TJ Minihan (Hutt Valley)
D Minogue (New Zealand Services)
KE Minogue (Canterbury Women)
PB Minogue (Auckland Under-20s)
G Minshall (Southland)
P Mirams (Nelson)
F Mirza (Grafton)
M Missen (Wellington Women)
A Mistry (Auckland-Waitakere, Grafton)
P Mistry (Auckland Women)
M Mita (Wanganui Women)
Mitchell (Rotorua)
BR Mitchell (umpire)
D Mitchell (Otago)
DJ Mitchell (scorer)
DJ Mitchell (New Zealand A, Northern Districts)
EW Mitchell (Wellington)
F Mitchell (Manawatu)
F Mitchell (Wellington Country)
F Mitchell (umpire)
G Mitchell (Northland)
GF Mitchell (Wanganui)
I Mitchell (Bay of Plenty)
JA Mitchell (Bay of Plenty)
K Mitchell (Ashburton County, Canterbury Under-22s)
K Mitchell (Southland Women)
L Mitchell (Hawke's Bay)
MA Mitchell (Auckland Women)
ML Mitchell (Canterbury Women, Central Districts Women)
P Mitchell (Manawatu)
R Mitchell (Waikato)
R Mitchell (Canterbury Under-20s)
RG Mitchell (Otago Under-20s)
RW Mitchell (umpire)
RW Mitchell (Hawke's Bay)
SC Mitchell (Palmerston North Boys High School)
T Mitchell (Southland)
T Mitchell (Canterbury Women)
WJ Mitchell (New Zealand Under-23s, Northern Districts, Otago)
CK Mizzi (Wellington Women)
PJ Mochan (Hutt Valley, Manawatu)
JI Mockford (Otago Under-17s)
CJ Moffat (Canterbury Women)
RJM Moffitt (Wellington Women)
AM Moir (New Zealand, New Zealand XI, Otago)
DJ Moir (umpire)
E Moles (umpire)
SA Mollison (scorer)
KS Molloy (New Zealand Women)
DAR Moloney (Canterbury, New Zealand, Otago, Wellington)
DM Molony (Wellington)
DW Monaghan (South Island Army)
H Monaghan (Taranaki)
HW Monaghan (Canterbury, Wellington)
J Monaghan (Howick Pakuranga)
JS Monck (Canterbury)
B Monk (Rangitikei)
EA Monk (Rangitikei)
JP Monk (Hutt Valley)
LS Monk (Otago)
N Monk (Christ's College, Christchurch)
PG Monk (Otago)
GH Monro (Marlborough)
Monroe (scorer)
Montague (College B)
F Montague (umpire)
APJ Monteath (Otago)
L Monteath (Manawatu)
LTJ Monteith (Auckland)
RL Monteith (umpire)
J Montgomerie (umpire)
Montgomery (Rotorua)
H Montgomery (South Canterbury)
K Montgomery (Wairarapa)
MD Montgomery (Suburbs-New Lynn)
OR Montgomery (umpire)
R Montgomery (Birkenhead City and Takapuna)
S Montgomery (scorer)
SJ Montgomery (King's High School, Dunedin)
WR Moodie (umpire)
J Moody (Poverty Bay, Waiapu)
JW Moody (Waiapu, Waikato)
PW Moody (referee)
Moon (Hawke's Bay)
DE Mooney (Counties)
FLH Mooney (New Zealand, New Zealand XI, Wellington)
R Moor (Petone-Eastbourne)
Moore (Wellington)
Moore (North Taranaki)
Moore (Southland)
Moore (Tawa)
BA Moore (Canterbury Women, Canterbury Women Second XI)
C Moore (Hamilton)
C Moore (umpire)
C Moore (scorer)
CE Moore (Canterbury Women, Canterbury Women Second XI)
CF Moore (Hutt Valley)
CW Moore (umpire)
D Moore (Oamaru)
DR Moore (Wellington Under-17s, Wellington Under-19s)
E Moore (Bay of Plenty)
E Moore (Wairarapa)
EM Moore (North Harbour Women, North Shore Women)
F Moore (Wairarapa)
FE Moore (Taranaki)
G Moore (Otago Under-19s)
H Moore (Marlborough)
H Moore (Oamaru)
H Moore (Waikato)
HC Moore (umpire)
HE Moore (Wellington Under-20s)
HW Moore (Canterbury, Taranaki)
I Moore (Landmark Golden Oldies)
J Moore (umpire)
J Moore (Poverty Bay)
JGH Moore (Otago)
JR Moore (Hamilton Boys High School, Northern Districts Under-17s)
K Moore (umpire)
KB Moore (Northern Districts Women, Otago Women)
L Moore (Northland)
L Moore (Ashburton County, Poverty Bay)
L Moore
LC Moore (umpire)
LM Moore (Canterbury Development Women, Canterbury Under-21s Women)
LR Moore (Combined Services)
M Moore (Wellington Women)
MW Moore (Counties, Counties Manukau)
PCE Moore (Wellington)
PK Moore (Northern Districts Women)
PN Moore (New Zealand Women)
RW Moore (Canterbury Under-23s)
SJ Moore (Canterbury Women, Lancaster Park Women, Wellington Women)
TR Moore (Canterbury)
TR Moore (umpire)
WJ Moore (umpire)
WJ Moore (Otago)
WR Moore (Timaru)
WS Moore (West Coast (North Island))
ZL Moore (Canterbury Women Second XI)
J Moorhead (Wellington Under-20s)
SW Moorhead (Mid-Canterbury)
H Moorhouse (Wairarapa)
M Moorhouse (Canterbury, Wellington)
R Mooru (Petone-Eastbourne)
G Moran (Marlborough)
H Moran (Wairau Valley)
R Moran (Central Districts Under-20s)
S Moran (Otago Country)
S Moran (North Shore Women)
RH Morbey (New Zealand Universities)
SR Morbey (St Paul's Collegiate School, Hamilton)
TA Moresby (Auckland)
RC Moreton (Otago Under-20s)
HAT Morey (Wellington)
JE Morey (Auckland Women)
K Morey (Northern Districts Second XI, Northern Districts Under-20s, Thames Valley)
AP Morgan (Otago Under-20s)
AR Morgan (Central Otago)
AVL Morgan (Auckland Schoolgirls, Auckland Under-21s Women)
BS Morgan (Hamilton Boys High School)
C Morgan (New Zealand Deaf)
D Morgan (Waikato)
DC Morgan (Nelson)
DR Morgan (umpire)
E Morgan (umpire)
G Morgan (Whangarei City)
G Morgan (Cobham)
GJ Morgan (Auckland)
H Morgan (Horowhenua and Kapiti)
HA Morgan (Wellington)
HR Morgan (Wellington)
J Morgan (Northern Districts Under-17s)
JA Morgan (Northland)
L Morgan (Waikato)
LJ Morgan (Otago, Wellington)
M Morgan (Southland)
PC Morgan (WA Hadlee's XI)
PT Morgan (Southland)
RG Morgan (Auckland, Northern Districts)
RT Morgan (New Zealand Services, Wellington)
RW Morgan (Auckland, New Zealand)
RW Morgan (Central Districts Under-20s)
T Morgan (North City)
KL Mori (Manawatu)
FH Morice (Wellington)
L Morice (South Auckland Women)
DM Morland (Central Districts, New Zealand Under-23s)
G Morland (Auckland Under-20s)
MD Morland (New Zealand Under-23s Women, North Harbour Women)
ND Morland (New Zealand Academy, Otago)
D Morley (Poverty Bay)
G Morley (Taranaki)
G Morley (Northern Districts Under-20s, Poverty Bay)
JG Morley (Counties Manukau)
KH Morley (Wellington Under-20s)
R Morley (Poverty Bay)
W Morley (South Canterbury)
J Morreau (Landmark Golden Oldies)
TJ Morrell (New Zealand Army)
Morris (1st Divisional Team)
A Morris (Otago)
AL Morris (scorer)
AW Morris (Eastern Districts of Southland)
BC Morris (Otago Women, Southland Women)
C Morris (Otago)
C Morris (Nelson)
C Morris (Central Districts Under-23s)
C Morris (West Coast (South Island))
CJ Morris (umpire)
D Morris (umpire)
D Morris (umpire)
DS Morris (Auckland Under-20s)
G Morris (umpire)
G Morris (Celtic)
GC Morris (umpire, scorer, referee)
GW Morris (umpire)
J Morris (Auckland Under-17s, Auckland Under-19s, Howick Pakuranga)
JB Morris (Auckland)
JW Morris (Canterbury Under-20s)
K Morris (Ashburton County)
N Morris (Wellington Under-20s)
OJ Morris (West Coast (South Island))
PPW Morris (Auckland)
PR Morris (Otago)
R Morris (Wanganui and Wellington Women)
SRM Morris (New Zealand Women)
BTJ Morris-Brown (Northern Districts Under-17s)
Morrison (South Canterbury)
AM Morrison (Hawke's Bay, Wellington Under-20s)
AM Morrison (Auckland Women, North Shore Women, Wellington Women)
AR Morrison (Auckland)
AR Morrison (Auckland A, Auckland Under-18s, Auckland Under-19s)
B Morrison (South Canterbury)
BD Morrison (New Zealand, Wellington)
BH Morrison (Horowhenua)
C Morrison (Karori)
D Morrison (New Zealand Universities, Northern Districts Under-23s)
D Morrison (Southland)
DF Morrison (Wanganui)
DJ Morrison (Hawke's Bay, Thames Valley)
DK Morrison (Auckland, Lancashire, New Zealand)
G Morrison (Hawke's Bay)
G Morrison (Wairau Valley)
GE Morrison (Rangitikei)
HB Morrison (Otago)
HM Morrison (Wellington Under-20s, Wellington Under-23s)
J Morrison (Southland)
JB Morrison (Wellington)
JFM Morrison (Central Districts, New Zealand, New Zealand Under-23s, Wellington)
KD Morrison (umpire)
M Morrison (Otago Women)
MHL Morrison (Wellington City, Wellington Under-20s)
N Morrison (Otago Under-19s)
PD Morrison (Auckland Under-20s, Auckland Under-23s, Hutt Valley)
R Morrison (umpire)
R Morrison (Poverty Bay)
S Morrison (Taranaki Women)
T Morrison (Bay of Plenty, Northern Districts Under-19s)
T Morrison (Ngakawau)
TJ Morrison (Otago Women)
W Morrison (Otago)
WEW Morrison (Canterbury)
RJ Morrissey (Hawke's Bay)
DR Morrow (Hamilton)
JM Morrow (Central Districts Women, Taranaki Women)
P Morrow (umpire)
W Morrow (Victoria University, Wellington)
Morse (Westland)
WL Mort (umpire)
AER Morten (Canterbury Under-20s)
T Morten (New Zealand Expeditionary Force)
TM Mortensen (Auckland Women)
J Mortimer (Wanganui)
J Mortimer (Nelson)
R Mortimer (Marlborough)
S Mortimer (Marlborough)
Morton (Hawke's Bay)
CR Morton (Otago Under-21s Women)
EC Morton (Otago Under-20s, Southland)
G Morton (King Country)
P Morton (Wairarapa)
SG Morton (Otago, Southland)
WK Morton (Rangitikei)
JP Moselen (Northland)
AE Moss (Canterbury)
JR Moss (New Zealand Under-23s, Wellington)
R Moss (Wairarapa)
RM Moss (Wellington)
S Moss (Hawke's Bay)
RC Motz (Canterbury, New Zealand, New Zealand XI)
J Mouat (Poverty Bay)
B Mould (North City)
L Mountain (Cobham)
LS Mountain (Northern Districts)
HIM Mountford (West Coast Women, West Coast Women Second XI)
S Mountford (Canterbury Women, West Coast Women)
Mountier (Hawke's Bay)
JF Mountier (University-Grange)
H Mourits (Karori)
MJ Mowat (Canterbury Under-20s)
R Mowat (New Zealand Deaf)
W Mowatt (Wellington)
H Mowbray (North Otago)
DJ Mowlem (Auckland Women, Northern Districts Women)
J Mowlem (Auckland Under-20s)
W Moxham (Waikato)
B Moyes (New Zealand Army)
Moyle (scorer)
H Moyle (Auckland)
D Moynihan (Canterbury, Waikato)
T Moynihan (North City)
TD Moynihan (Canterbury)
CC Mudgway (Rangitikei)
R Mudgway (scorer)
SA Mudgway (Johnsonville, Wellington A)
C Muff (Ashburton County, South Canterbury and North Otago)
Muggeridge (Taranaki)
CJ Muggeridge (Central Districts Second XI, Somerset Second XI, Somerset Under-25s, Taranaki)
LCJ Muggeridge (Central Districts Under-19s, Locks Heath, Taranaki, Taranaki Wanderers)
R Muggeridge (umpire)
A Muir (Otago Women)
CA Muir (Wellington)
CJ Muir (Central Otago, Otago Under-20s)
FJ Muir (Otago)
GA Muir (Canterbury)
GW Muir (Poverty Bay)
MF Muir (Otago)
MH Muir (Otago Under-20s, Otago Under-23s)
NW Muir (Central Otago, Otago Under-22s)
R Muir (Auckland Under-20s, Franklin, Northern Districts Under-23s)
R Muir (Canterbury Under-20s)
S Muir (Wairau Valley)
T Muir (umpire)
TR Muir (Canterbury A, Canterbury Under-17s, Canterbury Under-19s, Canterbury Under-23s, East Christchurch-Shirley, New Zealand Under-19s, Otago A, VRA)
K Mulcahy (Northern Districts Development Women)
E Mulcock (Canterbury, Otago)
M Mulholland (Central Otago)
MT Mulholland (St Andrew's College, Christchurch)
A Mulincer (umpire)
A Mullany (Horowhenua)
C Mullany (Central Districts Under-19s, Central Districts Under-20s)
H Mullen (Horowhenua and Kapiti)
K Muller (Taranaki)
A Mulligan (Waiapu)
T Mullinder (Hawke's Bay)
K Mullins (Manawatu)
LJ Mullins (Manawatu)
PAH Mullins (North Canterbury)
JB Mumford (Auckland)
DP Mumm (West Coast and Buller)
RP Mumm (Buller)
EL Mummery (Central Districts)
WEG Muncaster (Canterbury, Canterbury Under-20s)
B Munn (umpire)
C Munro (Auckland, Kolkata Knight Riders, New Zealand, New Zealand A, New Zealand XI, Trinbago Knight Riders, Worcestershire)
D Munro (Otago Under-19s)
DCM Munro (umpire)
H Munro (North Otago)
J Munro (Otago Under-17s)
L Munro (Bay of Plenty)
S Munro (Northern Districts, Northland)
W Munro (Auckland Women, North Shore Women)
DM Murchie (Wanganui)
Murchison (Marlborough)
DJ Murchison (Otago Under-20s)
DR Murchison (South Canterbury)
DR Murchison (umpire)
JD Murchison (Manawatu, Wellington Country)
Murdoch (Canterbury Cricket Society)
DH Murdoch (Otago)
DR Murdoch (New Zealand Schools, Otago Under-20s, Otago Under-23s, Southland)
GH Murdoch (Otago)
K Murdoch (Canterbury Development Women)
LJ Murdoch (Canterbury Women, New Zealand Women)
M Murdoch (Naenae Old Boys)
RG Murdoch (umpire)
RL Murdoch (Otago)
SJ Murdoch (Wellington)
TJ Murdoch (New Zealand Under-23s)
WT Murdock (Central Districts, New Zealand Under-23s)
Murfitt (Canterbury Cricket Society)
WD Murison (Otago)
PW Muriwai (Auckland Under-20s)
Murley (Hawke's Bay)
AD Murley (Central Districts A, Central Districts Under-17s, Central Districts Under-19s, Hawke's Bay)
J Murley (North East Valley, Otago Under-17s, Otago Under-19s)
ND Murley (Central Districts Under-23s, Hawke's Bay, Southern Hawke's Bay)
SW Murley (Otago A, Otago Under-19s)
Murphy (Pio Pio College Second XI)
D Murphy (Hutt Districts)
G Murphy (Northern Districts)
GB Murphy (Hutt Valley, Wellington Under-20s, Wellington Under-23s)
H Murphy (Southland)
J Murphy (Wairau Valley)
M Murphy (Marlborough)
M Murphy (Celtic)
MP Murphy (Auckland Women, Northern Districts Women)
P Murphy (Horowhenua)
RT Murphy (umpire)
RW Murphy (Waikato)
SA Murphy (Canterbury A)
SGJ Murphy (Canterbury Country, South Canterbury, Southland)
TA Murphy (scorer)
Murray (Hawke's Bay)
Murray (scorer)
Murray (Manawatu)
Murray (Pio Pio College Second XI)
A Murray (New Plymouth Girls High School)
A Murray (Horowhenua and Kapiti)
AS Murray (Canterbury Under-20s)
BA Murray (Canterbury Second XI)
BAG Murray (New Zealand, New Zealand XI, Wellington)
BF Murray (Rangitikei)
CL Murray (Otago Women, Otago Women Second XI)
D Murray (umpire)
D Murray (Horowhenua and Kapiti)
D Murray (North City)
DJ Murray (Canterbury, New Zealand, New Zealand A, New Zealand Academy, New Zealand XI)
F Murray (West Coast (South Island))
FJM Murray (Central Districts Under-17s, Central Districts Under-19s, Nelson, Nelson College, New Zealand Under-19s)
GA Murray (Wellington Under-20s)
GB Murray (Wellington)
GT Murray (Southland)
J Murray (New Zealand Army)
JF Murray (Wellington Women)
K Murray (North Otago)
K Murray (Rangi Ruru Girls School)
K Murray (New Zealand Blind)
KL Murray (Canterbury Under-21s Women)
L Murray (Central Districts)
L Murray (Wellington Women)
L Murray (Manawatu)
L Murray (Karori)
LD Murray (Heaton Intermediate School)
M Murray (Central Districts Women)
MJ Murray (Auckland A, Auckland Under-17s, Auckland Under-19s, King's College, Auckland, Suburbs-New Lynn)
R Murray (Rangitikei)
R Murray (Canterbury Women)
RC Murray (Otago Under-20s)
RM Murray (New Zealand XI, Wellington)
S Murray (Southland)
S Murray (Wairarapa)
T Murray (New Plymouth Girls High School)
W Murray (Wanganui Women, Wanganui Women B)
JE Murrell (North Harbour Women)
BJ Murrow (Upper Hutt, Wellington Under-17s)
B Murtagh (Wellington Under-20s)
JR Murtagh (Otago, Wellington)
J Murtha (umpire)
M Murton (Poverty Bay)
BS Musgrave (Bay of Plenty, Northern Districts Under-19s, Tauranga Boys College, Wythenshawe)
B Musgrove (umpire)
T Music (East Christchurch-Shirley)
KJ Musson (New Zealand Women)
RE Muysert (Otago Women)
DM Myers (Hutt Valley High School Boys, Petone-Eastbourne)
W Myers (Central Otago)
J Myles (Auckland Women, Matamata Women)
J Myles (Horowhenua and Kapiti)
TC Myles (Kaikorai)
HW Mytton (Canterbury)





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