Pakistan Players (A)


Amaad Gul (Narowal Under-19s)
Amad Ahmed (selected for Sialkot Under-19s)
Amad Ali (Rawalpindi Under-19s)
Amad Butt (Pakistan Under-19s, Sialkot, Sialkot Under-19s)
Amad Khalid (selected for Haripur)
Amad Khan (Islamia College, Peshawar)
Amad Rafiq (Attock)
Amad Shafiq (Attock Under-19s)
Amal Khan (Quetta)
Amal Khan (Nowshehra Under-19s, Peshawar Under-15s, Peshawar Under-16s, Peshawar Under-19s)
Aman Afridi (Tank, Tank Under-19s)
Aman Ahmed (Gujranwala Under-19s)
Aman Arshad (Rawalpindi Under-19s)
Amanat Ali (Dera Ghazi Khan Under-19s, Lahore Division Under-19s)
Aman Baloch (Quetta Under-19s Women, Quetta Under-21s Women, Quetta Women)
Aman Gul Muhammad (Quetta Under-19s Women)
Aman Khan (Mansehra)
Aman Khan (Abbottabad)
Aman Khan (Abbottabad Under-16s, Abbottabad Under-19s, Abbottabad Under-23s, Upper Dir, Upper Dir Under-19s)
Aman Khan (Upper Dir)
Aman Malik (Lahore East Zone Blues Under-19s)
Aman Malik (Face Fresh)
Aman Qambrani (Dadu Under-19s)
Aman Rasheed (Chakwal Under-19s)
Amanul Haq (Lahore Division Under-19s)
Amanullah (Sargodha, United Bank Limited)
Amanullah (Khairpur)
Amanullah (Kalat, National Bank of Pakistan)
Amanullah (Quetta Under-19s)
Amanullah (Karachi Whites Under-19s, Karachi Zone II Under-19s)
Amanullah (Larkana)
Amanullah (selected for Khairpur)
Amanullah (Multan Schools)
Amanullah (selected for Rajanpur Under-19s, Rajanpur)
Amanullah (Layyah)
Amanullah (Upper Dir Under-19s)
Amanullah (Loralai Under-19s)
Amanullah (Federally Administered Tribal Areas Under-16s)
Amanullah (Mansehra Under-19s)
Amanullah (Karachi Zone IV Under-19s)
Amanullah (Loralai Under-19s)
Aman Ullah (North Waziristan Under-19s)
Amanullah Baloch (Makran)
Amanullah Khan (umpire)
Amanullah Khan (Bannu, Bannu Under-19s)
Amanullah Khan (Sibi, Sibi Under-19s)
Amanullah Khan (Loralai Under-19s)
Amanullah Khan (selected for Swabi Under-19s)
Amanullah Shah (Lexicon Secondary School, Lahore Cantt)
Amar Abbas (Sheikhupura Under-19s)
Amara Boluch (Pakistan Universities Women)
Amara Latif (Crescent Club)
Amar Ali (Shikarpur Under-19s)
Amar Ali (Jacobabad Under-19s)
Amar Hussain (Badin Under-19s)
SK Amarnath (Karachi B)
Ambar Ali (Jhelum)
Ambreen Nawaz (Lahore Women)
Ambreen Nawaz (Wahdat College)
Ambreen Nawaz (Crescent Club)
Ameem Abbas (Gujranwala, Lahore City, Water and Power Development Authority)
Ameenullah (Loralai Under-19s)
Ameer Afzal (Mansehra Under-19s)
Ameer Ahmed (Kalat Under-19s)
Ameer Akbar (Lahore City, Lahore City Blues, Lahore City Greens, National Bank of Pakistan, Pakistan Under-23s, Railways)
Ameer Akbar (Peshawar)
Ameer Akbar (referee)
Ameer Akhtar (Jhelum Under-19s)
Ameer Ali (Lahore North Zone Blues, Lahore North Zone Whites)
Ameer Ali (selected for Larkana Under-19s)
Ameer Ali (Dadu Under-19s)
Ameer Ali (Lahore West Zone Whites Under-19s)
Ameer Azam (Mansehra Under-19s)
Ameer Bukhsh (Sukkur, Sukkur Under-19s)
Ameer Bukhsh (selected for Thatta)
Ameer Bukhsh (Sukkur)
Ameer Haider (Thatta)
Ameer Hamid (Income Tax Department, Lahore North Zone Blues, Lahore North Zone Blues Under-19s, Lahore North Zone Whites, Lahore Ravi Under-19s, Lahore Shalimar Under-19s)
Ameer Hamza (Federal Government Boys High School 2)
Ameer Hamza (Shikarpur Under-19s)
Ameer Hamza (selected for Mianwali)
Ameer Hamza (Multan, Multan Schools, Multan Under-19s)
Ameer Hamza (Khan Research Laboratories Under-19s)
Ameer Hamza (Chakwal Under-19s)
Ameer Hamza (Mianwali, Mianwali Under-19s)
Ameer Hamza (Rawalpindi Under-19s)
Ameer Hamza (Lahore Eagles)
Ameer Hamza (Hyderabad Under-16s)
Ameer Hamza (selected for Pakistan Education Board)
Ameer Hamza (Multan Under-16s)
Ameer Hamza (Attock Under-19s)
Ameer Hamza (Sukkur Under-19s)
Ameer Hamza (Muzaffargarh Under-19s)
Ameer Hamza (Jhang Under-19s)
Ameer Hamza (Larkana Under-16s)
Ameer Hamza (Income Tax Department)
Ameer Hamza (Okara Under-19s)
Ameer Hamza (Narowal Under-19s)
Ameer Hamza (Lahore Under-16s)
Ameer Hamza (Sialkot Under-19s)
Ameer Hamza (Gujranwala Under-19s)
Ameer Hamza Khan (Mianwali)
Ameer Humza (Lahore East Zone Blues, Lahore East Zone Blues Under-19s, Lahore Ravi Under-19s)
Ameer Khan (Attock Group, Chittagong Division, Islamabad, Islamabad Leopards, Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited, Rawalpindi, Rawalpindi Rams)
Ameer Khan (Pakistan International Airlines)
Ameer Khan (Kalat Under-19s)
Ameer Khan (Lahore Shalimar Under-19s, Lahore West Zone Blues Under-19s, Lahore West Zone Whites Under-19s)
Ameer Khan (State Bank of Pakistan Under-19s)
Ameer Khan (Lahore West Zone Blues)
Ameer Mohammad (Killa Abdullah Under-19s)
Ameer Mukhtiar (selected for Mianwali)
Ameer Mukhtiar (Karachi Zone VII)
Ameer Nawab (Karachi Zone VII Under-19s)
Ameer Nawaz Khan (selected for Mianwali Under-19s)
Ameer Rawan (Dadu Under-19s)
Ameeruddin (Hyderabad, Karachi, Karachi Blues, Karachi Whites, Pakistan Customs, Pakistan Universities)
Ameeruddin (Dadu)
Ameer-ud-Din (Pakistan Navy)
Ameeruddin Ansari (referee)
Ameer Umar (Dera Ghazi Khan Under-19s)
Ameer Umar (Bhakkar Under-19s)
Ameeruudin (referee)
Ameer Zaib (Mardan Under-19s)
Ameet Ravi (Karachi Zone III Under-19s)
Amer Altaf (Mansehra)
Amin (Sind University)
Amin (Zeeshan Public School)
Amina Ashiq (Faisalabad Under-19s Women)
Amin Abbas (umpire)
Amin Abbasi (umpire)
Amina Butt (Sialkot Women)
Amin Ali (Lahore City Blues Under-19s, Lahore City Greens Under-19s)
Amina Saleem (Rawalpindi Women)
Amin Ashraf (Karachi Whites, Montgomery District XI, National Tyre and Rubber Company, Punjab A, Railways)
Amin Athar (Lahore City, Pakistan University Grants Commission)
Amina Zahid (Cathedral School No 1)
Amin Farooq (Sind University)
Amin Javed (Bahawalpur Under-19s)
Amin Khan (Lahore Gymkhana)
Amin Khan (selected for Mirpur Khas Under-19s)
Amin Lakhani (Allied Bank Limited, Karachi, Karachi Blues, Karachi Whites, Pakistan National Shipping Corporation, Pakistan Universities, Sind, United Bank Limited)
Amin Lakhani (Karachi Blues, Karachi Greens, Karachi University)
Amin Mahmood (Lower Dir Under-19s)
Amin Nasir (selected for Nowshehra)
Amin Raisani (Baluchistan)
Amin Razzaq (Public Works Department)
Aminuddin (Combined Services, North West Frontier Province)
Aminuddin (Karachi Blues, Karachi Whites, Sind B)
Aminuddin (Dera Ismail Khan Under-19s)
Amin-ul-Haq (Quetta)
Aminullah (Pishin Under-19s)
Aminullah (Pishin Under-19s)
Amin Ullah (North Waziristan Under-19s)
Aminullah Jan (Charsadda, Charsadda Under-19s, Peshawar Under-19s)
Aminullah Jan (Tank Under-19s)
Aminullah Jan (Peshawar Under-19s)
Amin-ur-Rehman (Karachi Blues, Karachi Dolphins, Karachi Urban, Karachi Whites, Karachi Zebras, National Bank of Pakistan, Sind)
Amin-ur-Rehman (Lower Dir Under-19s)
Amin-ur-Rehman (Swat Under-19s)
Amir (selected for Lahore North Zone Whites Under-19s)
Amir Abbas (Khairpur Under-19s)
Amir Akram (umpire)
Amir Ali (Dacca University)
Amira Sohail (Sialkot Women)
Amir Atta (umpire)
Amir Baig (Mirpur Khas Under-19s)
Amir Baig (Hyderabad Under-19s)
Amir Dar (Lahore East Zone Blues Under-19s)
Amir Dogar (Vehari Under-19s)
Amir Elahi (Bahawalpur, Baroda, Crescent Club of Lahore, Cricket Club of India, India, Muslims, North India Free Lancers, Northern India, Pakistan, Patiala, Rajputana, Southern Punjab, United Provinces Governor's XI, Western India States)
Amir Hamza (selected for Naushki Under-19s)
Amir Hassan (selected for Sanghar Under-19s)
Amir Hussain (umpire)
Amir Hussain (selected for Lahore East Zone Whites Under-19s)
Amir Idrees (Karachi Blues Under-19s, Karachi Whites Under-19s, Karachi Zone IV Under-19s)
Amir Ishfaq (Pakistan Blind)
Amir Ismail (selected for Sibi Under-19s)
Amir Khan (scorer)
Amir Khan (Naushki Under-19s)
Amir Khan (selected for Sahiwal Under-19s)
Amir Khan (selected for Lahore West Zone Whites Under-19s)
Amir Khan (selected for Gilgit Baltistan Under-19s)
Amir Mohammad (selected for Loralai Under-19s)
Amir Mohammad (Karachi Zone V Under-19s)
Amir Nawaz (Khanewal Under-19s)
Amir Nawaz Khan (Mianwali Under-19s)
Amir Rafiq (selected for Layyah Under-19s)
Amir Rehman (Bhakkar Under-19s)
Amir Sohail (Swat, Swat Under-19s)
Amir Sohail (Sahiwal Under-19s)
Amir Sohail (Azad Jammu and Kashmir Under-19s)
Amir Sohail (Bhakkar)
Amir Sohail (Bannu Under-19s)
Amirullah (Bahawalpur, North West Frontier Province)
Amirullah (Peshawar Under-16s)
Amirullah (Mamond Agency)
Amir Ullah (Peshawar Under-19s)
NK Amirullah (Dacca, East Pakistan, East Pakistan A, East Pakistan Greens)
Amir Usman (Layyah Under-19s)
Amir Zaib (Peshawar Under-16s)
Amir Zeb (Federally Administered Tribal Areas Under-16s)
Amish Dar (Sialkot Under-19s)
Amit Ravi (Karachi Dolphins, Karachi Whites)
Amit Ravi (Medicam Group)
Amit Ravi (Pakistan Navy)
Amjad (Bannu Under-19s)
Amjad (Baluchistan)
Amjad Abbas (Multan)
Amjad Abbasi (Karachi Zone II)
Amjad Afridi (Federally Administered Tribal Areas Under-15s, Federally Administered Tribal Areas Under-16s)
Amjad Afridi (Federally Administered Tribal Areas, Federally Administered Tribal Areas Under-19s)
Amjad Afridi (Khyber Agency)
Amjad Afridi (Bajour Agency)
Amjad Ahmed (Lower Dir)
Amjad Ahmed (Lower Dir)
Amjad Ali (Faisalabad)
Amjad Ali (Quetta, Rawalpindi)
Amjad Ali (Gujranwala, Lahore City)
Amjad Ali (Lahore City Whites)
Amjad Ali (Lahore Division, Zone B)
Amjad Ali (Lahore Blues, United Arab Emirates)
Amjad Ali (Lahore Whites Under-19s)
Amjad Ali (Khanewal)
Amjad Ali (Chagi)
Amjad Ali (Dera Ismail Khan Under-19s)
Amjad Ali (Sheikhupura Under-19s)
Amjad Ali (Northern Areas)
Amjad Ali (Higher Education Commission)
Amjad Ali (Karachi Zone III Under-19s)
Amjad Ali (umpire)
Amjad Ali (Sukkur, Sukkur Under-19s)
Amjad Ali (Swat, Swat Under-19s)
Amjad Ali (selected for Swat Under-19s)
Amjad Ali (Northern Areas Under-19s)
Amjad Ali (Kalat Under-19s)
Amjad Ali (Lahore North Zone Blues)
Amjad Ali (Lower Dir Under-19s)
Amjad Ali (selected for Kasur Under-19s)
Amjad Ali (Jacobabad)
Amjad Ali (Hyderabad Under-15s, Shikarpur Under-19s)
Amjad Ali (selected for Hafizabad)
Amjad Ali (Multan B Under-19s)
Amjad Ali (North West Frontier Province Under-19s)
Amjad Ali (Pakistan Army)
Amjad Ali (Swat)
Amjad Ali (Bajour Agency, Bajour Agency Under-19s, Federally Administered Tribal Areas Under-19s)
Amjad Ali (Shaheed Benazirabad Under-19s)
Amjad Ali (Swabi Under-19s)
Amjad Ali (Mamond Agency Under-19s)
Amjad Ali (Buner)
Amjad Ali (Jacobabad)
Amjad Ali (North Waziristan Under-19s)
Amjad Ali Shah (Bajour Agency)
Amjad Aman (Abbottabad, Abbottabad Under-19s)
Amjad Ashraf (Lahore Blues Under-19s)
Amjad Aziz (Islamabad)
Amjad Aziz (Dera Ghazi Khan)
Amjad Aziz (Jhang Under-19s)
Amjad Babar (Peshawar)
Amjad Bhatti (Sukkur, Zone A)
Amjad Butt (Karachi Blues, Karachi Whites)
Amjad Butt (Railways, Railways A)
Amjad Butt (Dera Ghazi Khan)
Amjad Chaudhri (Income Tax Department, Lahore C)
Amjad Fahim (Dera Ghazi Khan)
Amjad Fareed (Haripur)
Amjad Fareed (Hazara Under-19s)
Amjad Ghaffar (umpire)
Amjad Ghauri (Sind)
Amjad Hameed (Pakistan Universities)
Amjad Hasan (Bhakkar Under-19s)
Amjad Hussain (Karachi Whites)
Amjad Hussain (Lahore, Lahore B, Lahore Education Board, Lahore Reds, Multan, Punjab University)
Amjad Hussain (Nawabshah, Nawabshah Under-19s, Shaheed Benazirabad)
Amjad Hussain (Chagi, Naushki)
Amjad Hussain (Larkana Under-19s)
Amjad Hussain (selected for Abbottabad)
Amjad Hussain (Dera Ghazi Khan Under-19s)
Amjad Hussain (Jhelum)
Amjad Hussain (Karachi Zone V)
Amjad Hussain (Rajanpur Under-19s)
Amjad Hussain (Shikarpur, Shikarpur Under-19s)
Amjad Hussain (Upper Dir Under-19s)
Amjad Hussain (Jhelum)
Amjad Ikram (Lahore North Zone Whites Under-19s, Lahore Ravi Under-19s, Lahore Schools)
Amjad Ikram (Government Muslim Model High School, Urdu Bazar)
Amjad Ikram (Lahore North Zone Whites)
Amjad Imtiaz (umpire)
Amjad Iqbal (Mianwali Under-19s)
Amjad Jam (Bahawalpur)
Amjad Jan (Bahawalpur)
Amjad Khan (Bannu Under-19s)
Amjad Khan (Mianwali Under-19s)
Amjad Khan (Lahore North Zone Blues Under-19s)
Amjad Khan (selected for Pishin Under-19s)
Amjad Khan (selected for Swat Under-19s)
Amjad Khan (Kalat)
Amjad Khan (Bahawalpur, Pakistan Customs)
Amjad Khan (Peshawar Under-16s)
Amjad Khan (Karachi Zone II Under-19s)
Amjad Khan (Swat Under-19s)
Amjad Khan (Layyah)
Amjad Khan (Mamond Agency)
Amjad Khan (Kohat Under-19s)
Amjad Khan (Kalat)
Amjad Latif (Peshawar, Peshawar University, Peshawar University and Education Board)
Amjad Mahmood (Jhelum, Jhelum Under-19s)
Amjad Malik (Vehari, Vehari Under-19s)
Amjad Malik (Abbottabad, Abbottabad Under-19s)
Amjad Manzoor (Pakistan Customs)
Amjad Manzoor (Dollar East Exchange Company Limited)
Amjad Minhas (Lahore City Whites Under-19s, Lahore Greens)
Amjad Pervez (Sukkur Under-19s)
Amjad Qureshi (Servis Industries)
Amjad Rana (Lahore City Greens)
Amjad Rashid (selected for Vehari)
Amjad Saddiq (Water and Power Development Authority)
Amjad Saeed (Hafizabad)
Amjad Saeed (Abbottabad Under-19s)
Amjad Shah (Peshawar, Peshawar University, Peshawar University and Education Board)
Amjad Siddiq (Water and Power Development Authority)
Amjad Sidique (Lahore Education Board)
Amjad Sohail (umpire)
Amjad Waqas (Abbottabad, Abbottabad Falcons, Abbottabad Rhinos)
Amjad Yasir (Dera Ismail Khan Under-19s)
Amjid Ali (Northern Areas Under-19s)
Amjid Ali (Charsadda)
Amjid Malik (Attock)
Amjid Sohail (Vehari)
Ammad Aftab (Lahore East Zone Blues, Lahore East Zone Whites Under-19s, Lahore Ravi Under-19s)
Ammad Alam (Pakistan International Airlines Under-19s, Peshawar Under-16s, Peshawar Under-19s)
Ammad Alam (Pakistan Under-17s)
Ammad Alam (Karachi Zone II Under-19s)
Ammad Ali (Rawalpindi Under-16s)
Ammad Bhutta (Multan Under-19s)
Ammad Hussain (Attock Under-19s)
Ammad Khan (Abbottabad Under-19s)
Ammad Rafiq (Karachi Zone V Under-19s)
Amman Malik (Lahore West Zone Blues Under-19s)
Ammar Ahmed (selected for Karachi Zone V Under-19s)
Ammar Ahmed (Sialkot Under-19s)
Ammar Ali (Multan Tigers)
Ammar Ali (Rajanpur Under-19s)
Ammar Ali (Asim Textile Mills Limited)
Ammar Azhar (Bahawalnagar Under-19s)
Ammar Hasan (Karachi Blues, Karachi Whites, United Bank Limited)
Ammar Hasan (Karachi University)
Ammar Hasan (Multan Under-19s)
Ammar Hussain (selected for Karachi Zone II Under-19s)
Ammar Hussain (Northern Areas Under-19s)
Ammar Khan (Karachi Zone VII Under-19s)
Ammar Mahmood (Faisalabad, Faisalabad Wolves, Pakistan Television, Punjab, Zarai Taraqiati Bank Limited)
Ammar Mahmood (Gujranwala Under-19s)
Ammar Mughal (Sialkot Under-19s)
Ammar Quddusi (Gujranwala)
Ammar Syed (Lahore West Zone Whites Under-19s)
Ammar Tariq (Lahore East Zone Blues, Lahore East Zone Blues Under-19s, Lahore East Zone Whites Under-19s)
Ammar Tariq (Candyland)
Ammar Yasir (Karachi Blues Under-19s, Karachi Zone V Under-19s)
Ammar Yasir (Faisalabad Under-16s)
Amna Akram (Gulberg College)
Amna Azmat (Kot Khawaja Saeed College)
Amna Ghulam (Faisalabad Under-19s Women)
Amna Hayat (Government Degree College)
Amna Ihsan (Salamat ICAS)
Amna Khalid
Amna Khan (Sharif Education Complex)
Amna Malik (Rawalpindi Schools Under-17s Women, Rawalpindi Women)
Amna Maqsood (Samanabad College)
Amna Mushtaq (Samanabad College)
Amna Pervez (Rawalpindi Under-19s Women)
Amna Raza (Punjab Women Greens)
Amna Saba (Gulberg Special Education Training College)
Amna Shafiq (Kot Khawaja Saeed College)
Amna Usman (Rawalpindi Under-19s Women)
Amna Waheed (Abbottabad Schools Under-17s Women, Abbottabad Under-19s Women)
Anam Abbas (Sharif Education Complex)
Anam Amin (Pakistan Women)
Anam Bilal (Wahdat College)
Anam Javed (Government Degree College)
Anam Shehzadi (Sialkot Under-19s Women)
Anam Zafar (Wahdat College)
Anam Zahra (Sialkot Women)
Anan Arif (Karachi Schools)
Anar Gul (selected for Bannu Under-19s)
Anas Ahmed (Karachi Zone III, Karachi Zone III Under-19s)
Anas Dogar (Sheikhupura Under-19s)
Anas Hameed (Karachi Under-16s, Karachi Zone III Under-19s)
Anas Ilyas (Karachi Under-16s)
Anas Khan (selected for Rawalpindi Under-16s)
Anas Khan (selected for Swabi Under-19s)
Anas Khan (Buner Under-19s)
Anas Khan (Mardan Under-19s)
Anas Mahmood (Karachi Port Trust, Karachi Zone VI Under-19s)
Anas Sabir (selected for Karachi Zone I Under-19s)
Anayat Saeed (Lahore Eagles, Lahore Lions, Lahore Shalimar)
Anayat Shah (Mansehra)
Anayatullah (Bannu Under-19s)
Anayatullah (Islamabad)
Anayatullah (Lahore North Zone Blues Under-19s, Lahore North Zone Whites Under-19s)
Anayatullah (Bhakkar Under-19s)
Anayatullah (Kurram Agency)
Anayatullah (South Waziristan)
Anayatullah (umpire)
Anayatullah (Bhakkar)
Anayatullah Khan (Loralai)
Anayatullah Khan (Bhakkar Under-19s)
Anayatullah Khan (Loralai)
Anayat Ullah Quershi (umpire)
Anayatullah Qureshi (umpire)
Andleeb Ajmal (Oriental College, Lahore)
Andleeb Mirza (Islamabad Under-19s Women, Islamabad Women)
Aneeb Ahmed (Dera Ghazi Khan Under-19s)
Aneela Ayub (Crescent Club)
Aneela Ghani (Islamabad Schools Under-17s Women)
Aneela Kanwal (Bahawalpur Under-19s Women)
Aneela Khalid (Islamia College)
Aneela Mehwish (Hyderabad Women)
Aneela Rana (Faisalabad Under-19s Women, Faisalabad Women)
Aneela Tariq (Abbottabad Under-19s Women)
Aneel Kumar (selected for Quetta Under-16s)
Aneel Munawar (Rawalpindi Schools)
Aneel-ur-Rehman (Layyah)
Aneeq Ahmed (Jhelum Under-19s)
Aneeq Hasan (Lahore North Zone Blues Under-19s, Lahore Shalimar Under-19s)
Aneeq Hassan (selected for Sialkot Under-16s)
Anees Ahmed (Nawabshah Under-19s)
Anees Ahmed (Sanghar Under-19s)
Aneesa Rashid (Rawalpindi Women)
Anees Azam (Haripur Under-19s)
Anees Ghauri (Sukkur, Sukkur Under-19s)
Anees Hussain (Shikarpur Under-19s)
Anees Iqbal (Dera Ghazi Khan, Dera Ghazi Khan Under-19s)
Anees Javed (Pakistan Blind)
Anees Khan (Islamabad Central Zone Under-19s)
Anees Korejo (selected for Dadu Under-19s)
Anees Masih (Rahim Yar Khan Under-19s)
Anees Rashid (Lahore West Zone Blues Under-19s)
Anees Saddique (umpire)
Anees Saleem (Turbat Under-19s)
Anees Sarfraz (Pakistan Education Board)
Anees Sheikh (Defence Housing Authority, Karachi Blues)
Anees Siddiq (selected for Turbat Under-19s)
Anees-ul-Haq (Chakwal Under-19s)
Anees Ullah (Turbat)
Anees-ur-Rehman (Gilgit Baltistan Under-19s, Northern Areas Under-19s)
Anees-ur-Rehman (Buner Under-19s)
Anila Kanwal (Bahawalpur Under-19s Women, Bahawalpur Under-21s Women, Bahawalpur Women)
Anila Khan (Karachi Women)
Anila Malook (Hyderabad Schools Under-17s Women)
Anila Rafique (Sialkot Schools Under-17s Women)
Anil Arshad (selected for Thatta)
Anila Umra (Hyderabad Under-21s Women)
Anil Dalpat (Karachi, Karachi Blues, Karachi Whites, Pakistan, Pakistan International Airlines, Pakistan International Airlines B, Pakistan Under-23s)
Anil Iqbal (Hyderabad Under-19s)
Anil Kumar (Hyderabad)
Anil Mushtaq (Sialkot Under-16s, Sialkot Under-19s)
Anil-ur-Rehman (Layyah, Layyah Under-19s)
Aniq Ghanzafar (Bagh Under-19s)
Anis (selected for Mirpur Khas)
Anis (Dacca Under-19s)
M Anis (Pakistan Eaglets)
Anis Ahmed (Dacca University, Dacca University and Education Board, East Pakistan Greens)
Anis Ahmed (Combined Services, Punjab B, Railways, Railways B, Railways Reds, Rawalpindi, Rawalpindi and Peshawar, Rawalpindi Yellows)
Anis Ahmed (Karachi Schools)
Anis Ahmed (Bahawalpur)
Anis Ahmed (Faisalabad)
Anis Ahmed (Chitral Under-19s)
Anis Khan (Lahore A)
Anis Sheikh (Lahore Division)
Anis Siddiqi (Lahore A, Lahore C, Lahore City, Lahore City A, Pakistan Universities, Punjab, Punjab B)
Anis Siddiqi (Karachi Blues Under-19s)
Anis-ul-Ghani (Karachi, Karachi C, Karachi Greens, Karachi Whites, Pakistan Universities, Public Works Department)
Anisur Rahman (umpire)
Anis Ur Rehman (umpire)
Anis-ur-Rehman (Sargodha)
Anis-ur-Rehman (Nowshehra)
Anis-ur-Rehman (Faisalabad)
Anis-ur-Rehman (Muzaffargarh Under-19s)
Anjam (Sind University)
Anjum Afroz (Multan)
Anjum Baber (Lahore B)
Anjum Baig (scorer)
Anjum Bobby (Servis Industries, Servis Industries Under-19s)
Anjum Hameed (Layyah Under-19s, Multan Schools)
Anjum Hayat
Anjum Hussain (Rawalpindi)
Anjum Hussain (Mandi Bahauddin Under-19s)
Anjum Iqbal (Federally Administered Tribal Areas, Federally Administered Tribal Areas Under-19s)
Anjum Jamil (Lahore A, Lahore Reds)
Anjum Latif
Anjum Majeed (Multan Under-19s)
Anjum Mehtab (selected for Mianwali Under-19s)
Anjum Mukhtar (Attock)
Anjum Murtaza (Hyderabad Under-19s Women, Hyderabad Women, Quetta Under-19s Women)
Anjum Nasir (Muslim Commercial Bank, Pakistan Universities, Public Works Department)
Anjum Naved (Pakistan International Airlines Under-19s)
Anjum Naved (Pakistan Customs)
Anjum Naved (Vehari Under-19s)
Anjum Naved (Karachi Zone I)
Anjum Naved (Candyland)
Anjum Naved (Vehari)
Anjum Saboor (Hyderabad, Hyderabad Whites)
Ano Khan (umpire)
Anoosh Amin (selected for Lower Dir Under-19s)
Anop Santosh (Pakistan International Airlines)
Anosh Amin (Lower Dir Under-19s)
Anoshaye Malik (Islamabad Under-19s Women, Islamabad Under-21s Women, Islamabad Women)
Anosh Javed (Muzaffargarh)
Ansaar Ahmed (Gujranwala)
Ansaar Ali (Hazara)
Ansa Irshad (Faisalabad Under-21s Women)
Ansar (Hyderabad)
Ansar Abbas (Rajanpur)
Ansar Abbas (Hafizabad)
Ansar Abbas (Muzaffargarh Under-19s)
Ansar Ahmed (Hyderabad Under-19s)
Ansar Ali (Multan)
Ansar Ali (Layyah)
Ansar Bharwana (Lahore East Zone Whites, Railways)
Ansar Gilani (Rawalpindi Under-19s)
Ansar Hanif (Lahore City Whites)
Ansar Hussain (Pakistan International Airlines)
Ansar Iqbal (selected for Swabi Under-19s)
Ansar Iqbal (Gujrat Under-19s)
Ansar Iqbal (Gujrat)
Ansar Irshad (Sialkot Under-16s)
Ansar Javed (Bahawalpur, Bahawalpur Stags, Multan, Multan Tigers, State Bank of Pakistan)
Ansar Javed (Rahim Yar Khan)
Ansar Javed (Dollar East Exchange Company Limited)
Ansar Mahmood (umpire)
Ansar Mahmood (selected for Islamabad)
Ansar Mubarik (Azad Jammu and Kashmir Under-19s)
Ansar Shahid (Rawalpindi Under-19s, State Bank of Pakistan)
Ansar Sultan (Evacuee Trust Property Board)
Ans Ashraf (selected for Lahore West Zone Blues Under-19s)
Anser Mehmood (umpire)
Anum Amin (Higher Education Commission Women, Pakistan Education Board Women, Punjab Women)
Anum Amin (Zarai Taraqiati Bank Limited Women)
Anum Gul (Lahore Women)
Anum Javed (Kot Khawaja Saeed College)
Anum Khan (Peshawar Schools Under-17s Women)
Anum Masroor (Aizar School Samnabad)
Anum Noor (Islamabad Under-19s Women)
Anum Noor (Islamabad Women)
Anum Obaid (Cathedral School No 1)
Anum Rafiq (Abbottabad Under-19s Women, Abbottabad Women)
Anum Sami (Salamat ICAS)
Anum Shahzadi (Sialkot Under-19s Women)
Anum Zahra (Sialkot Women)
Anus (selected for Mirpur Khas Under-19s)
Anus Mohammad (Mirpur Khas Under-19s)
Anus Mustafa (Faisalabad Under-16s, Faisalabad Under-19s)
Anus Tariq (Abbottabad Under-19s)
Anwaar Ali (Hyderabad, Water and Power Development Authority)
Anwaar Hafeez (Lahore Lions, National Bank of Pakistan)





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