South Africa Players (C)


R Cader (South Africa Coloureds)
A Cadle (Eastern Province)
Cadman (umpire)
F Cadwallader (Western Province Colleges)
T Cagwe (Langa)
B Cairncross (South Africa Women)
J Cairns (KwaZulu-Natal Country Districts Under-15s)
M Cairns (Natal Under-13s)
C Cajee (scorer)
E Cajee (Transvaal)
R Cajee (Transvaal)
D Cakwebe (University of Cape Town)
M Calana (Border)
AE Caldecott (Kimberley)
J Caldecott (KwaZulu-Natal Inland Under-13s)
VH Caldecott (Orange Free State)
EC Caldecourt (umpire)
D Calder (Eagles Under-18s, Free State Under-15s, Free State Under-17s, Free State Under-19s)
EL Calder (Orange Free State)
R Calderwood (Albany)
T Calderwood (Grahamstown)
C Caley (Hilton College, KwaZulu-Natal Inland Under-15s, KwaZulu-Natal Under-13s)
D Calgary (umpire)
D Calitz (Free State Under-15s, Free State Under-17s)
J Calitz (North West Under-13s)
T Calitz (Mpumalanga Under-13s)
DJ Callaghan (Eastern Province, Eastern Province B, Griqualand West, Impalas, Marylebone Cricket Club, Nottinghamshire, South Africa, South African Defence Force, Suffolk)
S Callaghan (Eastern Province Under-13s, Eastern Province Under-15s)
B Callis (Free State Under-13s)
D Calverey (umpire)
D Calverley (umpire)
A Calvert (St Augustine's)
M Calvert (Western Province Under-15s)
S Camagu (Border Under-15s)
SE Camagu (Western Province)
DP Cameron (Natal B, Rhodesia, South African Universities, Western Province)
HB Cameron (Eastern Province, South Africa, Transvaal, Western Province)
J Cameron (Wynberg Boys High School)
R Cameron (Gauteng, Lions)
J Cameron-Dow (North Down, Northern Cricket Union, St James's Montefiore, Sussex Second XI, Western Province Cricket Club, Western Province Under-17s, Western Province Under-19s)
Campbell (Cape Mounted Rifles)
Campbell (Pietermaritzburg)
Campbell (Western Transvaal)
Campbell (University of the Western Cape)
A Campbell (Rhodesia)
A Campbell (Orange Free State)
A Campbell (Salisbury)
B Campbell (Mpumalanga Under-15s, Mpumalanga Under-17s)
C Campbell (Albany)
C Campbell (Western Transvaal)
CA Campbell (Eastern Province)
D Campbell (Griqualand West)
D Campbell (Western Transvaal)
D Campbell (Durbanville)
DI Campbell (Griqualand West)
DL Campbell (Boland, Western Province)
EG Campbell (Hilton College)
FA Campbell (Natal Mounted Police)
HH Campbell (Transvaal)
J Campbell (Western Transvaal)
J Campbell (KwaZulu-Natal Inland Under-13s)
P Campbell (South African XI Women)
R Campbell (Grahamstown)
R Campbell (Southern Transvaal Women)
T Campbell (South Africa, Transvaal)
JC Campbell-Rodger (Eastern Province, Rhodesia, The Rest)
C Campher (Gauteng Under-13s, Gauteng Under-15s)
J Campher (South Western Districts Under-17s, South Western Districts Under-19s)
JP Campher (Lions, North West)
S Campleman (Bishops Diocesan College)
FS Campling (Orange Free State)
G Candy (Gauteng Under-17s)
J Canepa (South African Country Districts Second XI)
W Canham (KwaZulu-Natal Under-15s, KwaZulu-Natal Under-17s)
RCC Canning (Boland, Cape Cobras, Western Province)
C Cannon (Border Invitation XI)
C Cannon (KwaZulu-Natal Inland Women, KwaZulu-Natal Women)
S Cannon (KwaZulu-Natal Women)
R Canny (Griqualand West)
Cant (Western Transvaal)
JJH Canton (Natal Country Districts)
RL Capell (Eastern Province)
RJ Capstick (umpire)
T Caraulus (South African Invitation XI)
CT Cardinal (umpire)
T Cardosa (Green Point)
M Cardus (umpire)
A Carelse (South Western Districts Under-13s, South Western Districts Under-15s, South Western Districts Under-17s, South Western Districts Under-19s)
B Carelse (Boland Academy, South Western Districts)
C Carelse (umpire)
D Carelse (Transvaal)
E Carelse (South Western Districts Under-13s)
J Carelse (South Western Districts Under-19s Women)
K Carelse (South Western Districts Under-13s, South Western Districts Under-19s)
T Carelse (South Western Districts Under-13s)
W Carelse (Border Under-19s Women)
WF Carelse (Western Province)
AS Carew (Rhodesia, Western Province)
BJ Carew (Rhodesia)
FA Carey-Smith (Western Province Country Districts)
W Carlington-Dent (Griqualand West)
AM Carlisle (Transvaal B)
D Carlisle (Mpumalanga Under-15s, Mpumalanga Under-19s)
B Carlse (Mpumalanga Under-15s)
R Carlson (Free State Country Districts Under-15s)
WE Carlsson (Western Province)
PR Carlstein (Natal, Natal B, Orange Free State, Rhodesia, Rhodesia B, South Africa, Transvaal, Transvaal B, Zimbabwe-Rhodesia B)
J Carmichael (Natal Mynahs Under-18s)
HW Carolin (Western Province)
M Carolino (Gauteng Under-15s)
A Carolus (St Augustine's)
BM Carolus (Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University B, South Western Districts Under-19s)
D Carolus (Cape Cobras, Western Province)
D Carolus (South Western Districts Under-17s)
DD Carolus (Eagles, Eastern Province, Griqualand West, Warriors)
E Carolus (Kuils River)
J Carolus (Gauteng Under-13s)
J Carolus (Kuils River)
M Carolus (umpire)
F Carpenter (Port Elizabeth)
GR Carpenter (Eastern Province, Port Elizabeth)
BC Carr (Natal, Natal B)
D Carr (South Africa Women)
R Carr (Western Province Under-13s)
RB Carr (Essex, Transvaal)
SR Carr (Griqualand West)
M Carren (Easterns Under-19s)
K Carrol (Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University A)
J Carrolissen (Boland Under-17s)
CJ Carroll (Griqualand West)
P Carroll (Cape Technical College)
Carron (Friendly Cricketers Association)
C Carruthers (umpire)
J Carruthers (South African Schools)
D Carsan (NBS Inter-City League XI)
AJ Carse (Eastern Province Under-13s, Eastern Province Under-15s, Eastern Province Under-17s, Eastern Province Under-19s)
BA Carse (Eastern Province)
JA Carse (Border, Eastern Province, Eastern Province B, Griqualand West, Northamptonshire, Rhodesia, Rhodesia B, Western Province B, Zimbabwe-Rhodesia, Zimbabwe-Rhodesia B)
A Carstelyn (Eastern Province Under-19s)
Carstens (South African Country Districts Under-15s)
Carstens (United School Sports Association of South African Country Districts Under-17s)
A Carstens (Green Point)
C Carstens (Eastern Province Under-19s Women)
I Carstens (Boland Under-13s, Boland Under-15s)
J Carstens (Western Province)
J Carstens (Gauteng Under-13s)
J Carstens (Boland Under-13s, Boland Under-15s, Boland Under-19s)
J Carstens (Transvaal Permlazer XI)
K Carstens (Gauteng Under-15s)
N Carstens (Mpumalanga Under-13s, Mpumalanga Under-15s)
P Carstens (Boland Under-15s)
Carstone (Western Transvaal)
Carter (Western Transvaal)
CP Carter (Natal, South Africa, The Rest, Transvaal)
DA Carter (South Africa Army)
E Carter (Rygersdal)
EA Carter (umpire)
H Carter (umpire)
KFS Carter (umpire)
L Carter (Transvaal Country Districts)
N Carter (Somerset West)
N Carter (Rondebosch)
NM Carter (Boland, Cape Cobras, Matabeleland Tuskers, Middlesex, Scotland, Warwickshire)
R Carter (umpire)
S Carter (KwaZulu-Natal Inland Under-19s)
B Cartledge (Boland Women)
HBL Cartwright (Griqualand West)
NL Cartwright (Griqualand West)
RA Cartwright (Northerns)
B Casale (scorer)
T Casali (scorer)
CM Casalis (Natal, Natal B, Orange Free State)
J Casper (Western Cape Police)
G Cassaleggio (Western Province Under-19s Women)
G Cassell (Southern Cape Invitation XI)
A Cassiem (United)
J Cassiem (Boland Under-15s, Boland Under-19s, Cape Cobras Under-18s, Groot Drakenstein)
F Cassim (Mpumalanga Under-19s Women)
I Cassim (BL D'Oliveira's XI)
M Cassim (Mpumalanga Under-13s)
R Cassim (Transvaal)
S Cassim (Transvaal)
AI Cassimjee (BL D'Oliveira's XI)
HH Castens (Port Elizabeth, Western Province)
D Castle (Bishops Diocesan College)
G Castle (Natal)
J Castle (Durbanville)
T Castle (NBS Inter-City League XI)
T Castle (Natal Mynahs Schools)
V Castle (Somerset West)
A Castles (North West Women)
R Cater (Northerns Under-15s, Northerns Under-17s)
R Cater (Menlo Park)
Cation (Bishops Diocesan College Masters)
BJL Catt (umpire)
RH Catterall (Natal, Orange Free State, Rhodesia, South Africa, Transvaal)
WJ Catton (Eastern Province, Port Elizabeth)
F Caulfield (Orange Free State)
A Cavaleiro (Free State Under-13s)
D Cavanagh (umpire)
FP Cawdry (North Eastern Transvaal)
Cawood (United School Sports Association of South African Country Districts Under-17s)
Cawood (Gauteng Under-18s B)
CH Cawood (Eastern Province, Transvaal)
J Cawood (Transvaal Under-13s)
JC Cawood (Western Province)
R Cawood (Griqualand West)
R Cawood (Transvaal Under-15s)
R Cawood (Rand Afrikaans University)
WA Cawood (Eastern Province)
CE Cawse (Transvaal)
D Caywood (scorer)
J Cedras (Western Cape Police)
K Cele (Dolphins Academy)
KA Cele (KwaZulu-Natal)
KA Cele (KwaZulu-Natal)
M Cele (KwaZulu-Natal Inland Under-19s)
O Cele (KwaZulu-Natal Under-15s, KwaZulu-Natal Under-19s)
S Cele (KwaZulu-Natal Women)
Z Cele (KwaZulu-Natal Inland Under-19s)
G Cellieres (Ermelo School)
C Celliers (Eastern Transvaal Under-19s)
G Celliers (Cambridge University, Cambridge University Centre of Cricketing Excellence, North West)
C Ceronio (Easterns Under-15s, Easterns Under-17s, Easterns Under-19s, Pretoria University, Tuks)
C Ceronio (Kempton Park)
E Ceylon (Kuils River)
S Cezula (Border Under-19s Women)
B Chabalala (Griqualand West Under-13s)
M Chabalala (Free State Under-13s)
Chadwick (Hilton College)
H Chaimberlain (Boland Under-15s)
D Chait (Westerford High School)
J Chakka (umpire)
L Challens (North West Under-13s, North West Under-15s)
N Challis (umpire)
Challoner (The Garrison)
Challoner (JD Logan's XI)
D Chalmers (Boland Under-19s)
D Chalmers (Brackenfell)
D Chalmers (Somerset West)
RA Chalmers (North Eastern Transvaal)
WR Chalmers (Border, Orange Free State, Western Province)
B Chamberlain (Western Province Under-13s)
R Chamberlain (scorer)
TW Chambers (Eastern Province)
M Chanakira (Gauteng Under-15s)
G Chandler (Natal)
J Chandler (Mpumalanga Under-15s, Mpumalanga Under-17s, Mpumalanga Under-19s)
A Chandraprakash (KwaZulu-Natal Country Districts Under-17s)
MJ Chankira (Gauteng Under-13s)
E Channing (umpire)
X Channing (Montana High School)
Chaplin (umpire)
D Chaplin (KwaZulu-Natal Inland Under-19s)
Chapman (Grahamstown and Colleges)
Chapman (Northern Rhodesia)
A Chapman (Griqualand West)
C Chapman (umpire)
F Chapman (umpire)
G Chapman (Country Clubs)
HW Chapman (Natal, South Africa)
J Chapman (Kimberley)
M Chapman (Northerns Under-13s, Northerns Under-15s, Northerns Under-17s)
PDM Chapman (Transvaal)
RD Chapman (Border)
RL Chapmen (Natal Colleges)
CS Chappell (Transvaal)
SC Chappell (Transvaal)
AJ Charles (Eastern Province Under-17s, Eastern Province Under-19s)
VR Charles (Eastern Province)
JP Charlton (Griqualand West)
JR Charlton (umpire)
M Charlton (Pretoria High School Old Boys)
M Charnas (Transvaal, Transvaal B, Western Province)
B Charsley (Rhodesia Country Districts)
JH Charsley (Rhodesia)
Charter (Salisbury)
A Charters (KwaZulu-Natal Inland Under-13s, KwaZulu-Natal Inland Under-17s)
C Chase (Western Province Under-15s, Western Province Under-17s, Western Province Under-19s)
C Chase (Claremont)
C Chase (Wynberg Boys High School)
RC Chase (Griqualand West)
S Chatterjee (umpire)
SN Chatterjee (Gauteng, Lions)
EV Chatterton (South African Universities, Transvaal, Transvaal B)
D Checha (Free State Under-19s Women, Free State Women)
BAS Chedburn (Boland, Boland B)
R Cheesman (KwaZulu-Natal, KwaZulu-Natal Inland)
J Cheetham (South African Schools)
JE Cheetham (Cape Province, South Africa, Western Province)
JR Cheetham (Transvaal B, Western Province)
R Cheetham (South African Universities)
RS Cheetham (Natal, Natal B, South African Universities, Transvaal B)
RWS Cheetham (North Eastern Transvaal)
SB Cheetham (Natal)
JM Chellan (Natal, Natal B)
DJ Chellen (South Africa Indians)
M Chennells-Jones (Western Province Under-15s)
V Cherian (Limpopo Under-13s, Limpopo Under-15s)
H Cherry (Southern Cape)
FW Cheshire (Border)
RS Cheshire (Border, Cape Province)
K Cheslin (Lenasia)
OMT Chesterfield (umpire)
J Chesworth (KwaZulu-Natal Inland Under-13s)
A Chetty (Natal)
A Chetty (KwaZulu-Natal Under-13s)
C Chetty (Dolphins, KwaZulu-Natal)
K Chetty (Dolphins, KwaZulu-Natal, KwaZulu-Natal Inland, North West)
L Chetty (KwaZulu-Natal Under-13s)
M Chetty (umpire)
M Chetty (umpire)
P Chetty (South Western Districts Under-19s Women)
P Chetty (Easterns)
T Chetty (Central Women, East Coast Women, South Africa Women)
G Chevalier (Claremont)
GA Chevalier (South Africa, The Rest, Western Province)
M Chevalier (Western Province Willows)
T Chicktay (Primrose)
T Chiecktey (Cape Cobras Emerging Players, Primrose, South African Schools Colts, Stoneywood-Dyce, University of Cape Town, Western Province Academy, Western Province Under-17s, Western Province Under-19s)
T Chiektey (University of Cape Town)
K Chilamramunwa (Northerns XI)
Childe (Cape Town)
Childs (Western Province Chairman's XI)
Childs (Western Province Cricket Club)
D Childs (Bellville)
D Childs (Hermanus)
DB Childs (Boland)
M Chiloane (Mpumalanga Under-13s)
BL Chimowitz (Rhodesia)
S Chinaboo (Natal Under-18s B)
AI Chinnappa (KwaZulu-Natal)
Chirac (Southern Suburbs Under-18s)
B Chlulee (Gauteng Women)
E Choonara (Transvaal)
D Chota (South Africa Indians)
H Chothia (umpire)
S Chothia (The Rest, Transvaal, Transvaal B)
S Chotia (Transvaal)
S Chotia (SA Haque's XI)
S Chotia (Transvaal Cricket Federation XI)
M Choudry (North West Under-15s)
Chown (Wanderers)
Chree (Eastern Province)
K Chree (South African Schools)
K Chree (Eastern Province Settlers Schools)
M Chriscendo (South Western Districts Under-17s)
M Christen (South African Defence Force)
J Christensen (Western Province Under-13s, Western Province Under-15s, Western Province Under-17s)
MC Christensen (Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University A)
MC Christensen (South Africa Under-19s, South African Schools, Western Province Under-13s, Western Province Under-15s, Western Province Under-17s, Western Province Under-19s)
MC Christensen (Cape Cobras Cubs)
MC Christensen (Eastern Province)
A Christiaans (South Western Districts)
N Christiaans (West Coast Women)
G Christian (Western Province)
G Christian (Primrose)
G Christian (Pinelands)
G Christian (United)
HD Christian (Eastern Province, Port Elizabeth)
D Christians (University of the Western Cape)
D Christians (Western Province Under-15s, Western Province Under-17s, Western Province Under-19s, Western Province Under-19s B)
D Christians (Leopards)
D Christians (Primrose)
G Christians (Pinelands)
M Christians (Western Province Under-19s)
S Christians (Western Province)
M Christianson (Rondebosch School)
D Christie (South African Universities)
O Christie (Eastern Province)
EH Christison (Natal)
RH Christison (Durban, Gentlemen of Yorkshire)
KR Christoffels (Eastern Province)
W Christoffels (Border Under-15s, Border Under-17s, Border Under-19s)
P Christou (Easterns Under-13s, Gauteng Under-15s)
JAJ Christy (Queensland, South Africa, Transvaal)
APA Chubb (Border)
GWA Chubb (Border, South Africa, Transvaal)
S Church (Free State Under-17s)
WA Church (Durban)
R Churcher (Mpumalanga Under-13s, Mpumalanga Under-15s, Mpumalanga Under-17s)
S Chuturgoon (Northerns Under-15s)
GB Chwi (umpire)
F Cillars (Limpopo Under-13s)
Cilliers (Transvaal Under-18s B)
A Cilliers (Impalas, North West, Western Province, Western Province B, Western Transvaal)
A Cilliers (Limpopo Under-17s, Limpopo Under-19s)
AJ Cilliers (Northern Transvaal, South African Universities)
C Cilliers (Eastern Transvaal Invitation XI)
C Cilliers (Eastern Transvaal Schools, Eastern Transvaal Under-15s, Eastern Transvaal Under-19s)
F Cilliers (Griqualand West Under-13s)
G Cilliers (Easterns Under-18s)
I Cilliers (Free State Under-19s Women, Free State Women)
M Cilliers (Boland Under-15s, Boland Under-17s, Boland Under-19s)
M Cilliers (Bellville)
P Cilliers (Western Province Under-15s)
P Cilliers (umpire)
R Cilliers (United School Sports Association of South African Country Districts Under-19s)
SA Cilliers (Free State, Free State B, Orange Free State, Orange Free State B, Western Transvaal)
Cinnamon (United School Sports Association of South African Country Districts Under-18s)
Claasen (Kuils River)
A Claasen (Northern Transvaal Under-19s)
G Claasen (Boland Under-13s, Boland Under-15s, Boland Under-17s, Boland Under-19s)
K Claasen (South Western Districts Under-17s)
N Claasen (Paarl Gimnasium)
N Claasen (Kuils River)
R Claasen (Eastern Province Women)
R Claasen (Northerns)
S Claasen (Boland Under-13s, Boland Under-15s, Boland Under-17s)
T Claasen (Eastern Transvaal Schools)
T Claasen (South Africa Blind)
B Claasens (KwaZulu-Natal Under-19s)
D Claassen (Easterns Under-13s)
J Claassens (North West Under-13s)
JH Claassens (North Eastern Transvaal)
B Clacher (Western Province Under-17s)
TG Clack (Border, Transvaal)
L Claka (Mpumalanga Women)
MD Clare (Natal, Natal B, Northern Transvaal, Northern Transvaal B, South African Defence Force, South African Universities)
D Clarence-Bunn (Northerns Under-13s)
AEH Clark (North Eastern Transvaal)
B Clark (Bellville)
B Clark (Western Province Under-19s)
B Clark (Western Province Cricket Club)
BJ Clark (Transvaal, Transvaal B)
DA Clark (Transvaal)
DL Clark (umpire)
G Clark (umpire)
H Clark (umpire)
I Clark (umpire)
J Clark (Boland)
ME Clark (Eastern Province)
P Clark (umpire)
R Clark (Pinelands)
RM Clark (Western Province, Western Province B)
Clarke (umpire)
Clarke (Western Province Under-18s)
AJ Clarke (Border)
B Clarke (Western Province Under-19s)
C Clarke
C Clarke (Western Province Under-17s)
C Clarke (South African College High School)
G Clarke (umpire)
G Clarke (Eastern Province Under-15s)
JK Clarke (Rhodesia)
ML Clarke (Orange Free State)
S Clarke (Griqualand West Under-13s, Griqualand West Under-15s, Griqualand West Under-17s)
T Clarke (Eastern Province Country Districts)
TA Clarke (Western Province, Western Province B)
Clarkson (Hilton College)
F Clarkson (Griqualand West)
C Classen (Gauteng Under-15s, Gauteng Under-17s)
C Classen (South African Under-17s Invitation XI)
H Clay (umpire)
S Clay (South African Country Districts)
S Clay (South Africa Development XI)
S Clay (Eastern Province Settlers Under-19s)
BM Clayton (Eastern Province, Eastern Province B)
GD Clayton (umpire)
LH Clayton (Transvaal)
RB Cleaver (South African Universities)
W Clerck (Western Province Under-15s)
R Cliff (Northwood Crusaders)
S Cliff (Northern Transvaal Under-18s)
PB Clift (Leicestershire, Natal, Rhodesia, Zimbabwe-Rhodesia)
R Clift (Cape Town, South African College School Old Boys)
W Clift (Boland Under-13s, Boland Under-15s)
Clifton (Durbanville)
S Clinning (umpire)
A Clint (Eastern Province Under-17s)
R Clint Jaftha (Durbanville)
Clive (Garden Old Boys)
A Cloate (Groot Drakenstein)
Cloete (Boland Academy)
Cloete (Border Under-18s B)
A Cloete (Boland Under-13s)
AH Cloete (Colonial Born)
C Cloete (Easterns Women, Gauteng Women)
D Cloete (Border Under-13s)
G Cloete
G Cloete (West End)
GL Cloete (Free State, Griqualand West, Knights)
GL Cloete (Eastern Province)
H Cloete (Cape Town, Colonial Born, Pretoria, Western Province Cricket Club)
JD Cloete (umpire, referee)
JH Cloete (scorer)
M Cloete
PHB Cloete (Western Province)
R Cloete (South Africa Deaf)
S Cloete (Griqualand West Under-15s)
TWR Cloete (Boland)
C Closenberg (Border, Eastern Province)
J Clothier (Western Province Youth)
T Clough (Grahamstown)
L Coakley (North West Under-13s)
W Cochius (umpire)
JAK Cochran (Griqualand West, South Africa, Transvaal)
Cochrane (umpire)
M Cocklin (Highveld Women)
R Cockott (Border Under-19s)
TM Cockroft (umpire)
D Cocks (United)
SK Coen (Border, Marylebone Cricket Club, Orange Free State, South Africa, Transvaal, Western Province)
A Coenraad (Montrose)
A Coerecius (umpire)
A Coericius (Western Province)
A Coericius (umpire)
G Coericius (Eastern Province)
A Coericus (umpire)
C Coertse (Mpumalanga Under-17s)
H Coertse (Mpumalanga Under-15s)
K Coertse (Mpumalanga Under-17s, Mpumalanga Under-19s)
K Coertse (North West University)
D Coertzen (North West Under-17s, North West Under-19s)
G Coertzen (Limpopo Under-15s)
L Coetsee (Limpopo Under-15s, Limpopo Under-17s, Limpopo Under-19s)
WL Coetsee (Griqualand West, Knights, Lions, Netherlands, North West, Northern Cape)
Coetzee (South African Country Districts Under-17s)
Coetzee (Griqualand West Under-15s)
Coetzee (North West Under-15s, North West Under-18s)
Coetzee (Bishops Diocesan College Stags)
A Coetzee (Eastern Province)
A Coetzee (Pinelands)
C Coetzee (Mpumalanga Under-13s, Mpumalanga Under-15s, Mpumalanga Under-17s, Mpumalanga Under-19s)
C Coetzee (Western Transvaal Schools)
CJ Coetzee (Boland)
CMP Coetzee (umpire)
D Coetzee (Transvaal B)
D Coetzee (South Western Districts Under-19s)
D Coetzee (South Africa Blind)
E Coetzee (Griqualand West Under-13s)
FJ Coetzee (Transvaal)
G Coetzee (Free State Under-13s, Free State Under-15s)
G Coetzee (University of Cape Town)
GE Coetzee (Cape Town)
H Coetzee (Pretoria University)
H Coetzee (Western Cape Police)
H Coetzee (Mpumalanga Under-13s)
H Coetzee (Mpumalanga Under-17s, Mpumalanga Under-19s)
H Coetzee (KwaZulu-Natal Under-17s)
H Coetzee (Easterns Under-15s)
J Coetzee (Eagles, Griqualand West, Knights, Northern Cape)
J Coetzee (Gauteng Under-13s, Gauteng Under-15s, Gauteng Under-17s)
JA Coetzee (Griqualand West)
JH Coetzee (Western Transvaal)
KO Coetzee (Boland Under-19s)
L Coetzee (Eastern Province Invitation XI)
L Coetzee (Stenbok)
L Coetzee (Boland Under-19s Women, Boland Women)
L Coetzee (Limpopo Under-13s, Limpopo Under-15s)
LH Coetzee (Orange Free State)
LJE Coetzee (Northern Transvaal, Northern Transvaal B, South African Universities)
LM Coetzee (Easterns)
M Coetzee (South Western Districts)
M Coetzee (Boland Under-13s)
MA Coetzee (Border)
MG Coetzee (Northerns Under-13s, Northerns Under-15s, Northerns Under-17s, Northerns Under-19s, Pretoria University, South Africa Under-19s, South African Schools)
N Coetzee (scorer)
P Coetzee (Transvaal B)
P Coetzee (Western Province Country Districts)
P Coetzee (Western Transvaal Under-13s)
PJ Coetzee (South Africa Blind)
RT Coetzee (Easterns, Northern Transvaal B, Northerns B)
S Coetzee (South Western Districts Women)
T Coetzee (Northern Transvaal Country Districts)
T Coetzee (Western Province Under-13s)
W Coetzee (North West Under-19s)
W Coetzee (Griqualand West Under-13s)
Coetzer (Northerns Under-15s)
Coetzer (North West Under-18s)
A Coetzer (Pinelands)
D Coetzer (North West Under-17s)
D Coetzer (South Western Districts Under-19s)
D Coetzer (Northerns Under-19s)
E Coetzer (South Gauteng Under-15s)
J Coetzer (North Gauteng Under-19s)
J Coetzer (Griqualand West B)
J Coetzer (Boer Prisoners of War)
J Coetzer (Mpumalanga Under-19s)
J Coetzer (Easterns Under-15s)
K Coetzer (Mpumalanga Under-15s)
M Coetzer (Free State Country Districts Under-19s)
N Coetzer (Griqualand West Under-13s, Griqualand West Under-15s)
P Coetzer (Northerns Under-15s)
Q Coetzer (umpire)
Q Coetzer (North West Under-18s)
R Coetzer (Griqualand West B)
R Coetzer (umpire)
U Coetzer (Limpopo)
W Coetzer (scorer)
W Coetzer (North West Under-15s, North West Under-17s)
HC Coggins (Western Province)
JC Coghlan (Griqualand West, Kimberley)
AM Cohen (Orange Free State)
C Cohen (Griqualand West, Natal)
E Cohen (North West Under-15s)
M Cohen (umpire)
M Cohen (Western Province Under-13s, Western Province Under-15s, Western Province Under-17s, Western Province Under-19s)
M Cohen (Western Province Cricket Club)
HO Coker (Rhodesia)
Coldman (Free State Under-18s B)
AE Cole (Gauteng Under-17s)
CG Cole (Natal Country Districts)
JM Cole (Natal, Western Province)
M Cole (Pretoria University)
MG Cole (Eastern Province, Orange Free State)
N Cole (Natal Country Districts, South African Country Districts)
S Cole (United)
R Coleman (Limpopo Under-15s)
WG Coley (Albany)
JH Collard (Colonial Born)
Coller (Cape Town Wombats)
B Coller (Cape Town Wombats)
V Coller (Gauteng Under-15s B)
Collett (Eastern Province Under-15s, Eastern Province Under-18s B)
D Collett (Midlands)
EJ Collett (Midlands)
W Collett (Midlands)
Collette (Eastern Province Under-18s B)
Collier (Middle Rhodesia)
E Collier (Eastern Province)
K Collier (Rondebosch School)
NBK Colling (Eastern Province B)
RK Colling (Eastern Province)
JC Collings (umpire)
Collins (Eastern Province)
B Collins (Northern Transvaal Country Districts)
DV Collins (umpire)
GC Collins (Natal)
J Collins (South Africa Blind)
ME Collins (Eastern Province B)
P Collins (Griqualand West)
P Collins (Pinelands)
R Collins (Eastern Transvaal Country Districts, Northern Transvaal Country Districts)
RC Collins (Natal)
RR Collins (Natal B, South African Universities)
S Collins (umpire)
S Collins (Border)
TL Collins (Border)
Collusi (Western Province Under-15s)
Collussi (Western Province Under-15s)
CW Colman (Eastern Province, Orange Free State)
RA Colman (KwaZulu-Natal Under-15s)
WWA Colson (Western Province)
CCD Coltson (Pietermaritzburg)
Colussi (Cape Technikon Invitation XI)
C Colussi (Western Province Cricket Club)
G Colussi (Western Province Cricket Club)
E Colyn (South Western Districts Under-15s)
D Combrink (Boland, University of Cape Town)
I Combrink (Western Province Chairman's XI, Western Province Cricket Club Chairman's XI)
L Combrink (Menlo Park)
Comerema (Griqualand West Under-18s)
Comerma (Griqualand West Under-18s)
J Comerma (Griqualand West Women)
JMM Commaille (Griqualand West, Orange Free State, South Africa, Western Province)
J Commins (Almar)
JB Commins (Boland, South Africa, South African Defence Force, South African Universities, Western Province, Western Province B)
JE Commins (Western Province)
KT Commins (Border, Western Province)
M Commins (Western Province Under-13s, Western Province Under-15s, Western Province Under-17s, Western Province Under-19s)
M Commins (Cape Cobras Cubs)
M Commins (Rondebosch School)
AC Commuis (Western Transvaal)
PGW Compton (Orange Free State)
PMD Compton (Natal)
RCD Compton (Natal)
PJR Comrie (Natal B)
Conard (Western Province Under-15s)
M Conchar (Griqualand West Schools)
C Cones (Western Province Cricket Club)
C Cones (University of Cape Town)
C Cones (South African College High School)
AV Conlon (Orange Free State, The Rest)
EGF Conlon (Orange Free State)
M Conlon (KwaZulu-Natal Inland Under-13s, KwaZulu-Natal Inland Under-15s)
T Conneley (Wellington)
B Connell (Eastern Province)
GR Connell (Eastern Province)
S Conner (Easterns Under-15s)
JW Connerty (Eastern Province, Transvaal)
Connor (Griqualand West Under-18s)
K Connor (Griqualand West)
SR Connor (Easterns)
Conrad (Western Province Under-15s)
J Conrad (Western Province Academy)
R Conrad (Bishops Diocesan College)
RA Conrad (The Leopards)
S Conrad (Western Province)
S Conrad (Primrose)
Shukri Conrad (Western Province, Western Province B)
Siraaj Conrad (Cape Cobras, Gauteng, Western Province, Western Province B)
Conradie (Boland Under-15s)
A Conradie (Eastern Province Under-13s)
B Conradie (Western Province Under-19s)
B Conradie (University of the Western Cape)
CJ Conradie (umpire)
DJ Conradie (umpire)
DK Conradie (umpire)
E Conradie (North West Women)
EM Conradie (South Africa Blind)
F Conradie (Boland Under-13s)
GD Conradie (Boland Under-17s, Boland Under-19s, Paarl Gimnasium, South African Schools Colts)
GD Conradie (Stellenbosch University)
GF Conradie (Boland Under-15s)
H Conradie (North West Women, Northerns Women)
H Conradie (Eastern Province Under-19s)
J Conradie (Boland Under-13s)
R Conradie (Boland Under-15s)
S Conradie (umpire)
S Conradie (Eastern Province Under-17s, Eastern Province Under-19s)
W Conradie (Orange Free State Permlazer XI)
FD Conry (Western Province)
K Consalves (Gauteng Women)
A Consul (Bellville)
MC Conte (Transvaal B)
P Contell (umpire)
DP Conway (Dolphins, Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal Inland, Lions)
G Conway (Fish Hoek)
M Conyers (Eastern Province Settlers Under-19s)
MA Conyers (Easterns, Northerns B)
DP Conyngham (Natal, South Africa, Transvaal, Western Province)
L Conyngham (Hilton College)
Cook (umpire)
Cook (Wanderers)
A Cook (St Martin's School)
A Cook (KwaZulu-Natal Inland Under-15s)
AE Cook (Border, The Rest, Transvaal)
B Cook (Griqualand West)
BM Cook (Pretoria)
E Cook (Boland Under-13s, Boland Under-15s, Boland Under-19s, Cape Cobras Under-18s)
E Cook (Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University B)
FJ Cook (Eastern Province, South Africa)
GH Cook (Border)
J Cook (Boland)
J Cook (KwaZulu-Natal Under-13s)
M Cook (Pinelands)
MY Cook (Gauteng)
N Cook (Gauteng Under-15s)
R Cook (Western Province Cricket Club)
S Cook (South African Schools Colts)
S Cook (Transvaal Under-13s)
SC Cook (Gauteng, Lions, The Rest)
SJ Cook (Somerset, South Africa, Transvaal, Transvaal B)
TE Cook (North Eastern Transvaal)
VN Cook (Transvaal)
Cooke (Bishops Diocesan College Stags)
B Cooke (Western Province, Western Province Under-23s)
B Cooke (Transvaal Schools B)
C Cooke (Western Province Under-13s)
C Cooke (University of Cape Town)
CB Cooke (Glamorgan, Western Province)
D Cooke (Western Province Schools)
D Cooke (Transvaal Schools B)
D Cooke (Western Province Cricket Club)
D Cooke (University of Cape Town)
D Cooke (Techs)
G Cooke (umpire)
GP Cooke (Easterns, Transvaal, Transvaal B)
JG Cooke (umpire)
JL Cooke (Natal B, Transvaal B)
M Cooke (Pinelands)
SR Cooke (umpire)
BC Cooley (Natal)
Coomer (Bishops Diocesan College Stags)
R Cooner (Griqualand West Under-13s)
Cooper (Friendly Cricketers Association)
A Cooper (Fish Hoek)
AE Cooper (Griqualand West, Kimberley, Transvaal)
AHC Cooper (South Africa, Transvaal)
AK Cooper (umpire)
FW Cooper (Transvaal)
KR Cooper (Natal, Natal B)
M Cooper (Friendly Cricketers Association)
M Cooper (Western Province Cricket Club Chairman's XI)
PA Cooper (North Eastern Transvaal)
W Cooper (Border)
CD Coote (umpire)
C Coovadia (umpire)
DG Cope (Transvaal)
C Copeland (Pinelands)
CA Copeland (Griqualand West, Western Province B)
F Copeland (Albany)
G Copeland (Albany)
PH Copeland (Eastern Province)
WF Copeland (Eastern Province)
A Copeman (Eastern Province Country Districts)
CJ Copland (Natal B)
RMC Copland (Natal)
D Coraizin (Boland Under-13s)
J Coram (Cape Town, Claremont)
A Corbellari (Western Province Schools B)
G Corbet (Northern Transvaal League)
BL Corbett (Dolphins)
G Corbett (Northern Transvaal)
JA Corbett (North Eastern Transvaal)
PL Corbett (Natal, Natal B, North Eastern Transvaal, Transvaal, Transvaal B)
C Corcoran (Eastern Province Women)
C Corcoran-Cloete (Eastern Province Women)
J Corder (Elgin)
TS Cordes (South Africa Women)
J Corin (umpire)
M Corin (Easterns Under-13s, Easterns Under-15s, Easterns Under-17s)
RHM Corin (Transvaal B)
C Corne (Limpopo Under-15s)
I Cornelissen (Boland Academy, Boland Under-19s)
T Cornelissen (Boland Under-13s)
A Cornelius (scorer)
H Cornelius (Orange Free State)
J Cornelius (umpire)
L Cornelius (Orange Free State)
W Cornelius (Mpumalanga Under-15s, Mpumalanga Under-19s)
X Cornelius (North West Under-13s, North West Under-19s)
M Cornell (South African Country Districts)
MH Cornell (Border)
PC Cornell (Border, Eastern Province)
T Cornellison (South African Country Districts)
DJ Cornish (Rhodesia)
R Corns (Gauteng Under-17s)
DJL Cornwall (Rhodesia)
M Cornwell (South African Country Districts)
Corry (Natal Mounted Police)
M Corsoer (Western Province Under-19s)
Cosgrove (Cape Mounted Rifles)
S Cosser (Transvaal)
VJ Costello (umpire)
L Cothill (Rowlin Cricket Academy)
Cotterell (KwaZulu-Natal Under-18s B)
N Cotterell (South African Schools)
R Cotterell (Western Province Academy, Western Province B)
R Cotterell (University of Cape Town)
R Cottrell (University of Cape Town)
R Cottrin (Western Province Academy)
F Cotty (Griqualand West)
J Couchar (Griqualand West Under-19s)
TD Coughlan (Mashonaland Country Districts, Zimbabwe Country Districts, Zimbabwe-Rhodesia B)
W Coulentianos (Easterns)
E Coulridge (umpire)
JR Couper (King William's Town)
D Course (Easterns Under-17s)
A Court (Eastern Province B)
MSP Court (Eastern Province)
SP Court (Eastern Province)
D Cousins (Green Point)
D Cousins (Bellville)
S Cousins (Easterns Women)
Coutts (Gauteng Under-18s B)
C Coutts (Southern Transvaal Country Districts, Transvaal B)
G Coutts (Transvaal Permlazer XI)
L Coutts (Gauteng Women)
RI Coutts (Gauteng)
S Coutts-Taylor (South Africa Under-15s)
S Coutts-Trotter (Western Province Cricket Club)
ED Coventry (South African Schools)
RW Coventry (Rhodesia)
CS Cowan (South Africa Women)
NK Cowan (Orange Free State)
PA Cowan (Border)
D Cowley (Natal Under-18s, Natal Under-19s)
D Cowley (Natal Mynahs Schools)
GS Cowley (Eastern Province, Eastern Province B, Natal, South African Universities)
N Cowley (NBS Inter-City League XI)
P Cowley (Natal Mynahs Schools)
Cowper (Salisbury)
SA Cowper (Argentina, Rhodesia, Western Province)
AE Cox (Western Province)
H Cox (Transvaal Cricket Union)
JL Cox (Natal, South Africa, The Rest)
K Cox (University of Cape Town)
K Cox (South African College High School)
P Cox (University of Cape Town)
P Cox (Green Point)
P Cox (Western Province Cricket Club)
S Cox (University of Cape Town)
T Cox (KwaZulu-Natal Inland Under-17s)
T Cox (Northwood Crusaders)
TG Cox (KwaZulu-Natal Under-19s)
D Coxhill (South African Cavaliers)
AH Coy (Eastern Province)
C Cozyn (University of the Western Cape)
G Cozyn (Western Province Under-19s)
G Cozyn (Bergvliet High School)
B Craddock (Durbanville)
G Craddock (Pinelands, Western Province Academy)
M Craddock (Pinelands, South African Country Districts Under-17s)
TT Cradock (Natal, Transvaal)
A Crafford (umpire)
E Crage (Eastern Province)
T Crage (Eastern Province)
C Craig (Limpopo Under-13s, Limpopo Under-15s)
D Craig (Somerset West)
E Craig (Bergvliet High School)
KS Craig (umpire)
M Craig (umpire)
P Craig (Somerset West)
IJ Craigen (Griqualand West)
K Craigen (Orange Free State B)
R Cramp (Border Under-13s)
Crane (Hilton College)
J Craniey (Border Under-15s)
EK Crankshaw (Eastern Province B)
AN Cranswick (Bulawayo)
C Crause (South Western Districts Women)
F Crause (umpire)
K Crause (Free State Women, South Africa Under-21s Women)
CF Craven (Free State, Natal Country Districts, Orange Free State, Orange Free State B)
E Crawford (umpire)
N Crawford (Hermanus)
O Crawford (Natal Colleges)
SNA Crawford (Western Province)
Crawley (Free State Under-18s B)
K Crawley (Orange Free State)
J Crawson (Western Province Under-15s)
MW Creed (Border and Eastern Province Combined XI, Eastern Province, Eastern Province B, Nottinghamshire Cricket Board)
WH Creese (Marylebone Cricket Club, Transvaal)
D Cremer (Pretoria University)
M Cremer (Eastern Province Under-19s Women)
Cremmer (Eastern Province Under-18s B)
G Cresswell (Eastern Transvaal Country Districts)
GA Cresswell (North Eastern Transvaal)
VG Cresswell (Border, Eastern Province B, Impalas, Northern Transvaal, Northern Transvaal B, South African Universities, Transvaal, Transvaal B)
B Cressy (Gauteng Under-15s, Gauteng Under-17s, Gauteng Under-19s)
CB Crew (Easterns)
BH Crews (Border, Eastern Province, South African Universities, Transvaal, Western Province)
JH Crews (Orange Free State B)
GE Crighton (Western Province)
G Cripps (South Africa, Western Province)
L Cripps (Johannesburg)
RJ Crisp (Rhodesia, South Africa, Western Province, Worcestershire)
D Cristians (Primrose)
P Cristo (Gauteng Under-15s)
DW Critchley (South African Schools)
T Crocker (Northerns Under-15s)
T Crocker (University of Johannesburg)
RG Crockett (Northern Natal)
W Crockett (South African Schools)
W Croeser (South African Country Districts)
A Cronin (Border Women)
B Cronin (Border Women)
CE Cronin (Queenstown)
A Cronje (Western Province Under-19s)
A Cronje (University of Cape Town)
C Cronje (Easterns Under-13s, Easterns Under-15s, Easterns Under-19s)
D Cronje (Easterns Under-17s, Easterns Under-19s)
E Cronje (North West Under-17s)
F Cronje (University of Free State)
FJC Cronje (Border, Border B, Griqualand West, Impalas, Orange Free State, Orange Free State B)
H Cronje (Van Der Stel)
L Cronje (Border Under-13s, Border Under-15s, Border Under-17s, Border Under-19s)
L Cronje (Easterns Under-15s, Easterns Under-19s)
L Cronje (North West Under-13s)
NE Cronje (Orange Free State)
P Cronje (University of Free State)
PJ Cronje (Northerns Under-19s)
R Cronje (umpire)
R Cronje (South Western Districts Under-17s)
R Cronje (Free State Under-13s)
RJ Cronje (Western Province Under-13s, Western Province Under-17s, Western Province Under-19s)
SG Cronje (Free State, Free State B, Griqualand West B, Orange Free State B)
T Cronje (KwaZulu-Natal Inland Under-19s Women, KwaZulu-Natal Inland Women)
WJ Cronje (Free State, Ireland, Leicestershire, Orange Free State, South Africa, South Africa Under-24s, South African Universities)
AC Cronwright (Orange Free State)
J Crooke (University of Cape Town)
Crookes (Hilton College)
D Crookes (East London)
DN Crookes (Easterns, Gauteng, Lions, Natal, Natal B, South Africa)
NS Crookes (Natal, Natal B, The Rest)
D Crooks (Eastern Province)
GH Croote (Midlands)
J Crosbie (Mother Country)
KM Crosby (Free State Under-19s)
Crosley (Hilton College)
M Crosoer (University of Cape Town)
MJ Crosoer (Western Province B)
A Cross (King William's Town)
GD Cross (Border, Cape Province)
WB Cross (umpire)
G Crosse (King William's Town)
W Crossland (Rygersdal)
B Crossman (Western Province Women)
ES Crossman (Orange Free State)
GC Crosson (Northern Transvaal B)
C Crotz (United School Sports Association of South African Country Districts Under-19s)
W Croucamp (Border Women)
Crouch (Grahamstown and Colleges)
Crouch (Grahamstown)
BD Crouch (scorer)
HT Crouch (Eastern Province)
T Crous (Durbanville)
D Crouse (Easterns Under-17s)
P Crouse (Gauteng Under-17s, Gauteng Under-19s)
R Crouse (Limpopo Under-13s, Limpopo Under-15s)
J Crousen (Cape Cobras Under-18s)
C Crowe (Bellville)
FS Crowie (KwaZulu-Natal)
K Crowie (Gauteng Under-19s)
L Crowie (South Africa Coloureds)
L Crowie (Griqualand West Under-15s, Griqualand West Under-19s)
D Crowley (Rondebosch)
D Crowley (Edgemead)
Crowson (Western Province Cricket Club)
C Crowson (Western Province Under-13s)
JAJ Crowson (Cape Cobras Under-18s, Somerset Second XI, Surrey Academy, Surrey Second XI, Surrey Under-19s, Western Province Cricket Club, Western Province Under-13s, Western Province Under-17s, Western Province Under-19s)
J Crowther (North West Under-15s)
P Crowther (Cape Town)
Croxford (Natal Under-15s)
D Croxford (Transvaal Under-13s)
D Croxford (Maritzburg College Invitation XI)
B Croy (Bellville)
D Croyford (Transvaal Under-13s)
D Crozier (South Western Districts)
CF Cruickshanks (Eastern Province)
GL Cruickshanks (Eastern Province)
K Cruickshanks (South African Schools)
JH Crump (Midlands)
M Crump (Western Province Cricket Club)
D Cruse (Northern Transvaal Country Districts)
G Cruse (Eastern Transvaal Country Districts)
F Cruywagen (umpire)
M Cuba (Langa Juniors)
P Cubido (scorer)
G Cuddembey (Eastern Province)
GB Cuddumbey (Eastern Province)
GW Cuddumbey (Eastern Province)
A Cullen (University of Cape Town)
JS Cullen (Cape Town, Claremont, Gedling Colliery, Western Province Academy)
D Cullinan (Stenbok)
D Cullinan (South African Schools)
DJ Cullinan (Border, Derbyshire, Easterns, Gauteng, Impalas, Kent, South Africa, South African Universities, Titans, Transvaal, Western Province)
MR Cullinan (Oxford University, South African Universities)
RE Cullinan (Border, Border Country Districts, Orange Free State, Orange Free State B, South African Defence Force)
T Cullinan (South African Schools)
TD Cullinan (North Eastern Transvaal)
Cullis (Western Province Cricket Club)
Cumins (Bishops Diocesan College Stags)
D Cumming (North Eastern Transvaal Country Districts)
R Cumming (Border, Pietermaritzburg)
Cummings (Cape Mounted Rifles)
Cummins (Bishops Diocesan College Stags)
Cunningham (Bishops Diocesan College Masters)
Cunningham (Western Province Cricket Club)
JP Cunningham (Natal, Pietermaritzburg)
S Cunningham (Western Province Cricket Club)
Cupido (Groot Drakenstein)
A Cupido (Glamorgan)
A Cupido (Groot Drakenstein)
A Cupido (University of the Western Cape)
A Cupido (Rondebosch)
A Cupido (Rygersdal)
G Cupido (Boland Under-17s)
I Cupido (scorer)
K Cupido (scorer)
L Cupido (Rondebosch)
PE Cupido (scorer)
R Cupido (Western Province)
W Cupido (Glamorgan, Western Province Under-17s, Western Province Under-19s)
W Cupido (Rondebosch)
V Curle (Bulawayo)
JS Curlewis (Kimberley Cricket Club, Pretoria)
AJ Curnick (Border, Eastern Province)
Curnow (South Western Districts)
G Curnow (Transvaal Schools)
SH Curnow (South Africa, The Rest, Transvaal)
KM Curran (Boland, Gloucestershire, Natal, Northamptonshire, Zimbabwe)
KP Curran (Rhodesia)
PJ Curran (Rhodesia)
TK Curran (Surrey)
S Curren (Orange Free State)
RW Currer (North Eastern Transvaal)
D Currie (Queen's College Boys High School)
J Currie (Rondebosch School)
NO Curry (Border)
Curteis (Cape Town, Military)
B Curtin (Eastern Province Settlers Under-19s)
Curtis (Mother Country)
A Curtis (KwaZulu-Natal Inland Under-15s)
A Curtis (KwaZulu-Natal Inland Under-15s)
A Curtis (KwaZulu-Natal Inland Under-17s)
LG Cusworth (Orange Free State)
WA Cutler (umpire)
L Cwati (Gauteng Women)
Cyster (Boland Under-15s)
A Cyster (United School Sports Association of South African Country Districts Under-17s)
A Cyster (Durbanville)
AW Cyster (Boland)
L Cyster (Boland Academy, Boland Under-19s)
P Cyster (Boland Under-13s)
RPW Cyster (Boland)





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