Scotland Players (E)


S Eadala (Dunfermline, Watsonians)
J Eady (Brunswick)
J Eagles (Aberdeen Grammar School Former Pupils)
E-Al-Anari (scorer)
K Easson (Selkirk)
JL Eastgate (Penicuik)
JP Eastgate (South of Scotland)
A Eastman (Stoneywood-Dyce)
F Eastman (Perthshire)
A Easton (Watsonians Second XI)
AC Easton (Glasgow Academy)
J Easton (Penicuik Second XI)
JAC Easton (Eastern Knights, Loretto School, Merchiston Castle School, Scottish Wayfarers, Watsonians, Watsonians Second XI)
S Easton (Drumpellier)
SM Easton (Trinity College, Glenalmond)
Eastwood (Grange Second XI)
A Eaton (Edinburgh Academy)
J Eaves (Boroughmuir)
Eban (Gordonstoun School)
CHM Ebden (Cambridge University, Marylebone Cricket Club, Middlesex, Scotland, Sussex)
R Eberst (Holy Cross Academicals Third XI)
AD Eccles (North of Scotland Under-19s, Scotland Under-15s, Scotland Under-17s, Scotland Under-19s, Stirling County)
AG Eccles (Fettes College)
B Eccles (Berkhamsted and District Women, Scotland Women, St Leonard's School for Girls, Women's Cricket Association)
E Eccles (scorer)
R Eccles (Midlands Women, Scotland Women)
W Echford (Hawick and Wilton)
WR Eckford (George Watson's College)
C Eckstein (O Henry International XI)
J Eddie (Dunfermline Carnegie)
W Eddie (Scotland)
R Eddington (Coupar Angus)
Eddis (Edinburgh)
M Edelman (Royal High School)
H Eden (North of Scotland)
W Eden (Edinburgh)
HJP Edgar (George Watson's College)
I Edgar (Poloc)
K Edgar (scorer)
S Edgar (Stewart's Melville Royal High Fourth XI)
P Ediga (Perth Doo'cot)
A Edington (Heriot's)
B Edington (Meigle)
P Edington (scorer)
R Edington (Coupar Angus)
R Edington (South of Scotland Under-17s)
R Edington (Meigle)
RF Edington (Trinity College, Glenalmond)
Edlmann (Grange)
CR Edmond (East Kilbride, West Regional Development Centre, Western Warriors Under-14s, Western Warriors Under-15s)
A Edmonds (Scottish Universities)
J Edmonds (Strathearn)
J Edmonds (Edinburgh Academy)
BEW Edmondson (Fettes College)
LD Edmonton (Trinity College, Glenalmond)
A Edmunds (Scottish Universities)
WA Edward (Scotland)
Edwards (Clydesdale, West of Scotland)
A Edwards (Heriot's)
A Edwards (Aberdeenshire)
C Edwards (Scotland Under-17s Women)
D Edwards (West Lothian)
D Edwards (Daniel Stewart's and Melville College)
E Edwards (Carlton Fourth XI)
E Edwards (West Lothian Second XI)
EJ Edwards (Aberdeenshire)
HJ Edwards (Edinburgh University)
HR Edwards (British Universities, Caledonian Highlanders, East of Scotland Under-14s, Eastern Knights, Grange, Grange Second XI, Marylebone Cricket Club, Marylebone Cricket Club Schools, Oxford Marylebone Cricket Club University, Scotland Academy, Scotland Under-17s, Scotland Under-18s, Scotland Under-19s)
JGH Edwards (Fettes College)
JN Edwards (Cavaliers)
JR Edwards (Grange, Scotland A, Scotland Academy, Scotland Under-19s, Scottish Universities, Stirling County, Western Warriors)
L Edwards (East of Scotland Under-14s)
M Edwards (Stoneywood-Dyce, Stoneywood-Dyce Second XI)
M Edwards (Scottish Universities)
M Edwards (Carlton Fourth XI, Carlton Third XI)
MN Edwards (Arbroath United)
MR Edwards (Fettes College)
N Edwards (Arbroath United)
RA Edwards (Eastern Knights Under-15s, Eastern Knights Under-18s, Grange Third XI, Scotland Under-15s)
S Edwards (Stirling County)
T Edwards (Daniel Stewart's and Melville College)
WA Edwards (Eastern Knights Under-18s, Grange, Grange Second XI, Grange Third XI, Marylebone Cricket Club, Marylebone Cricket Club Schools, Scotland Under-12s, Scotland Under-15s, Scotland Under-17s, Scotland Under-18s, Scotland Under-19s)
WA Edwards (Fettes College)
F Egerton (Glasgow)
R Egerton (Prestwick)
A Egerton-King (Holy Cross Academicals Third XI)
RC Eggins (East of Scotland Under-21s, Grange)
Eglington (Loretto School)
A Eglinton (Caledonian Highlanders Under-15s, Caledonian Highlanders Under-18s, Tayside and Fife Under-13s)
AY Eglinton (Scottish Cricket Union President's XI)
J Eglinton (Largo Second XI, Largo Third XI)
M Eglinton (Loretto School)
RD Eglinton (East of Scotland Under-23s, Strathallan Occasionals, Strathallan School)
A Ehlers (Stirling County)
I Ehsan (Victoria)
S Ejaz (Dundee High School Former Pupils)
S Eklund (Morton Third XI)
A Elangovan (Morton)
MS Elcock (Edinburgh Academy)
A Elder (Trinity College, Glenalmond)
D Elder (Banchory)
D Elder (Strathallan School)
DR Elder (Edinburgh Academicals, Grange)
EM Elder (Clydesdale, Scottish Cricket Union Colts, West of Scotland, West of Scotland Under-21s)
ES Elder (Clydesdale)
HFD Elder (Edinburgh Academy)
M Elder (Banchory)
M Elder (Strathallan School)
R Elder (Glasgow University Freshmen's XI)
R Elder (Crathie)
S Elder (Carlton, Carlton Second XI, Carlton Third XI, East of Scotland Under-16s, East of Scotland Under-18s, East of Scotland Under-19s)
WAS Elder (Scotland, Scotland XI)
TJ Elgin (East of Scotland)
WH Elgood (East of Scotland)
R Elizondo (Stirling County)
A Ellawady (Helensburgh)
O Ellery (Musselburgh)
Elliot (Brechin)
Elliot (Hawick Volunteers)
Elliot (Hawick Volunteers)
A Elliot (scorer)
AP Elliot (Highland)
B Elliot (Haddington)
D Elliot (West of Scotland Under-21s)
F Elliot (scorer)
J Elliot (Galashiels)
L Elliot (Dunfermline Carnegie, Dunfermline Carnegie Second XI)
M Elliot (Haddington)
S Elliot (Stirling County Third XI)
T Elliot (Gala)
Elliott (Royal Scots Greys Sergeants)
A Elliott (Dumfries)
AJ Elliott (Kelso)
D Elliott (Langholm)
H Elliott (Players of Scotland)
J Elliott (Scottish Universities)
M Elliott (Mannofield)
VA Elliott (scorer)
W Elliott (Hawick and Wilton)
WE Elliott (Abbotsford, Roxburghshire)
T Elliotte (St Modan's High School Former Pupils)
Ellis (Players of Scotland)
A Ellis (Clydesdale)
C Ellis (Scotland Under-21s Women, Scotland Women)
C Ellis (Holy Cross Academicals)
C Ellis (East of Scotland Youth Select)
J Ellis (Ferguslie)
J Ellis (North of Scotland Under-19s, Strathmore)
J Ellis (Edinburgh Academicals)
JM Ellis (Merchiston Castle School)
R Ellis (Scotland)
S Ellis (umpire)
WA Ellis (Scotland)
R Elms (St Boswells)
W Elphinstone (Trinity College, Glenalmond)
JMB Els (umpire)
S Els (Poloc, Weirs)
C Elsden (Teuchters)
T Elsden (Teuchters)
C Elvidge (Scottish Universities)
SJ Elworthy (Haddington, Merchiston Castle School, Scottish Wayfarers Colts)
D Emerson
N Emery (Corstorphine)
D Emmerson (The Rest)
Emslie (Edinburgh Academicals)
K Emslie (Scotland Under-17s Women)
M Engelbrecht (Stoneywood-Dyce)
L England (Grange)
A English (Ferguslie)
CV English (Boland, Griqualand West, Scotland, Western Province, Western Province B)
G English (Prestwick)
GM English (Merchiston Castle School, Scottish Wayfarers)
MM English (Ferguslie, Scotland A, Scotland Under-15s, Scotland Under-17s, Scotland Under-18s, Scotland Under-19s, Scotland XI, Scottish Universities, Western Warriors, Western Warriors Under-18s)
MJC Enos (Grange, Scotland Under-19s)
T Enslin (Hillhead High School Former Pupils)
C Entwhistle (Edinburgh Academicals, Peebles County)
J Erasmus (Prestwick)
R Erasmus (Livingston)
TD Ericsen-Miller (Forfarshire)
SS Eriksen (Strathallan Occasionals)
AR Erskine (George Watson's College)
G Erskine (George Watson's College)
H Erskine (George Watson's College)
J Erskine (Hon Col Talbot's XI)
Ervine (Marchmont)
P Ervine (Aberdeenshire, Stoneywood-Dyce)
WCC Ervine (Dundee University Staff)
A Esplin (Glendelvine)
DB Esplin (Strathmore Select XI)
GM Esslemont (scorer)
L Esson (Perthshire)
TE Estcourt (Royal Scots Greys Officers)
RO Estwick (Aberdeenshire)
Evans (Trinity College, Glenalmond)
AC Evans (Derbyshire, Loughborough University Centre of Cricketing Excellence, Scotland)
AR Evans (Merchiston Castle School, Scottish Wayfarers)
AW Evans (Drumpellier, Gentlemen of Scotland, Glasgow, Marylebone Cricket Club, Perthshire, Scotland, Scotland XI, West of Scotland)
C Evans (Carlton Women, Scotland Under-17s Women, Watsonians Third XI)
CA Evans (Fettes College)
H Evans (Glasgow)
H Evans (Caledonian Highlanders Under-15s)
JF Evans (Heriot's)
M Evans (Strathmore)
MJ Evans (Scottish Cricket Union Colts)
MJ Evans
R Evans (Meigle)
RJ Evans (Eastern Knights Under-15s, Eastern Knights Under-18s, Edinburgh Under-14s, George Watson's College, Scotland Under-15s, Watsonians, Watsonians Second XI)
S Evans (Scottish Universities)
WW Evans (Scottish Cricket Union President's XI)
RC Evason (Glenrothes)
A Everett (Watsonians)
A Everett (Scotland Under-15s)
C Everett (Eastern Knights Under-14s, Edinburgh Under-14s)
C Everett (Carlton Third XI)
CJ Everett (Carlton, Carlton Second XI, Carlton Third XI, Carlton Under-18s, Eastern Knights Under-15s)
CP Everett (Carlton, Carlton Second XI, Eastern Knights Under-18s)
CW Everett (Scottish Universities)
D Everett (Scottish Junior Colts, Scottish Wayfarers)
EA Everett (Eastern Knights Under-15s)
H Everett (umpire)
J Everett (Scotland)
J Everett (Watsonians)
JM Everett (Scottish Cricket Union Colts, Watsonians)
JW Everett (East of Scotland, Edinburgh, Watsonians)
M Everett (Gargunnock Village)
M Everett (Stenton and Tyninghame)
M Everett (Central Scotland, Edinburgh, Grange, Scotland Under-19s, Scottish Wayfarers Colts, Trinity College, Glenalmond)
P Everett (East of Scotland)
J Everitt (Selkirk)
M Everitt (umpire)
M Everitt (Lomond School)
M Everritt (Gargunnock Village)
WR Evers (East of Scotland)
R Evetts (Stirling County)
R Ewan (Huntly)
CT Ewart (Aberdeenshire)
D Ewart (Edinburgh Public Parks)
R Ewen (Inverurie)
C Ewer (Marchmont)
A Ewing (Edinburgh Public Parks)
A Ewing (West of Scotland, West Regional Development Centre Under-15s Select XI, Western Warriors Under-15s)
C Eyles (scorer)
DA Eyles (Uddingston, Western Warriors Under-18s)





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