Sri Lanka Players (E)


R Easana (St Anthony's College, Colombo)
AE Ebert (St Thomas College)
D Ebert (Chilaw Marians Cricket Club Under-23s)
F Ebert (Royal College)
JE Ebert (Royal College)
Edema (Ceylon XI)
E Edin (Jaffna Combined Schools)
S Edirimanasingham (St Peter's College, Colombo)
A Edirimanne (Nuwara Eliya District Cricket Association)
CDC Edirimanne (Colombo Cricket Club)
SD Edirimuni (Antonians Sports Club Under-23s, Royal College)
TA Edirimuni (Royal College)
EAK Edirisinghe (Palink School of Cricket)
EF Edirisinghe (St Thomas College)
EMCD Edirisinghe (Kurunegala Youth Cricket Club, Tamil Union Cricket and Athletic Club)
EPP Edirisinghe (Saracens Sports Club, Sri Lanka Navy Sports Club)
ES Edirisinghe (Moratuwa Sports Club Women)
J Edirisinghe (St Thomas College)
K Edirisinghe (Kandy District Cricket Association)
K Edirisinghe (Negombo Ladies Club)
LEK Edirisinghe (Sri Lanka Army Sports Club)
O Edirisinghe (Gothami Sports Club Women)
P Edirisinghe (Negombo Ladies Club)
P Edirisinghe (Police Sports Club Under-23s)
S Edirisinghe (St Thomas College)
NED Edirisooriya
K Edirisuriya (Royal College, Thornbury)
C Ediriweera (Kurunegala Sports Club)
EAA Ediriweera
PB Ediriweera (Bloomfield Cricket and Athletic Club, Colombo Cricket Club, Lankan Cricket Club, Sebastianites Cricket and Athletic Club, Tamil Union Cricket and Athletic Club)
S Ediriweera (St Servatius' College, Matara)
S Ediriweera (Moratuwa Sports Club Under-23s)
SK Ediriweera (Bloomfield Cricket and Athletic Club)
CL Ediriweerage (Kurunegala Youth Cricket Club, Saracens Sports Club)
CL Ediriweerage (Kurunegala Sports Club)
DU Edussuriya (Colombo Cricket Club Under-23s, Royal College, Tamil Union Cricket and Athletic Club Under-23s)
TCT Edward (Ceylon, Ceylon Cricket Association)
L Egalahewa (Colts Cricket Club)
M Egodage (Galle District Cricket Association, Nomads Sports Club, Southern United)
ECM Ekanayaka (Leo's Cricket Club)
K Ekanayaka (Galle Cricket Club Under-23s)
KBC Ekanayaka (Kandy Youth Cricket Club)
N Ekanayaka (Kandy Cricket Club Under-23s)
R Ekanayaka (Sri Lanka Board Under-19s XI)
R Ekanayaka (Kandy Cricket Club, Kandy Cricket Club Under-23s)
AS Ekanayake (Kandy District Cricket Association)
AS Ekanayake (Kandy Cricket Club)
AW Ekanayake (Kurunegala Youth Cricket Club)
BMB Ekanayake (Moors Sports Club, Sri Lanka Schools)
BMB Ekanayake (Kandy Youth Cricket Club)
D Ekanayake (Bloomfield Cricket and Athletic Club, Burgher Recreation Club)
D Ekanayake (University of Ruhuna)
D Ekanayake (Matale Cricket Club Women)
E Ekanayake (Antonians Sports Club)
EMGB Ekanayake
EMJ Ekanayake (Polonnaruwa Combined Schools)
EMNAB Ekanayake (Trinity College, Kandy)
EMTP Ekanayake (Sri Lanka Women)
ERS Ekanayake (Old Marians Sports Club)
ES Ekanayake (Sri Lanka Air Force Sports Club Under-23s)
G Ekanayake (St Thomas College)
GSM Ekanayake (Singha Sports Club, Sri Lanka Ports Authority Cricket Club, Tamil Union Cricket and Athletic Club, Uthura, Uthura Rudras)
I Ekanayake (Colts Cricket Club)
I Ekanayake (Matale Cricket Club)
IEB Ekanayake
K Ekanayake (Kandy Youth Cricket Club)
K Ekanayake (Prince of Wales College, Moratuwa)
KC Ekanayake (Kandy Youth Cricket Club Under-23s, Seeduwa Raddoluwa Cricket Club Under-23s)
KR Ekanayake (Kandy Cricket Club Under-23s)
MV Ekanayake (Burgher Recreation Club, Galle Cricket Club)
NDB Ekanayake (Kandy Cricket Club)
R Ekanayake (Kandy Youth Cricket Club)
R Ekanayake (Galle Cricket Club Under-23s)
RA Ekanayake (Royal College)
S Ekanayake (Old Marians Sports Club)
SS Ekanayake (Kurunegala Youth Cricket Club)
W Ekanayake (St Thomas College)
YMWB Ekanayake (Antonians Sports Club, Sebastianites Cricket and Athletic Club, Singha Sports Club)
C Ekneligoda (Royal College)
R Ekneligoda (St Thomas College)
E Elapata (St Thomas College)
EA Elapata (St Thomas College)
S Elapata (St Thomas College)
S Elapata (St Thomas College)
EV Elias (umpire)
M Elias (St Peter's College, Colombo)
A Eliyatamby (St Joseph's College)
AS Eliyathamby (St Thomas College)
B Eliyathamby (Royal College)
R Eliyathamby (St Thomas College)
A Ellaboda (North Central Province Under-19s)
R Ellalasingham (St Thomas College)
D Ellawalage (Kurunegala Youth Cricket Club Under-23s)
A Ellawela (St Thomas College)
FT Ellawela (St Thomas College)
GH Ellawela (St Thomas College)
H Ellawela (St Thomas College)
RS Ellawela (St Thomas College)
WT Ellawela (St Thomas College)
V Ellegoda (Matugama Cricket Club Under-23s)
A Ellepola (Kandy Cricket Club)
SBHMWBTB Ellepola (Kurunegala Youth Cricket Club)
R Eluwela (Old Thomian Sports Club Matara)
SD Elwalage (Antonians Sports Club, Antonians Sports Club Under-23s)
SD Elwalagge (Antonians Sports Club)
L Embuldeniya (Old Dharmapalians Sports Club Under-23s)
L Embuldeniya (Old Vidyalaya Sports Club Under-23s)
TA Embuldeniya (Sinhalese Sports Club)
AB Emmanuel (Sri Lanka Air Force Sports Club)
SSP Epasinghe (Old Thomian Sports Club Matale)
C Ephraims (St Peter's College, Colombo)
BS Ephraums
A Eranda (Sri Lanka Navy Sports Club)
YWH Eranda (Colts Cricket Club Under-23s)
H Erandathi (Southern Ladies Cricket Club)
I Erandi (Ruhuna Women)
I Erandi (Southern Province Under-26s Women)
RAS Erandi (Shakthi Ladies, Sri Lanka Young Women)
A Eranga (Tamil Union Cricket and Athletic Club Under-23s)
A Eranga (Old Moratu Vidyalaya Sports Club Under-23s)
A Eranga (Panadura Sports Club Under-23s)
AAC Eranga (Nondescripts Cricket Club Under-23s)
EAA Eranga (Sri Lanka Navy Sports Club)
EAA Eranga (Sri Lanka Navy Sports Club)
GDR Eranga (Burgher Recreation Club, Seeduwa Raddoluwa Cricket Club, Sri Lanka Ports Authority Cricket Club)
RMS Eranga (Chilaw Marians Cricket Club, Nagenahira Nagas, Ruhuna, Sri Lanka, Tamil Union Cricket and Athletic Club, Uthura, Uva)
RPDM Eranga
U Eranga (Moratuwa Sports Club)
WA Eranga (Sri Lanka Air Force Sports Club)
M Erasmus (umpire)
GJ Erick (Jaffna Combined Schools)
JP Erick (Jaffna Combined Schools)
JT Erick (Jaffna Combined Schools)
NB Eriyagama (umpire)
IMSW Eriyagolla (Sri Lanka Air Force Sports Club Under-23s)
AC Ernest (Ceylon Board President's Under-27s XI)
G Ernst (St Thomas College)
JCO Ernst (Ceylon)
LP Ernst (St Peter's College, Colombo)
C Erskine (St Thomas College)
W Erskine (St Thomas College)
S Ettipola (Central Province)
RK Eyles (scorer)





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