Singapore Players (S)


SRW Sabapathy (Singapore, Singapore Under-17s, Singapore Under-19s)
C Sage (Singapore Cricket Association President's XI)
S Sahil (Singapore Under-16s)
Sajjad Aslam (Singapore)
VK Saladore (Singapore)
C Salter (Singapore Cricket Club)
Samdin (Perhimponan Stia)
Sameer (Singapore Schools)
SD Samson (Singapore)
Samuel (Combined Services)
P Samuel (umpire)
Sandeep (Singapore Taverners)
SS Sandhu (Singapore Under-17s)
R Sandosham (Singapore)
Sandy (Singapore Cricket Club)
Sanjeev Kumar (Singapore)
A Santhanam (Singapore Under-17s)
Sarjit Singh (umpire)
S Sathivali (Singapore, Singapore Cricket Association)
Saunders (Combined Services, United Services)
Savile (Combined Services)
V Saxsena (Singapore Under-15s, Singapore Under-19s)
H Scharenguivel (Singapore Recreation Club, Survey Office)
Schmerl (Singapore Cricket Association)
K Schmerl (ANZUK Forces)
Schubert (Singapore Cricket Association)
Scott (Singapore Cricket Club Second XI)
A Scott (Singapore)
H Scully (Singapore, Singapore Cricket Association)
H Scully (Singapore Cricket Association President's XI)
JL Seah (selected for Singapore Women)
T Seal (Singapore Cricket Association President's XI)
TE Seal (Singapore)
Q Sear (Singapore Cricket Club)
T Sen (Singapore Under-19s Women, Singapore Women)
D Senanayake (Singapore)
R Senanayake (Singapore)
T Senthil Kumar (umpire)
K Seshadri (Singapore Under-15s, Singapore Under-16s)
V Seshadri (Singapore Under-16s, Singapore Under-19s)
Seth (Singapore Schools)
RR Seth (Singapore Under-19s Women, Singapore Women)
S Seth (Singapore, Singapore Cricket Association)
N Sethi (Singapore Under-19s Women)
V Sethi (Singapore Under-19s Women, Singapore Women)
S Sethivail (Singapore, Singapore Cricket Association)
Shafees Altaf (Singapore Under-15s, Singapore Under-17s, Singapore Under-19s)
JD Shah (Singapore)
Shamhipillai (Lanka Union)
AK Sharma (umpire)
D Sharma (Singapore Under-19s Women, Singapore Women)
U Sharma (Singapore Under-19s)
A Shearer (umpire)
I Shekhar (Singapore, Singapore Under-15s, Singapore Under-16s, Singapore Under-17s, Singapore Under-19s)
Sheriff (Perhimponan Stia)
AR Shete (Singapore Under-17s)
KB Shinde (Maharashtra)
Shiva (Singapore Taverners)
V Shivaram (Singapore)
Shoaib Razzak (Singapore, Singapore Cricket Association)
Z Shroff (Singapore Cricket Association President's XI)
ZA Shroff (Singapore, Singapore Cricket Association)
ZA Shroff (referee)
AA Shukla (Singapore Under-19s)
Siddhart (Singapore Under-17s)
Siddons (Combined Services, Straits Settlements)
C Siew Rui Tan (Singapore Under-19s Women, Singapore Women)
S Sikka (Singapore Under-16s)
Sillifant (United Services)
S Sim (Singapore Under-19s Women)
PV Simmons (Singapore Cricket Club)
CV Simpson (Combined Services)
E Sims (United Engineers)
C Simson (Singapore Cricket Club)
I Singham (Singapore Under-15s)
SA Singham (Singapore Under-19s Women, Singapore Women)
TR Singham (Singapore, Singapore Under-15s, Singapore Under-17s, Singapore Under-19s)
B Singh Bajaj (Singapore)
HM Sithawalla (Singapore, Singapore Indian Association)
MH Sithawalla (Singapore)
K Sivakumar (Singapore Under-16s)
S Sivalingham (Civil Service, Singapore, Singapore Cricket Association)
N Sivamayam (Civil Service, Singapore, Singapore Cricket Association)
S Sivamayam (umpire)
S Sivanandan (Singapore)
V Sivaram (Singapore, Singapore Under-15s, Singapore Under-16s, Singapore Under-17s, Singapore Under-19s)
V Sivaram (Singapore Cricket Association)
K Sivaramakrishnan (Singapore Under-15s, Singapore Under-19s)
Sivaratnam (Lanka Union)
A Sivasubramaniam (Lanka Union)
Skeats (Royal Air Force)
Smith (Royal Air Force)
B Smith (ANZUK Forces)
F Smith (ANZUK Forces)
HBH Smith (Singapore Cricket Club)
RE Smith (Singapore Recreation Club)
S Smith (Singapore)
SPH Smith (Singapore Cricket Club)
Smithpal Singh (Singapore Under-17s)
CF Snell (Public Services and Law)
R Snr (Singapore Recreation Club)
Soh Xin Ying (Singapore Under-19s Women, Singapore Women)
S Sooceleraj (Singapore, Singapore Cricket Association)
CH Soper (Singapore Cricket Club)
R Spalding (Singapore)
HF Spence (Combined Services)
V Sreemurugavel (Singapore Women)
V Sreenurugavel (selected for Singapore Women)
L Sriganesh (umpire)
N Srikanth (Singapore)
A Srimal (Singapore)
A Srinivas (Singapore)
N Srinivas (Singapore Under-15s)
KG Srinivasan (umpire)
HG Stack (Singapore Recreation Club)
M Stagg (Singapore Garrison)
J Staniforth (Singapore)
G Stanley (Singapore Cricket Association President's XI)
GS Stanley (Singapore, Singapore Cricket Club)
EG Staunton (Singapore Cricket Club)
P Stead (Singapore Cricket Club)
GA Stephenson (Combined Services)
J Stephenson (Singapore Cricket Association President's XI)
P Stevens (Singapore)
R Stevens (Civil Service, Malaysia, Singapore, Singapore Cricket Association)
R Stevens (Singapore Cricket Association President's XI)
Stevenson (Combined Services)
J Stevenson (Singapore)
S Stewart (Singapore Recreation Club)
PH Stewart-Brown (Singapore Cricket Club)
R Stiller (Singapore, Singapore Cricket Club)
R Stiller (Singapore Cricket Club)
JH Stone (Singapore)
P Storr (Singapore Cricket Club)
LN Strachan (Singapore Cricket Club)
JH Strahan (Singapore Cricket Club)
D Streather (Singapore)
E Stuart (United Engineers)
J Subash (Singapore Under-15s)
A Subramaniam (Lanka Union)
S Subramaniam (Lanka Union)
A Sudharshan (Singapore Under-19s)
N Sullivan (Singapore Recreation Club)
S Sulyman (Singapore Under-16s)
M Sumder (Singapore Cricket Association President's XI)
G Sundram (Singapore Cricket Association President's XI)
J Sundram (Singapore)
A Sunil (Singapore Under-16s)
K Suresh (Singapore Under-16s, Singapore Under-19s)
K Suresh (Singapore Under-19s)
K Suresh (Singapore Cricket Club)
KR Suresh (Singapore)
VR Suresh (Singapore)
C Suryavanshi (Singapore)
CR Suryawanshi (Devgiri Emperors, Maharashtra Under-16s, Maharashtra Under-19s, Singapore, Singapore Cricket Association)
Swami (Singapore Schools)
Swarbrick (Singapore)
G Swee (Singapore Cricket Association President's XI)
Syed Ali (Singapore)
HB Sym (Europeans)





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