United States of America Players (V)


K Vaibhav (Northern California Cricket Association Youth)
A Vaidya (Davis)
A Vaidyanatha (California Cricket Academy Purple Under-13s)
EH Vail (Germantown Juniors, Germantown Juniors Second XI)
G Vail (Dorian)
J Vail (Dorian)
LD Vail (Germantown Juniors, Germantown Second XI, Young America Juniors)
WA Vail (Germantown Juniors)
S Valance (Mile End)
VF Valdes (Cherokees, Germantown, Germantown Second XI, Incapables, Philadelphia Colts, United States of America, University of Pennsylvania)
Valdridge (Brooklyn)
T Vale (Merion)
AS Valentine (All Philadelphia, Germantown, Germantown A, Germantown Academy, Germantown B, Germantown Juniors, Germantown Juniors Second XI, Germantown Second XI, Germantown Third XI, Philadelphia, Philadelphia Cricket Club)
HR Valentine (Germantown Second XI, Germantown Third XI)
J Valentine (Staten Island Athletic Club)
R Valentine (Melbourne)
A Valia (Santa Clara I, Santa Clara II, Santa Clara III)
I Valiani (Cougars I, Cougars II)
Vallance (Philadelphia, Washington)
Valle (Old Hundred, Old Hundred Second XI)
V Valluri (California Cricket Academy Red Under-15s, Stanford II, Stanford III, United States of America Under-15s)
Van Allen (Chatham, Peninsular Cricket Club)
van Buren (St George's Club of New York)
D Vanderback (Albion Club of New York)
J Vanderbock (Albion Club of New York)
Vanderkemp (WS Blight's XI)
G Van der Zee (Staten Island Cricket Club)
van Durn (Outdoor Club of Syracuse)
H van Dusen (Philadelphia Cricket Club Second XI)
JH van Dusen (Tioga, Tioga Second XI)
J van Duyen (Outdoor Club of Syracuse)
J van Gorder (Pittsburgh)
EW van Houton (Americans of Newark, Newark)
A van Laar (Staten Island Cricket Club)
WT van Loan (Belmont)
E van Pelt (Philadelphia Cricket Club)
A van Renssalaer (American Born)
JR Vantine (Ardmore)
R van Tine (Ardmore, Philadelphia)
C van Tull (United States of America Under-19s)
G van Utasey (Young America Juniors)
J Vanuxem (Orpheus Club)
LC Vanuxema (Orpheus Club, Sirens)
JL van Valkenburgh (Albany)
A Varadarajan (United States of America Under-15s)
R Varadarajan (California Cricket Academy Red Under-15s, Stanford I, Stanford II, Stanford III, United States of America Under-15s, United States of America Under-19s)
R Varadarajan (Stanford III)
EH Vare (Philadelphia Cricket Club)
Varley (English Residents)
S Varma (selected for UC Warriors)
A Varun (Stanford II)
S Vashishat (California Cricket Association North West Region, East Bay I, Northern California Cricket Association Youth, Santa Clara I, Santa Clara II, Santa Clara III, Southern California Cricket Association South West Region, United States of America Under-19s)
S Vashishtha (umpire)
K Vasudevan (Santa Clara I, Santa Clara II)
Vatandeep Singh (Central Valley)
A Vattipally (Stanford A I, Stanford A II)
CP Vauclain (Merion B)
Vaughan (Married of Baltimore)
BM Vaughan (Delaware)
H Vaughan (Paterson)
M Vaughan (Delaware, St George's Club of Delaware, St George's Club of Wilmington)
R Vaughan (All New York, Paterson)
T Vaughan (Paterson, Philadelphia)
C Vaughn (Burlington and Missouri Railroad)
P Vedere (Indus II)
R Vellanki (Santa Clara I, Santa Clara III)
A Vemuri (Valley II)
KD Venkasammy (Berbice)
C Venkataraman (Santa Clara II, Santa Clara III)
C Venkatraman (British Officers Cricket Club)
KS Ver (United I)
SS Ver (United II)
J Veritt (Brooklyn)
A Verity (South California Cricket Association)
MA Verity (Denstone College, South California Cricket Association, Southern California, United States of America)
S Verma (United States of America)
S Verma (California Cricket Association North West Region)
Vernon (umpire)
J Vernon (Crescent Athletic Club)
W Vernon (Girard, Girard Juniors, Girard Second XI)
CA Vernou (Americans of Philadelphia, Delphian, Philadelphia, United States of America, Young America)
JR Vetterlein (Gentlemen of Philadelphia)
W Vibbert (ER Ogden's XI)
Vibhor (Cardinals)
Vickers (Clark's Thread Works)
CD Vickers (Manhattan Second XI, Montclair Athletic Club, Newark)
G Vickers (Montclair Athletic Club, Newark)
N Vickers (Manhattan, Manhattan Second XI, Montclair Athletic Club, Nelson Lodge, Newark, Roseville)
R Vickers (Detroit, Hamilton and District, Michigan, South West Ontario)
S Vickers (Girard)
S Vickers (Michigan)
Vicky Singh (Central Valley)
K Vidanage (Northern California Cricket Association)
Sudan Vidanage (Northern California Cricket Association)
S Vidhani (Caribbean)
BE Vigurs (Staten Island Cricket Club)
LP Vigurs (Staten Island Cricket Club)
B Vijay (California Cricket Association North West Region)
C Vijay (Indus I, Indus II)
P Vijay (Tracy United I)
R Vijay (Stanford A II)
A Vikas (Indus I)
V Vikram (Indus I)
Vikram Singh (Central Valley)
Villiers (North)
S Vinay (Indus I, Indus II)
Vinay Kumar (Cougars II)
G Vincent (Berkeley Athletic Club)
H Vincent (Albion Club of New York)
Vine (Syracuse)
Vine (Onondaga)
C Vine (Central New York)
K Vineet (Spartan I)
Vinit (Stanford III)
G Vinod (Bay Area II)
C Vinten (St George's Club of New York)
C Vinton (umpire)
S Virdi (Cruisers)
J Viret (Brooklyn)
CV Vischer (Germantown)
Vishal Sahay (Marin II)
V Vishwanathan (Bay Area I)
K Vittala (United States of America Under-15s)
U Vivek (Sunnyvale I, Sunnyvale II)
G von Utassy (Young America Juniors, Young America Juniors Second XI)
Vredenburgh (St Paul's School Juniors)
E Vrendenberg (Knickerbocker Athletic Club B)
B Vyas (Southern California Cricket Association)
TA Vyse (St George's Club of New York)





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