Zimbabwe Players (B)


Bailey (Old Hararians)
D Bailey (Mashonaland and Country Districts XI)
W Bailey (umpire)
J Bain (Mashonaland)
JJ Bain (Rhodesia)
R Baines (Zimbabwe Country Districts)
G Baker (Young Zimbabwe)
MS Bala (Northerns)
JMS Baldwin (Rhodesia)
M Balfour (Zimbabwe Under-19s)
GS Ballance (Derbyshire, England, Mid West Rhinos, Yorkshire)
G Banda (Mid West Rhinos, Southerns)
A Bapusha (Zimbabwe Under-13s)
GMH Barber (Rhodesia)
S Barber (Rhodesian Schools Fawns)
BD Barbour (Rhodesia, Rhodesia B, Zimbabwe-Rhodesia)
KC Barbour (Manicaland Select XI, Mutare Sports Club Casuals)
R Barbour (Glamorgan, Manicaland, Manicaland Select XI)
SA Barbour (Matabeleland)
R Barker (Matabeleland Country Districts, Zimbabwe Country Districts)
G Barret (St George's College, Harare)
D Barrett (Zimbabwe Under-18s)
GF Barrett (CFX Academy, Manicaland, Mashonaland)
SM Barry (Midlands)
TG Bartlett (Mashonaland A, Mashonaland Country Districts, Zimbabwe Country Districts)
R Bassett (Harare South Country Club)
G Basson (Zimbabwe Under-13s)
R Batchelor (umpire)
Bateman (umpire)
G Bates (umpire)
B Bath (Mashonaland A, Mashonaland Country Districts)
T Batt (umpire)
GC Batte (umpire)
G Battle (umpire)
DBE Bawden (Rhodesia, Rhodesia B, Zimbabwe-Rhodesia, Zimbabwe-Rhodesia B)
BM Baxter (Rhodesia)
SD Bean (Mashonaland Under-24s, Young Mashonaland)
RB Beatson (Rhodesia)
RJ Becks (Mashonaland Country Districts)
C Bedford (Peterhouse School, Marondera)
DJ Beets (Rhodesia)
Bell (Midlands)
AJ Bell (Rhodesia, South Africa, Western Province)
AJ Bell (Mashonaland)
DSA Bell (Zimbabwe Under-19s)
JL Bell (scorer)
D Benade (Kwekwe)
R Benade (Mid West Rhinos)
R Benade (Zimbabwe Under-13s)
T Benade (CFX Academy, Mashonaland, Mid West Rhinos)
T Benade (Zimbabwe Under-19s)
R Benadi (Zimbabwe Under-15s)
R Benadie (Zimbabwe Under-15s)
R Benard (Zimbabwe Cricket Academy)
Bendish (Rhodoc Select XI)
G Bendish-Walton (Enterprise)
A Bendyshe-Walton (scorer)
H Bendyshe-Walton (scorer)
B Benhura (Southerns)
MM Benkenstein (Natal B, Rhodesia, Zimbabwe-Rhodesia B)
BM Bennett (Rhodesia)
J Bennett (Peterhouse School)
KB Bennett (Young Mashonaland)
RJ Bennett (Manicaland, Mashonaland A, Matabeleland)
MSM Bentley (Zimbabwe Under-17s, Zimbabwe Under-19s)
RM Bentley (Natal, Natal B, Rhodesia, Rhodesia B, Zimbabwe Country Districts, Zimbabwe-Rhodesia)
GC Berridge (scorer)
P Berridge (Rhodesia XI, Zimbabwe XI)
RDV Berry (umpire)
C Bester (umpire)
I Bete (Northerns Women)
Bezuidenhout (Manicaland)
A Bezuidenhout (Matabeleland)
D Bezuidenhout (Alexandra Park)
RD Bezuidenhout (Mid West Rhinos, Southern Rocks)
N Bhana (Lomagundi College)
KD Bhasikoro (Mid West Rhinos)
R Bhasikoro (Mashonaland Eagles B)
S Bhebhe (Westerns Women)
HB Birrell (Eastern Province, Oxford University, Rhodesia, South African Universities)
J Blackmore (Zimbabwe Country Districts)
M Blakeney (Bulawayo)
CH Blanckenberg (Rhodesia)
WR Blanckenberg (Rhodesia)
BW Bland (Matabeleland Schools)
KC Bland (Eastern Province, Orange Free State, Rhodesia, South Africa, South African Universities)
WB Bland (umpire)
RA Blankenberg (Bulawayo, Rhodesia)
E Blatch (Matabeleland)
AM Blignaut (Durham, Lions, Mashonaland, Mashonaland A, Matabeleland Tuskers, Tasmania, Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe Country Districts)
B Blignaut (Lomagundi College)
HG Board (Bulawayo, Rhodesia)
NI Boast (Rhodesia)
J Bolling (umpire)
N Bonyongwe (Mountaineers)
C Boonzaaier (scorer)
M Booth (Zimbabwe Under-13s)
Bourdillon (Zimbabwe Invitation XI)
JE Bourdillon (Zimbabwe Cricket Union President's XI)
PH Bourdillon (Mashonaland)
TE Bourdillon (Rhodesia, Sussex)
B Boursnell (St George's College, Harare)
HR Bowen (umpire)
TRC Bowes (Rhodesia)
KD Bowie (Zimbabwe Under-17s, Zimbabwe Under-19s)
BB Boyd (Rhodesia)
N Brackley (Mashonaland Eagles B)
AJ Bradley (Rhodesia)
AJ Bradley (Midlands)
C Bradnick (Enterprise)
D Bradshaw (Zimbabwe Under-15s)
D Bradshaw (Zimbabwe Under-13s)
DH Brain (Mashonaland, Zimbabwe)
G Bramsen (Enterprise)
Brand (Matabeleland)
EA Brandes (Mashonaland, Mashonaland Country Districts, Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe Country Districts)
S Brandt (Christian Brothers College, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe Under-13s)
S Brann (MacDonald Club)
C Bray (Mashonaland and Country Districts XI)
PB Breese (Midlands)
GB Brent (CFX Academy, Manicaland, Mashonaland, Mashonaland A, Mashonaland Country Districts, Mashonaland Under-24s, Northerns, Southerns, Young Mashonaland, Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe Country Districts)
JP Brent (Manicaland)
CH Brewer (CFX Academy, Mashonaland, Midlands)
H Brian (Zimbabwe Under-13s)
GA Briant (Mashonaland, Young Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe)
AA Brookes (Mashonaland)
FB Brooks (Rhodesia)
FG Brooks (Rhodesia)
D Broughton (Zimbabwe Schools)
A Brown (Mutare Sports Club Casuals)
GJ Brown (Manicaland)
J Brown (MacDonald Club)
LS Brown (North Eastern Transvaal, Rhodesia, South Africa, Transvaal)
M Brown (referee)
P Brown (umpire)
P Brown (Zimbabwe Schools)
RD Brown (Mashonaland Country Districts, Rhodesia, Rhodesia B, Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe Country Districts, Zimbabwe-Rhodesia)
SP Brown (Matabeleland)
TE Brown (umpire)
A Brownlee-Walker (Matabeleland Country Districts)
JM Bruce (Zimbabwe Under-17s, Zimbabwe Under-19s)
Bruce-Brand (Midlands)
GK Bruk-Jackson (Mashonaland, Mashonaland Country Districts, Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe Country Districts)
MRD Brundle (Matabeleland)
L Brunnette (Shamva)
KJ Brunt (Zimbabwe B)
Brunton (Midlands)
M Bryan (MacDonald Club)
M Bryant (MacDonald Club)
M Bryant (Zimbabwe Under-13s)
V Bryden (Matabeleland Tuskers B)
L Brymer (Zimbabwe Under-13s)
D Buchanan (Zimbabwe Republic Police)
JM Buchanan (Eastern Province, Rhodesia)
F Bukutu (Mountaineers B)
Bull (Rhodesia Schools)
J Bulling (umpire)
R Bullivant (MacDonald Club)
GS Bunyard (Rhodesia, Transvaal, Transvaal B)
A Burdett (Easterns Women, Zimbabwe Women)
E Burke (Enterprise, The Stragglers)
Burki (Zimbabwe A)
A Burki (Old Hararians, Universals)
KA Burki (Mashonaland A)
RP Burl (Mashonaland Eagles)
RP Burl (Zimbabwe Cricket Chairman's XI)
M Burmeister (Zimbabwe Schools)
KL Burmester (umpire)
MG Burmester (Manicaland, Mashonaland, Zimbabwe)
M Burns (Matabeleland Country Districts)
B Burphy (Zimbabwe Under-18s)
P Butawo (scorer)
FA Butchart (scorer)
IP Butchart (Mashonaland Country Districts, Zimbabwe)
M Butcher (Matabeleland Country Districts)
C Butler (Zimbabwe Under-13s)
K Butler (Shamva, The Stragglers, Zimbabwe Schools)
R Butler (Country Club Invitation XI)
RE Butterworth (CFX Academy, Manicaland, Mashonaland, Mashonaland Eagles, Midlands)
M Buttler (Shamva)
M Buttress (St John's College, Harare)
P Butuwo (umpire, referee)
EJ Byrom (Somerset Second XI, Zimbabwe Under-13s, Zimbabwe Under-17s)





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