Zimbabwe Players (S)


Saad Khan (Northerns)
D Sadoki (Zimbabwe Under-13s)
Saif Khan (Mashonaland)
HS Saili (Northerns Women, Zimbabwe Women)
KD Samunderu (Mashonaland)
CJ Sanders (Midlands)
D Sanjangora (Easterns Women)
B Sanyika (Mountaineers B)
D Sarle (Zimbabwe Country Districts)
Saul (Harare South Country Club)
C Saul (Zimbabwe Under-17s)
EM Saunders (Rhodesia)
NV Saunders (Midlands)
KL Sauramba (Mountaineers)
P Saurombe (Prince Edward School, Harare)
P Saurombe (Zimbabwe Under-13s)
T Saurombe (Mountaineers)
G Savory (Midlands Select XI)
GR Savory (Midlands)
T Savory (Kwekwe)
Q Sayers (Zimbabwe Under-13s)
J Schadendorf (Zimbabwe Under-13s)
E Scheppers (scorer)
K Scheppers (Goromonzi)
B Schoenken (Zimbabwe Republic Police)
S Scholette (Manicaland)
L Schreiber (GW Flower's Invitation XI, The Occasionals)
GM Scott (Zimbabwe-Rhodesia B)
KR Scott (Mashonaland Country Districts)
SB Scott (Mashonaland Country Districts)
W Scott (Mashonaland Country Districts)
Scott-Rodgers (Manicaland)
S Seagar (Zimbabwe Schools, Zimbabwe Under-19s)
MAJ Seager (Rhodesia B)
MSL Seager (Mashonaland)
R Seager (Mashonaland Country Districts)
S Seager (Zimbabwe Under-19s)
DG Seagrave (Rhodesia)
BP Sellers (Matabeleland)
I Senzere (Mashonaland, Mashonaland Eagles, Northerns)
T Serima (Zimbabwe Under-17s)
Sewell (Midlands)
M Shacklock (Matabeleland)
SH Shah (CFX Academy, Midlands)
F Shanganya
E Sharara (Mashonaland Eagles)
EC Sharpe (Rhodesia)
Shaw (Rhodesia Schools)
T Shereni (Mashonaland Eagles)
MJ Sherren (Zimbabwe Under-19s)
Sheth (Hillcrest College)
N Sheth (Manicaland)
A Shilton (scorer)
G Shilton (scorer)
K Shoko (Matabeleland)
Sibanda (Centrals Women)
A Sibanda (Westerns Women, Zimbabwe Women)
B Sibanda (Matabeleland Tuskers)
D Sibanda (scorer)
N Sibanda (Zimbabwe Under-19s Women)
T Sibanda (scorer)
V Sibanda (African XI, CFX Academy, Kala Bagan Cricket Academy, Mid West Rhinos, Midlands, Zimbabwe)
JP Sierra (Rhodesia, Western Province)
B Siginya
Sikandar Raza (Kala Bagan Cricket Academy, Mashonaland Eagles, Northerns, Southern Rocks, Zimbabwe)
A Sim (Zimbabwe Schools)
ES Sim (Rhodesia)
Simmonds (Midlands)
D Sims (Zimbabwe Under-13s)
GG Sims (Manicaland)
RW Sims (CFX Academy, Manicaland, Zimbabwe)
N Singo (scorer)
NN Singo (umpire, referee)
SM Singo (scorer)
Sirdar (Zimbabwe Under-15s)
M Sirdar (Universals, Zimbabwe Under-13s)
T Sithole (Zimbabwe Under-13s)
WT Siziba (CFX Academy, Matabeleland)
MD Slaven (Rhodesia)
B Sly (Zimbabwe Under-13s)
B Sly (Zimbabwe Under-19s)
D Sly (Zimbabwe Under-13s)
Smart (Hillcrest College)
K Smart (St John's College, Harare)
Smith (Old Hararians)
A Smith (Peterhouse School, Marondera)
AWR Smith (Southern Rocks)
C Smith (Matabeleland)
D Smith (The Occasionals)
G Smith (Zimbabwe Country Districts)
MS Smith (Matabeleland)
RLC Smith (Zimbabwe Under-18s, Zimbabwe Under-19s)
WK Smith (umpire)
T Smithdorf (Mashonaland Country Districts)
A Smithdorff (Zimbabwe Country Districts)
P Smyth (Peterhouse School)
S Snater (Zimbabwe Under-17s)
M Snook (scorer)
F Snr (Harare South Country Club)
S Snyder (Zimbabwe Under-13s)
S Snyder (Zimbabwe Under-19s)
E Snyman (Zimbabwe Under-13s)
WO Solomon (umpire)
AD Soma (Easterns, Manicaland)
LJ Soma (CFX Academy, Manicaland)
D Souza (Christian Brothers College, Bulawayo)
JW Sparrow (Manicaland)
AGE Speight (Rhodesia)
M Spence (Bulawayo)
M Sprake (Zimbabwe Under-13s)
MCN Springer (Natal B, Rhodesia B, Transvaal B)
S Square (referee)
B Staddon (Matabeleland Tuskers, Westerns)
F Stanley (umpire)
DD Stannard (Mashonaland, Mashonaland Under-24s)
MP Stannard (Mashonaland, Mashonaland Country Districts, Mashonaland Under-24s)
RG Staunton (Mashonaland Country Districts, Zimbabwe Country Districts)
D Stead (Goromonzi, Mashonaland Country Districts)
TB Stead (Mashonaland, Mashonaland Country Districts)
A Steel (Old Georgians)
D Stephens (Old Hararians)
GM Stephenson (Rhodesia)
G Stevens (Prince Edward School, Harare)
M Stevenson (Manicaland Select XI)
A Steyn (St George's College, Harare)
AG Steyn (Mashonaland Under-19s, Old Georgians, Zimbabwe Schools, Zimbabwe Under-18s, Zimbabwe Under-19s)
B Steyn (Zimbabwe Under-15s)
GV Steyn (Mashonaland Country Districts)
Q Steyn (Zimbabwe Under-15s)
A Steynberg (Peterhouse School)
A Stipinovich (Matabeleland Country Districts)
A Stone (umpire)
A Stone (Zimbabwe Under-15s, Zimbabwe Under-19s)
AJ Stone (CFX Academy)
T Stone (Zimbabwe Under-19s)
TWL Stoole (Mashonaland)
BC Strang (Mashonaland, Mashonaland A, Mashonaland Country Districts, Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe Country Districts)
PA Strang (CFX Academy, Kent, Manicaland, Marylebone Cricket Club, Mashonaland, Mashonaland A, Mashonaland Country Districts, Nottinghamshire, Zimbabwe)
RC Strang (umpire, referee)
Streak (Matabeleland)
DH Streak (Matabeleland, Rhodesia, Rhodesia B)
HH Streak (African XI, Hampshire, Matabeleland, Warwickshire, Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe Country Districts)
S Streak (scorer)
M Streeton (Harare South Country Club)
GM Strydom (Matabeleland, Matabeleland Tuskers, Westerns, Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe Under-23s)
CT Stuart (Natal, Rhodesia)
C Stylianou (Matabeleland Country Districts)
R Suchet (umpire)
A Suleman (Rhodesian Schools Fawns)
C Summerfield (Manicaland)
PD Swart (Boland, Cambridgeshire, Glamorgan, Minor Counties North, Rhodesia, Western Province, Western Province B)
CS Sweeting (umpire)
TP Syminton (Rhodesia)
WGJ Symonds (umpire)





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