Most Runs in an Innings for Glamorgan

309*SP James v SussexPenrhyn Avenue, Rhos-on-Sea, Colwyn Bay2000f45246
299MJ Powell v GloucestershireCollege Ground, Cheltenham2006f49461
287*DE Davies v GloucestershireRodney Parade, Newport1939f16499
280*RG Duckfield v SurreyKennington Oval, Kennington1936f15375
259*SP James v NottinghamshirePenrhyn Avenue, Rhos-on-Sea, Colwyn Bay1999f44524
249SP James v EssexCounty Ground, Chelmsford2002f46697
243MP Maynard v HampshireCounty Ground, Southampton1991f39525
235SP James v NottinghamshireTown Ground, Worksop1996f42519
234AHT Donald v DerbyshirePenrhyn Avenue, Rhos-on-Sea, Colwyn Bay2016f57178
233MJL Turnbull v WorcestershireSt Helen's, Swansea1937f15793
233*H Morris v WarwickshireSophia Gardens, Cardiff1997f43043
233MJ Cosgrove v DerbyshireCounty Ground, Derby2006f49407
230JA Hopkins v WorcestershireCounty Ground, New Road, Worcester1977f31648
230*SP James v LeicestershireGrace Road, Leicester1995f41890
228*RC Fredericks v NorthamptonshireSt Helen's, Swansea1972f29311
227SP James v NorthamptonshireCounty Ground, Northampton1998f43715
226DD Cherry v MiddlesexJohn Walker's Ground, Southgate2005f48715
225JT Bell v WorcestershireTipton Road, Dudley1926f11660
224*IVA Richards v MiddlesexSophia Gardens, Cardiff1993f40578
223AR Lewis v KentBat and Ball Ground, Gravesend1966f26237
217JP Maher v EssexSophia Gardens, Cardiff2001f45981
216D Davies v SomersetRodney Parade, Newport1939f16526
215DE Davies v EssexOld County Ground, Brentwood1948f17955
214*A Dale v MiddlesexSophia Gardens, Cardiff1993f40578
214MP Maynard v LancashireSophia Gardens, Cardiff1996f42510
212*WE Jones v EssexOld County Ground, Brentwood1948f17955
212*Javed Miandad v LeicestershireSt Helen's, Swansea1984f35260
210AN Petersen v SurreyThe Kia Oval, Kennington2011f53247
208AH Dyson v SurreyKennington Oval, Kennington1932f13957
207WE Jones v KentBat and Ball Ground, Gravesend1948f17932
205MJL Turnbull v NottinghamshireCardiff Arms Park, Cardiff1932f14054
204Majid Khan v SurreyKennington Oval, Kennington1972f29308
204*A Jones v HampshireMay's Bounty, Basingstoke1980f33126
204*RC Ontong v MiddlesexSt Helen's, Swansea1984f35251
204MP Maynard v NottinghamshireSophia Gardens, Cardiff1991f39402
204A Dale v NorthamptonshireCounty Ground, Northampton2001f45799
203PA Cottey v LeicestershireSt Helen's, Swansea1996f42526
202*H Morris v YorkshireSophia Gardens, Cardiff1996f42388
202MJ Powell v EssexThe Ford County Ground, Chelmsford2006f49451
201WGA Parkhouse v KentSt Helen's, Swansea1956f21288
200*WE Bates v WorcestershireChester Road North, Kidderminster1927f12043
200*MJL Turnbull v NorthamptonshireSt Helen's, Swansea1933f14231
200*Javed Miandad v SomersetCounty Ground, Taunton1981f33661
200*Javed Miandad v EssexCastle Park Cricket Ground, Colchester1981f33718
200*Javed Miandad v AustraliansThe Gnoll, Neath1985f35862
200*MJ Powell v Oxford UniversityThe University Parks, Oxford1997f43108
200GG Wagg v SurreyWoodbridge Road, Guildford2015f56434





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