Lowest Career Bowling Strike Rate for England in World Cup matches

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(Qualification: 400 balls bowled)
  Balls Mdns Runs Wkts BB SRate 4wI 5wI
CM Old54318243164-833.931-
GP Swann4085309123-3634.00--
A Flintoff81412534234-4335.391-
VJ Marks4689246135-3936.00-1
PAJ DeFreitas112730742293-2838.86--
RGD Willis70927315184-1139.382-
D Gough5988430154-3439.861-
IT Botham133233762304-3144.401-
JM Anderson125491081274-2546.442-
NA Foster420131393-4746.66--
SCJ Broad4745439104-1547.401-
RK Illingworth5896424123-3349.08--
GC Small6185458112-2956.18--
PJW Allott4831033583-4160.37--
PD Collingwood510042382-3363.75--
DR Pringle5441536683-868.00--
JE Emburey474429562-2679.00--

The list shows the top 17 occurrences





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