Most Consecutive Matches Scoring 100 or More in an Innings

10WH Ponsford1926/27
7GE Tyldesley1926
7DG Bradman1931/32
6CB Fry1901
6DG Bradman1938/39
6SG Barnes1940/41
6DCS Compton1947
6NJ Contractor1956/57
6RB Simpson1961/62
6MJ Procter1970/71
6DC Boon1993
6BC Lara1993/94
6JH Kallis2003/04
5JB Hobbs1925
5WW Keeton1933
5H Gimblett1939
5SG Barnes1945/46
5JDB Robertson1947
5WA Hadlee1947/48
5L Hutton1952
5ED Weekes1955/56
5MJK Smith1959
5JR Reid1961/62
5RG Pollock1968/69
5PN Kirsten1976/77
5RG Pollock1978/79
5R Lamba1986/87
5MG Bevan1990/91
5AK Sharma1996/97
5DS Lehmann1998/99
5VVS Laxman1999/00
5CN Evans2001/02
5MEK Hussey2003
5MR Ramprakash2006



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