Most Consecutive Matches Scoring 150 or More in an Innings

5MR Ramprakash2006
4VM Merchant1941/42
3WG Grace1876
3CB Fry1903
3C Hill1909/10
3WH Ponsford1926/27
3WH Ponsford1927/28
3EH Hendren1929/30
3DG Bradman1930/31
3DG Bradman1931/32
3DG Bradman1935/36
3VS Hazare1951/52
3WJP Stewart1959
3MJK Smith1959
3RB Simpson1963/64
3DL Amiss1975
3DW Hookes1976/77
3CPS Chauhan1976/77
3Azmat Rana1977/78
3G Boycott1979
3Mudassar Nazar1982/83
3Zaheer Abbas1982/83
3WV Raman1988/89
3GA Gooch1990
3BC Lara1993/94
3DM Jones1993/94
3Aamer Sohail1997/98
3GS Blewett1998/99
3V Sehwag1999/00
3MG Bevan2000
3RS Dravid2000/01
3CH Gayle2001
3DS Smith2003/04
3RWT Key2004
3SO Tikolo2005
3Younis Khan2005/06


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