Most Runs Without a Fifty for Ireland Women in Women's ODI matches

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Runs HS
43845C O'Neill
36843LK Delany
35840E Owens
34043*MV Waldron
33239*JA Whelan
29130NH Squire
21923MEMO Scott-Hayward
19616SA Young
18043NJ Coffey
17333GH Lewis
13140EA Beamish
12716CJ Metcalfe
11824DK Armstrong
10628*J Logue
10622*BM McDonald
10213HE Whelan
9121*AJ Kenealy
8726J Gray
7933*UG Budd
7926*MF Kendal
7520J Herbison
7515LN McCarthy
6917J Walsh
6022G Smith
5930SD Seawright
5920CC Dalton
5725*LC Boylan
5624SM Kavanagh
5517GM Leahy
5213*SW Dawson


The list shows the top 30 occurrences





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