Most Runs Without a Fifty for Netherlands in ODI matches

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Runs HS
28440LP van Troost
18044WF Stelling
17145RP Lefebvre
16929*J Smits
16141E Schiferli
16047PE Cantrell
14034AF Buurman
9734*PM Seelaar
6832TGJ Gruijters
6723HJC Mol
5916MBS Jonkman
5032NE Clarke
4920MMC Schewe
3934N Kruger
3912RH Scholte
3531*MWA van Nierop
3215BP Kruger
288*Adeel Raja
2722TJ Heggelman
2514GMC Mol
249SW Lubbers
2013MMA Jonkman
1919EL Gouka
1714*MJG Rippon
169*BP Loots
1515*LW Stokkers
1515*PA van Meekeren
1410*MAA Jamil
107JJ Esmeijer
77NA Statham
75*RF van Oosterom


The list shows the top 31 occurrences





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