Most Wickets in an Innings for Northern Districts

6-12BJ Barrett v OtagoHarry Barker Reserve, Gisborne1986/87a5091
5-34DA Beard v Central DistrictsPukekura Park, New Plymouth1990/91a6880
5-34GW Aldridge v CanterburyAorangi Oval, Timaru2004/05a16294
5-39GW Aldridge v OtagoSeddon Park, Hamilton2008/09a19485
5-44DJ Nash v OtagoOwen Delany Park, Taupo1995/96a9585
5-51KS Williamson v AucklandColin Maiden Park, Auckland2009/10a20454
4-7MN Hart v Central DistrictsPukekura Park, New Plymouth2001/02a14002
4-15WP Fowler v WellingtonBasin Reserve, Wellington1984/85a4271
4-15SB Doull v AucklandSmallbone Park, Rotorua1997/98a10947
4-18GW Aldridge v AucklandBay Oval, Mount Maunganui2014/15a23933
4-19BL Cairns v OtagoTauranga Domain Outer Ground, Tauranga1982/83a3520
4-19SB Styris v WellingtonBasin Reserve, Wellington1997/98a10933
4-21MN Hart v AucklandBlake Park, Mount Maunganui1998/99a11619
4-26BJ Arnel v Central DistrictsCobham Oval (New), Whangarei2008/09a19420
4-28K Treiber v WellingtonTauranga Domain Outer Ground, Tauranga1985/86a4695
4-28GE Bradburn v CanterburyBlake Park, Mount Maunganui1997/98a10914
4-28BP Martin v OtagoHarry Barker Reserve, Gisborne2003/04a15630
4-29AR Tait v CanterburyWestpacTrust Park, Hamilton1997/98a10979
4-30BR Hampton v AucklandEden Park Outer Oval, Auckland2015/16a24489
4-31SC Kuggeleijn v Central DistrictsPukekura Park, New Plymouth2013/14a23349
4-31ZN Gibson v OtagoCobham Oval, Whangarei2016/17a25092
4-33RP de Groen v OtagoMolyneux Park, Alexandra1992/93a7863
4-33GW Aldridge v CanterburyWestpac Park, Hamilton2003/04a15661
4-34RL Hayes v OtagoMolyneux Park, Alexandra1994/95a9009
4-34BG Randell v CanterburySeddon Park, Hamilton2016/17a25070
4-35BL Cairns v AucklandEden Park No 2, Auckland1987/88a5503
4-36KD Kennedy v AucklandCobham Oval, Whangarei1973/74a1074
4-37BR Blair v OtagoHarry Barker Reserve, Gisborne1984/85a4265
4-38GW Aldridge v Central DistrictsPukekura Park, New Plymouth2004/05a16461
4-38TA Boult v Central DistrictsSaxton Oval, Nelson2012/13a22458
4-39SC Kuggeleijn v CanterburySeddon Park, Hamilton2013/14a23355
4-42SJ Scott v Central DistrictsFitzherbert Park, Palmerston North1982/83a3547
4-43SB Styris v OtagoQueen's Park, Invercargill2003/04a15681
4-43GW Aldridge v AucklandEden Park Outer Oval, Auckland2004/05a16445
4-44JAF Yovich v Central DistrictsPukekura Park, New Plymouth2005/06a17080
4-44BJ Arnel v CanterburyBay Oval, Mount Maunganui2011/12a21628
4-45SA Thomson v AucklandTrust Bank Park, Hamilton1990/91a6895
4-46GW Aldridge v CanterburyHarry Barker Reserve, Gisborne2004/05a16414
4-47MG Orchard v WellingtonBasin Reserve, Wellington2004/05a16285
4-49SJ Scott v AucklandBledisloe Park, Pukekohe1980/81a2875
4-50JAF Yovich v WellingtonWestpac Park, Hamilton2002/03a14838
4-50TA Boult v WellingtonBasin Reserve, Wellington2008/09a19441
4-52AR Tait v WellingtonWestpacTrust Stadium, Wellington1999/00a12336
4-54SJ Scott v Central DistrictsHorton Park, Blenheim1980/81a2851
4-58BR Blair v Central DistrictsHarry Barker Reserve, Gisborne1985/86a4705
4-58AR Tait v CanterburyWestpacTrust Park, Hamilton1998/99a11711
4-60JAF Yovich v AucklandEden Park Outer Oval, Auckland2001/02a13922
4-69TC Goodin v Central DistrictsPukekura Park, New Plymouth2015/16a24496
4-85IS Sodhi v OtagoUniversity Oval, Dunedin2016/17a25148





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